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Table of Content: 9 February, 2013; 8(5)

February 2013

A comment on “Robust linear optimization under new distance measure”

Zhang et al. (2012) proposed a new robust counterpart for linear optimization, and shown the effectiveness of the new model by numerical results of AFIRO and ADLITTLE. In this comment, it is shown that the numerical results in their paper are not true, conversely, the model of Bertimas and Sim (2004) has better optimality than that of Zhang et al. (2012) if the same probability bounds that the -th constraint...

Author(s): Yu Wuyang

February 2013

Derivation of the spatially flat Friedmann equation from Bohm-De Broglie interpretation in canonical quantum cosmology

Friedmann equations play a central role in cosmology for describing the evolution of the universe. Initially, the Friedmann equations were derived by Alexander Friedmann in 1922. He derived the equations from Einstein’s field equations for a universe which is spatially homogeneous and isotropic. The equations were again derived from Newtonian mechanics by Milne. However in this paper, we derive the spatially flat...

Author(s): Ch’ng Han Siong and Shahidan Radiman

February 2013

Comparative study of four methods for estimating Weibull parameters for Halabja, Iraq

The Weibull distribution is the standard function used by the wind energy community to model the wind speed frequency distribution. In this study, four methods are presented for estimating Weibull parameters (Shape and Scale), namely, Maximum likelihood method (MLM), Rank regression method (RRM), Mean-standard deviation method (MSD), and Power density method (PDM). To compare the methods, a period of 4 years (2001 -...

Author(s): Salahaddin A. Ahmed

February 2013

The effects of cow dung inoculum and palm head ash-solution treatment on biogas yield of bagasse

Blends of ash solution and water-soaked bagasse with cow dung inoculum were studied for biogas production. Two sets of five biodigesters each of 50 kg capacity were used. The blends were respectively charged into the 50 kg metal prototype biodigesters in the ratio of 3:1 (water:waste). Proximate analyses as well as total solids, volatile solids, carbon content, and calorific value were conducted on the wastes while...

Author(s): Ofomatah A. C. and Okoye C. O. B.

February 2013

Econometric modeling and projection of production, import and export of particle board industry in Turkey

Although wood is one of the oldest materials used by humans, the production of wood-based panel products has a very short history. The production of panel products constitutes one of the most important developments in forest products industry. In this study, models are established and projections are developed for production, import and export of Turkish Particle board industry by econometric method. As a result of...

Author(s): Yildiz Cabuk, Selman Karayilmazlar, S. Murat Onat and Rifat Kurt