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Article in Press

Review on antquorum sensing: a novel target for ant- virulence therapies

Gurmu Jaleta Shuka

  •  Received: 27 January 2021
  •  Accepted: 27 January 2021
The dicovery of antibiotics has played a fundamental role in the history of medicine. By the starter of antibiotics into clinical repetition, infectious diseases that were once deadly have become curable and billions of lives have been protected by taking many harmfull bacterial infections under control. Conversely, with the beginning and spread of multi antibiotic-resistant bacteria, it is getting progressively more problematic to treat bacterial contagions with presently existing antibiotics. Therefore, we are facing a post-antibiotic era with a reduced competence to fight bacteria, and, therefore, there is a growing necessity for novel strategies to cope with infectious diseases. The innovation that numerous pathogenic bacteria use quorum sensing (QS) to control their pathogenicity and virulence factor assembly makes the QS system a smart target for antimicrobial remedy. QS scheme use signal particles like Acyl-homoserine Lactones (AHLs), Autoinducer peptides (AIPs) and Autoinducer-2 (AI-2) which contribute in various physiological methods comprising biofilm development which is vital for antibiotic resistance by which bacteria are able to familiarize to and persist from difficulties. Targeting the pathogenesis instead of killing the organism may provide less selective pressure for the development of resistance. Consequently, it has been suggested that disruption of QS to control the production of virulence factors, which is called quorum quenching, seems to be an attractive broad-spectrum therapeutic strategy. Currently, quorum quenching strategy which includes inactivation, degradation, inhibition and modification of QS signals by chemicals is becoming new concept to treat mult-resistnce pathogens. Therefore, the General objective of this paper review is an overview on new emerging concept on quorum sensing: a novel target for ant- virulence therapies

Keywords: Quorum quenching; Quorum sensing; virulence factor.