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July 2011

Issues and temperature compensation techniques for hot wire thermal flow sensor: A review

  The hot-wire anemometer is used extensively to measure velocity and turbulence quantities. Hot-wire measurement of non-isothermal flows necessitate the use of thermal compensation or error correction. This paper focus of issues and techniques for thermal compensation and error correction in industrial application was studied. Firstly, comprehensive review on the theory of several types of the most commonly...

Author(s): Noraznafulsima Khamshah, Ahmed N. Abdalla, S. P. Koh and Hassan Farhan Rashag

July 2011

A new algorithm for selecting equip system based on fuzzy operations

  In this endeavor, the authors discuss the problem of defuzzification based on parametric interval approximation of fuzzy numbers and then suggest measure about these points of fuzzy numbers. The measure point of each fuzzy number plays an important role in fuzzy sets and systems, specifically in physics, mathematics and statistics. We provide the definition of the measure of fuzzy numbers as well as the...

Author(s): Rahim Saneifard

July 2011

Wage augmented stochastic frontier model with truncated normal distribution

  This study considered wage augmented production frontiers with inefficiency effects model proposed by Battese and Coelli (1992) where the efficiency wage hypotheses was tested. An unbalanced panel data on 31 manufacturing firm for the period 1989 to 2000 was used in this study. The wage augmented Cobb-Douglas production function was originated to be an unsatisfactory representation of the data compared to...

Author(s): Kanis Fatama Ferdushi, Md. Azizul Baten, Anton Abdulbasah Kamil and Adli Mustafa

July 2011

A note on squeezing flow between two infinite parallel plates with slip boundary conditions

  The aim of this letter is to investigate an axisymmetric squeezing flow of an incompressible fluid generated by two large parallel plates, including fluid inertial effects. The governing equations have been transformed into a nonlinear ordinary differential equation using integribility condition. Solution to the problem is obtained by using an optimal homotopy asymptotic method (OHAM). The results reveal that...

Author(s): Murad Ullah, S. Islam, Gul Zaman and Shazia Naeem Khalid

July 2011

The implementation of document management system (DMS) in managing sub-contracts tenders: A contractor’s perspectives

  Company X is a construction organization located in United Kingdom with turnover reaching £370 million and with past and current projects valued up to £15 million, and has completed a number of construction projects both in private and the public sectors. Due to numbers of limitations from previous system in managing sub-contract process, the company management had decided to develop a document...

Author(s): Hafez Salleh, Nurshuhada Zainon, Mustafa Alshawi and Nor Azlinda Mohamed Sabli

July 2011

Physico-chemical properties of Alanine-Sodium nitrate: An optical overview

  Single crystals of the semi organic materials L-Alanine sodium nitrate (LASN) and D-Alanine sodium nitrate (DASN) were grown from an aqueous solution by slow evaporation technique. X-ray diffraction (XRD), studies were carried for the doped grown crystals. The absorption of these grown crystals was analyzed using UV-vis-NIR studies, and it was found that these crystals possess minimum absorption from 200 to...

Author(s): E. Gallegos-Loya and A. Duarte-Moller

July 2011

Geoelectrical studies for estimating aquifer hydraulic properties in Enugu State, Nigeria

  Three hundred and twenty two vertical electrical soundings (VES) have been used to evaluate the hydraulic properties of aquifers in Enugu State, Southeastern Nigeria.  The project domain lies within longitudes 7° 6’ E to 7° 54’E and latitudes 5° 56’N to 6 °52’N, and covers an area of about 7161 km2 over eight main geological formations. The thickness,...

Author(s): Chukwudi C. EZEH

July 2011

Enhancing nutrient use efficiency of maize (Zea mays L.) from mixing urea with zeolite and peat soil water

  The use of urea as N fertilizer has increased globally but lack of efficiency due to loss through ammonia volatilization has become a subject of considerable recent attention. In line with this, a pot experiment was conducted to determine the effect of mixing urea with zeolite and peat soil water on: (1) uptake and use efficiency of N, P and K in maize cultivation, and (2) soil exchangeable ammonium,...

Author(s): Latifah Omar, Osumanu H. Ahmed and Nik Muhamad A. Majid

July 2011

Improved hardness of laser alloyed X12CrNiMo martensitic stainless steel

  The improvement in hardness of X12CrNiMo martensitic stainless steel laser alloyed with 99.9% pure titanium carbide, stellite 6 and two cases of premixed ratio of titanium carbide and stellite 6 [TiC (30 wt.%)- stellite 6 (70 wt.%) and TiC (70 wt.%)- stellite 6 (30 wt.%)] were examined. The powders were supplied through a pneumatically driven powder delivery system with a 4.4 kW continuous wave (CW) Nd:YAG...

Author(s): D. I. Adebiyi, T. Fedotova, S. L. Pityana, and A. P. I.  Popoola

July 2011

A novel algorithm for multiple maneuvering target tracking

  It is difficult to track multiple maneuvering targets in clutter due to the uncertain acceleration and the disturbance of the clutter. Taking these into account, a strong tracking modified input estimation (STMIE) is presented in this paper, which is combined with maximum entropy fuzzy joint probabilistic data association for multiple maneuvering target tracking. Strong tracking multiple fading factors are...

Author(s): Jin-Long Yang and Hong-Bing Ji

July 2011

An experimental performance evaluation of different remote servers to analyze the effect of divergent load and congestion

  In terms of provisioning of guaranteed QoS to the end-user, the performance of remote servers is a critical issue for internet service providers to remain competitive in the market. The end-user would like to have a quick and instant response from the webmail server to enjoy the service. Load and congestion are the greatest hurdles in web based linkage and conversation. The efficiency of web page retrieval is...

Author(s): Ijaz Ali Shoukat and Mohsin Iftikhar

July 2011

An extensible autonomous search framework for constraint programming

  Constraint programming is a modern programming paradigm devoted to solve constraint-based problems, in particular combinatorial problems. In this paradigm, the efficiency on the solving process is the key, which generally depends on the selection of suitable search strategies. However, determining a good search strategy is quite difficult, as its effects on the solving process are hard to predict. A novel...

Author(s): Broderick Crawford, Ricardo Soto, Carlos Castro, Eric Monfroy, and Fernando Paredes

July 2011

Weighting low level frame difference features for key frame extraction using Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation and indirect feedback relevance mechanism

  Video summarization is a method to generate succinct version of a video by eliminating the redundant frames.  The representation of video summaries using key frames is a simple and effective way to generate video summaries. However, eliciting the frames that effectively characterize a video is a daunting task. A popular way to extract key frames is to compute the frame difference between the consecutive...

Author(s): Naveed Ejaz and Sung Wook Baik

July 2011

Petri net modeling of railway crossing system using fuzzy brakes

  Since the railway system is concurrent, distributed, safety, monetary and environmental critical system. Its failure may cause the loss of human life, severe injuries, loss of money and environmental issues. The complexity of the system requires formal modeling and step by step design processes. In this paper, we present a method of modeling and analysis of railway crossing, which is an important and critical...

Author(s): Sher Afzal Khan, Nazir Ahmad Zafar and Farooq Ahmad

July 2011

Information optimization for speaker recognition using correlation functions

  In this article, a method that optimizes the information of an analyzed signal is described. This method is practicable for various analyses and in fact is an additional process that is used after the analysis. We tendered our idea in our previous article. In this method, we first analyzed the signal, after which the first frame and some other frames were put in a matrix, where each row was a frame. Then the...

Author(s): Alireza Salahshour Vaskas, Shahaboddin Shamshirband, Mohsen Gholami and Mohsen Amiri Besheli

July 2011

A study on the accuracy of AGA positioning algorithm in multipath environment

  The quality of location-based services (LBS) services depends on the available accuracy of the used positioning method. There are generally several ones for wireless networks. The more accurate methods are way more expensive to implement. On the contrary, there are methods with lower accuracy and much lower costs as well. Received signal strength (RSS) method, which is described below, belongs to the latter...

Author(s): Peter Brida, Juraj Machaj and Jozef Benikovsky

July 2011

Linkage learning based on differences in local optimums of building blocks with one optima

  Genetic algorithms (GA) are categorized as search heuristics and have been broadly applied to optimization problems. These algorithms have been used for solving problems in many applications. Nevertheless, it has been shown that simple GA is not able to effectively solve complex real world problems. For proper solving of such problems, knowing the relationships between decision variables which is referred to...

Author(s): Hamid Parvin, Hoda Helmi, Behrouz Minaei, Hamid Alinejad Rokny and Hossein Shirgahi

July 2011

Distribution of turbulence statistics in open-channel flow

  Turbulence is ubiquitous in most environmental flows. Therefore, highly resolved measurement of turbulent quantities is one of the challenges in hydraulics. As turbulence is a multi-scale physical phenomenon, the measurement resolution should be sufficient to capture all these scales. Therefore, research on turbulent flow gained momentum after the introduction of high-resolution measurement devices such as...

Author(s): Ömer KÖSE

July 2011

A comparative study on the bond performance between rebar and structural lightweight pumice concrete with/without admixture

  In this study, the bond strength between concrete and steel reinforcement of structural concrete produced by lightweight pumice aggregate (SLWAC) and normal-weight aggregate (NWAC) is investigated. To achieve this objective, 12 different types of concrete mixtures were produced. In producing the NWAC and SLWAC mixtures, a mineral additive, silica fume (SF), was used to replace the Portland cement in the...

Author(s): Emre Sancak, Osman Simsek and Ahmet Celal Apay

July 2011

A study on the physical characteristics of the visual environment factors based on dynamic characteristics: A focus on six major traditional villages in Gyungbuk regions of Korea

  This study focuses on the visual experience of human beings, and the objective of this study is to perform the investigation and comparison of the circulation systems, which affect the study on the investigation of sequential visual characteristics related to pedestrian movement. Also, based on continuous comparative studies on the visual characteristics of traditional villages in other neighboring nations, a...

Author(s): Heungman KIM, Inhee LEE and Sungwoong KANG

July 2011

Parametric evaluation of tree root water-uptake effect on ground movement

  A model is a tool that simulates the reality through simplification by ignoring what is not important. Therefore, assumptions are usually involved, prompting the need for parametric analysis for identification of the responsive parameters with respect to the numerical simulation results. A negative pore-water pressure was estimated through two-dimensional governing equation for unsaturated soil in an...

Author(s): Mu’azu Mohammed Abdullahi and Nazri Bin Ali

July 2011

Efficient calculation of operating security regions in power systems

  Power system operators are often faced with the challenge of identifying the dynamic operating security modes during the on-line operation of the power system, which requires fast, accurate and reliable evaluation techniques. The system security constraints are in fact boundaries that surround all possible operating modes (scenarios) of the power system. In other words, these boundaries form the feasible...

Author(s): E. A. Al-Ammar, and M. A. El-Kady,

July 2011

Modeling and performance analysis of uplink scheduling algorithm in mobile WiMAX systems

Extensive numbers of the IEEE 802.16e Mobile WiMAX scheduling proposals focus on simulation for obtaining performance measures of the proposed scheduling algorithm. There is also handful of article that focused on the mathematical modeling. However, the model is derived assuming the traffic from different quality of service (QoS) classes is separated, which allow for independent analysis. In this paper, we propose an...

Author(s): D. Mohd Ali, K. A. Noordin, K. Dimyati and A. Idris,

July 2011

Modeling and controller design of an industrial hydraulic actuator system in the presence of friction and internal leakage

  This paper presents a robust controller scheme and its capabilities to control the position tracking performance of an electro-hydraulic actuator system. Sliding mode control with fixed and varying boundary layer is proposed in the scheme. It is aimed to compensate nonlinearities and uncertainties caused by the presence of friction and internal leakage. Its capabilities are verified through simulations in...

Author(s): M. F. Rahmat, Zulfatman, A. R. Husain, K. Ishaque, Y. M. Sam, R. Ghazali and S. Md Rozali

July 2011

Hybrid filtering model based on particle swarm optimization and genetic algorithm

  With the rapid growth of network information, information filtering technology is more widely used. This paper discusses the content-based filtering and collaborative filtering, and proposes a hybrid filtering model with these two methods in order to overcome their own shortages. In this hybrid filtering method, genetic algorithm is used to generate initial profiles on server-side, and particle swarm...

Author(s): ZHU Zhenfang, LIU Peiyu, ZHENG Yan, ZHAO Jing, LI Shaohui and WANG Jinlong

July 2011

Full-scale experiment research for performance analysis of a mechanical smoke exhaust system

  This full-scale experiment studies the efficiency of a mechanical smoke exhaust system by using hot smoke testing. The mechanical smoke exhaust system consisted of an air-conditioning system in a ceiling and its linear return diffusers were used as a smoke vent. To measure the efficiency of the system, the study included measurements of the smoke descending rate, the diffusion of heat into the room, and the...

Author(s): Chung-Hwei Su, Chin-Lung Chiang, Jo-Ming Tseng and Yi-Pang Chiu

July 2011

Thermodynamic performance analysis of gas-turbine power-plant

  This paper was presented the parametric study of thermodynamic performance on gas turbine power plant. The variation of operating conditions (compression ratio, turbine inlet and exhaust temperature, air to fuel ratio, isentropic compressor and turbine efficiency, and ambient temperature) on the performance of gas turbine (thermal efficiency, compressor work, power, specific fuel consumption, heat rate) were...

Author(s): M. M. Rahman, Thamir K. Ibrahim and Ahmed N. Abdalla

July 2011

Facility layout design for hybrid cellular manufacturing systems

  Facility layout which is the arrangement of facilities in the shop-floor has a great impact on the performance of manufacturing systems. An effective layout decreases material handling cost, throughput time, lead-time and results in increasing productivity and efficiency of manufacturing systems. Although layout problems have significant roles on the efficacy of manufacturing systems, scant attention has been...

Author(s): Sh. Ariafar, N. Ismail, S. H. Tang, M. K. A. M. Ariffin, and Z. Firoozi

July 2011

Distributed flexible manufacturing system (FMS) scheduling using Memetic algorithm, particle swarm optimization and timed Petri net

  Allocating jobs to the best factories and scheduling them are two important problems in distributed flexible manufacturing systems that are among NP-hard problems. Many different intelligent algorithms have been proposed for these problems. In this paper, two new algorithms were proposed for distributed flexible manufacturing system (DFMS-MPN and DFMS-PPN algorithms), in which one of them was based on Memetic...

Author(s): Majid Aboutalebi, HosseinShirgahi and Homayon Motameni

July 2011

A study on improving the optimization process of a manufacturing run time problem with defective and machine breakdown

  This research note improves the optimization process of a manufacturing run time problem studied by Chiu et al. (2011) by presenting a direct proof of convexity of the long-run average cost function of such a problem. It can be used to replace Theorem 1 on conditional convexity given by Chiu et al. enhance quality of optimization process, and eliminate the computational efforts in verifying the...

Author(s): Feng-Tsung Cheng, Kuang-Ku Chen, Singa Wang Chiu and Ming-Hon Hwang