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Table of Content: 16 October 2011; 6(24)

October 2011

Comparative analysis of abrasive waterjet (AWJ) technology with selected unconventional manufacturing processes

This paper deals with a comparative analysis, and compares abrasive waterjet cutting technology with oxy-fuel, plasma and laser unconventional manufacturing processes. This paper is intended to provide initial technical and economic information relating to the comparison of technologies.   Key words: Abrasive waterjet, plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, laser cutting.

Author(s): Vincent Peržel, Sergej Hloch, Hakan Tozan, Mustafa Yagimli and Pavol Hreha    

October 2011

Coefficient distribution of the stability function of a high order integrator

This study considers the stability function of a high order integrator analysed by Onianwa and Aashikpelokhai (2007) for the sole purpose of having a sound knowledge of the way in which the coefficients of the stability function is distributed. The study enables us to draw the conclusion as an alternative proof that lies in the unit ball in R3. It also studied and established that the integrator is consistent...

Author(s): U. S. U. Aashikpelokhai and C. U. Onianwa      

October 2011

A class of exact solutions of second grade fluid

This paper describes a class of exact solutions of the equations of motion for an unsteady, incompressible non-Newtonian second grade fluid in the Cartesian co-ordinates. The exact solutions of non-linear equations governing the flow of second grade fluids are obtained through generalized separation variables method by assuming certain form of stream functions. The expressions for velocity profile and vorticity stream...

Author(s): A. M. Siddiqui, M. KamranAlam, S. Islam, M. T. Rahim and Manzoor Elahi      

October 2011

Fuzzy ideals in partially ordered pseudoeffect algebras

Pseudoeffect algebras are non-commutative generalizations of effect algebras, which can serve as models of both quantum structures and non-commutative logics. The main contribution of this study is twofold. Firstly, we initiate an order-theoretic extension of pseudoeffect algebras, called partially ordered pseudoeffect algebras (abbreviated po-PEAs). Secondly, we investigate the fuzzy ideal theory of po-PEAs. In...

Author(s): Feng Feng and Xiaoyan Liu      

October 2011

A new method for moving object detection using variable resolution bionic compound eyes

The compound eyes of insect are highly optimized for the task of visual acquisition of relevant information from the environment, such as moving object detection. These have attracted the attention of many researchers in recent years. The advantages of compound eyes are illustrated in this paper in relation to other approaches in moving object detection. The paper describes the imaging mechanism for the compound eyes,...

Author(s): Huabo Sun, Lei Yan, Peter Mooney, and Rui Liang      

October 2011

Effectiveness of 3D geoelectrical resistivity imaging using parallel 2D profiles

Acquisition geometry for 3D geoelectrical resistivity imaging in which apparent resistivity data of a set of parallel 2D profiles are collated to 3D data set was evaluated. A set of parallel 2D apparent resistivity data were generated over two model structures. The models, horst and trough structures, simulates the geological environment of a weathered profile and refuse dump site in a crystalline basement complex,...

Author(s): A. P. Aizebeokhai, A. I. Olayinka, V. S. Singh and C. C. Uhuegbu        

October 2011

Reducing multiplication operation and independent processing for monocular simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) feature state covariance matrix computation

Monocular simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) research is a study which concentrates on how to derive position and motion estimates information from tracked features using a single camera. Before the features can be processed by standard extended Kalman filter (EKF), they have to be initialized. In the initialization process, the state covariance matrix calculation is found to be the most time consuming...

Author(s): Mohd. Yamani Idna Idris, Hamzah Arof, Noorzaily Mohamed Noor, Emran Mohd Tamil, Zaidi Razak and Ainuddin Wahid      

October 2011

Construction of efficient conjoint experimental designs using MCON procedure

Conjoint analysis has been a widely used method for measuring customer preferences since 1970s. This method is based on the idea that customers' decisions depend on all tangible and intangible product features. One of the fundamental steps in performing conjoint analysis is the construction of experimental designs. These designs are expected to be orthogonal and balanced in an ideal case. In practice, it is hard to...

Author(s): Marija Kuzmanovic, Milan Martic, Mirko Vujosevic and Biljana Panic        

October 2011

A novel nanometric fault tolerant reversible divider

Quantum and reversible logic circuits have more advantages than the common circuits, like low power consumption. These circuits are good choice to design future computers. One of the important issues in reversible logic is parity preservation. If parity of inputs and outputs are equal in reversible gate, this gate will be parity preserve. Reversible circuits made by these gates are parity preserve. In this paper we...

Author(s): Faraz Dastan and Majid Haghparast    

October 2011

Differential evolution algorithms for grid scheduling problem

Differential evolution (DE) has recently emerged as simple and efficient algorithm for global optimization over continuous spaces. DE shares many features of the classical genetic algorithms (GA). But it is much easier to implement than GA and applies a kind of differential mutation operator on parent chromosomes to generate the offspring. Grid computing aims to allow unified access to data, computing power, sensors and...

Author(s): Amid Khatibi Bardsiri and Marjan Kuchaki Rafsanjani      

October 2011

Detection of damage location using mode shape deviation: Numerical study

This study presents the use of mode shapes for the identification of damage location. The residual values from curve fitting procedure on mode shape vectors with Chebyshev standard rational series were used to detect the damage along the beam length. The results showed that all the mode shapes for the damaged cases deviated from that of the undamaged case, where the deviation was towards the damage location. The results...

Author(s): Moatasem M. Fayyadh and H. Abdul Razak      

October 2011

Removal of random noises for electrocardiogram (ECG) signals using adaptive noise canceller without reference input

The removal of random noises in electrocardiogram (ECG) using adaptive noise canceller (called single-input adaptive noise canceller) without reference input is presented in this paper. Common approaches for noise cancellation require reference input that must be well-correlated with the noise part of the primary input. However, the reference input may be limited in availability and hence, results in degradation of...

Author(s): Ching-Haur Chang, Kang-Ming Chang and Hsien-Ju Ko      

October 2011

New low specific absorption rate (SAR) antenna design for mobile handset

We intend and design a new type of mobile handset antenna structure to reduce the specific absorption rate (SAR) in human head. The designed of low SAR handset antenna will be operating at 2.4 GHz frequency for wireless local area network (WLAN) by considering some parameters that determine the performance of the antenna. The authors carried out simulation by placing antenna at different position to determine...

Author(s): Mohammad Rashed Iqbal Faruque, Norbahiah Misran, Mohammad Tariqul Islam, Baharudin Yatim and Badariah Bias      

October 2011

Quantitative analysis of cohesive energy density: A Gordon parameter of 1:1 aqueous sodium salts solutions

The Gordon parameter (g/V21/2(dyne mol1/2)/cm2) of solutions of NaNO3, NaCl and CH3COONa binary mixtures of water in composition range 0.4 to 8.7, 0.6 to 4.6 and 0.4 to 6.1 mol/kg (m), respectively are reported. The cohesive energy density data are analyzed in terms of aggregation of the water molecules around ionic sphere. The 13 ((dyne mol1/2)/cm2) value of the Gordon parameter (g/V21/2) was noted for effective...

Author(s): Man Singh    

October 2011

Synthesis and characterization of PbO nanostructure and NiO doped with PbO through combustion of citrate/nitrate gel

Our goal in this research was to obtain lead oxide nanostructure and NiO doped with PbO through the combustion of a citrate/nitrate gel. In this method, lead oxide nanostructure and NiO doped with PbO was synthesized through the reaction of citric acid (C6H7O8.H2O) solution and lead acetate (Pb(C2H3O2)) solution as stabilizer and precursor, respectively. At first, in the presence of metal nitrate and citric acid,...

Author(s): Masoumeh Karami Mahmoudabad and Mohammad Mehdi Kashani-Motlagh      

October 2011

DFT study of solvent effects on tautomerization of 4-(2-thiazolylazo)-resorcinol

Here, the structural parameters of the enol and keto tautomers of the 4-(2-thiazolylazo)-resorcinol (TAR) were determinate. Also, tautomerization mechanism of the TAR was investigated, employing density functional theory and the polarizable continuum model (PCM). In addition to the gas phase calculations, the tautomerization mechanism of the TAR was investigated in the chloroform and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) solutions...

Author(s): S. Ali Beyramabadi,  Mohammad Reza Bozorgmehr and  Ali Morsali     :   

October 2011

The pseudo Grüneisen parameter in dense fluids from distribution functions

The Grüneisen parameter (in solids) and the pseudo Grüneisen parameter (in liquids) are of high importance in physics, chemistry and material science. The pseudo Grüneisen parameters in dense fluids have been evaluated using three known analytical expressions for radial distribution functions (RDFs). Using such approach not only tests the power of distribution functions theory in predicting the pseudo...

Author(s): Jalal S. Emampour, Ali Morsali, S. Ali Beyramabadi, M. Reza Bozorgmehr and Khosro Khakzadan      

October 2011

A GIS-based survey for the optimization of infiltration forecasting models with emphasis on slope effect and land use

Morphology and specifically slope have an important effect on water losses due to infiltration and obtained runoff from rainfall. Approximately all of infiltration models survey infiltration in the large scale region (like a basin) and through a vertical column. In other words, they work with this assumption that slope is equal to zero. There are few infiltration models such as modified green and Ampt model which use...

Author(s): Mohammad Dorofki, Ahmed H. Elshafie, Othman Jaafar, Othman A. Karim and Sharifah Mastura Syed Abdullah      

October 2011

Effect of cement content and water/cement ratio on fresh concrete properties without admixtures

This paper investigates the effects of cement content and water/cement ratio on workable fresh concrete properties with slump changing between 90 to 110 mm, and determines the relations among fresh concrete properties such as slump, compacting factor, VeBe, unit weight and setting times of mortar with temperature history. The experiments were conducted under laboratory conditions on eight different concrete mixtures...

Author(s): Khaled Marar and Özgür Eren      

October 2011

Effect of fly ash and hemihydrate gypsum on the properties of unfired compressed clay bricks

The effect of fly ash type F and hemihydrate gypsum on the mechanical and thermal properties of unfired compressed clay bricks (UCSB) using a semi-dry mixture was determined. UCSB were molded from two different semi-dry mixtures, the bricks made with dark-brown soil + sand + chemical additives were labeled as DBS-LG while the other bricks made with the mixture dark-brown soil + sand + fly ash +...

Author(s): Carlos Marín López, José Luis Reyes Araiza, Alejandro Manzano-Ramírez, Jorge Pineda Piñón, M. A. Hernández Landaverde, José de Jesús Pérez Bueno and Ángel Marroquín de Jesús    

October 2011

Physical and mechanical properties of decomposed granite soils sampled in Cheongju, Korea

Decomposed granite soils are in a wide range of conditions depending on the degrees of weathering. This paper is intended to examine laboratory tests, such as consolidation tests and conventional triaxial compression (CTC) tests conducted in order to find out the mechanical properties of Cheongju granite soil. Along with the foregoing, the results of basic physical tests conducted in order to grasp the physical...

Author(s): Youngcheul, KWON and Sewook, OH      

October 2011

Bond length effect of fiber reinforced polymers bonded reinforced concrete beams

There has been a large amount of experimental study on strengthening of concrete structures in recent years. An alternative method to experimental study is the finite element method when studying the performance of concrete beams strengthened with fiber reinforced polymer. Although many improvements have been recorded with the experimental studies, there are still needs for reliable numerical studies. The behavior of...

Author(s): Y. Sümer and M. AktaÅŸ    

October 2011

Downscaling Albedo from moderate-resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS) to advanced space-borne thermal emission and reflection radiometer (ASTER) over an agricultural area utilizing ASTER visible-near infrared spectral bands

Due to the limitation in spatial and spectral resolution, a few numbers of satellite data are applicable in field scale surface Albedo modeling. ASTER was an alternative for surface energy balance modeling, but since April 2008, shortwave detector has stopped recording due to the high-abnormal-temperature problem. Beside, temporal resolution of ASTER is insufficient for field-scale monitoring of surface parameters....

Author(s): Mohammad H. Mokhtari, and Ibrahim Busu        

October 2011

Computation of shoreline change: A transient cross-shore sediment transport approach

It has been well understood that almost all coasts experience permanent and transient changes due to water waves and other causes in different times. Build-up and erosion of the dunes in the vicinity of the shoreline is a morphodynamic process made by the cycle of windblown fine sediments and wave surges. This phenomenon has been investigated and the beach profile change has been represented by a mathematical...

Author(s): M. A. L. Neshaei, M. Veiskarami and S. Nadimy      

October 2011

Magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) flow past an infinite vertical plate immersed in a stably stratified fluid

The effect of transverse magnetic field on the flow past an infinite vertical plate, immersed in a stably stratified fluid has been investigated. The non-dimensional governing equations are solved by Laplace transform technique. Numerical computations for velocity, temperature, plate heat flux and skin-friction are made for different values of the physical parameters and shown in graphs. Important observations due to...

Author(s): Rudra Kanta Deka and Anjana Bhattacharya        

October 2011

X-ray spectroscopic evaluation of zinc at different applied pressure

K X-ray fluorescence cross-sections of zinc (Zn) in linear region and infinite mass thickness region are measured using Si(Li) detector at photon excitation energy of 59.5 keV. Besides, this study has investigated the effect of experimental fluorescence cross-sections on relation between two different mass thickness of the sample with different applied pressures. Harmony between linear and infinitive (critical)...

Author(s): Orhan Ä°çelli    

October 2011

A case study of the application of electrical resistivity imaging for investigation of a landslide along highway

Electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) survey was conducted in an area where landslide occurred in the Elmadag district of Ankara-Kirikkale highway and railway route, central Turkey. Landslide occurred after heavy rainfall in a rock consisting of a succession of limestone layer which was fractured. Electrical resistivity and borehole surveys were carried out to obtain the characterization and quantification of the...

Author(s): Sedat YILMAZ    

October 2011

The physics aspect of price index changes: Super- diffusive approach

Attempts were made to quantify the buying and selling interaction of worldwide financial markets into quantitative findings. We introduce a probability density derived from non-extensive Tsallis statistical mechanics that can be applied to the interpretation of percent price index changes for important indices such as NYSE Composite, DJIA, S&P 500, NASDAQ Composite, FTSE 100, NIKKEI 225, Hang Seng, Straits Times and...

Author(s): Kantawong Vuttivorakulchai, Paisan Kanthang and Alejandro Saiz Rivera      

October 2011

Evaluation of stock market technical efficiency with a comparison of groups of companies in Dhaka stock exchange

The objective of this study was to measure stock market efficiency of the groups of companies, such as Group-A (financial), Group-A (non-financial), Group-B and Group-Z of Dhaka stock exchange (DSE) market in Bangladesh applying the Stochastic Frontier approach, incorporating technical inefficiency effect model. Among the four groups, most efficient group was Group-A (financial) and most inefficient group was Group-Z....

Author(s): Md. Zobaer Hasan, Anton Abdulbasah Kamil and Md. Azizul Baten      

October 2011

Effects of NMES on pharyngeal muscle group synergy while swallowing

The act of swallowing is an extremely complicated event involving multiple muscle groups engaged in complex synergies. Traditionally, dysphagia therapy has focused on muscle strengthening and range of movement. However, recent evidence suggests that specific and shared muscle synergies play a critical role in the coordinated movements required in swallowing. This study investigated the overall effects of muscle strength...

Author(s): Larry Barnes    

October 2011

Separation of fetal electrocardiography (ECG) from composite ECG using adaptive linear neural network for fetal monitoring

The signal strength of the maternal ECG (MECG) is usually many times that of the fetal ECG (FECG). Separating FECG from abdominal ECG (AECG) is therefore always a challenge. Some multiple-lead algorithms use the thoracic MECG to cancel the MECG in the AECG to get FECG, though this is inconvenient for the patient during long-term monitoring. Hence, this paper describes an adaptive method to separate fetal ECG from...

Author(s): M. S. Amin, Md. Mamun, F. H. Hashim and H. Husain