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Table of Content: 18 June 2011; 6(12)

June 2011

Effects of polarization loss factor, form factors and reader transmitting power on the range of paper and plastic UHF tags in a free and metallic environment

Passive RFID has come to dominate all facets of modern life and thereby making auto-identification a daily occurrence in our daily activities. From the complex application of nuclear waste tracking to supply chain management, RFID passive tags have come under various form factors ranging from paper to plastic tags. What determines what form factor to be used and best angle between the tag and the reader is analyzed in...

Author(s): J. S. Mandeep, and C. Hilary

June 2011

Compressed channel estimation for sparse multipath two-way relay networks

Relay network was introduced to realize high-data rate transmission and high capacity with limited transmit power. However, channel state information (CSI) is needed due to the requirement from coherent data detection and the self-data removal at terminals in the two-way relay networks (TWRN). Traditional linear probing techniques are able to acquire the accurate CSI by using enough training sequence. However, they may...

Author(s): Guan Gui, Zhangxin Chen, Qingwei Meng, Qun Wan and Fumiyuki Adachi

June 2011

Improvement of direct torque control in high power induction motors

Matrix converter rather than voltage source inverter can be used as high-performance technique supplying electric motor in direct torque control (DTC). DTC’s most significant deficiency in induction motor, magnetic torque ripple, can be markedly reduced by appropriate space voltage-vectors whose influence on stator flux and electromagnetic torque in DTC of induction machine that uses “matrix converter”...

Author(s): A. Gandomkar, A. Mahmoudi, H. Pirasteh, A. Parastar and S. Kahourzade

June 2011

Video motion perception using optimized Gabor filter

Motion estimation in image sequences is a fundamental issue in many applications as for instance in artificial vision and three-dimensional scene reconstruction. The basic problem of the recent spatio-temporal filtering techniques used in the perception of object motion from a time sequence of 2-D images is the computational burden. This is mainly due to the computation of the frequency responses of the images to the...

Author(s): Elarbi-Boudihir, M., Rehman, A. and Saba, T.

June 2011

Performance evaluation of multirate filters for digital down converters

For achieving maximum signal transfer without any noise in all available communication systems, the frequency of the processor is synchronized with the sampling rate of the signal. The use of multirate filtering allows designers to achieve this. In this paper, the multirate filters with and without compensation have been implemented very effectively using FPGA (field programmable gate arrays). Also, comparison of FIR...

Author(s): Rajeev Ratan, Sanjay Sharma and Amit Kumar Kohli

June 2011

Simulation and analysis of the harmonic behavior of matrix converters as compared with conventional converters

The type of the electronic converter used in a set based on power electronics has an important role in the performance of the set. For example, the quality of the converter in the drive system of a motor has a direct influence on the performance of the motor. In recent studies, the use of matrix converters in the drive system of motors has yielded very desirable results. One of the most important positive aspects of...

Author(s): Ali Za&#;fari and Shahaboddin Shamshirband

June 2011

Entropy production minimization in steady state heat conduction

The rate of entropy generation during the steady conduction through a solid slab is investigated analytically. The effects of thermal conductivity and internal heat generation/sink on the total rate of entropy generation are discussed. Cases of uniform, spatial variable and temperature dependent thermal conductivity are considered. In addition, the case of introducing internal heat source/sink is discussed.  It is...

Author(s): Ahmet Z. Sahin

June 2011

Integration of reverse osmosis and refrigeration systems for energy efficient seawater desalination

Reverse osmosis (RO) systems have minimum energy consumption compared to other desalination methods and their energy consumption is only in the form of electric power. However, in addition to fresh water, many buildings and even many factories and industries also need air conditioning, which requires large amounts of energy. The aim of this study was to introduce a new method for combined cold and fresh water (CCW)...

Author(s): Abtin Ataei Morteza Khalaji Assadi, Iman Janghorban Esfahani, Yaser Golzari, JongMin Oh and Changkyoo Yoo

June 2011

Stability analysis of a gradient elastic beam using finite element method

Gradient elasticity models have been proposed in recent years in order to describe phenomena that cannot be described by classical elasticity models. In this contribution, the finite element model is conducted within the context of non-classical continuum mechanics, by introducing a material length scale parameter. The finite element method for the Euler-Bernoulli beam model is applied for the buckling analyzes of...

Author(s): Mustafa Özgür YAYLI

June 2011

An experimental and modeling study of a dehumidification tower

In this paper, the size and performance of a dehumidification tower were studied by simulating varying operating conditions. Based on the experimental results, this study presents the performance of a packed tower absorber for a lithium chloride desiccant dehumidification system. The effects of the main variables - airflow rate, liquid desiccant flow rate, and inlet air temperature on the rate of dehumidification were...

Author(s): Hesamoddin Salarian, Hossein Ghadamian, Morteza Khalaji Assadi and Abtin Ataei

June 2011

Effect of anode and size variations on the cathodic protection of mild steel in sea water and sulphuric acid

The performance of different sizes of zinc, and aluminium galvanic anodes on the cathodic protection of mild steel in seawater and 0.2 M sulphuric acid was evaluated at ambient temperature. The magnitude of corrosion protection by the galvanic anodes was observed by weight loss method, corrosion rate calculation and potential measurement technique. It was observed that the aluminium anodes proved more...

Author(s): C. A. Loto and A. P. I. Popoola

June 2011

Changes of hydraulic conductivity of silty clayey sand soil under the effects of municipal solid waste leachate

Effect of municipal solid waste (MSW) on the hydraulic conductivity of soil is an important factor for designing liner systems. Leachate samples were collected within a landfill and a composting factory leachate lagoon. Soil samples from the bottom of the Esfahan, Iran, landfill were collected. Effects of the leachates on permeability of the soil samples were investigated. The results of study showed that at the...

Author(s): Afshin Asadi, Bujang B. K. Huat, Hossein Moayedi, Nader Shariatmadari and Alireza Parsaie

June 2011

Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system based model for rainfall forecasting in Klang River, Malaysia

Runoff prediction still represents an extremely important issue in applied hydrology. On the other hand, rainfall is one of the most complicated effective hydrologic processes in runoff prediction. For a developing country such as Malaysia which is prone to flood disaster having such an expert model for runoff forecasting is a very vital matter. In this article, an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS)...

Author(s): A. El-Shafie, O. Jaafer  and Seyed Ahmad Akrami

June 2011

Effect of the physical parameters on the quality of Ordinary Portland cement of Jordan

This study discusses different physical parameters of the Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) that is produced and available in Jordan, and their comparison with Jordan standard specifications which include Blaine, compressive strength at different ages, consistency, setting time and expansion. All the results are presented to provide both quantitative and qualitative notion of several locally produced ordinary Portland...

Author(s): Falah F. Bani Hani

June 2011

Neuroprotective effect of progesterone in newborn rats with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy

Progesterone (PROG) is a type of neurosteroid, and it has physiological functions in the central nervous system. To date, most researches into progesterone have focused on its application in treatment of traumatic brain injury, stroke and neurodegenerative disorders, but its effect on hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) remains unclear. In the current study, we investigated the effect of exogenous progesterone in HIE...

Author(s): Xiaoyin Wang, Xiaojuan Li, Dongliang Li, Xinjuan Li, Xiaoqian Zhu and Xuepeng Guo

June 2011

Spirulina platensis extract supplementation attenuates oxidative stress in acute exhaustive exercise: A pilot study

This study was performed to investigate the protective effect of Spirulina platensis extract (SPE) supplementation on oxidative stress in acute exhaustive exercise. The experiment was carried out on 8 male Wistar rats distributed into 4 groups (A, B, C, and D) of 20 rats each. The A group designated as control group were administered with placebo (saline) water by gavage every day for 6 weeks. The B, C and D group...

Author(s): Luo Liping, Qian Li-an, Wang Yiquan and Yuan Guorong

June 2011

Monitoring land use/cover change and its effects in a higly urbanized district of a metropolitan city Istanbul, Turkey

The utility of Landsat TM imagery for mapping land use/cover in Istanbul, Turkey is examined in this study. Urbanization has been the dominant demographic trend for the last few decades in Istanbul. The research focused especially to one of the biggest districts of Istanbul (Umraniye), which represents best the growing problems of urban sprawl. Umraniye district is exposed to rapid land use change over last few decades,...

Author(s): Fusun Balik Sanli

June 2011

Ammonia loss, soil exchangeable ammonium and available nitrate contents from mixing urea with zeolite and peat soil water under non-waterlogged condition

Efficient utilization of urea-N in most agricultural systems is impeded by ammonia volatilization. This study investigated the effect of mixing urea with zeolite and peat soil water on ammonia volatilization, soil exchangeable ammonium and available nitrate contents, compared with urea without additives under non waterlogged condition. The mixtures significantly reduced ammonia loss by 5 to 14% compared with...

Author(s): O. Latifah, O. H. Ahmed and Nik M. Majid

June 2011

A new method for image encryption via standard rules of CA and logistic map function

In this paper a hybrid model of cellular automata and chaotic signal is proposed for image encryption. In this method, 8-bits mask is used for changing the pixel gray level of main image. Every bit content is 0 or 1. For changing each pixel gray level, value of each bit of the mask is selected by one of the 256 cellular automat standard rules. One of the 256 cellular automat standard rules is...

Author(s): Soheil Fateri and Rasul Enayatifar

June 2011

Synthesis and evaluation of technical properties of butadiene anti bacterial copolymers binder on cotton/polyester blend fabric

This paper reports preparation of four samples of styrene-acrylic emulsion copolymers. It was performed in the presence of acrylic-acid, acryl amid, ammonium persulfate as a free radical initiator and sodium dodecyl benzene sulfate as an anionic emulsifier at 80°C. The Ag nanoparticles were almost monodisperse in nature and their average diameter was approximately 12.5 nm. The fabric shows antibacterial activity...

Author(s): Hossein Najafi Kutanaee

June 2011

The genetic algorithm to management measures of information security systems

A novel genetic algorithm is proposed to improve the effectiveness of management measures of information security systems. In this work, the information security management measure is evaluated via simulation systems. The genetic algorithm is used to adjust the information security management measure, and obtains the satisfied information security management measure. The experimental results suggest that this...

Author(s): Peng WANG and Pu WAN

June 2011

Exact solution to longitudinal and t orsional oscillations of an electrically conducting second-grade fluid

In this paper, an attempt has been made to solve the problem related to the motion of...

Author(s): Z. Bano, Nosheen Feroz Shah, S. Islam and T. Haroon

June 2011

The modeling and optimization method of bi-level CARP-based express logistics system

Express logistics problem is a typical optimization problem. Considering the macro-allocation optimization problem and the micro routing scheduling problem, a bi-level CARP-based optimization modeling which the objective is to determine a set of feasible vehicle trips of minimum total cost has been constructed to describe the express logistics problem. Furthermore, an optimization method has been proposed based on the...

Author(s): He Zhiyong, Wan Pu and Xu Hao,

June 2011

Dynamics of a higher - order nonlinear rational difference equation

In this paper, we consider the higher-order nonlinear rational difference equation , where the parameters  and the initial conditions , . We investigate the periodic character, the invariant intervals and the global asymptotic stability of all positive solutions of the equation.   Key words: Difference equation, stability, periodicity, invariant interval, global stability.

Author(s): S. Ebru Das and Mustafa Bayram

June 2011

A mathematical model to determine the maximum end-to-end delay bound on label switched path for real time applications over mobile IPv6

The real time applications have driven the demand for increasing and guaranteed bandwidth requirements in the network. Due to the mobility feature within a MN, mobile networks need a more sophisticated mechanism for quality of service provision. Beside, custom routing methods in a Mobile IPv6 network deliver a packet via specific tunnel this causes intermediate routers do not recognize content of a control packet due to...

Author(s): Reza Malekian and Abdul Hanan Abdullah

June 2011

Chlorophyll pigmentation and photosynthetic parameters in Ornithogalum longibracteatum L. as affected by varying temperatures in hydroponics solution

The effects of different temperature regimes of hydroponic solution on the chlorophyll pigmentation and photosynthesis of Ornithogalum longibracteatum L. were determined in the glasshouse for 10 weeks in 2009 and 2010. The plants were irrigated with hydroponic solution, heated to various temperatures (26, 30 and 34°C) via pumps connected to 4 sets of water tanks, each maintained at the experimental...

Author(s): Nxawe S., Ndakidemi P. A., and Laubscher C. P.

June 2011

Physical land suitability classification in a semi-arid condition: The Çiçekdaği State Farm-Kirsehir, Turkey

Studies regarding land evaluation are based on the decision to land use according to their current potentials and to protect natural sources for the next generations. This study aims to determine the suitability and land use variations of the fields considering the characteristics of the soils in KirÅŸehir-ÇiçekdaÄŸ State Farm. Primarily, detailed soil mapping studies were carried, and subsequently, 20...

Author(s): Tülay Tunçay, Ilhami Bayramin, Günay Erpul and Mümtaz Kibar

June 2011

The role of the subtropical jet stream in cyclogenesis over the Central Mediterranean Sea: A case study of February 1974

The Mediterranean Sea is recognized as one of the most important locations for cyclogenesis. In the course of this study, the role of subtropical jet stream in the formation of a deep cyclone over the central part of the Mediterranean Sea during 21 to 23, February 1974, was studied. The analysis based on NCEP data showed that there was a strong link between the presence of a subtropical jet...

Author(s): Elham Mobarak Hassan, Majid Azadi, Amir Hussain Meshkatee and Majid Mazraee Farahani

June 2011

Monitoring of shallow landslide in Tun Sardon 3.9 km Pinang Island, Malaysia

The objective of this paper is to monitor the slope movement before a landslide occurrence. Inclinometer, piezometer and rain gauge were installed to monitor the slope. In the study area, water level of all piezometers is showing cyclic trend correlated with rainfall intensity. Observation made on July 30th 2010 and November 4th 2010 show soil movement in positive direction (towards slope). A relation between...

Author(s): Habibah Lateh, Mohammad Muqtada Ali Khan and M. Jefriza

June 2011

Mass media in Taiwan and the formation of Chien-Ming Wang’s baseball superstar image

This study aims to analyze the methods used by mass media in Taiwan to manipulate the idolization of Chien-Ming Wang on his road to become a well-known Taiwanese baseball star using documentary analysis method and to further explore how Chien-Ming Wang had become the most famous star in Taiwan under the manipulation of mass media through marketing by interviewing some sports journalists and Wang’s sponsors. And it...

Author(s): Shane-Chang Lee, Po-Hsiu Lin, Jye-Shyan Wang, Chih-Cheng Huang, Chen-Yuan Chen, and Po-Hsuan Huang,