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  • DOI: 10.5897/IJPS
  • Start Year: 2006
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Table of Content: 16 October, 2013; 8(38)

October 2013

Convolutive cyclic voltammetry studies of PVA/CuI polymer composites at gold electrode

Cyclic voltammetry of PVA/CuI polymer composites was studied in acetonitrile as a solvent containing Tetrabutylammonium tetrafluoroborate (TBAFB). Cyclic voltammogram of PVA/CuI polymer composites exhibited unidirectional oxidative peak in the forward scan and irreversible reductive peak in the negative scan. The voltammetric behaviour explored that the electrode reaction of the investigated composite proceeds as EC...

Author(s): El-Hallag I. S., El-Mossalamy E.H., El-Mansy M. K. and Al-Harbi L. M.

October 2013

Differential transform method for solving non-linear systems of partial differential equations

The differential transform method (DTM) has been applied to solve many functional equations so far. In this paper, we propose this method (DTM), for solving nonlinear Jaulent-Miodek and the Hirota-Satsuma equation. Numerical solutions obtained by differential transform method are compared with the exact solutions and that obtained by Adomian decomposition methods. The results for some values of the variables are shown...

Author(s): Raslan K. R. and Zain F. Abu Sheer

October 2013

Equivalence principle of light’s momentum harmonizing observation from quantum theory to cosmology

Unlike in Newtonian mechanics, in the theory of relativity, the coordinate axis is not fixed, and the time axis serves as the background for the observation. In other words, the theory of relativity is background independent (BI). The quantum theory created in the micro-world, in contrast, is background dependent (BD). Efforts to unify both by BI have not yielded much success. In addition, it is recognized that we...

Author(s): Shinsuke Hamaji