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JETR Articles

On the digital transformation of micro-finance institutions in the context of developing countries: A case from Democratic Republic of the Congo

April 2024

Blockchain can be used to improve microfinance management in several ways. This can help reduce the costs of microfinance by eliminating the need for intermediaries such as banks and credit bureaus and increase transparency in the microfinance sector by making all transactions visible to everyone. stakeholders. This can help reduce fraud and build trust. Blockchain technology can also be used to improve access to...

Author(s): Patrick Mukala and Jonathan Kabemba Ntumbwa  

Design of a novel control panel for 24-Volt automatic fish feeders

February 2024

This paper describes a novel control panel for programmable feeders in a production fish hatchery. This system used digital interval timers in electrical box to control three parallel rails of power outlets. Transformers were used to step down the voltage from 120 to 24-V for use by 24-V feeders. A photo-eye was incorporated into the system so that the feeder would only dispense during the daylight hours. The system...

Author(s): Mark Stromberg, Nathan Huysman and Michael E. Barnes  

Optimal support spacing for composite oil and gas pipelines

November 2023

Problems of premature breakage or failure may be encountered with composite pipelines used in the transportation of oil and gas products due to the manner in which these lines are laid or installed, especially in cases where the lines traverse long distances with rapidly varying topograghy over which considerable twisting and bending of the pipelines may occur. To overcome such problems, an analytical model is developed...

Author(s): Olalekan Olaosebikan  

Heat and mass transfer investigation of unsteady magnetohydro dynamic nanofluid flow in a porous pipe in the presence of chemical reactions

September 2023

This article presents a numerical investigation of mass and heat transfer effects on an unsteady Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) nanofluid flow in a permeable pipe. The influences of the chemical reaction and magnetic flux are considered. With the central finite-difference technique, the fundamental equations are discretized. The resulting equations are solved numerically using methods of lines, bvp4, and shooting methods....

Author(s): Feda Abdalla Zahor, Ahmada Omar Ali, Reema Jain and Verdiana Grace Masanja

Effect of speed, feed rate and tray angle on the dehulling, cleaning and grain loss from an acha (Digitaria exilis) dehulling machine

June 2023

This study determined the effect of cylinder speed, feed rate and tray angle on the dehulling efficiency and the effect of fan speed, feed rate and tray angle on the cleaning efficiency and grain loss from an acha (Digitaria exilis) dehulling machine in a 3 × 3 factorial experimental design in three replicates. The cylinder speeds were 1500, 2000 and 2500 rpm and the fan speeds were 160, 185 and 213 rpm. The feed...

Author(s): Isaac N. Itodo, Paul O. Yusuf and Theresa K. Kaankuka  

Economic impacts of optimizing energy recovery in clinker cooler using clinker cooler bed as a case study

May 2023

This paper tends to analyze one critical area “pyro system” in cement production process where energy is been lose and ways on how some of these energies can be recovered back into the system and also analyzing the cost benefits. This led to the modeling of a clinker cooler known as “test rig”. This model was used to study the operating system of the existing running plant. The test rig was...

Author(s): Joseph Sunday Oyepata Omotayo  

The impact of electronic-electrical waste on human health and environment: A systematic literature review

March 2023

Sub-Saharan Africa has become one of the leading destinations for used equipment or Electronic-Electrical waste (e-waste-or-EEW) from developed economies, making its management more urgent than ever. Most studies have articulated the serious impact of e-waste disposal to the environment and public human health. Little attention or consideration has been devoted to the management of e-waste in Uganda despite the...

Author(s): Sonny Juma Nyeko, Samali Violet Mlay, Bosco Amerit, Boniface Abima, Judith Among, Abdallah Ibrahim Nyero, Joseph Odiya and Cosmas Ogen

Evaluation of the impact of partial shading on the performance of photovoltaic panels

September 2022

This experimental work presents an investigation on the impact of partial shading of a photovoltaic (PV) solar cell on the performance of different types of PV solar panels. A mono-crystalline panel and a polycrystalline panel were used for the experiments as well as three types of covering materials with different transmittance levels (white leaf, tree leaf and transparent paper). The shaded cell area varies by 20, 50...

Author(s): Fatima LACH-HEB, Mohamed Cherif AIDARA, Mamadou Lamine NDIYAE and Anna Kerstin USBECK

Effects of in-situ moisture conservation techniques on maize (Zea mays) yield and yield components in moisture deficit area of Dugda Woreda, Ethiopia

August 2021

The study was conducted during 2018 cropping season at Dugda Woreda to investigate the effect of in situ moisture conservation techniques on grain yield and yield components of maize. Treatments comprised of tied ridge, furrow closed at both end and farmer’s practices (as the control). The experiment was laid out in a Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with three replication. The grain yield and thousand seed...

Author(s): Dulo Husen and Zelalem shalemew

Tractor fuel consumption dependence on speed and height of ridging on a sandy loam soil

December 2020

The effect of tractor forward travel speed and ridge height on the amount of fuel consumed by a tractor during ridging operation on a sandy loam soil in a humid tropical environment was investigated. The investigation was the Agricultural Development Programme farm at Rumuodumanya, Rivers State, Nigeria. The experimental plot of 160 by 32.5 m, totaling 5,200 m2, was divided into three major blocks; and further...

Author(s): Asinyetogha H. Igoni, Raymond A. Ekemube and Silas O. Nkakini  

Effective use of Quadcopter drones for safety and security monitoring in a building construction sites: Case study Enugu Metropolis Nigeria

October 2020

The hazardous nature of the Nigerian building construction industry due to lack of construction data and records of incidents which have led to loss of life, property damage, injuries and loss of materials in an average construction site is alarming. The aim and objective of this study is to know how effective the use of drone to monitor safety and security in Nigerian Building Construction site can improve dangerous...

Author(s): Okaka O. Patrick, Ezekiel O. E. Nnadi and Henry C. Ajaelu  

Effect of variation of different additives on some selected properties of silica sand mould for aluminium castings

October 2020

The quality of castings in a green sand mould is influenced significantly by its properties, such as green compressive strength, shear strength, shatter index, compatibility, moisture content, permeability and others which depend on input parameters. Usually, the aforementioned properties of a particular casting differ due to variation in composition of the moulding sand mixtures, sand grain shape and size, bonding...

Author(s): Sani A. Salihu, Abdullahi Usman and I. Y. Suleiman  

Modeling and experimental validation of drying processus of the microalgue Spirulina with consideration deformation and flow mass

August 2020

The profiles of the material transfer properties in porous products such as Spirulina platensis during drying which characterize their behavior are often determined from different experimental points by destruction of the samples. However, for a long drying time, it’s impossible to slice or cut the sample correctly because of its mechanical strength and friability. It influences the evaluation of product in...

Author(s): E. Salmwendé Tiendrebeogo,, G. Christian Tubreoumya, A. Oumar Dissa, A. Compaoré,  J. Koulidiati, F. Cherblanc, A. Bere and I. Youm  

Prediction behavior of high frequency modulated by a 16 lengths Golay code undergoing honey attenuation

July 2020

Optical microscopic analysis of honey is time consuming due to the period needed to prepare samples. Time reduction could be achieved with ultrasound microscopy. This paper investigates the behavior of 125 MHz signal modulated by 16-bits Golay code spread out through a honey sample containing pollen. A bipolar phase shift keying (BPSK) modulation of 125 MHz frequency by 16-bits Golay code was implemented in...

Author(s): Vincent De Paul TEKOUA KOUEMENE and Laurent BITJOKA  

Agricultural tractor and machinery performance and serviceability in Delta State, Nigeria

October 2019

A sufficient tractor and implements utilizations in agricultural activities and their proper serviceability optimize agricultural productivities in farm operations. A study was conducted in Delta State, Nigeria assessing level of machinery utilization in farm operations and serviceable conditions. Eight (8) government owned tractors locations with 60 tractors and eight private owned farms with 29 tractors were studied....

Author(s): Silas O. Nkakini and Francis O. Etenero  

Modeling of the adsorption isotherm of Pleurotus ostreatus using Guggenheim-Anderson-de Boer (GAB) equation

July 2019

Moisture sorption isotherms of Pleurotus ostreatus were determined at three different temperatures (10, 30 and 40) and relative humidity (6 to 88%), using standard static gravimetric method. The samples were used to determine the equilibrium moisture content and the data fitted to the Guggenheim-Anderson-de Boer (GAB) equation to describe the moisture adsorption characteristics within the water activity used for this...

Author(s): Monsurat Bello, Matthew Olusola Oluwamukomi and Victor N. Enujuigha  

Predicting tractor fuel consumption during ridging on a sandy loam soil in a humid tropical climate

June 2019

A predictive model for the determination of optimum fuel consumption of a tractor during ridging operation has been developed. The model development involved field experimentations to determine the various parameters affecting tractor fuel consumption, like draught, speed, depth of cut, soil moisture content, cone index and width of cut. The field investigations were carried out at the farm of Rivers State Agricultural...

Author(s): Asinyetogha H. Igoni, Raymond A. Ekemube and Silas O. Nkakini  

Application of plasma technology in aerospace vehicles: A review

May 2019

The galactic and solar radiation effects on astronauts in space during manned-space missions is one of the issues that scientists are dealing with to come up with a reasonable solution to overcome this disaster. Furthermore, in space missions to Mars, Titan, and beyond them, a powerful propulsion system is required. Recently, with the enhancement of technology in plasma generation, scientists are trying to design and...

Author(s): A. Anvari

Fast transmission of image, reduction of energy consumption and lifetime extension in wireless cameras networks

April 2019

In this paper, a fast image processing was proposed. It ensures energy efficiency and the extension of both the lifetime and the proper functioning of the network. It is a filtered zonal discrete cosine transform that allows and optimizes an effective adjustment of the trade-off between power consumption and image distortion. This is a remarkable energy saving method, in this kind of networks. It is applied throughout...

Author(s): Nirmi Hajraoui and N. Raissouni  

Comparison of bioremediation capabilities of poultry droppings and avocado pear seed cake in petroleum polluted soil

December 2018

A crude oil polluted soil remediation was investigated using a mixture of avocado pear seed cake and poultry droppings. The seed cake was obtained through the Soxhlet method by extracting the oil from the pear seed. The experiment was carried out within a span of two months. Contamination was done by applying crude oil on 10 experimental reactors containing agricultural soil. The therapeutic treatment was then applied...

Author(s): Olatunji O. M., Horsfall I. T. and Ekiyor T. H.  

Analytic network process in petroleum hydrocarbon decontamination management in Nigeria

August 2018

This study examined the application of the Analytic Network Process (ANP), a multi-criteria decision analysis tool, in the selection of the best bioremediation technique for the remediation of a hydrocarbon-polluted site at Kwawa (4°36'29.26''N, 7°28'55.70''E) in Ogoniland, Niger Delta province, Nigeria. The decision-making problem involved four bioremediation techniques (that is,...

Author(s): Reuben N. Okparanma, Solomon E. Ukpenevi, and Josiah M. Ayotamuno

Development of hot spring fed incubator for duck eggs

June 2018

The development of hot spring heat source incubator for duck eggs was deemed necessary to design the utilization of hot spring as heat source for incubating duck eggs, to reduce the use of electricity. This study addressed issues such as replacing conventional source of energy with geothermal energy in Los Baňos, Laguna, Philippines for incubation of eggs (ducklings, ballot and penoy). The experimental design used was...

Author(s): Anthony J. Taplah, Delfin C. Suministrado, Rossanna Marie C. Amongo, Fernando O. Paras Jr, Jessie C. Elauria and Marilyn Elauria  

Impact of pre-treatment by torrefaction and carbonization on temperature field, energy efficiency and tar content during the gasification of cotton stalks

May 2018

The present study focused on the gasification of raw and pre-treated cotton stalks (CS) by torrefaction and carbonization. Temperature fields, mass balance, energy balance, energy efficiency and tar content of the gas were investigated for the gasification of different types of biomass materials (raw, torrefied and carbonized CS). High temperature and thick reduction zone were obtained during the gasification of...

Author(s): Harouna Gado Ibrahim, Oumar Sanogo, Salifou Koucka Ouiminga, Tizane Daho And Jean Koulidiati  

Online electronic laboratory notebook: A secured cloud storage system scripted in Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP) programming language

March 2018

Notebooks in research are an important part in tracking information of both wet and dry analytical data. Paper books or excel sheets remain the most popular and conventional ways of record keeping. To meet these demands, an open source electronic laboratory notebook is developed that can track users research need. Based on the user specifications, this suite is written in Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP) and based on a...

Author(s): Shrikant Pawar, and Harshul Batra  

An improved frequency based agglomerative clustering algorithm for detecting distinct clusters on two dimensional dataset

December 2017

In this study, a frequency based Dynamic Automatic Agglomerative Clustering (DAAC) is developed and presented. The DAAC scheme aims to automatically identify the appropriate number of divergent clusters over the two dimensional dataset based on count of distinct representative objects with higher intra thickness and lesser intra separation. The Distinct Representative Object Count (DROC) is introduced to automatically...

Author(s): Madheswaran M. and Sreedhar Kumar S.

Graded PA6/PA12 blends prepared by selective laser sintering

September 2017

In this study, the manufacturing of graded PA6/PA12 blends by selective laser sintering (SLS) was investigated. Sintered blend specimens were analyzed by scanning electronic microscopy and flexural tests. The PA6/PA12 parts with functionally-graded composition in the Y and Z directions were built by SLS. Information on the pure component properties and the microstructure and mechanical properties of the sintered blend...

Author(s): Gean Vitor Salmoria, Janaina Lise Leite and Rodrigo Acacio Paggi

Determination of dispersivity in the subsurface foreshores of River Mersey Outer Estuary

August 2017

This paper determines contaminant dispersivity in the coastal sand of River Mersey Outer Estuary using results of field measurement from dye solute injection. Dispersivity is an alternative parameter for describing the characteristic behaviour of porous media. In this case, 3-D plumes in 2-D Photo-images were taken from multiple injection zones across the foreshore. The colour images were calibrated, standardized and...

Author(s): Okuroghoboye Diepreye Itugha and Emmanuel Munakurogha Adigio

Theoretical modeling of strain in the single screw feeder of cassava flash dryer

July 2017

The aim of this study is to model screw feeder unit to handle granulated wet cassava to the flash dryer column. The knowledge of the flow behavior, physical and mechanical properties, rheology of the product and the geometrical characteristics of feeders unit were essential to evaluate the best conditions of handling granulated cassava based on the theory of virtual works. The effect of granular media strain on the...

Author(s): Noutegomo Boris, Djeumako Bonaventure and Ndjouenkeu Robert

Life cycle assessment of cassava flour production: A case study in Southwest Nigeria

July 2017

Global climate change resulting from increased greenhouse gas emission and environmental pollution remain a serious threat to the world. Food processing industries is one of the major contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions. Intergovernmental Panel on climate change (IPCC) reported that greenhouse gas emission should be reduced to avert the worst effects of climate change. One of the ways to reducing greenhouse...

Author(s): Olaniran, J. A., Jekayinfa, S. O. and Agbarha, H. A.

Measurement of energy requirements for size reduction of palm kernel and groundnut shells for downstream bioenergy generation

November 2016

The study estimated the amount of energy required for grinding palm kernel shell and groundnut shell using laboratory hammer mill and also characterize their ground physical properties. The material type and hammer mill screen aperture significantly influenced the energy requirement for grinding the two materials. For a given screen aperture size, groundnut shell consumed more energy than palm kernel shell. The energy...

Author(s): Macmanus Ndukwu, Nnaemeka Nwakuba and Orunta Henry

The spraying field characteristics and distribution of deposition of droplets of electrostatic oiler

August 2016

Electrostatic oiler are made as the research object, the multiple field spray characteristics of air flow field, electric field and discrete fog field in the process of spraying were analyzed. The influence of electrostatic spray deposition characteristics has been studied by changing the electrostatic voltage and electrode gap. The experiment about electrostatic oil spray has been verified. The results show that...

Author(s): Zhao-Hui Wang, Fa-Ping Wang, Jia-Rong Fan, Quan-Jie Gao and Jia-Qing Wang

Comparison of acoustic emission parameters for fiber breakage and de-lamination failure mechanisms in carbon epoxy composites

May 2016

Acoustic emissions (AE) generated by a structure under stressed condition provide a passive method to understand the flaw growth phenomenon. In complex structures, such as composites, characterisation of AE signals generated by various failure mechanisms enhances such understanding. Sample level tests have been carried out on carbon epoxy unidirectional laminate in longitudinal direction of fiber to study the AE...

Author(s): V. Malolan, Gowrishankar Wuriti, A. S. Srinivasa Gopal and Tessy Thomas

Application of Webgis in the development of interactive interface for urban management in Batna City

April 2016

In the last years, the distribution of spatial and non-spatial data on the internet plays a crucial role in national development. It facilitates communication between administration, decision-makers and citizens for urban management. In order to encourage the sharing and disseminating of data, the present study aims to develop and implement WebGIS framework for urban management, which offer possibilities to access the...

Author(s): Abdelhalim Bendib, Dridi Hadda and Kalla Mahdi

Catalytic wet peroxide oxidation of maleic acid: Characterization of copper/micelle templated silica-3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane and kinetics

March 2016

The study of catalysts enables the catalyst scientist to identify and understand the important steps such as active sites and stages in a catalysts’ lifetime. It is thus possible for scientists to design in more rational way, new and efficient catalysts. Therefore, the aim of this study was characterization of copper/micelle templated silica-3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane (Cu/MTS-AMP) catalyst and study of kinetic...

Author(s): Lilian Daniel Kaale

Enhancement or suppression of dehumidification process by surface treatments

August 2015

In many engineering applications, either the suppression or the enhancement of dehumidification is desired. If so, the dehydration in air-conditioned space can be solved, less condensation water pollution can be achieved, or the dehumidification process can be more efficient. In this study, the effects of various surface treatments were explored to enhance or suppress the condensation. It was found that optical...

Author(s): Chen-Kang Huang and Yu-Wei Liu

Cement production optimization modeling: A case study BUA plant

July 2015

This paper deals with cement production optimization modeling using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and the results was compared with Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Pattern Search (PS). This optimization modeling took into account mixtures of primary fuel (mineral coal, pet-coke and heavy oil) and its alternative fuel which is agricultural waste (rice husk, sugar waste and ground shell). The optimization simulation models...

Author(s): Joseph Sunday Oyepata and Otunuya Obodeh 

Wastewater discharge impact on groundwater quality of Béchar City, Southwestern Algeria: Approach by microbiological analysis and health risk index evaluation

March 2015

This manuscript studies the problem of the wastewater influence on groundwater chemistry, particularly the microbiological quality setting and risk to public health in an urban environment, in an arid climate. The study of the spatial and temporal variation in the chemical and microbiological composition of Béchar city groundwater identifies the impact intensity that directly affects its quality. Microbiological...

Author(s): Abdesselem Kabour, Azzedine Hani, Lynda Chebbah and Abdelhak Maazouzi

Hybrid diagnosing techniques for analyzing dissolved gases in power transformers

February 2015

Safe operation of elements of power systems plays a crucial role in maintaining the reliability and safety of the system. Transformers being a key element in power systems need to be maintained and monitored on a regular basis. Dissolved gas analysis has been used as a reliable tool in maintaining the safe operation of transformers for a long time. Analysis of dissolved gases is analytical and often interpreted...

Author(s): Alamuru Vani and Pessapaty Sree Rama Chandra Murthy

Characterization and determination of catechins in green tea leaves using UV-visible spectrometer

January 2015

In this paper, characterizations of pure major catechins and method for determination of total catechins in green tea leaves have been reported using UV-visible spectrometer. Most research activities have been focused on chromatographic methods, however spectrophotometirc method is preferred because of its rapidity, high accuracy, and reproducibility. The optical transition properties of Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG)...

Author(s): T. Atomssa and A. V. Gholap

Analysis of differences in internet user experiences and virtual network activities in Taiwan

January 2015

Considered a crucial industrial development in the 21st century, the Internet has had a marked effect in shaping modern society. The ongoing development of handheld mobile Internet devices has enabled services in the virtual world to be updated constantly, thereby providing numerous options regarding the virtual network interactions and activities of Internet users. Among the various virtual network activities, people...

Author(s): Tsung-Yi Chen and Chien-Yun Huang

Effect of oxygen plasma treatments on the structural and optical properties of polyimide films

January 2015

A detailed study of some physical properties of Polyimide films after exposing them to oxygen plasma is presented. The structure of the sample has been analyzed by X-ray diffraction technique (XRD) and is found to be semi crystalline. Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) studies revealed that the thermal stability of polyimide films have improved after being exposed to oxygen plasma, at different time intervals, ranging...

Author(s): A. Atta and S. M. El-Sayed

PSO-ANN’s based suspended sediment concentration in Ksob basin, Algeria

December 2014

Suspended sediment concentration estimation has a major influence on river basin planning and management. Prediction of such parameter with artificial neural network (ANN) has shown its performance, because of this, Back Propagation Neural Network model trained with particle swarm optimization (PSO) is used to forecast the daily sediment concentration for Ksob river, Tebessa using 22 years data set from Morsott gauging...

Author(s): Baazi Houria, Kalla Mahdi and Tebbi Fatima Zohra

Relocation of source of sporadic production using genetic algorithm in distribution network

December 2014

Today, due to the development of distribution systems and increase of demand and load, the use of the source of scattered production has developed. The establishment of the installation place and the size of the source of scattered production decrease network loss, lead to best action of network as well as the recovery of the voltage profile. In this article, we use the genetic algorithm for relocating and finding the...

Author(s): Shirin Farhadi and Reza Dashti

Geothermal Energy

December 2014

The term Geothermal originates from two Greek words 'GEO' and 'THERM'. The Greek word ‘geo’ means the earth whilst their word for ‘therm’ means heat from the earth. Geothermal energy is energy derived from the heat of the earth. The earth’s centre is a distance of approximately 4000 miles and is so hot that it is molten. Temperatures are understood to be at least 5000°C....

Author(s): Askari Mohammad Bagher, Mirzaei Vahid and Mirhabibi Mohsen

Analysis and parametric optimization of flux cored arc welding process for IS 2062 mild steel plates using Taguchi method and utility concept

November 2014

Optimization of flux cored arc welding (FCAW) process parameters were carried out to obtain optimum weld bead geometry in mild steel plates of IS 2062 by using an alternate Taguchi method. Design of experiments based on multi-objective Taguchi approach was employed for development of mathematical model correlating important process parameters like welding voltage (V), welding current (I), stick out (N) and wire speed...

Author(s): P. Sreeraj, T. Kannan and S. Maji

Applications of intelligent multi-agent systems for smart distribution systems

November 2014

Multi-agent systems (MAS) can be applied to service restoration planning of distribution systems. The main purpose of service restoration planning is to restore as many customers as possible. In this paper, a MAS-based service restoration planner with a Genetic Algorithm (GA) is developed to solve group and zone service restoration problems in power distribution systems. Intelligent software agents embedded inside...

Author(s): Yu-Hsiu Lin and Men-Shen Tsai  

New technique based on uterine electromyography nonlinearity for preterm delivery detection

November 2014

Detecting uterine electromyography (EMG) signals can yield a promising approach to determine and take actions to prevent preterm deliveries. This paper objective is to predict this risk using such uterine signals. Previous classification studies have used only linear signal processing which depends on the spectral characteristics of the uterine EMG signals that did not give clinically acceptable results. On the other...

Author(s): Safaa M. Naeem, Ahmed F. Seddik and Mohamed A. Eldosoky

Performance of reactive powder concrete slabs with different curing conditions

October 2014

In this paper, the material performance of Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC) with two different curing conditions, water-curing of 25°C and heat-treatment of 90°C and 95% relative humidity was experimentally studied. An experimental investigation is carried out to study the influence of using steel fiber and heat-treatment on RPC slab specimens. All the slabs are simply supported along the four edges and loaded...

Author(s): Mohammed Mansour Kadhum Alkafaji

Effect of battery effluent on plasticity and swelling characteristics of expansive soil

September 2014

Ground pollution is perpetuated by humans due to many reasons. Industrial activity is necessary for the socio-economic progress of a country, but at the same time, it generates large amount of solid and liquid wastes. Among various means available, disposal through land is simple and widely used. All types of pollution have either direct or indirect effect on soil properties. Behaviour of any contaminant in soil depends...

Author(s): S. Bali Reddy and A. V. Narashima Rao

Effect of immersion speed on the mechanical properties and micro-structure of oil quenched AISI 1020 steel

September 2014

Steel is one of the most important commodities in the engineering world due to its usefulness and availability. Its application is wider than any other metal, ranging from domestic use in the forms of utensils and many more to its use in construction and manufacturing industries. The wide range of application of steel in engineering practices has prompted the desire to increase certain mechanical properties to meet...

Author(s): Mudasiru L. O., Babatunde I. A., Raheem W. A. and Lasisi A. K.

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