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Table of Content: 9 December, 2011; 6(33)

December 2011

Exact dielectric constant of inhomogeneous crystal and its influence on propagation of electromagnetic (EM) wave: A quantum mechanical approach

  We present an exact treatment of electromagnetic wave propagation in a crystal medium with varying dielectric constant via quantum mechanical approach. Quantum mechanical equation involving dielectric constant was defined for incoming linearly polarized monochromatic electromagnetic wave derived from a re-normalized relativistic Langrangian equation, . Considering that the spatial waveform of the field...

Author(s): I. Ugwu Emmanuel, E. Ekuma Chinedu and E. Idenyi Ndubuisi

December 2011

Thermodynamic treatment in a case of heavy ion collision

  The strong interaction described by quantum chromodynamics may be studied under conditions of high parton temperature and high energy density, using relativistic heavy ion collisions. High energy heavy ion collisions aim to recreate the conditions which existed a few microseconds following the big bang, and determine the properties of this super-dense matter. The density of produced hadrons is very high,...

Author(s): M. M. Aesh, S. M. Maise, H. M. EL Samman and M. T. Hussein

December 2011

pH effect on thermo-optical response of Er3+-doped silicagel prepared by the sol-gel method

  We present results of the study of optical and thermo-optical properties as well as the thermo-gravimetric analysis of SiO2:Er3+ (5% mol) glasses prepared by the sol-gel method at different pH (2, 3, 4 and 5). The thermo-optical characteristics were measured at room temperature under resonant conditions for the Er3+ ions and analyzed in terms of a theoretical model for continuum wave (CW) laser...

Author(s): Teresita C. Medrano-Pesqueira, M. Enrique Alvarez-Ramos,  JA Duarte-Moller, Roberto P. Duarte-Zamorano, SJ Castillo and Luis Efrain Regalado

December 2011

Using two-photon excitation methods for determination of Ca2+ in contamination with protein

  Three emission wavelengths from two-photon excitation techniques were use to determinefree Ca2+ using a new analytical calculation. This was achieved by considering theinteraction of protein with free Ca2+ and indo-1 in protein contaminated sample. The emissions obtained from the excitation with the dissociation constants were used in the calculation. Agreement values of the...

Author(s): A. S. M. Noor, A. Miyakawa, W. Inami and Y. Kawata

December 2011

Determination of energy levels of the Klein–Gordon equation, with pseudo harmonic potential plus the ring shaped potential

  In the present paper we have found the exact solution of the bound states of Klein–Gordon equation with pseudo harmonic potential plus the ring-shaped potential via Nikiforov–Uvarov method. We have supposed scalar and vector potentials are equal. By special selection the potential is reduced to pseudo harmonic and harmonic oscillator potentials. Finally, we found and plotted the ground state...

Author(s): M. R. Shojaei and A. A. Rajabi

December 2011

Application of Zakharov equation in three dimensions to deep water gravity waves

  A numerical method, based on the Zakharov equation in three dimensions, is developed to study the nonlinear dynamics of deep water gravity waves. We focus primarily on systems describing the evolution of hydrodynamic surface waves, considering a thick incompressible fluid spanning across all space available and subject to gravity. The reference height to the resting state is z = 0. In the case of...

Author(s): Stéphane ATOCK A. NWATCHOK, César MBANE BIOUELE, Bernard ESSIMBI ZOBO and Théodule NKOA NKOMOM

December 2011

Numerical study of laminar mixed convection heat transfer of power-law non-Newtonian fluids in square enclosures by finite volume method

  In this study, we have numerically considered mixed convection heat transfer in a square enclosure with cold left and right walls, insulated moving upper wall and hot fixed lower wall. The governing flows of two reliable articles were initially modeled and after validating calculations, the given flow of the study was solved by finite volume method. To examine the effects of different factors, such as...

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Safaei, Behnam Rahmanian and Marjan Goodarzi

December 2011

Study of infusion rate injection profiles on bolus tracking parameters by Monte Carlo simulation

  The bolus tracking data are quantified by perfusion and summary parameters when the tissue concentration-time curve and arterial input function vary with the infusion rate injection condition and patient physiology. A new approach based on the Monte Carlo simulation method was used to assess the errors introduced in perfusion summary parameters quantification by difference in injection profiles. The...

Author(s): Effat Yahaghi, Amir Movafeghi and Seyedmahmud Sadatkiai

December 2011

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of drinking water samples of different localities in Abbottabad district, Pakistan

  The complete analysis of 15 drinking water samples was carried out to develop a data base on the quality of water being consumed in different areas of Abbottabad district. The qualitative and quantitative analysis of water samples of different localities was conducted to determine the exact amount of different pollutants present in water. The drinking water samples were taken from the main water sources where...

Author(s): Anwar Khalid, Amir Haider Malik, Amir Waseem, Shazmeen Zahra and Ghulam Murtaza

December 2011

Investigation of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) shielding tensors of B5N5C8H18 cluster as a novel material for nano drug delivery

  The interaction of the penicillin molecule inside of the B5N5C8H18 have been investigated with density functional theory using HF and B3LYP method and 6-31G, 6-31G** and 6-311G** basis sets. We also analyze the electronic structure and charge Mulliken population for the energetically most favorable complexes. Our results indicate penicillin can form stable bindings with B5N5C8H18 via the nitrogen...

Author(s): M. Monajjemi, H. Aghaie, P. Ardalan# and F. Mollaamin

December 2011

Effects of repeatedly used preconditioner on computational accuracy for nonlinear interval system of equations

  We discuss Hansen-Sengupta operator in the context of circular interval arithmetic for the algebraic inclusion of zeros of interval nonlinear systems of equations. It was demonstrated by showing the effects of applying repeatedly preconditioners of inverses of the midpoint interval matrices on the well known Trapezoidal Newton method at each iteration cycle wherein, the work of Shokri (2008) was our major...

Author(s): Stephen Ehidiamhen Uwamusi

December 2011

Convergence of iterative methods for solving Kawahara equation

  In this paper, a Kawahara equation is solved by using the Adomian’s decompositionmethod, modified Adomian’s decomposition method, variational iteration method,modified variational iteration method,...

Author(s): Sh. Sadigh Behzadi

December 2011

Performance analysis of genetic algorithm (GA)-based multi-constrained path routing algorithm

  To support networked multimedia applications, it is important for the network to provide guaranteed quality-of-service (QoS). One way to provide such services is for the network to perform QoS routing, where the path taken must fulfill a given set of constraints. Multi-constrained path (MCP) problem refers to the problem of finding a path through a network subject to multiple additive constraints. It has been...

Author(s): Salman Yussof

December 2011

A subspace ensemble based data dependent binary classification model

  Classifying patterns into two classes is a typical problem of binary classification in pattern recognition. Binary classification is an industrial problem in many fields like medicine, search mechanism, diagnostic of disease in humans, security and many other aspects. In this paper, we have proposed a random subspace based ensemble data dependent classification model for the binary classification...

Author(s): Muhammad A. Khan and Anwar M. Mirza

December 2011

Refining the objectives oriented project planning (OOPP) into method of informational analysis by objectives

  After a presentation of the logical framework approach (LFA), also referred to objectives oriented project planning (OOPP), we present our contribution in refining it into the method of informational analysis by objectives (MIAO). This contribution consists of defining new tools that provides elaborate matrix of information that permits the analysis of the informational exchange process between the activities...

Author(s): M. N. Lakhoua

December 2011

Physico-chemical properties of clayey soils used traditionally for cosmetics in Eastern Cape, South Africa

  Clayey soils used traditionally for cosmetic purposes in Oliver Reginald Tambo (OR) District in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa were studied and analysed for their physico-chemical properties. Forty clayey soil samples were collected from selected communities within the District and standard laboratory methods were used to determine their colour, particle size distribution, texture, pH, specific surface...

Author(s): D. M. E. Matike, G. I. E. Ekosse and V. M. Ngole

December 2011

Assessing conflict impacts on urban physical infrastructure: A GIS approach

  This paper used geographic information systems (GIS) technique to assess the impact of conflict on land use in Ile-Ife and Modakeke in Nigeria. There has been limited systematic research work in terms of mapping the impacts of the communal crisis on the land use pattern using GIS. Therefore, the major aim of this paper is to map the impact of communal conflict on land use with the aid of GIS. Global...

Author(s): A. Ayanlade and O. I. Orinmogunje

December 2011

Aquifer vulnerability assessment at Oke-Ila area, Southwestern Nigeria

  Twenty Five Schlumberger depth sounding data from Oke-Ila and environments, Southwestern Nigeria was interpreted to delineate the aquifers. The geoelectric parameters of the uppermost layer across the area were used to assess the vulnerability of the underlying aquifers to the surface and near-surface contaminants. The aquifer in the area is located mostly within the weathered layer above the basement rock...

Author(s): Aweto, K. E.

December 2011

Strength properties of hybrid nylon-steel and polypropylene-steel fibre-reinforced high strength concrete at low volume fraction

  The strength properties of hybrid nylon-steel fibre-reinforced concrete were investigated in comparison to that of polypropylene-steel fibre-reinforced concrete, at the same volume fraction (0.5%). The content of the high performance macro structure steel fibres is at 0.4% volume fraction, and the content of micro nylon and polypropylene-fibres is at 0.1% volume fraction. The experimental results show that...

Author(s): M. K. Yew, I. Othman, M. C. Yew, S. H. Yeo and H. B. Mahmud

December 2011

Numerical investigation of axial bearing capacity of piles embedded in sloping ground

  In practice, piles may be constructed in sloping ground where the axial capacity of piles may be affected by the ground slope. This paper presents the effect of the ground slope geometry on the ultimate axial bearing capacity of vertical pile using numerical simulation based on Plaxis 3D Foundation software. The pile is assumed to consist of linear and elastic material. Various aspect ratios (L/D) for the...

Author(s): Abbas Babaei

December 2011

Numerical simulation and construction of using indoor plants to improve indoor air quality

  This study used an indoor plant system to improve the indoor air quality, and discussed the correlation between the CO2 derived from human breathing and the photosynthesis of plants. This study took peace lily (Spathiphyllum kochii) as the experimental target. The absorptivity of peace lily to CO2 at the CO2 concentration of 4000 ppm was 2.4847E-5 m3/h according to the experiment of...

Author(s): Kuang-Cheng Yu, Jia-Min Yu and Shyi-Ming Lai

December 2011

Compressibility characteristics of saline soils treated with cement

  This study investigates the possibility of using high sulphate resisting cement as an additive to control the compressibility behavior of two saline soils sourced brought from Baghdad and Basra governorates in Iraq. The two soils are similar in their constituents, and classified as CL according to Atterberg limit. Standard consolidation samples were prepared from untreated soils, and were treated with 3, 5,...

Author(s): Firas A. Salman, Dunya K. Sabre and Namir K. S. Al-Saoudi

December 2011

Investigation into the usage of Sanliurfa limestones in Turkey as underground storage cavern with regard to some engineering properties

  Sanliurfa limestone of Turkey is used as an underground deep freeze food storagecavern, because of its high isolation...

Author(s): Celal AGAN

December 2011

The Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) satellite data for geological mapping, southeastern segment of the Central Iranian Volcanic Belt, Iran

  This investigation used Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) ALI (advanced land imager) and hyperion data to extract the geological and mineralogical information for identifying hydrothermal alteration zones associated with porphyry copper deposits in southeastern segment of the Central Iranian Volcanic Belt, SE Iran. A band ratio derived from image spectra (4/2, 8/9, 3 in RGB) has been developed to identify...

Author(s): Amin Beiranvand Pour and Mazlan Hashim

December 2011

Determination of groundwater potential in Asaba, Nigeria using surface geoelectric sounding

  Providing potable water has been a major concern to the people of Asaba the capital city of Delta State, Nigeria. This study which is aimed at identifying formations that present fresh and healthy aquifer water for the people employed the use of the geoelectric sounding to probe the subsurface. Data collected were interpreted in terms of the true resistivity and thickness of subsurface layers and result...

Author(s): Ochuko ANOMOHANRAN

December 2011

Application of advanced spaceborne thermal emission and reflection radiometer (ASTER) data in geological mapping

  The spectral and spatial properties of the advanced spaceborne thermal emission and reflection radiometer (ASTER) data can be used in detailed lithological and hydrothermal alteration mapping related to copper and gold mineralization, particularly the shortwave infrared radiation subsystem where hydrothermal alteration minerals have diagnostic spectral absorption features. This paper reviews the technical...

Author(s): Amin Beiranvand Pour and Mazlan Hashim