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Table of Content: 18 August 2010; 5(9)

August 2010

Studies on the microbial spectrum in anaerobic biomethannization of cow dung in 10 m3 fixed dome biogas digester

This study investigates the generation of biogas from cow dung using a constructed 10 m3 family-size digester at the National Center for Energy Research and Development, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. The cow dung was procured from Nsukka main market central abattoir. Production of biogas was monitored over a period of 20 days. Standard methods were used to determine pH, temperature, total viable counts, total...

Author(s): Eze J. I. and Agbo K. E.

August 2010

Software implementation and performance comparison of popular block ciphers on 8-bit low-cost microcontroller

8-bit microcontrollers can be used in a wide range of applications, such as the smart cards, telemedicine, cars and automation systems. In these application areas, security is one of the most important issues. The block ciphers, which can provide high-performance and reasonable security level, are meant to meet the security requirements of the 8-bit microcontrollers. In this paper, we realized the performance evaluation...

Author(s): Murat ÇakiroÄŸlu

August 2010

Pullout resistance characteristics of chain type retaining system

In this study, we carried out several experiments and implemented three different types of pullout resistive bodies to conduct tests under identical conditions in order to examine the pullout resistance mechanism of chain reinforcement and the resistive elements. Furthermore, pullout resistance characteristics are studied based on laboratory and in-situ tests when steel bar and L-type steel angle are used as...

Author(s): Youngcheul Kwon, Wooseok Bae, Bongjik Lee and Sewook Oh

August 2010

Investigation on end anchoring of CFRP strengthened steel I-beams

Problems that frequently occur in carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) flexural strengthened steel structures include the peeling and debonding at the tip of the CFRP plate. This paper presents a study on the effectiveness of using steel plates and bolts as end-anchors to address these problems. Four steel I-beams were tested to failure. The first specimen was not strengthened and was used as the control beam. The...

Author(s): Kambiz Narmashiri, , Mohd Zamin Jumaat and N. H. Ramli Sulong

August 2010

The effect of the using waste marble dust as fine sand on the mechanical properties of the concrete

In this experimental study, the effects of using waste marble dust (WMD) as a fine material on the mechanical properties of the concrete have been investigated. For this purpose four different series of concrete-mixtures were prepared by replacing the fine sand (passing 0.25 mm sieve) with WMD at proportions of 0, 25, 50 and 100% by weight. In order to determine the effect of the WMD on the compressive strength with...

Author(s): Bahar Demirel

August 2010

Efficiency assessment of operational and maintenance techniques to optimize sewer gas amount

The study presented here is a preliminary effort to compare sewer operational and maintenance techniques to assess their efficiency in optimizing the amount of gases (that is, H2S and O2) in sewage collection networks in Mashhad-Iran. Field tests were carried out using high-pressure water jet cleaning (HPWJC), portable blower ventilation (PBV), and water flushing (WF) techniques at specific intervals. The outcomes...

Author(s): Faridah Othman and Shahram Mortezania

August 2010

Distribution of earth pressure behind retaining walls considering different approaches

In this paper, the earth pressure distribution generated behind a retaining wall is estimated by the finite element method and compared with that obtained from classical earth pressure theories. In this analysis, the behavior of the soil is assumed to be elasto-plastic with Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion. The concrete retaining wall is represented by linear elastic model. The thin layer interface element proposed by...

Author(s): Firas A. Salman, Yousif J. Al-Shakarchi, Husain M. Husain and Dunya K. Sabre

August 2010

Efficiency of an integrated habitat stabilisation approach to coastal erosion management

The present paper describes the technical solution adopted for habitat stabilisation as an integrated approach to erosion mitigation aimed at improving ecological and environmental aspects of the tropical and subtropical shorelines. Any man-made structure on the beach could have an environmental impact on the habitat and the associated biota. However, when the habitat is considered in the design process, a coastal...

Author(s): Babak Kamali, Roslan Hashim and Shatirah Akib

August 2010

Bamboo foundation mat for rubble mound breakwaters on mud deposits

From geotechnical viewpoint, soft mud is generally characterised by low shear strength. As a consequence of this, construction activity on mudflats could be very difficult, costly and even impractical. In this study, bamboo culms that are inexpensive and locally abundant were introduced as a bedding material for a low crested rubble mound breakwater. Bamboo mats could be used as an alternative cost-effective foundation...

Author(s): Babak Kamali  and Roslan Hashim

August 2010

Stabilization of peat soil by soil-column technique and settlement of the group columns

A field model study was carried out in Klang area of Selengor Dharul Ehsan, Malaysia to observe the settlement of stabilized group peat columns. Peat soil exhibits very low bearing capacity and this soil is not suitable for constructing embankment, highway, building or any other load bearing engineering structure. Large areas of land all over the world are covered by problematic peat soils. The growing demand of space...

Author(s): Md. Shahidul Islam and Roslan Hashim

August 2010

Effect of types of curing on strength of geopolymer concrete

In order to address environmental effects associated with Portland cement, there is need to develop alternative binders to make concrete. An effort in this regard is the development of geopolymer concrete, synthesized from the materials of geological origin or by product materials such as fly ash, which are rich in silicon and aluminum. This paper presents results of an experimental study on the density and compressive...

Author(s): K. Vijai, R. Kumutha and B. G. Vishnuram

August 2010

Inextensible curves in the Galilean space

In this paper, we investigated inextensible flow of curves in Galilean space. Conditions for an inextensible curve flow were expressed as a partial differential equation involving the curvature and torsion.   Key words: Galilean space, inextensible curves, Frenet formulas.

Author(s): Alper Osman ÖÄŸrenmiÅŸ and Mustafa YeneroÄŸlu

August 2010

Data mining in topology education: Rough set data analysis

This study explores rough sets, which provide mathematical description for uncertain concepts that can not be defined clearly by traditional logic. The study further examines data mining, which helps to discover meaningful information from large data sets by incorporating it with rough set theory. An investigation in topology instruction was undertaken to exemplify the usability of rough set theory in qualitative data...

Author(s): Serkan Narli and Z. Ahmet Ozelik

August 2010

Characterizations of a helix in the pseudo - Galilean space

In this manuscript, we obtained some characterizations for a helix in the pseudo-Galilean space    Key words:  Pseudo-Galilean space, helix, position vector.

Author(s): Mihriban Külahci

August 2010

Preparation, characterization and microbiological studies of Cr+3, Mn+2, Co+2, Ni+2, Cu+2, Zn+2 and Cd+2 chelates of schiffs base derived from vanillin and anthranilic acid

New chelates of schiffs base derived from vanillin and anthranilic acid with d-block elements such as Cr+3, Mn+2, Co+2, Ni+2, Cu+2, Zn+2 and Cd+2 have been synthesized and investigated. Their structures were determined on the basis of the elemental analysis, infrared spectroscopy, electronic spectroscopy, thermo gravimetric analyses and electron spin resonance spectroscopy. Molar conductivity measured revealed...

Author(s): M. S. Suresh and V. Prakash

August 2010

Theoretical investigation of dielectric effects on nanostructure of β - amyloid peptide

One group of diseases, known as amyloidoses, which includes Alzheimer’s and the transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, involves deposition of aggregated proteins in a variety of tissues. These diseases are particularly intriguing because evidence is accumulating that the formation of the highly organized amyloid aggregates is a generic property of polypeptides, and not simply a feature of the few proteins...

Author(s): L. Pishkar, M. Monajjemi, A. R. Ilkhani and F. Mollaamin

August 2010

Application of remote sensing techniques in hydrogeological mapping of parts of Bosso Area, Minna, North-Central Nigeria

The study focuses on the hydrogeological mapping of Bosso area of Minna, Niger State using remote sensing techniques whilst considering integration of geophysical and hydrogeological investigation in a synergistic approach. Landsat enhanced thematic mapper band 4 and 7 were used for the study. The satellite imagery that was acquired from Global Land Cover Facility website was rectified and geo-referenced using various...

Author(s): A. N. Amadi and P. I. Olasehinde

August 2010

Texture entropy algorithm for automatic detection of oil spill from RADARSAT-1 SAR data

This work presents a method based on the utilisation of texture algorithms for the discrimination of oil spill areas from the surrounding features, e.g. sea surface and look-alikes, using RADARSAT-1 SAR Wide beam mode (W1), Standard beam mode (S2) and Standard beam mode (S1) data acquisition under different wind speeds. The results show that entropy texture algorithm is able to discriminate between oil spills and...

Author(s): Maged Marghany and Mazlan Hashim

August 2010

Spectral and statistical analysis of blood samples of sheep vaccinated with anthrax spore vaccine

The application of spectroscopy for the study of biomedical compounds has increased tremendously in recent years. Blood is the chief circulatory medium in human and in animal body which can be subjected to non-invasive technique for testing. Pre and post vaccinated blood samples of sheep vaccinated with anthrax spore vaccine was studied using spectrometer. The internal standards among the application peaks were...

Author(s): A. Rajalakshmi, T. S. Renugadevi and S. Gunasekaran

August 2010

Radiation doses due to natural radioactivity in Wadi Bin Hammad, Al-Karak, Jordan

This paper aims to introduce original data from measurements conducted in Wadi Bin Hammad, region, Jordan. These data highlight the new result of high-radiation dose equivalents found in part of the region, and also recommend further studies. The exposure rates due to terrestrial gamma radiation were measured in cold and hot water in Wadi Bin Hammad cold and hot water springs. The radiation levels were measured using a...

Author(s): Hatem AL-amairyeen