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IJSA Articles

The heart of transformative operations: How to sustain institutional change

June 2024

This paper distills the heart of transformative operations into four core values, essential for sustaining institutional change over the long term. With reference to institutions in Africa, an overview of the transformation achieved since the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 was provided. The researcher then observes that while transformational leadership facilitated the establishment of modern nations in the relatively...

Author(s): Allan D. M. Bukusi

Review of the Samburu: A study of gerontocracy, written by Paul Spencer in 1965

June 2024

The justification for this research review is to investigate the societal structure of Samburu, focusing on their gerontocracy (age-set) administration system in northern Kenya, as studied by Paul Spencer, a British anthropologist who was immersed himself in the society structure during the 1960s. This review aims at conducting an ethnographic analysis of the document or book authored by Spencer. To address this issue,...

Author(s): Shambel Tufa Telila

Critical analysis of music prohibition and permission in Islam

May 2024

Neubauer et al. confirmed that the status of music in Islam is one of the most controversial issues. The debate over whether Islam permits or forbids music has intensified. On October 22, Abdul Wahid Shaikh declared, "Music is not forbidden in Islam." A heated debate often arises when the prohibition of music in Islam is discussed, along with its permissibility. Scholars have long debated whether music is...

Author(s): Mussa Ame Mussa,

Rehabilitating street children: The great paradox

March 2024

Street children are habitually depicted in a purely negative manner, often described as indigent, penurious, and impecunious individuals who roam the streets in search of a livelihood. Their world is demoralizing, disheartening, disenchanting and their future appears formidable and arduous as they are frequently rejected, scorned and despised by society. However, it's important to recognize that they are normal...

Author(s): Gabriel Julien  

Gender dynamics awareness in seed yam production, implications on food security: The case of community action for improving farmer saved seeds (CAY-seed) project

September 2023

Yam production in West Africa is male-dominated, despite the different roles various genders play in its production. This male dominance creates gender inequalities in access to and control over yam production resources, especially where agricultural interventions are not gender-responsive. However, gender is dynamic and gender roles change for sustained yam productivity. A mixed method approach with the use of gender...

Author(s): Joyce Afua Sarpong Haleegoah, Benedicta Nsiah Frimpong, Bright Owusu Asante, Eric Henry Yeboah, Lydia Brobbey, Monica Opoku, Stella Ennin and Kingsley Osei

Navigating the Vortex of 21st century higher education: Developing effective management and teaching strategies within the space where post-pandemic meets post modernism

June 2023

Author(s): Beckford Orville Wayne

The choice and preference of sorghum value chain actors in Mali

March 2023

The production and adoption of sorghum-improved varieties are faced with biotic and abiotic stresses affecting both its utilization and marketability by different actors in the sorghum value chain. This study aims to understand why and how different social groups and value chain actors make decisions on the utilization of sorghum and how these decisions influence the choice and adoption of the sorghum cultivars...

Author(s): Almamy Sylla, Jummai O. Yila and Sekou Traore

A model of cultural intelligence to reduce deficit talent: A comparative study between Taiwan and Vietnam

January 2023

This paper raises the discussion on the importance of finding a balance between knowledge and experience by developing the Cultural Intelligence – (CI) of Taiwanese students, the victims of brain drain. In order to explain the impact of CI on Knowledge Management (KM) and Organizational Intelligence (OI), this work explores the development of a CI model based on KM and OI (CKI model) and changes the “culture...

Author(s): Cristiano Trindade De Angelis

Folk music, tradition and gender stereotypes: A feminist analysis of the work of a Nigerian folk icon

January 2023

This research adopts a feminist content analytic framework to examine the portrayal of Nigerian women in the work of  Uko Akpan Cultural Group, iconic champions of folk music in south-eastern Nigeria.  The purpose of this research is to understand if folk music reinforces gender stereotypes or empowers women by providing them with a legitimate platform to utilize their talents as a source of income and...

Author(s): Akpan-Obong Patience 

Kurdish migration in Hakkâri in 1915 within the context of constructivism theory

January 2023

The aim of the article is to analyze the Kurdish migration that took place in Hakkâri during the First World War in the context of constructivism. The main question of the study is: "What is the place of the Kurdish migration in Hakkâri that took place in 1915 in the memory of those who witnessed that period?" The study data were obtained through semi-structured interviews conducted in...

Author(s): TOPÇU Emel and KORKMAZ Engin

Intersections of everyday routines of Muslim women academicians’ during Covid-19

December 2022

This paper aims to expand and investigate the existing intersection parameters of daily life rituals in seven Muslim women’s academician public and private spheres by including alternative theoretical perspectives of COVID-19 social isolation phenomena that have not been socially explored before. Autoethnography is the methodology applied to answer how and to what extent these intersections have affected living...

Author(s): Topçu Emel and Fišo Serap 

Teaching from the postmodern edge: The intersection of education and cultural studies in the contemporary Caribbean

October 2022

This article consists of an examination of programmes at the University of the West Indies (UWI) for cultural relevance. In examining the cultural content and relevance of teaching, a deeper look at the teaching and learning process within the contemporary period will be done. The multicultural nature of postmodern society results in the intersecting dialectics of what is taught being equally important to how it is...

Author(s): Beckford Orville and Hutton Disraeli

Empty hands and solitude: A grounded theory study of begging in Mashhad

September 2022

The aim of this study is to identify the conditions which encourage some people to start begging using a grounded theory approach. As such, 23 beggars in a city called Mashhad were selected through theoretical sampling in 2020. The data collection techniques included participatory observation and in-depth interviews. Rejection by family and the weakening of social networks were the main conditions underlying the resort...

Author(s): Marzieh Rezazadeh 

Curbing casualisation of labour in the financial institutions: A study of banks in Sokoto, Nigeria

June 2022

The study assessed measures in curbing casualisation of labour in financial institutions with a specific study of banks in Sokoto metropolis. The exploitative nature of most commercial banks in Sokoto reflects on the working condition of most casual staff in these banks as payment is not commensurable to the work done. While the casual staff is being deprived of certain social benefits, allowances and social security of...

Author(s): Ibrahim Usman Dabai and Lyndon Novel

Early marriages and parental influence: An evidence from Momba District in Tanzania

April 2022

This study aims to find how parents influence early marriage among girls in Momba District. Households’ socio-economic characteristics were explored as factors influencing parents to marry off their daughters early. Cross-sectional design was adopted in the collection of data from 120 respondents in Momba District. Multiple regressions were used to analyze the data. Results showed that age, occupation, and...

Author(s): James Anthony Nyangas and Tabia Aswile

Impact of culture on economic development and resistance of marginalized people

January 2022

Understanding the factors responsible for low socio-economic condition and political status of a marginalized community is imperative to comprehend their culture of resistance. The major focus of this study was to become aware of the resistance of marginalized communities in their cultural milieu. A review of literature is made to establish the fact that cultural resistance plays an important role in a community towards...

Author(s): Selvin Raj Gnana

‘Left-behind’ women of migrant-men: Rethinking agency and autonomy of women in rural Bangladesh

January 2022

This paper details the changes in the agency and autonomy of left-behind women of international migrant-men exploring continuity and changes in the discourse and systems of traditional gender roles of a village in rural Bangladesh. It sheds light on the pattern of trans-border communication of the women and their mobility in the locality and subsequent changes in gender relations. Through ethnographic fieldwork, this...

Author(s): Main Uddin

Perceptions and management of vulnerabilities in daily medical work. West-African situations, Global perspective

January 2022

This paper explores the interactions between structural poverty and production of medical care in Burkina Faso. This country represents other African countries with the same structural poverty. These interactions are examined based on healthcare professionals’ perceptions as well as the factors responsible for the vulnerabilities affecting their medical work. A qualitative approach is used to analyze the materials...

Author(s): Isabelle Gobatto

Youths’ vulnerability to social and economic risky activities in Osun State, Nigeria

January 2022

The involvements of youths in various risky activities across social and economic spheres of life are alarming and have exposed them to various risks of different magnitudes. This has invariably increased their vulnerability, taking toll on the social, economic, health and environmental lifecycle of the affected group of individuals. This study therefore investigates the vulnerability of youths to social and economic...

Author(s): Simon Adekunle Oyegbile and Tokunbo Oyesola

Spectates from the frontline: Humanitarian assistance, aid coordination, and challenges in the Tigray Crisis

November 2021

To ascertain the coordination platform of the humanitarian assistance and aid efforts undertaken seven months after the crisis occurred, this study was conducted in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia. Specific purposes of the study were to describe the coordination platform of the humanitarian assistance, assess the humanitarian needs and responses, and identify the major challenges encountered to deliver...

Author(s): Bereket Godifay Kahsay

The (Capitalist) making of an addict: A Marxian and Durkheimian perspective on modern manifestations of addiction

November 2021

The manifestation of addiction in modern day American society is novel in its materialization. Marxist concepts of self-estrangement and alienation provides a frame for viewing the way market capitalism and the way labor distribution negatively impact individuals because it supplies humans with false needs and a sense of disillusionment. The utilization of labor as identity and emphasis on profit creates a divide...

Author(s): Samantha McIntyre

Promoting migration communication in Nigeria: Re-strategizing campus radio for discourse inclusiveness

November 2021

This paper focuses on campus radio’s contributions to strengthen the discourse on migration, to regulate irregular migration in Nigeria, and on the needed strategies by which these contributions could be achieved. This consideration is made within the conceptual framework of the coordinated management of meaning theory. Five campus radios were studied. Using oral interviews and documentary study, findings show...

Author(s): Patrick Edem Okon, Okon Effiong Udoyo and Patrick Ene Okon

Assessing the effects of sports gambling among the youths in Blantyre City of Southern Malawi

November 2021

The study aimed at assessing the effects of sports gambling among the youths of Blantyre City in Southern Malawi. In this study, the sample size was made up of 30 youths compromising 19 males and 11 females. They were randomly selected by the researcher through probability sampling. Questionnaires were used to collect data for the study. The study achieved a 100% response rate.  The study revealed that 84.2% of the...

Author(s): Nelson Nanteleza Ndala

The plight of people with disabilities and children with cerebral palsy: The role of social work and multi-disciplinary approach

July 2021

Disability and cerebral palsy can occur at any time of any individual’s life.  Conditions such as cerebral palsy affect mostly children and can be seen as one of the birth defects.  A study was conducted to investigate the plight of children with cerebral palsy (CP) and their families in Moses Kotane Hospital, Bojanala District.  This was done as the area of disability is mostly neglected in the...

Author(s): John Obakeng Keforilwe and Elizabeth Ivy Smit

Towards meaningful social development in the covid-19 era: Strategies for capacity building in a gang-affected community in Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha), South Africa

July 2021

At the second think-tank session of the Helenvale Dialogues initiative held in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in May 2018, the main theme of the session focused on scenario planning for the community of Helenvale, regarded as one of the most fragile and volatile communities in Port Elizabeth.  The author, as an invited member of the think-tank, engaged in group discussions with other attendees, with the aim of...

Author(s): Theodore Petrus

Social utility of the elderly and settlement of land conflicts among the Agni-Djuablin (Ivory Coast)

July 2021

In Agni society in Côte d'Ivoire in general, we are increasingly witnessing the dynamics of intergenerational relationships which are often illustrated by the process of depreciation of the elderly. However, among the Agni of the Djuablin region, we note the social usefulness of the elderly through their participation in the settlement of conflicts over land management. This research therefore aims to analyze...

Author(s): Say Ahou Clémentine TANOH and César Léonce Koffi EBEN-EZER

W.E.B. Du Bois: Prophet of social justice in the 21st Century

July 2021

These are times that trouble the soul. American sociologist, pragmatist, and race historian, W.E.B. Du Bois can be helpful in examining and resolving some of the racial and political tensions in the United States. After the lynching of sixty-two African Americans in Atlanta in 1906, Du Bois wrote a year later that the problem of the nineteenth century is the problem of color line. An examination of his’ race...

Author(s): Abolade Ezekiel Olagoke

Exploring causes and consequences of squatter settlement in Jimma Town, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

April 2021

This study conducted on the area of squatter settlement in Jimma town is aimed to explore the socio-economic factors contributing to squatter settlement and its effect on social, economic and institutional conditions of settler and development of the town. The study was guided by qualitative approach and employed a cross-sectional and phenomenological design. The primary data required for the analysis was collected...

Author(s): Nega Abera Akirso

Postpartum consultation attendance at the maternity ward in Sokoura, Côte d’Ivoire

April 2021

This study investigates why postpartum women cannot or will not receive postpartum consultations at the maternity ward in Sokoura, Côte d’Ivoire. It aims to present the sociocultural, economic, infrastructural and organisational factors limiting new mothers’ access to postpartum care and to suggest ways to encourage them to seek out such care. A qualitative approach was adopted and data was collected...

Author(s): Adou Serge Judicaël Anoua, Akissi Bernadette Kouadio, Kouamé Frédéric Signo and Yao Vincent Dibi

What does a transformative organization culture look like?

April 2021

The author draws attention to the global, national and scholarly calls for transformative leadership to successfully navigate the dynamic and disruptive conditions of the 21st Century. Conventional leadership models used to navigate stable environmental conditions may not keep organizations operating optimally in a chaotic environment. The author argues that since environmental change is here to stay, organizations need...

Author(s): Allan D. M. Bukusi  

Challenges to vital registration in Nigeria

March 2021

The objective of this study was to investigate and reveal the socio-demographic factors affecting civil registration in Nigeria. The study employed the cross-sectional survey design. Instruments were administered to 600 participants sampled through a systematic random technique. SPSS (version 22) was used to analyze the data. Local importance attached to civil registration was different towards birth, death and marriage...

Author(s): Chiemezie Atama, Ijeoma Igwe, Aloysius Odii, Emmanuel Igbo, Nkoli Ezumah, Veronica Okeke, Uche Okonwko and Chidi Ugwu

Analysis of adolescents' social competence: A Ghanaian perspective

March 2021

The study examined social competence of adolescents and ascertained variations in the group based on gender, type of parents they lived with, and community of residence. The comparative analysis study utilised adolescents in their formative years of development. Descriptive survey design was utilised and questionnaire was the sole data collection tool. The study revealed that most of the adolescents demonstrated...

Author(s): Kuranchie Alfred and Addo Hillar

Self-awareness and the quest for belonging in Russian life stories in Latvia

March 2021

In the 20th century, Latvia has experienced the proclamation of the state, then the loss of independence and the restoration of independence. At such a difficult time in history, the country has changed in terms of demography, ethnicity and linguistic culture. The article features interviews from the National Oral History Project “Ethnic and Narrative Diversity in Life Story Constructions in Latvia” to...

Author(s): Dagmara Beitnere-Le Galla

Representational system and excessive alcohol consumption by seniors Agni-Sanwi (IvoryCoast)

March 2021

This study highlights the impact of alcohol on the health of the elderly in Agni-Sanwi society in Côte d'Ivoire. In relation to their representations of Gin and Rum, the elderly consume them excessively during various cultural practices. The study therefore aims to understand the social representations of these strong liqueurs in that society. In a qualitative approach, interviews and group discussions were...

Author(s): TANOH SAY Ahou Clémentine

Socio-cultural and economic impacts of development induced displacement on resettled people: The case of Welkayt Sugar Factory in Tigray Region, Ethiopia

October 2020

This study was conducted in the Tigray region of Ethiopia to assess the socio-cultural and economic impacts on the project affected people after their displacement that occurred through the establishment of the Welkayt sugar factory development project. Specifically, the study aimed at examining the socio-cultural situation of the displaced people after their displacement and assessing the economic consequences of the...

Author(s): Bereket Godifay Kahsay

What Transformative Leaders do: Emerging Perspectives in the 21st Century

October 2020

This paper examines the call for transformative leadership in the 21st century. It explores recent published articles on the subject matter in order to establish the expectations of a transformative leader. The turn of the century heralded a call for the adoption of a transformative agenda on the African continent. Nonetheless, the turbulent political, dynamic economic shifts and disruptive global events, such as posed...

Author(s): Allan D. M. Bukusi  

Jungle justice in Lagos metropolis, Nigeria

July 2020

Jungle justice has added another dimension to the neigbourhood insecurity challenge in Lagos metropolis. The reoccurring lynching of suspect(s) in a crime scene, in Lagos metropolis and Nigeria, as well as, the dearth of empirical studies on this heinous crime in Nigeria motivated this study. Thus, this study anchored on Social Disorganisation Theory (SDT) of the Chicago School of Criminology, which identified...

Author(s): Ayomide Ilori  

Queer spirituality of black lesbians in Bloemfontein, South Africa

July 2020

Research on lesbian women and their sexuality has increased since the adoption of a democratic constitution in South Africa. Yet a large part of the research has focused more on the prevalence of rape on Black lesbians in South African townships, while a substantial amount focused more on the lived experiences of Christian gays. The available body of work above has been taken into consideration and, therefore, this...

Author(s): Ntombana Luvuyo, Nombulelo Towa and Nobubele Phuza

‘They deceived us’: Narratives of Addis Ababa development-induced displaced peasants

July 2020

This paper explores the impacts of the fast spatial expansion of Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, on the suburb small-scale farming community. Recently, combined with rapid population growth and booming economy, the city experienced a rapid physical expansion without proper urban planning. The sprawl of the city has dislocated small-scale farming communities in the suburbs and led to one of the major deadly...

Author(s): Bula S. Wayessa  

Challenges faced by the Bhotias for their livelihood and preservation of culture

April 2020

We frequently hear about the significance of cultural heritage. And while discussing humanitarian efforts, we might hear the phrase "cultural preservation." The term encompasses several activities surrounding maintaining ancient cultures from large nations all the way down to small indigenous tribes. However, the meaning of cultural heritage and its preservation needs to be ascertained. Heritage is an asset,...

Author(s): Nirmesh Sharma  

Knowledge and perceptions of female genital mutilation among African immigrant women in Windsor, Canada

April 2020

The objective of this is to investigate African immigrant women’s perceptions of female genital mutilation (FGM) within the Canadian Criminal Code. Ten African immigrant women resident in Windsor, Canada were selected using snowball sampling for interviews. These women were of four African nationalities, namely Nigeria, Ghana, Somalia and Sudan. Semi-structured interview protocol with open answer possibilities...

Author(s): Francisca Isi Omorodion

Moral panic and social order: Analysis of Akwa Ibom street children

April 2020

The incidence of street children around the world had raised concern about social order. Scholars have paid attention to socioeconomic and psychological implications ignoring the cultural dynamics that contribute to this development. This paper focuses on a category of street children in Akwa-Ibom state of Nigeria. They are the child-witches, thrown to the street due to witchcraft label masterminded by parents and...

Author(s): Lydia Isioma Chineyemba  

Possible selves of a hashtag: Moving from the theory of speech acts to cultural objects to interpret hashtags

February 2020

In recent years hashtag studies have increased their numbers. The role of hashtags becomes increasingly predominant in social media studies. Many researchers wonder how to study them, ending up treating them in an aggregate way and turning to big data and static-mathematical modeling. This type of studies seem to consider hashtags as tools, favoring a single analysis perspective. In fact, The studies and the research...

Author(s): Gevisa La Rocca

Recognising religious and superstitious rituals within higher education contexts: A case study of Stellenbosch University, South Africa

February 2020

In South Africa the task of decolonising the curriculum in higher education institutions falls upon researchers and lecturers. Within the case study of the Visual Communication Design curriculum at Stellenbosch University we noticed that students’ superstitious and religious beliefs and rituals surfaced in their responses to the coursework even though there was an attempt to steer away from traditional religious...

Author(s): Neeske Alexander and Elmarie Costandius

The psycho-social context of Lake Ziway/Dembel: Oromia Regional state, Ethiopia

February 2020

The general purpose of this study was to organize psycho-social information pertaining to some issues. These include: Local peoples’ awareness and perception of risk of ecological problems associated with Lake Ziway/Dembel; the issues of community participation and mobilization in resource conservation, preservation and sustainable use; psycho-social consequences of the adverse climatic happenings in the lake...

Author(s): Aschale Kassie Haile and Esmael Seid

Home truths behind closed doors: Reciting the lived experiences of child domestic workers in selected towns of Gedeo Zone, Southern Ethiopia

December 2019

This qualitative study was aimed at looking into the lived experiences of child domestic workers in the selected towns of Gedeo Zone. A triangulation of key informant interviews, in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, informal conversations, non-participant observations, and life histories were employed to collect the required data from child domestic workers, brokers, urban residents, police officers, and...

Author(s): Alemayehu Anja Aboye and Fekadu Israel Alambo

Witchcraft stigmatization and abuse of children in Akwa-Ibom state, Nigeria

July 2019

In this age of intellectual progress and technological advancement, strange beliefs are still rife, and misfortunes are blamed on witches in many societies. In the past, the avowed witches were the aged. Lately, focus has shifted to vulnerable and defenseless children who have become victims of witchcraft stigmatization and abuse. In Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria, hundreds of children have been labeled as witches and thus...

Author(s): Chineyemba Lydia Isioma

A comparative analysis on the perspectives of African Feminism Vs Western Feminism: philosophical debate with their criticism and its implication for women’s rights in Ethiopia context

July 2019

Feminism internationally aims to realizing the liberation of women from all types of oppression and providing solidarity among women of all countries. However, the remarkable difference is growing gap between North and South. Women from the North are harvesting the fruits of capitalism and global economy, whereas women from the South are all too often confronted with poverty and terrible labor conditions. The aim of...

Author(s): Eyayu Kasseye Bayu

A concentric approach to understanding herders-farmers clashes in Benue and Nasarawa States, Nigeria

July 2019

This paper provides a theoretical appraisal as regards the phenomenon of Herders and farmers clashes in north central of Nigeria, specifically “Benue” and “Nassarawa” States. By way of qualitative discourse, grounded on secondary sources, the paper gives insight and a deep understanding on the contending issues surrounding resource struggle by host farmers and migrating herders. The approach of...

Author(s): Adeyinka Aderinto and Victor Achem  

Lived experiences of young Emirati women in the combined family: Extending and rethinking sociological concepts

June 2019

Using evidence from 72 young Emirati women experiences who have participated in a series of eleven focus groups, this study rethinks and extends traditional sociological concepts and classifications. This research propose the concept of combined family to show a unique pattern of family relationships and economic participation that exists in some areas of UAE that combines the wealthiest and modernized appearances with...

Author(s): Mohammed Abdel Karim Al Hourani  

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