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Table of Content: 9 October 2011; 6(23)

October 2011

A new approach based on genetic algorithm in Schrödinger equation solution for nanostructure applications, the effect of some genetic and Monte Carlo operators

In this work, we have developed our previous work which combines the genetic algorithm, Monte Carlo and variational methods (GMV). Some new facts about the application of the method are revealed. In order to illustrate the Fmethod, the diamagnetic shift and the effect of the barrier thickness on the exciton binding energy of the GaAs0.7Sb0.3/GaAs single quantum well (GW) are described.   Key...

Author(s): M. Solaimani, M. Izadifard, H. Arabshahi and M. R. Sarkardei      

October 2011

Determination of temperature effect on mechanical properties of templated mesoporous silica aerogels by nanoindentation method

Cross-linking is known as a chemical process to improve the mechanical properties by adding polymer. Therefore, the pore walls of aerogels can be strengthened by coating with polymer. In this study, the mechanical properties of a cross-linked monolithic silica aerogel have been examined by nanoindentation tests at different temperatures. Creep compliance values were analyzed as a function of time by linear viscoelastic...

Author(s): Yilmaz Kucuk      

October 2011

Demulsification of petroleum emulsions using microwave separation method

The formation of emulsions during oil production and processing is a costly problem, both in terms of chemicals used and production losses. For economic and operational reasons, it is necessary to separate the water completely from crude oils before transporting or refining them. Experimental data are presented to show the influences of Triton X-100, low-sulfur wax residue (LSWR), sorbitan monooleate (Span 83) and...

Author(s): Hayder A. Abdulbari, N. H. Abdurahman, Y. M. Rosli, Wafaa K. Mahmood and H. N. Azhari      

October 2011

A deterministic model of HIV/AIDS with vertical transmission in the presence of infected immigrants

A non-linear mathematical model for HIV epidemic that spreads in a variable size population through both horizontal and vertical transmission in the presence of HIV infected immigrants is studied. The equilibrium points of the model are found and the stability is investigated. The model exhibits two equilibria, namely, the disease-free and the endemic equilibrium. It is shown that if the basic reproduction...

Author(s): Isack Kibona, Wilson Mahera, Daniel Makinde and John Mango    

October 2011

Smoothing Newton method for absolute value equations based on aggregate function

We investigate the NP-hard absolute value equation (AVE) Ax - |x| = b, where A is an arbitrary square matrix whose singular values exceed one. The significance of the absolute value equations arises from the fact that linear programs, quadratic programs, bimatrix games and other problems can all be reduced to the linear complementarity problem that in turn is equivalent to the absolute value...

Author(s): Longquan Yong, Sanyang Liu, Shemin Zhang and Fang’an Deng    

October 2011

A modified variational iteration method for solving generalized Boussinesq equation and Lie’nard equation

In this paper, we use modified variational iteration method (MVIM) for solving generalized Boussinesq equation and Lie'nard equation. The obtained solutions of these equations using the traditional variational iteration method (VIM) give good approximations only in the neighborhood of the initial position. The main advantage of the MVIM is that it can enlarge the convergence region of iterative approximate...

Author(s): Elham Salehpour, Hossein Jafari and C. M. Khalique      

October 2011

Mixed equilibrium variational inequalities

In this paper, we introduce and consider a new class of equilibrium problems and variational inequalities, which is called the mixed equilibrium-variational inequality. We use the auxiliary principle technique to suggest and analyze some explicit and proximal-point iterative methods for solving the mixed equilibrium-variational inequalities. Convergence of these iterative methods is proved under very mild and suitable...

Author(s): Muhammad Aslam Noor, Saira Zainab, Khalida Inayat Noor and  Eisa Al-Said      

October 2011

Stability analysis of fuzzy filtering type III

In order to get the best corresponding answer in accordance with a reference model signal, digital filters should have the minimum error at its output using the mean square criterion. Inserting a fuzzy mechanism into its internal structure to construct an intelligent filter, the reference signal was adaptively interpreted to select and emit a decision answer in accordance with external reference signal changes, thereby...

Author(s): Juan C. García Infante, J. Jesús Medel Juárez and J. Carlos Sánchez García      

October 2011

EGG signal classification using statistical analysis

The method is used to register the laryngeal behavior indirectly by measuring change in the electrical impedance across the throat during speech or voice. In this Electroglottography (EGG) signal acquisition, the electrodes are made of steel. They have the form of rectangles covering an area of 10.75 cm2. It is designed as a ring electrode encircling each of the two other electrodes. The electrodes are mounted on a...

Author(s): G. Subramanya Nayak and C. Puttamadappa        

October 2011

An approach with distance-angle based search algorithm in route design for minimizing earthwork

The two dimensional (2D) planimetric view of the axis of the transportation modals on the ground is called route. The process of the connecting two given points (start and end points of the route) generates various alternative paths based on geometric standards of the design of a route, in particular based on an appropriate longitudinal grade of vertical profile. In this article, a method that connects two given points...

Author(s): Nursu TUNALIOÄžLU and Metin SOYCAN      

October 2011

Investigation of bearing capacity changes of different clays by using the Menard pressuremeter tests

Determination of bearing capacities of clay soils always have been a major problem in Geotechnical Engineering, because of the fact that long-term laboratory tests are required on undisturbed samples. But, it is very difficult to get undisturbed sample from sites and the bearing capacities which were calculated with the laboratory test values are always greater than the actual bearing capacities. The Menard...

Author(s): Celal AGAN    

October 2011

Effect of drainage and land clearing on selected peat soil physical properties of secondary peat swamp forest

A study was carried out to determine the effect of drainage and land clearing on selected peat soil physical properties of secondary peat swamp forest. This study was conducted in a drained secondary peat swamp forest and a cleared site of drained secondary peat swamp forest at Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia. A 300 m2 experimental plot was prepared at both sites. Saturated hydraulic conductivity, bearing capacity and...

Author(s): Mohd Suffian Firdaus, Seca Gandaseca and Osumanu Haruna Ahmed      

October 2011

Simplified design guidelines for seismic base isolation in multi-storey buildings for Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC)

Seismic base isolation is now a days moving towards a very efficient tool in seismic design of structure. Increasing flexibility of structure is well achieved by the insertion of these additional elements between upper structure and foundation as they absorb larger part of seismic energy. However in Bangladesh, this research is still young for building structures. Therefore, this is a burning question to design...

Author(s): A. B. M. Saiful Islam, M. Jameel, M. A. Uddin and Syed Ishtiaq Ahmad        

October 2011

Dielectric constant, electrical conductivity and relaxation time measurements of different gold nanoparticle sizes

Gold nanoparticles (GNPs) offer a great possibility for biomedical application, not only to pharmaceutics approaches, but also as novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. One of the important concerns is about their safety in clinical applications. Nanoparticle size has been shown to be an extremely important parameter affecting the nanoparticle uptake and cellular internalization. The aim of the present study was...

Author(s): Mohamed Anwar K Abdelhalim, Mohsen M. Mady and Magdy M. Ghannam        

October 2011

Proposed design of DC low voltage acceleration system

A novel approach was given by both beam simulation (using SIMION computer program) and analytical treatment, which are useful tools for the design of a constant gradient acceleration system. An analytical treatment is used to simulate the beam line within a single gap accelerating system. The tracing of the beam line inside the gap shows a decrease of the beam output radius with the increase of the...

Author(s): M. M. Abdelrahman and S. G. Zachary      

October 2011

Level studies of 71Ge via 71Ga (P, n) 71Ge reaction and density of discrete levels in 71Ge

The excited states of 71Ge have been investigated via the 71Ga (P, n) 71Ge reaction with the proton beam energies from 2.5 to 4.3 MeV. The parameters of the nuclear level density formula have been determined from the extensive and complete level scheme for 71Ge. The Bethe formula for the back-shifted Fermi gas model and the constant temperature model are compared with the experimental level...

Author(s): Rohallah Razavi and Tayeb Kakavand    

October 2011

High resolution range profile based extraction of radar target length

Radar target identification using high resolution range profile (HRRP), the target length is an important feature due to that it can reduce the time of identification and mitigate noise redundancy. Traditional threshold methods with the different operators are highly sensitive to noise. In this paper, we proposed an adaptive difference operator for target length feature extraction from HRRP. Experimental results...

Author(s): Kuo Liao, Guan Gui, Zhangxin Chen and Wanlin Yang      

October 2011

Optimal homotopy asymptotic method solution to convection heat transfer flow

In this paper, we apply optimal homotopy asymptotic method (OHAM) to compute an approximation to solve the problem of forced convection over a horizontal flat plate. We investigate in this work, that OHAM, being independent of free parameter, provides greater accuracy and yields a good agreement. Moreover, its convergence domain can be easily adjusted and controlled, which shows that OHAM is more effective and easy than...

Author(s): S. Islam, Fazal E Mabood, Gul Zaman, Xue-Zhi Li and Il Hyo Jung        

October 2011

Interactive computing and measurement in three dimensional ultrasound fetal volumetric reconstruction using visualization toolkit

We have proposed the generic computing of 3D ultrasound volumetric reconstruction and measurement using visualization toolkit (VTK) open source computing approach. In present research, we have investigated the extent of voxel conversion from two dimensional image pixels to three dimension volume spacing. This is essentially important to analyze that the measurement on 3D volumetric possesses higher impact and...

Author(s): Lai Khin Wee, Hum Yan Chai and Eko Supriyanto      

October 2011

Automated surface micro flaw inspection for quality control of electronic chips

This research proposes a new approach that applies discrete cosine transform (DCT) based enhancement for the detection of micro flaws on electronic chips. A two-stage decomposition procedure is proposed to extract an odd-odd frequency matrix after a digital image has been transformed to DCT domain. The cumulative sum algorithm is then applied to detect the transition points of the gentle curves plotted from the odd-odd...

Author(s): Hong-Dar Lin and Singa Wang Chiu      

October 2011

Investigation of a new islanding detection method for distributed power generation systems

Distributed power generation systems (DPGSs) require reliable islanding detection algorithms (passive or active) in order to determine the electrical grid status and operate the grid connection control system properly. This paper proposes a new islanding detection method for any possible network loading based on utilizing and combining various system parameter indices. In order to secure the detection of islanding,...

Author(s): Fariba Gharedaghi, Hanieh Jamali, Mansoureh Deisi and Atefeh Khalili      

October 2011

Effect of internal heat generation on Marangoni convection in a superposed fluid-porous layer with deformable free surface

Linear stability analysis is applied to investigate the effect of internal heat generation on Marangoni convection in a two-layer system comprising an incompressible fluid-saturated porous layer over which lies a layer of the same fluid. The upper free surface is deformable and is subject to a general thermal condition, while the lower boundary is rigid and is fixed at a constant temperature (isothermal) or a constant...

Author(s): N. M. Mokhtar, N. M. Arifin, R. Nazar, F. Ismail and M. Suleiman      

October 2011

Application of He’s energy balance method for nonlinear vibration of thin circular sector cylinder

This paper deals with application of a new kind of analytical technique for a non-linear problem called the He’s Energy Balance Method (EBM). This methodology has been utilized to achieve approximate solutions for nonlinear free vibration of conservative thick circular sector slabs. In Energy Balance Method, contrary to the conventional methods, only one iteration leads to high accuracy of...

Author(s): M. Bayat and I. Pakar  

October 2011

A collision-based fast hash function

A cryptographic hash function is proposed based on a simple physical model. The model contains two balls and a ring. Each ball moves and collides with the fixed ring. Message is modeled as perturbations, which influence the motions of balls. The final positions and velocities of the two balls are converted to hash value. Simulations demonstrate that the proposed simple physical model has excellent...

Author(s): Zhou Qing    

October 2011

Fuzzy logic applied to control a one degree of freedom (DOF) pneumatic robot

For many years, the vast majority of robots have been built with electrical actuators, and pneumatic actuators are not considered to control the position of a manipulator robot. Instead, electrical actuators are used. The main concern with pneumatic actuators is the highly non linear behavior, due to the high compressibility of the air. This work is focused on a one degree of freedom (DOF) robot, with...

Author(s): Ramos-Arreguin Juan-Manuel, Gorrostieta-Hurtado Efren, Pedraza-Ortega Jesus-Carlos, Aceves-Fernandez Marco-Antonio and Vargas-Soto Jose-Emilio