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Table of Content: 4 March 2011; 6(5)

October 2013

Flexural response of reinforced concrete members strengthened with near-surfaced-mounted CFRP strips

Tests and analyses were performed in this study to assess the flexural strengthening capacity of reinforced concrete (RC) members strengthened by the near surface mounted (NSM) technique, which is drawing attention as an alternative to the carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) bonding strengthening technique. Four-point bending tests were performed on 14 RC specimens. The test variables such as section geometry...

Author(s): Ki Nam Hong, Jae Won Han, Dong Woo Seo and Sang Hoon Han

March 2011

A robust traffic quantity measurement with video surveillance

Video and image processing have been used for traffic supervision, analysis and monitoring of traffic condition in many cities and urban areas. The system described in this paper aims to approach the precise method to obtain the traffic flow, time headway and traffic volume through a sequence of images captured with a stationary video camera. The method consists of three algorithms. First, background modeling and...

Author(s): Arash Gholami Rad and Mohamed Rehan Karim

October 2013

Prediction of excess pore pressure due to dissociation of gas hydrate within sandy soils

The small hydrate concept (SHC) was proposed to predict the generated excess pore water pressure due to dissociation of gas hydrate within sandy soils. This concept was then used to calculate excess pore water pressure in the Storegga slide of which gas hydrate dissociation may have contributed. Since the excess pore water pressure calculated by the SHC resulted in the considerable loss of stiffness and strength in the...

Author(s): Sung-Sik Park

March 2011

Application of artificial neural networks to predict compressive strength of high strength concrete

    A method to predict 28-day compressive strength of high strength concrete (HSC) by using MFNNs is proposed in this paper. The artificial neural networks (ANN) model is constructed trained and tested using the available data. A total of 368 different data of HSC mix-designs were collected from technical literature. The data used to predict the compressive strength with ANN consisted of...

Author(s): Seyed Jamalaldin Seyed Hakim, Jamaloddin Noorzaei, M. S. Jaafar, Mohammed Jameel and Mohammad Mohammadhassani

March 2011

A passivity criterion for fixed-point state-space digital filters

  This paper proposes a new criterion for passivity of fixed-point state-space digital filters with saturation arithmetic and external interference. The criterion guarantees not only exponentially stability, but also passivity from the external interference to the output vector. The criterion takes the form of linear matrix inequality (LMI) and, hence, is computationally tractable. An illustrative example is...

Author(s): Choon Ki Ahn and Sung-Tae Jung

March 2011

A novel robust two-stage extended Kalman filter for bearings-only maneuvering target tracking

  A novel robust filter is proposed via embedding extended Kalman filter into an optimal two-stage Kalman filter, which is improved through a modified Sage-Husa noise statistics estimator. Meanwhile, strong tracking multiple fading factors are introduced in this paper to improve the tracking performance for high maneuvering targets. The new method provides an optimal estimation of the target state through a...

Author(s): Jin-long Yang and Hong-bing Ji

March 2011

A block orthogonal matching pursuit algorithm based on sensing dictionary

  A block version of the orthogonal matching pursuit (OMP) algorithm, termed BOMP, can yield better reconstruction performance for block-sparse signals than conventional algorithms. However, the redundant dictionaries for block sparse signals are block coherent in the particle applications. In this paper, we consider a modified version of BOMP by introducing the concept of sensing dictionary. Exploiting the...

Author(s): Anmin Huang, Gui Guan, Qun Wan and Abolfazl Mehbodniya

March 2011

Investigation of dosimetry in human head model for a helical antenna with mobile phone

  This paper proposes a dosimetric analysis in realistic human head model for a helical antenna with phone model. The finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method with lossy-Drude model is adopted in this study. The technique of SAR measurement is addressed and then the effects of head model size on SAR characteristics for a cellular phone exposure at 835 MHz respectively. The head model, was developed from...

Author(s): Norbahiah Misran, Mohammad Rashed Iqbal Faruque, Mohammad Tariqul Islam and Hafizah Zoinool Abidin,

March 2011

Dynamic resource allocation in mobile WiMAX using particle swarm optimization techniques

  Allocating radio resources dynamically in wireless network is highly complex and non-linear. It becomes even more complex when the wireless network is designed for heterogeneous traffics with different quality of service (QoS) requirement like WiMAX network. In this paper, we proposed a low complex algorithm for subcarrier allocation in multiuser OFDM of WiMAX system. The proposed algorithm uses particle...

Author(s): D. S. Shu’aibu, S. K. Syed Yusof and N. Fisal

March 2011

Production of landslide susceptibility map of Samsun (Turkey) City Center by using frequency ratio method

  Due to the increased need for housing, Samsun province center had been quickly opened for construction in the last 25 years; because of the rapid population growth, construction facilities have progressed towards the southern hillside of the city. Large amount of landslides had been observed and classified in this region by the relevant institutions. To prevent life and property losses, it is required to...

Author(s): Halil Akinci, Sedat DoÄŸan, Cem KiliçoÄŸlu and Mahir Serhan Temiz

March 2011

Geoinformatics for characterizing and understanding the spatio-temporal dynamics (1969 to 2008) of Hokersar wetland in Kashmir Himalayas

  In the present study, the Hokersar wetland, in Kashmir Himalayas, that is abode to millions of migratory birds, has been chosen to assess the changes in the land use/land cover and areal extent of the wetland during the last four decades. Topographic maps of 1969 and the remote sensing data for 1992, 2001, 2005 and 2008 was used for determining the spatio-temporal dynamics of the...

Author(s): Shakil Ahmad Romshoo, Nahida Ali and Irfan Rashid

March 2011

Temperature effect on fish culture tank facilities inside greenhouse

This study was performed to evaluate the effect of tank position on the water temperature of fish culture tanks in aquaculture facilities inside a greenhouse. The temperature was measured in four 20- m3 capacity tanks. Three points were measured for each tank: point A, the water in the fish culture tanks; point B, the environment outside of the tanks and point C, a point 0.3 m below the soil level. The measurements were...

Author(s): Genaro M. Soto-Zarazúa, Enrique Rico-García and Manuel Toledano-Ayala

March 2011

Heavy metals contamination of soil and groundwater at automobile mechanic villages in Ibadan, Nigeria

  The aim was to determine the concentrations of heavy metals, in soil and groundwater at automobile mechanic villages located in Ibadan, Nigeria, compare the results with guidelines from various countries, draw conclusions and make recommendations. Soil and groundwater samples from 7 automobile mechanic villages and a control site in Ibadan, Nigeria were analysed for selected heavy metals namely: Cd, Cu, Pb,...

Author(s): B. A. Adelekan and K. D. Abegunde

March 2011

Efficacy of solar water disinfection for well waters: Case study of Ibadan slums, Nigeria

  The study was carried out to assess the efficacy of solar radiation as a disinfection method for well waters in some communities in the south east local government area of Ibadan metropolis, Nigeria. Well water sampling and quality tests were done during the dry season and parameters such as total solids, suspended solids, total hardness and coli form count were...

Author(s): O. I. Ojo, K. Ogedengbe and G. M. Ochieng

March 2011

Economical analysis of trigeneration system

  Trigeneration systems should be designed to supply all energy demands of a new facility and increase the profit of an existing facility. In this paper, a model to determine optimum capacity of trigeneration systems that maximizes the present value of the net profit hasbeen developed to embed trigeneration systems to existing systems. Proposed economical model has been employed on a university campus....

Author(s): Süleyman Hakan Sevilgen and Onur Sancar

March 2011

Determination and optimization of the effect of cutting parameters and workpiece length on the geometric tolerances and surface roughness in turning operation

  In this work, the geometric tolerance and surface quality of an aluminium piece produced by turning is analysed. The effect of the length and diameter of working piece, cutting depth and feed were also investigated. The cutting speed, which is an important machining parameter, was kept constant in this study. Going from past works experience the effect of cutting speed was ignored. Statically method of...

Author(s): A. Y. Mustafa and T. Ali

March 2011

Detailed analysis of consumption of the transport device by the mobile device

This paper deals with the gathering of GPS data and other personal information that iares used to calculate the consumption of motor vehicles. To create a basic test application for the measurement consumption (Microsoft Visual Studio, 2008), C # programming language was used. The application is designed for devices based on Windows Mobile. For testing, a few PDA devices with integrated GPS module were used. The...

Author(s): Ondrej Krejcar and Dalibor Janckulik

March 2011

Three phase inverter control using DSP controller for dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) application

  This paper discusses the control technique improvement of a three-phase inverter using direct-quadrature-zero (d-q-0) controller based on DSP TMS320F2812 for dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) applications. The output of the inverter is then connected to a voltage grid via a second order filter and injection transformer. The control algorithms are developed using TMS320F 2812 DSP. The proposed technique achieves...

Author(s): Rosli Omar and N. A Rahim

March 2011

First principle study of the effect of Co substitution on the magnetic and electronic properties of wz-ZnO

  We have studied the electronic and magnetic properties of Zn0.75Co0.25O compound. The calculations were done by SIESTA and WIEN2K code based on the density functional theory (DFT). We have used a Pseudopotential (PsP) and full potential (FP) approaches in our calculations, as implemented in SIESTA and WIEN2K code respectively. The generalized gradient approximation (GGA) was used for exchange-correlation...

Author(s): M. R. Benam, M. Hezari and F. Shayan

March 2011

A novel wide-band dual function fiber amplifier

  The design of a novel wideband Dual-function Erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) with chirped fiber Bragg grating (CFBG) configured in two-stage double pass amplification scheme is demonstrated in this paper. The proposed architecture is designed to increase amplification bandwidth. The purpose of utilizing the CFBG is to reflect the amplified signal back to the Erbium-doped fiber and to compensate...

Author(s): Belal A. G. Allah, A. W. Naji, Sheroz Khan, Wajdi  ALKhateeb,  S. W. Harun and Harith Ahmad

March 2011

Foundation of vortex gravitation, cosmology and cosmogony

  A hypothesis is proposed concerning the cause of the origin of universal gravitation. This cause consists in a system of the ether vortex rotations. Physical and mathematical grounds are described and the formula for the determination of the space gravitation forces was deduced. On the basis of the vortex gravitation, the principles of creation and existence of the celestial bodies were shown. Methods of the...

Author(s): S. A. Orlov

March 2011

Double-gate tunnel FET with silicon nitride and oxynitride

A. Bahari1*, F. Pourzaman2 and M. Hoseni2

Author(s): A. Bahari, F. Pourzaman and M. Hoseni

March 2011

Geoelectric investigation of treasured formation strata and groundwater potential in Ogume, Delta State, Nigeria

  Ogume in Delta State is a town of great geophysical interest because its formation strata are entirely different from those of the neighbouring towns and communities. It has formations of high economic and structural importance hence, it is now known as the “treasure land” of Delta state. It is therefore important that a geophysical study be made in Ogume to ascertain its formation...

Author(s): Okolie E. C.

March 2011

Evaluation of geomorphosites in Vistea Valley (Fagaras Mountains-Carpathians, Romania)

This paper aims at evaluation of geomorphosites on the Vistea Valley (the Fagaras Mountains). The Fagaras Mountains are emblematic for the Romanian Carpathians as they have the highest altitudes (2544 m), the biggest massiveness and a large range of geomorphosites which were formed by the action of the glaciers. The Vistea Valley is a typical glacial valley, being part of the glaciers complex with the same name. The...

Author(s): Laura Comanescu, Alexandru Nedelea and Robert Dobre

March 2011

Geophysical analysis of the soils for civil (Geotechnical) engineering and urban planning purposes: Some case histories from Turkey

  The aim of this study is to review the geophysical investigations in civil engineering and urban planning by some case histories in Turkey. Geophysics deals with a wide array of earth phenomena, including the temperature distribution of the earth's interior (the source, configuration and variations of the geomagnetic field) and the large-scale features of the terrestrial crust, such as rifts, continental...

Author(s): Ferhat Ozcep and Tazegul Ozcep

March 2011

New formulation of a forgotten old variational principle

  An old variational principle (Maupertuis principle), forgotten as inconvenient quirk of history, has been reformulated into the modified variational principle (MVP) along with its reciprocal principle (RMP)  and both these principles have been derived classically as well as quantum mechanically. Wide scope of applicability of these new principles in classical mechanics has been demonstrated by solving...

Author(s): B. S. Rajput

March 2011

Differential transform method for nonlinear fractional gas dynamics equation

  In the present study, an analytic solution of nonlinear fractional gas dynamics equation was deduced with the help of the powerful differential transform method (DTM). To illustrate the ability and efficiency of the method, two special cases of the equation has been solved   Key words: Differential transform method, nonlinear fractional gas dynamics equation.

Author(s): Jafar Biazar and Mostafa Eslami

March 2011

Differential transform method for systems of Volterra integral equations of the second kind and comparison with homotopy perturbation method

  In this article, differential transform method was employed to solve Volterra integral equations of the second kind. The procedure of the method is illustrated systematically. In this paper some results useful have been proved for the first time, and they have been used in the solution of these systems. To show the power of this method, some examples have been created (Examples 2 and 3) and solved. The...

Author(s): Jafar Biazar and Mostafa Eslami

March 2011

Addressing a critical success factor for software projects: A multi-round Delphi study of TSP

  A five-round Delphi study was conducted to determine the degree to which the Team Software Process (TSP) can address the identified critical success factors for software projects. Three high-reputation and high-calibre experts participated in this study. Our results found agreement among the experts that the TSP provided the ‘Best Practises’ for addressing 14 critical success factors. The experts...

Author(s): Mohd Hairul Nizam Md Nasir and Shamsul Sahibuddin

March 2011

Pupil tracking method based on particle filtering in gaze tracking system

  In this paper we proposed a pupil tracking method based on particle filtering in active infrared source gaze tracking system. We constructed a pupil target model with the combination of gray characteristic and shape characteristic so that the target and the background can be distinguished easily. Pupil motion model which can predict pupil location and shape feature in the next frame was built. Gray histogram...

Author(s): Chi Jian-nan, Zhang Chuang, Qin Yan-jun, Li Ying and Yang Li