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Table of Content: 16 December, 2011; 6(34)

December 2011

Dynamic property analysis and development of composite concrete floor (CCF) and vibration serviceability: A review

  This review article concerns floor vibration, describes the nature of floor vibration and provides options for avoiding it through design, or in the case of existing buildings, reducing or eliminating it through alterations. Excessive floor vibration has become a greater problem as new rhythmic activities, such as aerobics, generators, air conditioners and long-span floor structures have become more common....

Author(s): Sinin Hamdan, Mohammad Nurul Hoque and Norsuzailina bt Mohamed Sutan

December 2011

Modelling shoreline rate of changes using holographic interferometry

  Polarized sensor is able to investigate the coastal problems such as erosion and sedimentation. AIRSAR polarized sensor could be an ideal concept in developing such sensor. In this context, this work is introducing a new approach for modeling the rate of shoreline deformation from AIRSAR Cvv band. The hologram algorithm has been applied to simulate the wave spectra propagation pattern. The results show...

Author(s): Maged Marghany

December 2011

A new hybrid method for tuning fractional order proportional–integral–derivative (PID) controllers in frequency domain

  In this paper, an approach for optimal tuning of fractional order proportional derivative (FOPD) and a certain class of fractional order proportional integral derivative (FO-PID) controllers for integer-order integrating time delay systems based on frequency method is developed. For this purpose, particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm has been used for optimal controller parameters tuning. Performance of...

Author(s): Tahmine Vedadi Moghaddam,  Nooshin Bigdeli and Karim Afshar

December 2011

Unsteady local non-similar boundary-layer flow over a long slim cylinder

  An investigation has been performed to study the analytic solution of the unsteady non-similar boundary-layer flow of a viscous fluid over a suddenly jerked long slender cylinder. Due to the transverse curvature of the cylinder and the free stream velocity of fluid, the considered flow phenomenon is understood to be non-similar. The non-linear partial differential equation is obtained by employing the...

Author(s): Sufian Munawar, Ahmer Mehmood and Asif Ali

December 2011

Ammonia volatilization from urea at different levels of zeolite

  Ammonia (NH3) loss due to hydrolysis of urea can be substantial. When applied to the soil, up to 50% NH3 volatilizes. This decreases urea-N use efficiency. The objective of this study was to minimize ammonia loss from urea using different levels of clinoptilolite zeolite. Six treatments were evaluated; (1) soil alone, (2) 2.60 g granular urea, (3) 2.60 g liquid urea, (4) 2.60 g liquid urea + 4 g of...

Author(s): Latip Bundan, Nik Muhamad Ab. Majid, Osumanu Haruna Ahmed, Make Jiwanand Franklin Ragai Kundat

December 2011

An approximate analytical solution of nonlinear fractional diffusion equation by homotopy analysis method

  In the present paper, the approximate analytical solution of a nonlinear diffusion equation with fractional time derivative  () and with the diffusion term as () are obtained with the help of analytical method of nonlinear problem called the Homotopy Analysis Method (HAM). By using initial value, the explicit solution of the equation for different particular cases have been derived which...

Author(s): Praveen Kumar Gupta

December 2011

Computing multi-soliton solutions to Caudrey-Dodd-Gibbon equation by Hirota's method

  In this paper, we make use of Hirota’s bilinear method to obtain multi-soliton solutions to Caudrey-Dodd-Gibbon equation by using Hirota’s bilinear method. This equation is the first transformed to its potential version and then the Cole-Hopf transformation is applied to it to obtain an equation that is transformed to a bilinear form. One and two soliton solutions are formally derived....

Author(s): Alvaro H. Salas, Orlando García Hurtado and Jairo E. Castillo

December 2011

Performance of artificial neural network and regression techniques for simulation model in reservoir inter-relationships

  In fact, the reservoir simulation is an essential step while developing the optimal operation policy for dam and reservoir. Generally, an accurate simulation for the reservoir characteristics should lead more reliable and robust optimization model for certain reservoir. The major challenge in the reservoir simulation is the non-linearity behavior of inter-relationships between the reservoir elevation, surface...

Author(s): Sabah S. Fayaed, Ahmed El-Shafie and Othman Jaafar

December 2011

A unit process simulator for ion implantation through composite material using MATLAB

  With the rapid development in semiconductor technology, multi-million transistors are integrated on a System-on-Chip (SoC) to realize the complete functionality of a system. Due to rapid advancement in the field of VLSI technology – with the dimensions shrinking to 30 nm or less, the need for better understanding and proper simulation and optimization of fabrication process steps has become absolutely...

Author(s): S. A. Abbasi and A. R. M. Alamoud

December 2011

Modeling and simulation of traffic lights and controller unit systems by colored Petri net

  We know that increasing fuel consumption, high environmental pollution and time wasting are the visible results of high traffic density. Developing new directions or even highways is an alternative way to solve this problem. It may add several junctions. Therefore, we provided a method which declines the waiting time behind the red color in the first phase through controlling Fuzzy logic traffic light and...

Author(s): Behnam Barzegar, Siyavash Ghanbari, Hossein Bozorgi, Mahmoud Rahmani

December 2011

Dynamic checking reactive applications: An event driven framework

  Reactive applications are embedded software of reactive systems which continuously interact with their environments. In this paper, we aim to propose a method to dynamically checking reactive applications using event based rules. The rules formed in event-condition-action constitute the checker as an active program. In order to enjoy activeness, the checker actively reacts to environment events when...

Author(s): Seyed Morteza Babamir

December 2011

Application of geographic information system (GIS) in Iraqi family medicine practice

  The aim of the study is to build a data base system to selected family medicine primary health centers in Baghdad by using GIS properties. A typical GIS implementation using the Arc Info Coverage data format consists of three phases: data conversion specification, data migrate on, and application development, accordingly, data was collected from 4 family medicine primary health centers consisting of...

Author(s): Afaneen Anwar Al- Khazrajy, Lujain Anwar Al-Khazrajy and Sahar Abdul Hassan Al- Shatree

December 2011

Water quality assessment of Siran river, Pakistan

  Spatial variations in water quality of Siran river were analyzed in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa (KPK) province of Pakistan. The water quality was studied at eleven sites at upstream and downstream in Siran valley during 2009 to 2010. Physico-chemical and microbiological parameters of the samples were measured; moreover, possible sources of contamination were analyzed. The study showed that the pollution level in...

Author(s): Bibi Saima Zeb, Amir Haider Malik, Amir Waseem and Qaisar Mahmood

December 2011

Discriminating climatological regimes in rainfall time series by using the Fisher-Shannon method

  The Fisher-Shannon (FS) information plane, defined by the Fisher information measure (FIM) and the Shannon entropy power (Nx), was robustly used to investigate the complex dynamics of 8 long monthly rainfall time series in central Argentina, recorded from 1860 to 2006. In the FS plane, the rainfall series seem to aggregate into three different clusters corresponding to three different climatological regimes...

Author(s): J. O. Pierini, B. Scian, M. Lovallo and L. Telesca

December 2011

Accessing the performance of binders on core strength in metal casting

  Poor performance of local binder of foundry core in casting has been a major concern recently. The effect of some local binder on the mechanical properties of a core has been studied in an attempt to develop a suitable core strength using green compression strength, baked compression strength, permeability and collapsibility test. The effect of temperature, water content, baking time, binder quantity and sand...

Author(s): Popoola A. P. and Fayomi O. S.

December 2011

Effect of chemical treatment and waste blending on biogas production from leaf litter of Kambala (Chlorophoral excelsa)

  Effect of chemical treatment and waste blending on biogas production from leaf litter of Kambala (Chlorophoral excelsa) was investigated. The wastes were prepared as old and untreated leaf litter (LL-OU), old and treated leaf litter (LL-OT), old leaf litter and cow dung (LL-OC) (1:1), fresh and untreated leaf litter (LL-FU) and fresh leaf litter and swine dung (LL-FS) (1:1). The treated variant was effected...

Author(s): A. U. Ofoefule, P. M. Ejikeme, C. N. Ibeto and T. Afuaku

December 2011

Hydro-geophysical study of michika and environs, northeast Nigeria

  Thirty-five Schlumberger vertical electrical soundings (VES) of maximum electrode spread of AB/2 100 m were carried out in Michika and its environs to study the distribution of groundwater and the aquifer systems. Two distinctive curve types; H and KA were identified. The H- type curves account for 97.14% while the remaining 2.86 are KA curve type. The lithologic sequences to be penetrated during drilling of...

Author(s): Nur A. and Ayuni K. N.