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Table of Content: 23 December, 2011; 6(35)

December 2011

The inherent optimality in steady conduction of heat

  The optimality in heat conduction processes in solid materials is studied analytically. Based on the second law of thermodynamics and the definition of entropy a new thermodynamic property, temheat, is introduced.  A balance equation relevant to temheat is derived by modifying the entropy balance. Principle of temheat destruction minimization is applied to several steady heat conduction problems. It is...

Author(s): Ahmet Z. Sahin

December 2011

Regression analysis of biologically effective UV-B irradiance versus ozone at Visakhapatnam (17.7°N, 83.3°E)

  Atmospheric variables that affect ground reaching UV-B irradiance include ozone, solar zenith angle, earth–sun distance, clouds, aerosols, etc. It is a known fact that total column ozone and ground reaching UV-B irradiance are inversely related. The aim of this paper is to estimate the variation of the biologically effective UV-B irradiance with variation in ozone at a coastal urban location,...

Author(s): N. V. Krishna Prasad, K. Niranjan,   M. S. S. R. K. Sarma and N. Madhavi

December 2011

Nuclear symmetry energy and incompressibility of hot asymmetric nuclear matter in the Thomas-Fermi model

  The density dependence of nuclear symmetry energy and incompressibility of asymmetric nuclear matter have been investigated in the framework of the Thomas-Fermi approximation using the effective nucleon - nucleon interaction of Myers and Swiatecki in the new approach. The symmetry energy of about  QUOTE   is obtained at the saturation density. The symmetry energy...

Author(s): S. Mohammadpour Lima

December 2011

Anti-swing control of a double-pendulum-type overhead crane using parallel distributed fuzzy LQR controller

  One of the common industrial structures that are used widely in many harbors and factories, and buildings is overhead crane. Overhead cranes are usually operated manually or by some conventional control methods. In this paper, we propose a hybrid controller, that includes both position regulation and anti-swing control. According to Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model of an overhead crane, a fuzzy controller designed...

Author(s): Mahdieh Adeli, Hassan Zarabadipour and Mahdi Aliyari Shoorehdeli

December 2011

A data driven model of laser light scattering in metallic rough surfaces

  A new model of laser light scattering was obtained from experimental profilometer data and ray casting technique. Modelling was based on variables common to an angle resolved scatterometer and geometric optics. With this model, it was possible to obtain the scattering patterns, masking and shadowing effects, multiple lobes and backscattering. As advantage of the model, it was unnecessary to make statistical...

Author(s): Arturo Moreno-Báez, Gerardo Miramontes-de León, Claudia Sifuentes-Gallardo, Ernesto García-Domínguez and Jorge Adalberto Huerta-Ruelas

December 2011

Design, realization and optimization of a photovoltaic system equipped with analog maximum power point tracking (MPPT) command and detection circuit of the dysfunction and convergence the system (CDCS)

  In this paper, we analyze the design, realization and optimization of a photovoltaic (PV) system equipped with a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) command and detection circuit of dysfunction and convergence the system (CDCS) to the new maximum power point (MPP) following a perturbation due to the meteorological variation (solar radiation, temperature, ..) and the load. We have analyzed in depth manner the...

Author(s): T. Mrabti, M. El Ouariachi, R. Malek, Ka. Kassmi, B. Tidhaf, F. Bagui, F. Oliviéand K. Kassmi

December 2011

Thermal behavior in different roof coverings on classrooms

  This study was performed to evaluate the internal temperature behavior of classrooms in relation to outside temperature and the roof deck. The temperature was measured in four classrooms with a mean area of 75.5 m2. Three classrooms were covered with asphaltic bitumen of three different colors (red tile, matte white and ebony black) the last one was covered with typical clay of the region. Two temperature...

Author(s): Yajaira I. Curiel-Razo, Genaro M. Soto-Zarazúa, Edgar Rivas-Araiza, Omar Chavez-Alegria and Manuel Toledano-Ayala

December 2011

Synthesis, spectral characterization and crystal structural of 1-(2-Morpholinoethyl)-3-(3-phenylacryloyl)thiourea

  Novel cinnamoyl thiourea derivative of 2-morpholino ethylamine, namely 1-(2-Morpholinoethyl)-3-(3-phenylacryloyl)thiourea have been successfully synthesized. The reaction of cinnamoylisothiocyanate with 2-morpholino ethylamine gave the compounds (I). The new compound was analyzed and characterized by typical spectroscopic techniques, namely IR and 1H and 13C multi-nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). The...

Author(s): Ibrahim N. Hassan, Bohari M. Yamin, Wan Ramli Wan Daud and Mohammad B. Kassim,

December 2011

Some properties of Rad-supplemented modules

  No doubt, a notion of the Rad-supplemented modules can constitute a very important situation in the module theory, because of a generalization of the notion of supplemented modules. Therefore, our work presents a key role mainly in some properties and characterizations of Rad-supplement submodules and Rad-supplemented modules. In this paper, we show that, for a duo module M...

Author(s): Ergül TÜRKMEN and Ali PANCAR

December 2011

The modified alternative -expansion method for finding the exact solutions of nonlinear PDEs in mathematical physics

  In this article, we construct new exact traveling wave solutions of some nonlinear evolution equations in mathematical physics with the aid of the modified alternative –expansion method. The nonlinear equations under investigation include, the (1+1)-dimensional Drinfeld-Sokolov-Wilson (DSW) equation, the travelling regularised long wave (TRLW) equation, the Caudrey-Dodd-Gibbon (CDG) equation and...

Author(s): M. Ali Akbar, and Norhashidah Hj. Mohd. Ali

December 2011

Symmetry reductions and exact solutions of a variable coefficient (2+1)-Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation

  We study the generalized (2+1)-Zakharov-Kuznetsov (ZK) equation of time dependent variable coefficients from the Lie group-theoretic point of view. The Lie point symmetry generators of a special form of the class of equations are derived. We classify the Lie point symmetry generators to obtain the optimal system of one-dimensional subalgebras of the Lie symmetry algebras. These subalgebras are then used to...

Author(s): L. D. Moleleki, A. G. Johnpillai and C. M. Khalique

December 2011

New-generation optical access system based on the thin film filter technology

  Dense wavelength division multiplexing-direct scheme with two thin film filters (full width half maximum bandwidth 100 and 200 GHz) for broadband access has been realized to evaluate the minimal channel interval for each thin film filter needed for a satisfactory bit error ratio. From the results, the minimal channel interval has been established for both thin film filters that ensure reliable data...

Author(s): O. Ozoliņš, V. Bobrovs, Ä¢. Ivanovs and I. Ä»ašuks

December 2011

A committee machine approach to multiple response optimization

  Multiple responses optimization problems have three phases including design of experiments, modeling and optimization. Artificial neural networks and genetic algorithm are applied for second and third phases. Committee machines include some experts such as some neural networks which operate together to get response. Current article applies a committee machine including four different artificial...

Author(s): S. J. Golestaneh, N. Ismail, S. H. Tang, M. K. A. M. Ariffin, H. Moslemi Naeiniand A. A. Maghsoudi

December 2011

Diurnal characteristics of the wind potential along the North-western coast of Senegal

  This paper is aimed at determining the diurnal characteristics of the wind potential inSenegal. The data used in this study are collected from eight sites (Kayar, Potou, Gandon, Sine Moussa Abdou, Botla, Dara Andal, Nguebeul and Sakhor) located alongside the North-western coast of Senegal. These data cover the period of one year for each site. The annual wind speed distribution curves in all...

Author(s): B. Ould Bilal, M. Ndongo, V. Sambou, P. A. Ndiaye and C. M. Kebe

December 2011

Monitoring and management issues of heavy metal pollution of Gombak River, Kuala Lumpur

  There had been concerns about related issues on urban river pollution in Malaysia. These included inadequate supplies of water in big cities and unexpected floods threatening human lives and property. The results of efforts to improve the Gombak River water quality in Kuala Lumpur were presented. The Gombak River is a tributary of the Klang River that passes through the populous and important city of Kuala...

Author(s): Zubaidah Ismail, Budhi Primasari and Sharif Moniruzzaman Shirazi 

December 2011

Radioactivity and dose assessment of heavy radioactive pollution, radon and radium from water sources of 3 northern regions in Iran

  Knowledge of natural radioactivity in man and his environment is important since naturally occurring radionuclides are the major source of radiation exposure to man. One of the main sources of public exposure from natural radioactivity is radium and radon and its short lived decay products. This radio nuclides are produced from the decay of uranium. Drinking water containing 226Ra, fifth member of...

Author(s): A. Binesh, H. Arabshahi and Z. Pourhabib

December 2011

Fast prediction of power transfer stability index based on radial basis function neural network

  The increase in power demand and limited power sources has caused the system to operate at its maximum capacity. Therefore, the ability to determine voltage stability before voltage collapse has received a great attention due to the complexity of power system. In this paper there is a prediction of Power Transfer Stability Index (PTSI) based on Radial Basis Function Neural Network (RBFNN) for the Iraqi Super...

Author(s): Noor Izzri, Omer H. Mehdi, Ahmed N. Abdalla, Aqeel S. Jaber, Nadheer A. Shalash  and Yasar N. Lafta

December 2011

An experimental study on the effects of different injection materials on consolidation settlement

  Injection applications with injection material types such as bentonite, rheocem, rheobuild1000, bentonite+rheocem was made and the effect of the injection on soil consolidationsettlement was experimentally studied. A sample of natural soil, whose geotechnicalcharacteristics are known to be weak, was analyzed to...

Author(s): Salih Bektas and Ercan Ozgan

December 2011

Application of artificial neural network on vibration test data for damage identification in bridge girder

  Structures are exposed to damage during their service life which can severely affect their safety and functionality. Thus, it is important to monitor structures for the occurrence, location and extent of damage. Artificial neural networks (ANNs) as a numerical technique have been applied increasingly for damage identification with varied success. ANNs are inspired by human biological neurons and have been...

Author(s): S. J. S. Hakim and H. Abdul Razak

December 2011

Standardisation in engineering surveys in Turkey

  Buying, selling and changing goods and services easily in today’s world, where economic, social and cultural relations are very complicated, are related to standards that determine the qualities of them. Although there are standards for every kind of goods and services produced in the European Community that we still try to become a member of it, no detailed study had been done on this subject....

Author(s): Nihat Ersoy

December 2011

Value differences in development applications and distribution relations: A case study of Trabzon

  In Turkey, when development plans are overlayed with the cadastral maps, some cadastral parcels coincide with areas of public services. All cadastral parcels are not affected equally from the transformation that occurred by this procedure. In application of development plans, there is need for re-organising the cadastral parcels according to the new situation. One of the tools used in Turkey for this...

Author(s): Gülten Kara