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Table of Content: 18 January; 6(2)

January 2011

Premature failures in plate bonded strengthened RC beams with an emphasis on premature shear: A review

The aim of the present study is to review the performance of plate bonded flexurally strengthened reinforced concrete beams. This paper also describes the methods and materials used for flexural and shear strengthening of reinforced concrete beams and weaknesses of plate bonded systems. The plate bonding method often has some serious premature debonding failure which can be classified as plate end debonding (end...

Author(s): M. Z. Jumaat, M. A. Rahman, M. A. Alam and M. M. Rahman

January 2011

A review of control architectures for autonomous navigation of mobile robots

A mobile robot as an intelligent system needs to sense the surroundings, perceive the working environment, plan a trajectory and execute proper reaction using the information. Robotic control architectures define how these abilities should be integrated to construct and develop an autonomous navigation. The control architectures could be classified into three categories: Deliberative (Centralized) navigation, Reactive...

Author(s): D. Nakhaeinia, S. H. Tang, S. B. Mohd Noor, and O. Motlagh,

January 2011

Trinity is a numerical model of the holographic universe

The universe is in some sense a numerical holographic structure. About 15 billion years ago all of the matter and energy in the universe was concentrated into an area the size of a single atomic nucleus with a trinary organization and order. Then suddenly, the universe began to expand at an incredible rate, this event has been called the big bang. After the big bang the first source of matter is formed....

Author(s): Seyed Hadi Anjamrooz

January 2011

Optimization of intermediate anchors to eliminate premature shear failure of CFRP laminate flexurally strengthened R.C beams

Flexurally strengthened RC beams usually fail by means of premature shear due to low shear as compared to flexure. Intermediate anchors in the length of shear span of those beams would successfully eliminate this problem. This paper presents the experimental studies on the effects of intermediate anchors in preventing premature shear failure of CFRP laminate flexurally strengthened RC beams. Design guidelines to...

Author(s): Mohd Zamin Jumaat and Md Ashraful Alam

January 2011

Housing and analysis of design defects: A post occupational evaluation of private housing in Malaysia

Housing provision and quality housing are two issues, which remained the subject of research and interest to researchers’ and designers’. Whenever a designer completes the project, they are not fully aware of consequences of their design. Only through post occupational survey, the designer usually realizes the shortfall they have made during the design process. Unfortunately, such unforeseen conditions are...

Author(s): A. H. Chohan, A. I. Che-Ani, M. M. Tahir, N. A. G. Abdullah, N. M. Tawil and S. N. Kamaruzzaman

January 2011

Fuzzy-genetic optimal control for robotic systems

In this paper, we present optimal control for movement and trajectory planning of a various degrees-of-freedom robots using fuzzy logic (FL) and genetic algorithms (GAs). We have evaluated and shown comparative analysis for three degree-of-freedom (3 DOF) and four degree-of-freedom (4 DOF) robotics arm to compensate the uncertainties like; Movement, friction and settling time in robotic arm movement. This paper...

Author(s): V. K. Banga, R. Kumar and Y. Singh

January 2011

Evaluation of an improved algorithm for fetal QRS detection

In the area of fetal heart rate (FHR) monitoring, different sizes and multifunctional ultrasound based systems are used. All these systems are invasive but cannot be use for long term monitoring applications. The objective of this paper is to evaluate a fetal peak detection algorithm which is applied to all the abdominal channels without threshold (amplitude threshold free) that is threshold independent detection. The...

Author(s): M. M Sheikh Algunaidi, M. A. Mohd Ali and Md. Fokhrul Islam

January 2011

Image encryption via logistic map function and heap tree

In this paper, a new method is proposed for image encryption using chaotic signals and Max-heap tree. In this method, Max-heap tree is utilized for further complexity of the encryption algorithm, higher security and changing the amount of gray scale of each pixel of the original image. Studying the obtained results of the performed experiments, high resistance of the proposed method against brute-force and statistical...

Author(s): Rasul Enayatifar

January 2011

An analytical approach on a mass grounded by linear and nonlinear springs in series

In this paper, He’s variational approach method is used to solve large amplitude freevibration of a mass grounded by linear and nonlinear springs in series. The conservative oscillation system is formulated as a nonlinear ordinary differential equation having linear and nonlinear stiffness components. By doing some simple mathematical operations on this method, we can obtain their natural frequencies. The main...

Author(s): Mahdi Bayat, Massoumeh Bayat and Mahmoud Bayat

January 2011

Applications of taguchi design method to study wear behaviour of boronized AISI 1040 steel

In this study, AISI 1040 steel was boronized using the packed boronizing technique. Processes were carried out at the temperature of 950°C for 2 and 4 h of treatment. The wear resistance model for AISI 1040 steel was developed in terms of boronizing time, applied load, sliding distance and sliding speed using the Taguchi method. Wear tests were carried out using a pin-on-disc type of apparatus under different...

Author(s): Ferit Ficici, Murat Kapsiz and Mesut Durat

January 2011

Modeling of monthly traffic accidents with the artificial neural network method

Averagely, over 1.3 million traffic accidents with deaths, wounds and property losses occur in a year in Turkey. In the last 30 years, 140000 people have died in traffic accidents. The financial losses of the accidents in the last ten years are over 100 billion dollars. In this study, monthly accidents occurring in Turkey were investigated with Artificial Neural Network (ANN) method. With monthly accident data occurring...

Author(s): Halim Ferit Bayata, Fatih Hattatoglu and Neslihan Karsli

January 2011

Renovation explicit dynamic procedures by application of Trujillo algorithm

In this paper, a Trujillo algorithm method for the exact solution of nonlinear explicit dynamic problems is developed. This method associates numerical techniques and it is applied to determine the natural frequencies of structures. The numerical predictions of the natural frequency are compared to analytical and experimental results. There was no direct method available for solving such a problem efficiently in the...

Author(s): H. Hashamdar, Z. Ibrahim, M. Jameel and H. B. Mahmud

January 2011

Construct multi-characteristics quality performance measurement diagram in high-tech industry

Process capability indices (PCI) have been widely used in the manufacturing industry for providing numerical measures on process precision, process accuracy and process performance in single characteristic and multiple characteristics, such as multi-characteristic process capability analysis (MCPCA). However, the parameters of the manufacturing processes are usually unknown and need to be estimated from the...

Author(s): Feng-Tsung Cheng and Mei-Fang Wu,

January 2011

The effect of light illumination in photoionization of deep traps in GaN MESFETs buffer layer using an ensemble Monte Carlo simulation

Deep traps can produce serious degradation in the drain current and consequently the output power of GaN based FETs. This current collapse phenomenon represents a significant impediment to the incorporation of these devices in electronic systems. In this article trapping of hot electron behavior by deep trap centers located in buffer layer of a wurtzite phase GaN MESFET has been simulated using an ensemble Monte Carlo...

Author(s): H. Arabshahi and M. Rezaee Rokn-Abadi

January 2011

A case study for testing the capability of an intermediate generated geotechnical based computer software on seismic site response analysis

The aim of this paper is to assess the effects of seismic loads on the earth dam for design purposes by developed graphical user interface computer software. The Ghohoord earth dam in Hamedan province of Iran which is located in a high seismic zone named as Sanandaj-Sirdjan seismotectonic province is used as a case study. A seismic geotechnical based method of analysis was used by employing a designed and developed...

Author(s): Abbas Abbaszadeh Shahri, Katayoun Behzadafshar and Roshanak Rajablou

January 2011

Determination of bonding performance of several modified wood adhesives

We have assessed the effect on bonding performance of modifying synthetic wood adhesives. Wood samples were prepared from Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) and oriental beech (Fagus orientalis L.). Samples were bonded using poly(vinyl acetate) (PVAc) and urea-formaldehyde (UF) adhesives modified with melamine-formaldehyde (MF) and phenol-formaldehyde (PF). Modified formulations included PVAc alone,...

Author(s): Mustafa Altinok, Musa Atar, Hakan Keskin, Suleyman Korkut and Ilhan Kocaturk

January 2011

Mining utility-oriented association rules: An efficient approach based on profit and quantity

Association rule mining has been an area of active research in the field of knowledge discovery and numerous algorithms have been developed to this end. Of late, data mining researchers have improved upon the quality of association rule mining for business development by incorporating the influential factors like value (utility), quantity of items sold (weight) and more, for the mining of association patterns. In this...

Author(s): Parvinder S. Sandhu, Dalvinder S. Dhaliwal and S. N. Panda

January 2011

Frequency and clinical pattern of autonomic neuropathy in adult diabetic Sudanese patients

Diabetic autonomic neuropathy can cause cardiac, gastrointestinal, genitourinary and metabolic disorders. Strict glycemic control can slow the onset of diabetic autonomic neuropathy and sometimes reverse it. The study was aimed at investigating the presence of diabetic autonomic neuropathy in a group of Sudanese diabetic patients. This is a descriptive prospective cross-sectional study. It was conducted at Herra medical...

Author(s): Abbasher Hussein, Tagreed Abdel Fatah, Amira Sidig, Ahmad Hamad, Mohammed Osman Gadour, Faroug Yassien, Ahmad B. M. Ali, Ahmad Saad and Mohmad Malk Aldar

January 2011

A fixed point approach to the stability of a general mixed additive-cubic functional equation in quasi fuzzy normed spaces

In this paper, we use the fixed point alternative theorem to establish Hyers-Ulam-Rassias stability of the general mixed additive-cubic functional equation where functions map a linear space into a complete quasi fuzzy p-normed space. In addition, some applications of our results in the stability of general mixed additive-cubic mappings from a linear space into a quasi p-normed space will be exhibited. Finally, we...

Author(s): Tian Zhou Xu, John Michael Rassias and Wan Xin Xu

January 2011

Potentials for sustainable improvement in building energy efficiency: Case studies in tropical zone

In the past decades, the rapid development of building energy efficiency technologies in the world has gradually deepened people’s recognition on this concept in Malaysia, a fast developing economy in the tropical zone. The rapid growth of energy use has raised concerns over problems in supply world wide. This has caused the exhaustion of energy resources and severe environmental impacts such as depletion of ozone...

Author(s): Hamzah Abdul-Rahman, Chen Wang, Mei Ye Kho