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Table of Content: 4 February 2011; 6(3)

February 2011

Multi-Dimensional coordinate spaces

  This paper introduces a new group of multi-dimensional coordinate spaces. The main objective is to visualize n-dimensions in the same graphical space and time. This paper is divided into three parts. The first part shows the literature review about dimension and coordinate systems (Cartesian plane and coordinate space). The second part will present how the multi-dimensional coordinate spaces works. The third...

Author(s): Mario Arturo Ruiz Estrada

February 2011

Wavelet fault diagnosis and tolerant of induction motor: A review

  This paper presents a review of the researches done on fault tolerant control types, methods, main objectives of the fault tolerant control and fault diagnosis of induction motor faults that used the wavelet transform. Wavelet transform from the fault diagnosis point of view, is a summary of the wavelet types (continuous and discrete), machine faults, diagnosis methods and their validation, respectively....

Author(s): Khalaf Salloum Gaeid and Hew Wooi Ping

February 2011

Load frequency control in multi area electric power system using genetic scaled fuzzy logic

  In multi area electric power systems, if a large load is suddenly connected (or disconnected) to the system, or if a generating unit is suddenly disconnected by the protection equipment, there will be a long-term distortion in the power balance between that delivered by the turbines and that consumed by the loads. This imbalance is initially covered from the kinetic energy of rotating rotors of turbines,...

Author(s): Sayed Mojtaba Shirvani Boroujeni, Reza Hemmati and Hasan Fayazi Boroujeni

February 2011

A re-weighted algorithm for designing data dependent sensing dictionary

  The modified orthogonal matching pursuit (OMP) algorithm based on sensing dictionary, shows significant improvement for the performance of sparse recovery, especially in the case of highly coherent dictionary. Assuming a signal to be decomposed, a good sensing dictionary should depend not only on the ordinary dictionary but also the observed data. In this paper, a re-weighted algorithm for designing data...

Author(s): Anmin Huang, Gui Guan, Qun Wan and Abolfazl Mehbodniya

February 2011

Autonomous unmanned aircraft collision avoidance system based on geometric intersection

  Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are envisioned as an integral part of future urban civil and military applications. Large and small scale UAVs will perform large variety of autonomous tasks. However, the capability of UAVs to navigate completely autonomous in real environment is still in its infancy. Autonomous collision avoidance is a necessary step toward this goal. This paper introduces a new...

Author(s): B. M. Albaker and N. A. Rahim

February 2011

Estimation of multipath time delays based on bi-sparse constraint

  In this paper, a novel method to estimate the multi-path time delays of broadband signal transmission is proposed. This new method extends the existed basis selection methods. The difference between the problems discussed here and that of basis selection is the occurrence of an unknown weight matrix in the measurement equation, which represents the frequency characteristics of the received signal. Existed...

Author(s): Guan Gui, Zhangxin Chen, Qun Wan, Anmin Huang and Fumiyuki Adachi

February 2011

The effect of vents arrangement on the energy efficiency of a convenient store

  The objective of this paper is to investigate the energy efficiency of air conditioning via the viewpoint of the vents arrangement. In the research, a real typical convenience store located in Taichung, Taiwan is selected as a case study. The computational fluid dynamic (CFD) technique is adopted to simulate the flow, thermal and humidity distribution inside the convenient store under both close and open...

Author(s): Yu-Lieh Wu

February 2011

The effects of modified ignition timing on cold start HC emissions and WOT performance of an LPG fuelled SI engine with thermal barrier layer coated piston

  In this study, the effect of modified ignition timing of an LPG fuelled spark ignition engine on cold start Hydrocarbon emission (HC) at the wide open throttle (WOT) conditions performance and emission characteristics were investigated when using a thermal barrier layer (TBL) coated piston. The engine was tested at the variable ignition timing. At the first stage cold start HC emission was measured for the...

Author(s): Idris Cesur

February 2011

A fuzzy group decision making model for multiple criteria based on Borda count

  Most important decisions in organizations are made by groups of managers or experts. Methods for aggregating preferences and reconciling differences are needed in case decision makers have different viewpoints. Human judgments, including preferences are often vague and cannot be estimated in exact numerical values. This paper proposes a...

Author(s): Mohammad Anisseh and Rosnah bt Mohd Yusuff

February 2011

Reservoir inflow forecasting using artificial neural network

  Hydrologic forecasting plays an ever increasing role in water resource management, as engineers are required to make component forecasts of natural inflows to reservoirs for numerous purposes. Resulting forecast techniques vary with the system purpose, physical characteristics, and availability of data. As most hydrological parameters are subjected to the uncertainty, a proper forecasting method is of...

Author(s): Faridah Othman and Mahdi Naseri

February 2011

Service charge issue in Malaysian high-rise residential management: An analysis using a fuzzy conjoint model

  This paper discusses the results of a study on high-rise residential complexes, with particular attention reference to their financial management.  The research focuses on service charges, looking at both sides of the management issue the amount owners pay and the level of service the management provides. Literature and field surveys indicate that this issue follows a circular argument in which both the...

Author(s): N. M. Tawil, A. I. Che-Ani, A. Ramly, M. N. Daud and N. A. G. Abdullah

February 2011

Railway security through the use of wireless sensor networks based on fuzzy logic

  Wireless sensor networks have been widely used in various areas, and their use in railway to reduce human and material losses has been a remarkable development. In this article, sensors placed in different places in railway are described and the way they recognize flaws in the railway is explained. The data read by the sensors are sent to the sink node to be processed. Fuzzy logic has been used to process...

Author(s): Zeinab Sam Daliri, Shahaboddin Shamshirband and Mohsen Amiri Besheli

February 2011

Tsunami simulation of the October 25, 2010, South Pagai Island, Sumatra earthquake

  In this study, two kinds of tsunami numerical models based on the shallow water equations were employed to simulate the South Pagai Island, Sumatra earthquake tsunami which occurred in 25 October 2010. The models consist of generation, propagation and arrival times along affected coasts in Mentawai islands. Post event tsunami calculations were performed in order to better represent the event and identify more...

Author(s): Ergin UlutaÅŸ

February 2011

Effect of peat media on stabilization of peat by traditional binders

  Peat normally has high organic matter content and is generally associated with high compressibility and high magnitude and rates of creep. It may also be associated with poor strength characteristics and a risk of large deformation. The main specifications in the peat nature are the presence of acidic or less commonly alkaline media, combined with a high level of ground water. One of the most common...

Author(s): Sina Kazemian, Bujang B. K. Huat, Arun Prasad and Maassoumeh Barghchi

February 2011

Bending stiffness and neutral axis depth variation of high strength concrete beams in seismic hazardous areas: Experimental investigation

  Nowadays, high strength concrete (HSC) is gradually gaining popularity as a material used in the construction of structural elements for economical and technical reasons. HSC exhibits more brittle behaviour in comparison to normal strength concrete when subjected to compression. Ductility is a design index especially in seismic prone area and is affected by variation of neutral axis depth. The definition of...

Author(s): Mohammad Mohammadhassani, Mohd Zamin Bin Jumaat, Ali Akbar Maghsoudi,Shatirah Akib, Mohamed Jameel, Rafiepour Najmeh, Mohammadhassani Amin, Sinaei Hamid, Heydar Rezaeyeh Esmaeil and Ghanbari Farhad

February 2011

Alternative approach for production lot size problem with scrap and cost reduction distribution policy

  Conventional approach for solving replenishment lot size problem is by using the differential calculus with the need of applying the first-order and second-order differentiations to the long-run average production-inventory cost. A recent published paper used conventional method to determine optimal lot size for an integrated production-delivery system with scrap and cost lessening distribution policy. This...

Author(s): Fan-Yun Pai and Chia-Kuan Ting

February 2011

Equispaced level conduction band design in the Cd Zn Se/Cd Se quantum well

  A derivation for equispaced conduction band in the CdxZn1-xSe quantum well is presented using the coordinate transform (CT) based procedure. The procedure starts with the effective mass Schrödinger equation, with potential tailored along the one dimensional harmonic oscillator (IDHO). The electron effective mass in the well is space dependent and varies proportionally with the potential, taking as the...

Author(s): A. I. I. Ejere and J. O. A. Idiodi

February 2011

Optical digital sensor for three-dimensional turbulent flow visualization

  The Nikon Coolpix885® conventional digital camera is utilized to reform three-dimensional (3-D) turbulent pattern on lake that is situated in University Technology Malaysia (UTM).The main objective of this study is to use fuzzy arithmetic to reduce the errors arising from noise in digital camera data when constructing turbulent pattern flow. In doing so, the fuzzy B-spline algorithm, which assemble a...

Author(s): Maged Marghany and Mazlan Hashim

February 2011

Spectral characterization of non-clay minerals found in the clays (Central Anatolian-Turkey)

  Clays contain varying amounts of co-occurring non-clay minerals and lesser amounts of organic materials. Characterization of the clays in the Central Anatolian region (Turkey) was carried out using the spectroscopic techniques and results were qualitatively interpreted in terms of non-clay minerals found in the clays. The DTA-TGA measurements have been carried out for determinations of thermal behaviour of...

Author(s): Burhan Davarcioglu

February 2011

Effect of heat treatment on the optical properties of ceramic ZnO – MnO - Dy2O3

  Photopyroelectric spectroscopy is used to investigate the optical absorption behaviour of the ceramic composite (ZnO + 1 MnO + y Dy2O3), where y = 0 - 2 mol%. Ceramics were sintered at 1200 and 1300°C for 1 and 5 h. PPE spectrum with reference to the doping level and sintering time is discussed. Optical energy band-gap (Eg) is determined from the plot (ρhυ)2 vs hυ. It is found...

Author(s): Zahid Rizwan, B. Z. Azmi,and M. G. M. Sabri

February 2011

Effect of increasing number of neurons using artificial neural network to estimate geoid heights

  Nowadays  the  GPS  measurements  are  one  of  the  most frequently  used technique  in  geodesy. With this technique ellipsoidal height can be reckoned. However in the engineering practice orthometric heights (height above sea level) are used.  The orthometric heights are determined by levelling.  Transforming the GPS-derived ellipsoidal...

Author(s): Mehmet Yilmaz and Ersoy Arslan

February 2011

Application of the global indicators to landscape change modeling on Prahova Valley (Romanian Carpathians and Subcarpathians)

  Interdisciplinary approaches to landscape assessment are an extremely important component of environmental issues modelling and, consequently, of sustainable development. Thus, in recent years, specific indicators whose understanding and application requires a multidisciplinary background have been widely introduced and used. Examples of such indicators are landscape metrics, which reveal quantitative...

Author(s): Ileana Pătru-Stupariu, Mihai-Sorin Stupariu, Roxana Cuculici and Alina Huzui

February 2011

Pan evaporation analysis in central México: Trends, self-affinity and important frequencies

  Long-term monthly pan evaporation time series registered at 40 meteorological stations located within Mexico’s state of Zacatecas were analyzed in order to identify their trends. In addition, we analyzed the power spectrum signals of evaporation anomaly series in order to identify their important frequencies and its possible connection with periodic phenomena. Results suggest that negative trends are...

Author(s): Fidel Blanco-Macías, Ricardo D. Valdez-Cepeda, and Rafael Magallanes-Quintanar

February 2011

National and regional landscape classification and mapping of Turkey: Konya closed basin, SuÄŸla Lake and its surrounding area

  Each country ratifying the European landscape convention (ELC) is responsible for identifying their landscapes, integrating their approaches about landscape planning into the other sectoral plannings. Although the studies to classify landscapes at local scale in our country have been carried out for the last four decades, those at national and regional scales have gained importance along with the ELC in...

Author(s): Osman Uzun, Figen Dilek, Gülay Çetinkaya, Fusun Erduran and Sebahat Açiksöz

February 2011

Comparison between Mahalanobis classification and neural network for oil spill detection using RADARSAT-1 SAR data

  Oil spill or leakage into waterways and ocean spreads very rapidly due to the action of wind and currents. The study of the behavior and movement of these oil spills in sea had become imperative in describing a suitable management plan for mitigating the adverse impacts arising from such accidents. But the inherent difficulty of discriminating between oil spills and look-alikes is a main challenge with...

Author(s): Maged Marghany and Mazlan Hashim

February 2011

GIS-based multidate flood forecasting using hydraulic model

  Flood plains and the area near to the rivers channels, because of their special circumstances such as fertility and water resources are appropriate situations for the social and agricultural activities, but due to morphological characteristics usually, these area are affected by different flood hazards. However, in these areas, determination of flood zone and its height and also detecting properties of floods...

Author(s): Karim Solaimani

February 2011

Exact solutions of N-Dimensional Schrödinger equation for a potential containing coulomb and quadratic terms

  We encounter Coulomb and quadratic terms in the Hamiltonian relation in many branches of physics. Here we consider the N-dimensional space Schrödinger equation in the presence of Coulomb and quadratic terms and analytically calculate the eigenfunctions and the corresponding eigenenergies.   Key words: Schrödinger equation, N-dimension, Coulomb and quadratic potentials. PACS...

Author(s): H. Hassanabadi, M. Hamzavi, S. Zarrinkamar and A. A. Rajabi

February 2011

Suppression of the Buoyoncy-driven Instability of plasma by Larmor radius effects

  Using the magnetohydrodynamic equations with ion gyro-radius corrections, the gravity-driven instability of plasma is analyzed here for the mode which has non zero projection of the wave number along the unperturbed magnetic field. Employing the normal mode technique, the stability analysis had been carried out through the eigen value solution. The suppression of the buoyancy-driven instability in an...

Author(s): Aiyub Khan, S. S. Tak and P. Patni

February 2011

Modelling of the fuzzy logical system for offering support in making decisions within the engineering units of the Serbian Army

  The paper presents a decision making process when choosing the location for the establishment of bridge crossing point in order to overcome water obstacles. Since the decision making process is followed by a bigger or smaller degree of undefined criteria that are necessary for making relevant decision, the fuzzy logic was used for the exploitation of those uncertainties and ambiguities. The paper presents the...

Author(s): Dragan Pamučar, Darko Božanić, Boban Đorović and Aleksandar Milić

February 2011

Middle managers selection for third-party logistics service providers

  Since the selection of middle managers is critical to the development of organizations forthird-party logistics service providers (3PLs), how do the organizations of 3PLs select and recruit competent middle managers? The decision-making for middle managers selection poses a multi-criteria problem and faces a fuzzy environment. Hence, the aim of this paper is to develop a fuzzy multiple criteria...

Author(s): Ji-Feng Ding and Chien-Chang Chou