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The study engages Aristotle’s dictum that man is a political animal. It sees Aristotle’s view as a philosophical import of his political orientation. It presents clear (and concise) discussions on Aristotle’s categorization of man -- both for and against. It argues that Aristotle and the commentators alike, i.e. the defenders, and the critics, have failed to pay attention to the fact that Aristotle’s dictum does not...

Author(s):David A. OYEDOLA

Existence and mankind in Hafez's existential thought

Article in Press

Hafez (1325-1390) has dealt with various issues of anthropology and ontology and has expressed contradictory views in his poems. Issues such as determinism, destiny, freedom, suffering, love and man's invitation to hedonism. Sometimes he speaks of failure and despair, and sometimes he tries hopefully to change the world and the foundation of life. Sometimes he speaks of suffering and sometimes he invites for love, potatory...

Author(s): jamalipour hossein

Between theory and logic: Can linguistic competency be linked to Reincarnation?

Article in Press

The word "reincarnation" derives from Latin, literally meaning, "entering the flesh again". The Greek equivalent metempsychosis (μετεμψύχωσις) roughly corresponds to the common English phrase "transmigration of the soul" and also usually connotes reincarnation after death, as either human, animal, though emphasising the continuity of the soul, not the flesh. Alulo uwa according to the Igbo view is a widely...


Decentralisation and constitutionalism in Africa: A theoretical exploration for sustainable distributive justice

Article in Press

Central to the problem of most of the states in Africa as a whole and Nigeria in particular is the excessive centralization of the federal system. The centralized federalism denied the opportunity for self-expression, autonomy and by extension prevented avenues for negotiations towards attaining equity and justice. Similar to this is the defect on the constitution which is meant to define what is right by creating a system...

Author(s):Moses Aderibigbe

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