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AJBM Articles

Impact of compensation incentives on corporate cash holdings: Evidence from non-financial listed companies at Karachi Stock Exchange

December 2015

This study examined the relationships between corporate cash holdings (corporate liquidity policy) and compensation incentives, offered by Karachi Stock Exchange listed non-financial companies, to their CEOs, Directors and Executives, keeping in view the managerial shareholding of the firm, levered capital structure and firm size. The regression results suggested that the CEO Compensation and Executive Compensation have...

Author(s): Khalil-Ur-Rehman Wahla, Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah and Iftikhar Mehboob

Facebook from socializing to advertising: An empirical study on the effect of Facebook as an advertising tool in Egypt

December 2015

This research aims to investigate if Facebook has a significant effect as a tool of advertising in Egypt and to present to marketers practical trends to use in order to close this gap of the missing formula. Quantitative approach based on an online survey of 400 Facebook users from Cairo and Alexandria governorates was used in this work. To achieve the research objectives, descriptive analysis was used to test the data,...

Author(s): Azer Jaylan

Application of vector auto regressive analysis on financial sector and economic growth in Ethiopia

December 2015

The direction of causality between financial sector and economic growth has remained contentious in Ethiopia. This study investigated their linkage for the period of 1980 to 2014. Granger causality test revealed the existence causality that runs from financial sector to economic growth and not the vis-a-versa, while Johnson cointegration analysis confirmed the existence of long-run relationship between financial sector,...

Author(s): Gutu Tesso

Financing, networking and the economic empowerment of women in the informal business sector in Eritrea

December 2015

Hardly any research is available regarding women entrepreneurs in the informal business sector in Eritrea. Results based on a survey of 1,607 women drawn from 12 cities in 6 regions indicate that in setting up an informal business the main sources of initial capital are: the owner’s cash savings; loans from friends and relatives; and interest free credit from suppliers, based on trust. On the positive side, half...

Author(s): Fitsum Ghebregiorgis, Habteab Tekie Mehreteab and Stifanos Hailemariam

Applicability of the huff model in the estimation of market shares of supermarkets within the Tamale metropolis in Ghana

December 2015

This paper estimated the market shares of four shopping centres/super markets within the Tamale metropolis in Ghana. It employed the Huff model: a probabilistic gravitational model adopted as alternative in the computation and estimation of probabilities and attractiveness as well as the distance in mileage covered by prospective customers to the shopping centres/super markets. The research revealed that 75% of the...

Author(s): James Abagna Azanlerigu and Oswald Atiga

Exchange rate dynamics and monetary unions in Africa: A fractional integration and cointegration analysis

November 2015

This paper uses fractional integration and cointegration techniques to analyze nominal exchange rate dynamics in three groups of African countries aiming to form currency unions in the near future. The proposed unions are the WAMZ (West African Monetary Zone), the EAC (East African Community), and the SADC (South African Development Community). The univariate results indicate that in all but three countries (Democratic...

Author(s): Borja Balparda, Guglielmo Maria Caporale and Luis A. Gil-Alana

Can web-searching index help to predict renminbi exchange rate?

November 2015

The stability of exchange rates plays a decisive role in a country’s economic development and internal and external equilibrium. Therefore, the prediction of short-term exchange rate is of vital importance to maintain a country’s economic stability and financial security. Traditional time series forecasting models are only based on historical data, which cannot reflect other important factors, like...

Author(s): Xuan Wang, Suxiao Li, Haizhen Yang and Lingxiao Cui

Understanding the impacts of inter-organizational communication on strategic alliance performance and stability

November 2015

The purpose of this study is to measure the inter-organizational communication of alliances, and to explain the relationships among communication (communication willingness, commitment, behavior, and quality), alliance performance, and alliance stability. In data from 314 firms in China, communication willingness (β= .232), communication behavior (β= .305), and communication quality (β= .174) had a...

Author(s): Liu Wenwen and Liao Baiyu

Factors influencing trust and partnership in shipper-carrier relationship: How do these affect electronic trading transactions in South Korea?

November 2015

In electronic trading transaction, forming trust is very important in business relations due to its anonymity feature or the many non-face-to-face transactions with numerous and unspecified interested parties. This study centered on the importance of trust and partnership in shipper-carrier relationships for the vitalization of electronic trading transactions in South Korea. Thus, this study aimed to identify the...

Author(s): Seung Man Shin

Opportunities for research on evaluation of seaport performance: A systemic analysis from international literature

October 2015

The purpose of this article is to analyze the opportunities for research on the theme evaluation of seaport performance through the investigation of a bibliographic portfolio of articles with scientific relevance.  In order to reach this goal, the intervention tool used was ProKnow-C (Knowledge Development Process – Constructivist), which consists of a structured process for the generation of knowledge on a...

Author(s): Ademar Dutra, Vicente Mateo Ripoll-Feliu, Sandra Rolim Ensslin, Leonardo Ensslin and Luis Rogerio Pupo Gonçalves

The role of leadership and organizational citizenship behaviour in efficient management

October 2015

The purpose of this article is to analyze the opportunities for research on the theme evaluation of seaport performance through the investigation of a bibliographic portfolio of articles with scientific relevance.  In order to reach this goal, the intervention tool used was ProKnow-C (Knowledge Development Process – Constructivist), which consists of a structured process for the generation of knowledge on a...

Author(s): Ahmet AVCI

Open incubators and clusters in South Sudan: A move to achieve economic peace

October 2015

The objective of this research is to generate a process of economic development able to overcome conflicts between populations in the different states of South Sudan by creating common economic interests. Within the framework of the World Bank Capacity Building program, we had the opportunity to lead two parallel focus groups in South Sudan, one on economic strategy and the second on public policy and regional...

Author(s): Ilan Bijaoui

Motivation and information management as a tool of job satisfaction of employees in Nigeria

October 2015

Human resources manager can succeed in motivating workers based on the information available and used by him. To understand the critical importance of people in the organization is to recognize that the human element and the organization are synonymous. It shows that a well managed organization usually sees an average worker as the root source of quality and productivity gains. In order to make employees satisfied and...

Author(s): Joseph Adeniyi Kolawole, Joshua Adeniji Abolaji and Dolapo Peter Olagoke

The use of big data analytics in the retail industries in South Africa

October 2015

The majority of publications around big data analytics are centred on technical algorithms or systems development. While research has been conducted on the use of big data analytics there is an apparent lack of studies which focus on industry-specific usage in South Africa. The purpose of the study was to assess the usage of big data analytics in the retail industries in South Africa. The benefits of using big data...

Author(s): Matthew Ridge, Kevin Allan Johnston and Brian O&#;Donovan

Perception of corporate social responsibility by chief executive officers of Cameroonian small and medium size enterprises

September 2015

This work aims at contributing to understanding the perception of CSR[i] by CEOs[ii]of Cameroonian SMEs[iii]and its possible practical translation on the field. To reach this target, we first highlighted theoretical explanation which aimed at defining stakeholders and the dependency towards resources theories. Then, on the empirical aspect, we attempted to carry out a field study. The explorative character of our...

Author(s): NDJANYOU Laurent

Dynamics of biotechnology entrepreneurship in South Africa and Brazil

September 2015

Biotechnology entrepreneurship is a relatively new and distinct field of entrepreneurship. Most current empirical research is conducted in the developed economies and cannot be directly extrapolated to the developing economies of South Africa and Brazil. This research used a qualitative multiple case studies, in the idiographic philosophical tradition, in two developing economies; South Africa and Brazil. The data...

Author(s): Manessah Alagbaoso, Teresa Carmichael and Kerrin Myres

Financial development and economic growth in Togo

September 2015

This study investigated the link between financial development and economic growth in Togo for the period 1981-2010. The study employed Johansen’s cointegration and Granger causality testing procedure in the context of Vector Error Correction Method (VECM). The result shows a positively and statistically significant effect of financial development on economic growth in Togo and Granger causality test supports...

Author(s): FANTESSI Amavi Agbelenko

Leadership and neurosciences: Plausible talks?

September 2015

This paper aims to analyze the perceptions of professionals from psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and psychology vis-à-vis the perspectives of specialists from the area of organizational studies on neuroscience and their implications on the Leadership construct, and to identify the contributions and constraints arising from the connections between both. A qualitative survey was carried out in the form of in-depth...

Author(s): Fátima Bayma de Oliveira, Anderson de Souza Sant’Anna, Daniela Martins Diniz and Antônio Moreira de Carvalho Neto

Financial development and economic growth in West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU)

September 2015

This study examines empirically the relationship between financial development and economic growth in the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) for the period 1981-2010. Using the General Moment Method (GMM), the study found a positively and statistically significant effect of financial development on economic growth and the causality was bidirectional. In addition, the variable primary completion rate,...

Author(s): Fantessi Amavi Agbélénko and  Kiprop Symon Kibet

Determinants of employees’ turnover intention: A case study of the Islamia University of Bahawalpur

September 2015

Organizational commitment along with other determinants of turnover intention plays a pivotal role in retaining the employees. Job performance and job satisfaction serve as antecedents of turnover intention of employees. The objective of this study is to identify the association between organizational commitment and turnover intention among employees of the Islamia University of Bahawalpur. Effects of job performance on...

Author(s): Mashal Ahmed, Irfan Hidayat and Faisal-ur-Rehman

Comparison of REIT Dividend Performance in Nigeria and Malaysia

August 2015

The global survey of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) has indicated a high performance nature of REIT as an investment vehicle for the real estate sector. Studies have been conducted across the REIT markets of America, Europe and Asia-Pacific with similar result of high income yield to the investors. However, there have been no report of the Africa REIT except South Africa Property Unit Trust and Property Loans...

Author(s): Olusegun Olaopin Olanrele, Rosli Said and Md Nasir Daud

The empirical analysis of oil revenue and industrial growth in Nigeria

August 2015

This study examined the impact of oil revenue on industrial growth in Nigeria. The data for this study were sourced from Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries Bulletin, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), CIA World Fact Book, and National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), publications such as the CBN statistical Bulletin and CBN Economic and Financial Review Bulletin. ADF test was conducted for stationarity and variables...

Author(s): Victor Ushahemba Ijirshar

The effect of board size and composition on the financial performance of banks in Nigeria

August 2015

This paper analyzed the effects of board size and board composition on the performance of Nigerian banks. The financial statements of five banks were used as a sample for the period of nine years and the data collected were analysed using the multivariate regression analysis. The paper found that board size has significant negative impact on the performance of banks in Nigeria. This signifies that an increase in Board...

Author(s): Aminu Bebeji, Aisha Mohammed and Muhammad Tanko

The concept of social justice and a growing economy: Mimics from a colony

August 2015

The term social justice has received enormous attention worldwide due to its critical impact on economies. Whereas some studies consider it as a fundamental issue in the human race, others regard it as prerequisite to peace and tranquility to a modern society. Over the past five decades, social injustice has been on the ascendancy as emerging countries rely on developed countries for survival of their economies. Since...

Author(s): Olivia Anku-Tsede, Albert Amankwaa and Aaron Amertowo

Transforming the Nigeria tourism industry through tourism entrepreneurial development

August 2015

This paper seeks to explore the role of tourism entrepreneurship in producing destination tourism spirit in Nigeria. Nigeria is a land richly endowed with natural and cultural resources. Concerted attempts have been made in the past five decades to build a viable tourism industry by government and a small number of operators, but not much has been achieved. The country has not been able to harness the abundant resources...

Author(s): Bassey B. ESU

Challenges of design, production and marketing department interface and customer satisfaction

July 2015

This study examines the challenges of the interface of design, production, marketing and customer satisfaction in relation to product quality. In product development process there is linear function relationship whereby, when one unit completes its assignment, it hands over to another unit until the product is finally lunched into the market. In another, there is a simultaneous relationship in which all the units...

Author(s): Egboro Felix

The moderating effect of alternative job opportunity on the transactional leadership-turnover intention nexus: Evidence from the Ghanaian banking industry

July 2015

The concept of employee turnover intention has been of great concern to corporations due to the severe cost implications it has on the bottom line of businesses. Interestingly, research has established appropriate leadership behaviours as effective means of mitigating the consequences of this phenomenon. Most of these studies were however done outside Ghana, with emphasis on transformational leadership and other styles...

Author(s): Albert Amankwaa and Olivia Anku-Tsede

Interest rate, capital market and pensions management: Lessons from Nigeria

July 2015

This paper examines empirically the causal relationship between interest rate, capital market, and pension assets in Nigeria from 1981-2013. While literature provides preponderant evidence of transmission from pension asset to capital market growth, little evidence is available of the reverse and the interaction with interest rate. The 2014 Pension Act widens the scope of pension fund investments into real estate and...

Author(s): Patrick Omoruyi Eke and Akinwunmi Kunle Onafalujo

Preponderant factors in the definition of dividend policies in Brazil

July 2015

The aim of this study was to verify whether company managers take into account the factors assigned by the literature as the one to influence dividend policies the most in decisions regarding profit sharing. The research was made with 106 public companies in Brazil. The results showed that managers give more attention to factors such as legislation, Articles of Incorporation, cash availability, opportunities for future...

Author(s): Marcelo Augusto Ambrozini and Tabajara Pimenta Junior

Improving customer complaining behaviour for loyalty in the services sector: A case of mobile telephone companies in Uganda

June 2015

This study focuses on the concept of customers’ complaining behaviour in the mobile telephone company sector.  The mobile telephone company in Uganda is competitive and being a service sector, it is complex in nature. A descriptive cross-sectional survey was used. Primary data were collected using questionnaires from Makerere University mobile telephone subscribers who were students, academic staff,...

Author(s): Mabel Birungi Komunda, Francis Kibeera, Justus Munyoki and Jotham Byarugaba

TOC, lean and six sigma: The missing link to increase productivity?

June 2015

The objective of this study is to analyze the points of convergence and divergence between the Theory of Constraints, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma in an integrated manner when used for continuous improvement of manufacturing systems. This research also aimed to advance a better understanding of the fundamental principles of such methodologies by performing a comparative analysis of critical issues. The focus of...

Author(s): Diego Augusto de Jesus Pacheco

Enterprise architecture maturity stages: A cluster analysis in Brazilian small businesses

June 2015

Enterprise Architecture - EA encompasses the core business processes, Information Technology infrastructure (IT), systems, and technologies, as well as the level of integration and standardization of data and processes. Companies that develop EA tend to migrate from local applications to systems that share infrastructure and data. In this context, the aim of this study is to identify how the SMEs –Small...

Author(s): Carlos Otávio Senff, Gustavo Dambiski Gomes De Carvalho, Claudimar Pereira Da Veiga, Luiz Carlos Duclós and Admir Pancote

Inhibiting factors in the strategic financial management decision making process: Evidence from South African SMMEs

June 2015

The purpose of this article is to uncover the principal obstacles preventing small business owner managers from making sound strategic financial management decisions. These obstacles are generally related to the owner managers’ reluctance to follow accepted theoretical norms (steps) in terms of information search and analysis. This reluctance is attributable to the decision makers’ significant lack of...

Author(s): Seraphin Kengne

Trends in real estate appraisal: An emerging context

June 2015

This research investigates the residential real estate market in an emergent European country, Romania. Using data from approximately 300 sales transactions and another 300 nationally relevant rent transactions conducted between midyear 2010 and midyear 2011, the real estate market prices and rental prices have been processed using statistical techniques such as the General Linear Model, in order to identify the...

Author(s): Adela DEACONU, Victor-Bogdan OPREAN and AnuÈ›a BUIGA

Designing the strategic marketing mixture model for tourism industry

June 2015

Tourism plays an important role in world economy and it is expected that it gets more importance in the next years. Tourism affects occupation rate, payment balance, and economical stability of many countries. This industry is an application one, so that it is a potential to improve occupation situation, especially for low-skilled jobs. In Tajikistan, unemployment rate is focused on in this area. In addition, tourism...

Author(s): Seyedahmad Beheshti and Iman Zare

The evolution of private label strategy: The Italian case

June 2015

This work, part of a broader research project on the role of store brand in the competitive development of Large Scale Distribution retailers, proposes an analysis of the current situation of commercial enterprises that implement complex strategies of store brand as a strategic leverage for marketing and synthesis of a corporate philosophy based on a real brand architecture. It aims to achieve increasing levels of...

Author(s): Marcello Sansone

Evaluation of the land management harmony degree based on the three attributes of land: The case study of Beijing

May 2015

The paper firstly constructs the evaluation system of land management harmony degree based on the three attributes of land about resources, assets and capital, then calculates and evaluates regional land management harmony degree combined with the empirical data of Beijing. Methods of multi-objective weighted function and analytic hierarchy process are employed. On this...

Author(s): Zhang Hong, Zhang Yi, Zhang Yang and Wang Yue

The production activities of sugar factories in Turkey and Malmquist total factor productivity analysis

May 2015

In this study, total factor productivity (TFP) with variance in its components as well as the technical efficiency levels of 25 active sugar factories in Turkey are surveyed via Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and Malmquist Total Factor Productivity method using the panel data from Turkish Sugar Factories Corporation’s annual activity reports. The aim of the study is to determine the comparative production...

Author(s): Ferhat PEHLÄ°VANOGLU, Yüksel BAYRAKTAR and Zaim Reha YAÅžAR

Entrepreneurship development and entrepreneurial orientation in rural areas in Malawi

May 2015

Integrated rural development under the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy is a key operational framework for achieving sustainable economic growth where rural industrialisation is earmarked as a strategy for achieving production diversity, creation of employment, reduction of poverty and curbing rural-urban migration. Entrepreneurship development has been central to this process. Existing models offer three key...

Author(s): Charles Mwatsika

Geographical indication in the process of creating knowledge to develop new competences

May 2015

The protection of geographical indication is considered to be strategic for Brazil. The state of Santa Catarina, especially Goethe Grape Valley, was acknowledged as the first Geographical Indication (GI) to encourage various disciplinary studies, mainly from the view point of law, economy, intellectual property and regional impact. However, there is no evidence in interdisciplinary studies aimed to understand the...

Author(s): Cristina Keiko Yamaguchi, Adriana Carvalho Pinto Vieira, Melissa Watanabe and Patrícia de Sá Freire

The relationship between capacity utilization and value chain performance: Evidence from Kenyan tea processing firms

May 2015

Tea processing firms have increasingly recognized the role of capacity utilization and management in the creation and maintenance of competitive advantage. This study intended to determine the link between capacity utilization and value chain performance of tea processing firms. Specifically, the study determined the relationship between capacity utilization and value chain performance of tea processing firms in...

Author(s): Richard Bitange Nyaoga, Mingzheng Wang and Peterson Obara Magutu

Harmonising stakeholder interests: The role of occupational health and safety

May 2015

The concept of stake holding is grounded on the idea that, the organization depends on multiple constituents or stakeholders with varied interest that needs satisfaction to ensure its success and survival. Many scholars have indicated that the best deal for managers is to strive to satisfy the interests of all these stakeholders else organizations risk some stakeholders exiting the relationship. The difficulty has...

Author(s): Kwesi Amponsah-Tawiah and Justice Mensah

Management and labour relations in a context of competitive work environment: Evaluating the process of interests mediation in an oil refinery, Nigeria

April 2015

This Paper evaluates the normative assumptions of participation and joint consultation in an Oil Refinery, Nigeria, in the context of work re-organisation. In response to heightened operating challenges in the Oil Industry, Management and Labour in the corporation have adopted a new approach to labour relations in the corporation; Joint Consultative Council (JCC) has emerged as institutional framework to cope with the...

Author(s): Olusegun Oladeinde

Toward Sub-Sahara African negotiations and strategic interactions in the WTO

April 2015

The Multilateral Trading System (MTS) has faced challenges in streamlining the flow of goods and services around the world. The World Trade Organization (WTO) has aimed, as had its forerunner, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), to create a rules-based forum that oversees global trade. The WTO governance structure, which is based on some basic principles and rules, including the adoption of decisions by...

Author(s): Amadou Amdy Fall

Quality attribute and geographical indication of Agonlin oil (Agonlinmi) made in Benin

April 2015

The consumption frequency, the consumer’s income, the specific quality attribute and the consent to pay Agonlin oil, an oil of high standard made with a traditional knowledge is transferred from generation to generation in Agonlin region. According to its attributes, this oil has been evaluated through 400 consumers from 5 different districts or municipalities. The data collected have been analyzed thanks to a...

Author(s): Euloge VIDEGLA, Kamal GARBA, Anne FLOQUET, Hermann TOSSOU, Roch MONBGO and Fatiou TOUKOUROU

Decision making practices in the pharmaceutical sector: Implications for Uganda

April 2015

This paper is a preliminary analysis of decision making principles and practices with in the pharmaceutical industry. The subject of managerial decision making in the sector forms an important area of research and policy debate and it has of recent become a much prominent sector for obvious reasons. First, the pharmaceutical industry contributes to improving the citizen’s health outcomes and productivity. Second,...

Author(s): Gilbert Ohairwe, Benon C. Basheka and Charlotte M. Zikusooka

Managing firm growth: Lessons of success

April 2015

Firms that are both sustainable and able to grow rapidly are an important stimulus to any economy and essential for increasing employment opportunities. Theory and case studies describing high growth firms in the developed economies are vast. However, much less is known about high firm growth firms within developing economies. By identifying profitable high growth firms within a developing economy context and beginning...

Author(s): Marius Ungerer, Charlene Gerber and Suzette Volschenk

Entrepreneurial opportunities in the craft- distilling market in South Africa

March 2015

Opportunities for entrepreneurial entry into the craft-distilling product and market domains of the agricultural sector are presented in this study. Although the craft spirits industry in South Africa is currently in its infancy, the study is able to investigate potential entrepreneurial opportunities for such activities in the farming areas of the Western Cape Province. The first part of the study explores the supply...

Author(s): M. Ungerer, S.M. Kruger, S. Vorster and G. M. Mansfield

Regulatory perspective for deepening CSR disclosure practice in Nigeria

March 2015

The purpose of this study is to assess the need for a regulation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) disclosure practices of listed non-financial sector entities in Nigeria. Survey research method was adopted in the study. Information gathered from the primary source (questionnaire) was used to test the users’ perception on the need for a regulated practice in Nigeria. Both Content Validity and...

Author(s): ADEYEMI, Semiu Babatunde and AYANLOLA, Olumide Samuel

Information technology and e-risk of supply chain management

March 2015

Application of information and communication technology (ICT) is exponentially growing in Supply Chain Management (SCM) for increasing productivity and profitability in business. This growth of Information Technology in SCM has changed the paper based environment to Virtual Supply Chain, which is also generating electronic risks (e-risks) in form of cybercrime or fraud. Although, reducing the e-risks from huge data...

Author(s): T. N. Varma and D.A. Khan

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