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August 2011

Review on bonding techniques of CFRP in strengthening concrete structures

Selecting appropriate bonding technique is crucial for strengthening and repairing concrete structures as different bonding techniques have different performances. A state-of–the-art review of different bonding techniques that is epoxy bonding technique, prestressed strengthening technique, unbonded anchored technique/mechanically fastened technique using CFRP is dealt and the corresponding advantages and...

Author(s): M. Z. Jumaat, M. M. Rahman and M. A. Rahman

August 2011

Issues of matrix converters: Technical review

Matrix converter is a powerful AC-AC converter for the application of induction motor drives with sinusoidal input currents and no DC-link capacitor. It offers remarkable advantages over other alternatives in applications requiring improved utility interaction and critical weight/volume reduction. This paper presents a technical review on related issues of induction motor drive fed by matrix converters (MC). The first...

Author(s): Ruzlaini Ghoni, Ahmed N. Abdalla, S. P. Koh, Hassan Farhan Rashag and Ramdan Razali

August 2011

A new analytical formulation for contact stress and prediction of crack propagation path in rolling bodies and comparing with finite element model (FEM) results statically

Rails fracture by the growth of fatigue crack or critical crack is one of the prevalent defects in railway. The rail fracture, failure and analysis of stress should be studied to prevent rail fracture and events. In this paper, new formulation of contact stress for two rolling bodies is presented, and its results are close to the hertz stress formulation. The analysis of stress is done by Finite Element Model (FEM) and...

Author(s): Vahid Monfared

August 2011

The effect of overlap length adhesive with bonded in Z type materials

The usage of adhesives as connecting method is increasing rapidly in today world. Many of research, development and engineering have been made to find the most important parameters of adhesion. In this study, stress analysis of bonded Z type that connected with various adhesives has been investigated. The adhesive thickness and overlap non-angle was constant but overlap length and overlap angle were varied. This paper...

Author(s): Bahattin IŞCAN, Hamit ADİN and Aydın TURGUT

August 2011

The growth of thin Titanium oxide (TiO2) film and nano size TiO2 powder

The growth of thin films of TiO2 directly on Si surfaces is studied with Auger Electron Spectroscopy. The information from these studies about the titanium oxide properties and the changes of the electronic structure is enhanced by the use of sol-gel method for synthesizing nano-size TiO2 powder. The obtained results show that titanium oxide with higher dielectric constant and amorphous structure can be as a...

Author(s): M. Riazian, and A. Bahari

August 2011

Corrosion and plants extracts inhibition of mild steel in HCl

Corrosion and plants extracts inhibitive protection of mild steel specimens immersed in 0.5 M hydrochloric acid was investigated at ambient temperature by gravimetric and metallographic methods. Extracts of kola plant and tobacco in different concentrations were used as ‘green’ inhibitors. This paper reports the results obtained from the weight loss method, calculated corrosion rates, inhibitor efficiencies...

Author(s): C. A. Loto, R. T. Loto and A. P. I. Popoola

August 2011

Application of iteration perturbation method for nonlinear oscillators with discontinuities

In this paper, we have applied He’s iteration perturbation method for the first time to solve nonlinear oscillators with discontinues. Three practical examples are explained and introduced. Comparing with exact solutions, just one iteration leads us to high accuracy of solutions which are valid for a wide range of vibration amplitudes as indicated in the following examples.   Key words: Nonlinear...

Author(s): Mahmoud Bayat, Mehran Shahidi and Mahdi Bayat

August 2011

Copolymerization of methylol urea with vegetable oil: Effect of using different types of vegetable oil on some physical properties of the copolymer composite

The effect of using different types of vegetable oil (VO) namely soybean oil (SO), cotton seed oil (CO), moringa seed oil (MO) and neem seed oil (NO) on some physical properties of methylol urea/vegetable oil (MUR/VO) composite was investigated. Pure methylol urea (MUR) was blended with SO, CO, MO and NO to give methylol urea/soybean oil copolymer composite (MSO), methylol urea/cotton seed oil copolymer composite (MCO),...

Author(s): Osemeahon, S. A., Ilesamin, J. O. Y., Aliyu B. A.  and E. I. Mshelia

August 2011

Electroosmosis ground improvement efficiency by non-metallic electrodes

The purpose of this study was to compare the ground improvement efficiency driven by electroosmosis for different electrode materials. Many studies have examined the ground improvement efficiency with respect to ground characteristics, grouting, pH, and salt concentration. However, few studies based on electrodes types have been reported. In this study, metallic (steel and aluminum) and non-metallic (nanocoated-plastic...

Author(s): Kwangkuk Ahn, Sangro Ahn and Kusic Jeong

August 2011

Dimension reduction based direction of arrival estimation with partially calibrated distributed electromagnetic component sensor arrays

In this paper, we proposed a dimension reduction, based on the direction of arrival and estimation approach, using an array of spatially distributed electric and magnetic component sensors, and the array comprises subarrays that are well calibrated individually but not with each other. To verify our proposed method, computational complexity of the proposed method was analyzed and compared with existing method, it was...

Author(s): Hui Chen, Qun Wan and Yipeng Liu

August 2011

UPFC supplementary stabilizer controller design using optimization methods

This paper presents the application of Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) to enhance damping of Low Frequency Oscillations (LFO) at a Single-Machine Infinite-Bus (SMIB) power system installed with UPFC. Since UPFC is considered to mitigate LFO, therefore a supplementary damping controller based UPFC like power system stabilizer is designed to reach the defined purpose.  Optimization methods such as Particle Swarm...

Author(s): Sayed Mojtaba Shirvani Boroujeni, Babak Keyvani Boroujeni, Hamideh Delafkar and Amin Safarnezhad Boroujeni

August 2011

Nano sized copper particles by electrolytic synthesis and characterizations

This work reports a simple, novel, cost effective and eco-friendly electrolytic synthesis of copper nanoparticles using copper sulphate as metal precursor. The synthesis rate is much faster than other methods and this approach is suitable for large scale production. They are characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD); scanning electron microscope and Fourier transform-infra red (FT-IR) techniques to analyze size,...

Author(s): T. Theivasanthi and M. Alagar

August 2011

Investigating the effect of solid particle addition on the turbulent multiphase flow in pipelines

In this study, iron solid particle’s role as a drag reducing agent was investigated. The experimental procedure was divided into two parts; to study the effect of iron particle addition on the turbulent multiphase flow, where iron concentration and particle size served as testing variables. Testing the drag reduction ability of the iron particles was done in a closed loop water circulation system. The other part...

Author(s): Hayder, A. A. B., A. H. Nour, Kim Kor and Ahmed N. Abdalla

August 2011

5 nm gap via conventional photolithography and pattern-size reduction technique

A simple method for the fabrication of nanogaps of less than 6 nm by conventional photolithography combined with patterned-size reduction technique is presented. The method is based on the complete conversion of a photolithographically embedded polysilicon structure on a silicon wafer into a semiconductor oxide layer and subsequent stripping of the oxide layer by etching with a buffer oxide etching (BOE) solution. With...

Author(s): Th. S. Dhahi, M. E. Ali, U. Hashim, Ala’eddin A. Saif and T. Nazwa

August 2011

Aquifer boundaries explored by geoelectrical measurements in the Red Sea coastal plain of Jazan area, Southwest Saudi Arabia

Geoelectrical measurements using the vertical electrical sounding (VES) method were conducted on the Eastern Red Sea coast in Jazan area, Southwest Saudi Arabia. The objectives of the study were (1) to map the Quaternary sediments in areas where little is known about the subsurface geology and to infer shallow geological structure, and (2) to identify formations that may present fresh aquifer waters, and subsequently to...

Author(s): Saad Mogren, Awni Batayneh, Eslam Elawadi, Abdulaziz Al-Bassam, Elkhedr Ibrahimand Saleh Qaisy

August 2011

Estimation of the geophysical parameters and the orbital error effect on the altimetric measurements for sea surface height determination

The emergence of satellite altimetry has allowed us to determine the ocean surface with a great precision; it also allows a large contribution for most applications and oceanographic activities. The geometric principle of space altimetry is to measure the range between the satellite and the sea surface. The objective of this paper is to estimate the geophysical parameters (sea state bias, ocean tide and the orbital...

Author(s): Ali Rami, Salem Kahlouche and Mahdi Haddad

August 2011

The estimation capability of potential mining and quarry areas from seismic catalog using statistical analysis, an application to Turkey

The problem of identifying quarry-mining blasts has become an important one given the improvement of the location capability of the Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute, National Earthquake Monitoring Center (KOERI-NEMC) seismic network, an increasing number of smaller events is currently listed in the seismic catalogue is contaminated by industrial explosions that occur in quarry, coal, gold and boron...

Author(s): Kekovalı K., Kalafat D., Kara M. and Deniz P.

August 2011

Effects of leaking out oil in areas around Iran’s refineries

Oil components are made up of different chemical compositions and when imposed into the air, water and soil, can cause variety of environmental effects. Yearly, a lot of people living around refineries in Iran suffer from different hazardous diseases caused by leaking out oil from refineries. Oil components usually penetrate throughout the refineries complex because of fracturing, outdated establishments and...

Author(s): Siamak Boudaghpour

August 2011

Assessment of the effects of dry anaerobic co-digestion of cow dung with waste water sludge on biogas yield and biodegradability

Dry anaerobic digestion has been treated as feasible process for potential renewable energy recovery with nutrient-rich fertilizer and sustainable solid waste management. Dry methane fermentation of undiluted cow manure (CM), waste water sludge (WWS) and their mixtures into different ratios were conducted at 35°C in the laboratory-scale single-stage batch reactors for 63 days. The specific biogas production obtained...

Author(s): Jianzheng Li, Ajay Kumar Jha, , Junguo He, Qiaoying Ban, Sheng Chang and Peng Wang

August 2011

Spatial distributions and energy landscape of MinE protein dynamics via the biophysical spot tracking technique

The MinCDE protein system is known to dictate cytokinesis cell division in prokaryotes by spatial regulation of the Z-ring. The oscillatory dynamics of MinC and MinD depends on the presence of MinE, where the MinE protein dynamics acts as a topological specificity to the midcell. In this work, the Spot Tracking Technique is used to determine the biophysical quantities of MinE protein dynamics, namely,...

Author(s): Sitta Aroonnual, Waipot Ngamsaad, Paisan Kanthang, Narin Nuttawut, Wannapong Triampo,, Darapond Triampo,  and Chartchai Krittanai

August 2011

The effect of magnetic impurity on the electronical and optical properties of corundum

We have studied the structural, electronical and optical properties of pure α-Al2O3(corundum) and doped with manganese by the first principles calculations method based on the density functional theory (DFT), with generalized gradient approximation (GGA). Obtained results show that α-Al2O3 has an energy gap of 6.3 eV and the substitution of manganese decreases the energy gap so that spin splitting...

Author(s): H. A. Rahnamaye Aliabad, N. Mahmoodi and H. Arabshahi,

August 2011

A stochastic facility layout model in cellular manufacturing systems

Facility layout which is the arrangement of facilities in the shop-floor has a great impact on the performance of manufacturing systems, while in volatile manufacturing systems; any kinds of change can degrade the performance of the system and leads to inefficiency of the layout. In this paper, a new mathematical model for layout problems in cellular manufacturing systems has been proposed that considers the stochastic...

Author(s): Sh. Ariafar, N. Ismail, S. H. Tang, M. K. A. M. Ariffin, and Z. Firoozi

August 2011

Internet services and interface design for marketing: A preliminary study of Cliven products

By the view of the customer aspect, because internet shopping service products are a kind of consumer model with high perception and high involvement, the customers would tend to take reputation, sense of security, brand image, and cope as principle clues to perceive product value. This uncertain risk influences the customers’ purchase intention. Thus a method should be applied in order to lower the customer...

Author(s): Cheng-Wu Chen

August 2011

System identification of the logical object and logical acupuncture

If identification of the stationary logical object (LO) is understood to be its identification with an adequate finite-automation model among set of finite automation, in cases where two completely different aims (object logical structural model construction and device logical control) are being pursued, serious contradictions might arise. With the help of an adequate model received, one tries both to construct...

Author(s): Takialddin A. Al-Smadi and Hasan Al-Wahshat

August 2011

Comparison of student performance using web- and paper- based homework in large enrollment introductory physics courses

The effects of web-based homework and paper-and-pencil homework on student achievement were compared by conducting conceptual tests, exams, and homework assignments. The study was performed on two groups (287 students in total) during three semesters at a public university in the middle region of the US.  Of the two identical sections of an introductory calculus-based course, students in one section received...

Author(s): Tolga Gok

August 2011

A case study on energy saving of the facility systems for 12-inch semiconductor wafer fabs in Taiwan

In recent years, the semiconductor wafer fabs have begun to produce 12-inch wafers instead of 8-inch wafers as the new generation process technology has evolved. The production area increases, and the energy consumption of production buildings is also increased. In a semiconductor fab, besides the processing equipments, the plant facility system consumes most of energy. The facility system contains chilled water...

Author(s): Win-Jet Luo, Yu-Lieh Wu, Chao-Min Lin, Shih-Feng Cheng and Chun-Nan Chen

August 2011

Three dimensional nuchal translucency ultrasound segmentation using region growing for trisomy 21 early assessment

Ultrasound prenatal screening has been proposed as a most effective technique for trisomy 21 early assessment. The current practice using B mode conventional ultrasonic images are restricted inter and intra observer variability. Therefore, we proposed three dimensional segmentation techniques for ultrasound marker, nuchal translucency (NT), as a replacement method to existing manual two dimensional NT thickness...

Author(s): Lai Khin Wee, Hum Yan Chai and Eko Supriyanto

August 2011

Dirac equation for a spherically pseudoharmonic oscillatory ring-shaped potential

In this paper, we investigate exact solutions of Dirac equation with spherically pseudoharmonic oscillatory ring-Shaped potential. The generalized parametric Nikiforov-Uvarov method is used obtaining analytical solutions of radial and polar angle parts of Dirac Equation. Energy eigenvalues and corresponding eigenfunctions are obtained in closed forms.   Key words: Dirac equation, ring-shaped...

Author(s): M. Hamzavi and M. Amirfakhrian

August 2011

Certain studies of the Liu-Srivastava linear operator on meromorphic functions

Motivated by the Liu-Srivastava linear operator, we introduce here a modification of the operator of multivalent meromorphic functions in the punctured unit disk. A new subclass of analytic functions involving this operator is given. Some sufficient conditions for star-likeness, which generalize and refine some previous results were determined.   Key words: Hypergeometric function, Liu-Srivastava...

Author(s): Rabha W. Ibrahim and Maslina Darus

August 2011

Using homotopy analysis method to obtain approximate analytical solutions of wave equations

The homotopy analysis method (HAM) is proposed for solving wave equations. By using the HAM, an approximate solution is as series which contains the auxiliary parameter . In this way,  provides us with a simple way to adjust and control the convergence region of series solution. This method has a reasonable residual error and in some cases has an exact solution. Some examples are employed to illustrate...

Author(s): Reza Ezzati and Masomeh Aqhamohamadi

August 2011

Some properties of certain classes of analytic functions related with uniformly convex functions

In this paper, we extend the concept of -uniform convexity. Making use of the principle of subordination and a family of integral operators, we introduce and investigate some new subclasses of analytic functions. Several inclusion results with some interesting consequences are proved. The rate of growth of Hankel determinant for the functions in these classes is also studied.   Key...

Author(s): Khalida Inayat Noor and Khalil Ahmad

August 2011

Numerical treatment of Kap’s equation using a class of fourth order method

Kap’s equation is a stiff initial value problem. This paper deals with the treatment of Kap’s equation using a class of 4th order explicit Runge–Kutta method. Numerical computation was carried out using Microsoft Visual C++. The results of the computation were found to be highly accurate and consistent with minima errors. A comparison of the results generated from the scheme was also carried out...

Author(s): M. A. Akanbi, S. A. Okunuga and A. B. Sofoluwe

August 2011

Multisoliton solutions to Hirota-Satsuma KdV system

In this paper, we obtain one and two soliton solutions to Hirota-Satsuma KdV system with the aid of tanh method and the multiple exp method. We also obtain some rational solutions by using a rational ansatz. The system Hirota-Satsuma KdV system is reduced to a single nonlinear partial differential equation which is solved by the described methods.   Key words: Hirota-Satsuma KdV system, tanh method,...

Author(s): Alvaro H. Salas