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Table of Content: 30 May 2013; 8(20)

May 2013

Minimum time to use the fluid model in dc electrical discharges

In the study of thermal equilibrium of the electrons, it is very necessary to use the fluid model method. In this work, effect of the gas density, the electrons initial energy and the electric field on the electron thermal equilibrium is studied. It is found that the steady state can be achieved by increasing the gas density or the inter-electrode distance. If the gas density or the inter-electrode distance are not...

Author(s): B. Ardjani and B. Liani

May 2013

The Hodgkin-Huxley neuron model on the fast phase plane

In this paper, we showed a simplified version of the Hodgkin-Huxley neuron model, the so called fast plane-phase case. We first describe the circuit model of axon membrane with four parallel branches described by Hodgkin and Huxley and then we apply the Kirchhoff´s laws to obtain a system ordinary differential equations. We obtain numerical solutions to it with the aid of Mathematica. We also study this...

Author(s): William Aristizabal Botero, Alvaro H. Salas and Silvia Janeth Gonzalez Colorado

May 2013

Control response of electric demand by means of fuzzy logic using programmable logic controller (PLC)

This paper presents a controller of the electricity energy consumption for intelligent buildings. Special reference is made to a fuzzy control structure implemented in a programmable logic controller (PLC). Here the function of PLC is not only to connect and disconnect loads in the building, but to make use of vague terms from fuzzy reasoning. Using the class schedule, estimated consumption demand and the actual...

Author(s): J. L. Rojas-Rentería, G. Macias-Bobadilla, R. Luna-Rubio, C. A. Gonzalez-Gutierrez, A. Rojas-Molina and J. L. González-Pérez

May 2013

A novel bandwidth efficient technique for ICI cancellation in OFDM system

A well-known problem of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is its sensitivity to offset between the transmitted and received carrier frequencies. In OFDM communication systems, the frequency offsets in mobile radio channels deform the orthogonality between subcarriers which causes inter carrier interference (ICI). ICI causes power leakage among subcarriers and it further degrades the system performance....

Author(s): Alka Kalra and Rajesh Khanna

May 2013

Triangular fuzzy based classification of IP request to detect spoofing request in data network

In data nework data packets are normally forwarded from one router to another through networks until it gets to reach its destination node. According to the internet architecture routers in the internet do not perform any security verification of the source IP address contained in the IP packets. The lack of such a verification opens the door for variety of network security vulnerabilities like Denial-of-Service (DoS)...

Author(s): Narayanan Arumugam and Chakrapani Venkatesh

May 2013

The efficiency of recyclable energies for building design: Cooling system supply for buildings using traditional wind catchers used in the dry and hot climate of Iran and its combination with solar chimney technology

In recent years, the concept of the usage of new energies for cooling and heating in buildings has attracted the attention of engineers. In this study, the combination of solar chimneys with wind catchers has been suggested to provide natural and pleasant ventilation. It explains the increased efficiency of wind catchers for cooling through the help of solar chimneys. In addition, with the use of solar energy for moving...

Author(s): Hourieh Abna, Mohammad Iranmanesh, Iman Khajehrezaei and Mohammad Aghaei

May 2013

Simulation of circular jet outfalls using artificial neural network

In the present article, outfall of the circular jet in the stagnant ambient fluid has been investigated. First, dimensional analysis for eleven involved parameters in the process, results in four dimensionless numbers including; relative length of jet trajectory, x/dp; jet convergence angel, θc; geometry number of jet, Di/dp and Densimetric Froude Number, Frd. Furthermore, using an experimental setup in the...

Author(s): Seyed Habib Musavi-Jahromi and Javad Ahadiyan

May 2013

Eco-partitioning and indices of heavy metal accumulation in sediment and Tilapia zillii fish in water catchment of River Niger at Ajaokuta, North Central Nigeria

In this study the distribution and accumulation indices of some heavy metals in sediments and Tilapia zillii fish in freshwater catchment of River Niger by Ajaokuta Steel Company (ASC), North Central Nigeria were investigated. Water, bottom sediments and Tilapia zilliifish samples were collected upstream and downstream of the drainage column by ASC, Ajaokuta. The sample were digested according to...

Author(s): Olatunde Stephen Olatunji and Oladele Osibanjo

May 2013

Evaluation of properties of coal slurry from different solvents

Coal slurries were separately prepared with benzene, ethanol, hexane and water, and the fuel properties of the slurries were examined. The ability of the solvents to dissolve the coal was also evaluated using spectrophotometer in the ultra-violet and visible regions. Some of the slurry properties indicated that the liquid coal have comparable properties to petroleum-based conventional diesel oil. Benzene and hexane were...

Author(s): Ugwu K. E. and Ofomatah A. C.