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Table of Content: 30 October 2011; 6(26)

October 2011

Detection of internal fault in differential transformer protection based on fuzzy method

Power transformers are vital and expensive components of electric power systems and it is necessary to protect them from internal faults. Differential protection is based on differential current. Occurrence of some phenomena such as inrush current, over excitation, saturation of current transformers and mismatch of current transformers cause the differential relay to operate incorrectly. In this paper, fuzzy logic is...

Author(s): Iman Sepehri Rad, Mostafa Alinezhad, Seyed Esmaeel Naghibi and Mehrdad Ahmadi Kamarposhti      

October 2011

Effects of the incorporation of carbon spheres into nanostructured TiO2 film for dye-sensitized solar cell

Nanoporous TiO2 thin film electrodes were fabricated based on incorporating various amounts of carbon spheres into TiO2 paste followed by thermal treatment. The size of carbon spheres was prepared from 100 to 200 nm. The TiO2 electrodes modified with carbon spheres were characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and UV-visible spectrophotometer. The...

Author(s): Shishu Fu, Feitao Li, Zhuoyu Huo and Yuzong Gu      

October 2011

The period effects of intraperitoneal administration of different gold nanoparticle sizes on heart tissue of rats using fluorescence measurements: In vivo

Despite many benefits of nanotechnology, some studies indicate that certain nanoparticle (NPs) may cause adverse effects because of their small size and unique properties. The aim of the present study was to elucidate the period effects of intraperitonealy administration of different gold nanoparticle sizes...

Author(s): Mohamed Anwar K. Abdelhalim    

October 2011

Bianchi type I magnetized cosmological model for barotropoic fluid distribution in Lyra geometry

Bianchi type I cosmological model for barotropic fluid distribution with magnetic field in Lyra geometry is investigated. To get the deterministic solution in terms of comic time t, we have assumed that (eigenvalue of shear tensor ) is proportional to expansion (q). This leads to A = (BC)n, where A, B and C are metric potentials and n is a constant. We also assume that current is flowing along x-axis,...

Author(s): Raj Bali and Rajendra Vadhwani        

October 2011

Hyper production of glucoamylase by Aspergillus niger through the process of chemical mutagensis

The main objective of this study was to produce glucoamylase under optimum conditions and to study the effect of chemical mutagenesis on Aspergillus niger for the production of glucoamylase. The maximum activity of glucoamylase for mutant A. niger (3.185 ± 0.020 IU/ml/min) and wild A. niger (2.085 ± 0.021 IU/ml/min) was recorded in the culture filtration after 96 h of solid...

Author(s): Muhammad Imran, Muhammad J. Asad, Muhammad Gulfraz, Nazia Mehboob, Nyla Jabeen, Saqib H. Hadri, M. Irfan, Zahid Anwar and Dawood Ahmed      

October 2011

Solving system of nonlinear boundary value problems by modified variational iteration method

In this paper, we use the modified variational iteration method (MVIM) for solving the system of nonlinear boundary value problems associated with obstacle problems. This modified variational method is an elegant coupling of variational iteration method and homotopy perturbation method. We give the examples of second-order, third-order and fourth-order system of nonlinear boundary value problems to illustrate the...

Author(s): Muhammad Aslam Noor, Khalida Inayat Noor and Eisa A. Al-Said      

October 2011

A quarter-wave Y-shaped patch antenna with two unequal arms for wideband Ultra High Frequency Radio-frequency identification (UHF RFID) operations

The radio-frequency identification (RFID) system which has become pervasive in the auto identification technology has been noticed to have several limitations. These limitations can be broadly divided into two major areas namely; application specific problems and general RFID problems. Application specific problems are common to the environment in which RFID tags are deployed such as metal, aqueous and irradiation...

Author(s): Kelechi Hilary Anabi, J. S. Mandeep, M. Islam and J. J. Tiang        

October 2011

Assessment of soil carbon storage in a tropical rehabilitated forest

Decrease of tropical rainforests affects global warming and has attracted much attention. Afforestation programs have been suggested to mitigate this problem. But there is little research on the assessment of soil carbon (C) storage in a rehabilitated forest in tropical areas such as Malaysia. The objective of this study was to determine the C accumulation of a rehabilitated forest of different ages. Soil samples were...

Author(s): Huck-Ywih Ch’ng, O. S. Ahmed and N. M. A. Majid        

October 2011

Levels of some heavy metal concentration in fishes tissue of southern Caspian Sea

The level of four heavy metals cadmium (Cd), copper (Cu), lead (Pb) and mercury (Hg) in flesh of Tinca tinca and Pelecus cultratus as well as water samples (90 each) collected from six different sites of southern Caspian Sea were evaluated. The results of this study revealed that the mean Cd, Cu, Pb and Hg levels in the water samples was significantly lower (P< 0.05) than the mean residuals levels...

Author(s): Mehdi Zarei, Asad Asadi and Shekofeh M. Zarei