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JLMA Articles

Determinants of farmers’ sustainable land management practices implementation in Sekoru District, Jimma Zone, Oromia National Regional State, Southwest Ethiopia

September 2022

The overall objective of the study is to assess the determinants of farmers’ implementation of sustainable land management practices. To achieve the objective of the study, cross sectional research design and mixed research approach were used. To answer research questions and attain those research objectives stated earlier, both primary and secondary data sources were employed. The primary data were gathered from...

Author(s): Muzamil Suleiman Sherif  

Institutional capacity as a barrier to deliver urban land for residential housing development in Ethiopia: The case of Amhara National Regional State Bahir Dar City

January 2022

Ethiopia is rapidly urbanizing, but the process is irregular and poorly controlled. Land issues are crucial to economic and social development, growth, poverty alleviation, and good governance. The purpose of this article was to look into the capacity of Bahir Dar's urban land administration institutions in terms of land delivery for urban housing development. It also tries to determine the limits of institutional...

Author(s): Mitiku Alemayehu Emiru  

Land tenure and its implications on Local Land Governance in Sierra Leone: A case study of Bombali District

December 2021

There exists a dual land tenure system in Sierra Leone. A freehold tenure regime operated in Western Area, co-exists with a customary land tenure that covers the provinces. The freehold system facilitates development of a cash economy; the customary system has been identified to inhibit the modernization of the large rural agrarian economic landscape. International development organizations strongly advocate land policy...

Author(s): Bankolay Theodore Turay and Romanus Dogkubong Dinye

Urban public land management from governance dimension: The case of Gelan and Lega Tafo Lega Dadi Towns

October 2021

This study is an assessment of Urban Public Land Management from Governance Dimension: The case of Gelan and Lega Tafo Lega Dadi Towns.  To achieve these objectives qualitative and quantitative research approach was employed to identify the gaps under urban public land management from governance dimension. Questionnaires, interview, focus group discussion, and secondary data were employed to collect data and these...

Author(s): Fraol Udessa, Dagnachew Adugna, Liku Workalemahu  

Assessment of housing demand and feasibility of establishing real estate business in Ethiopia

September 2021

Ethiopia’s fastest growing urban centers are challenged by highly growing level of demand for housing. The essential question is how can the country provide housing units in an efficient and affordable fashion to accommodate growing demand from businesses and individuals for diverse uses? Thus, the target of this study was to access housing demand and therefore...

Author(s): Kesto Dakito Alemu  

Soil survey and fertility assessment and mapping of Argo-Gedilala subwatershed in Dugda district, central rift valley of Ethiopia

June 2021

Detailed study on soil fertility assessment based on the understanding of the soil system are not available for the most part of Ethiopia. With the cognizance of this fact, the present study was conducted to assess the soil fertility status and to prepare the fertility map of Argo-Gedilala Sub watershed in Dugda District, Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia. Eighteen composite soil samples (0-20cm depth) were taken for...

Author(s): Bekele Abebe, Lemma Wogi, and Samuel Feyissa,

Sustainability assessment of land transactions and project benefits sharing in Papua New Guinea

June 2021

There is an increasing concern that land transactions in Papua New Guinea are perceived by some landowners and key government officials as unsustainable due to inequitable sharing of benefits among the tripartite stakeholders. This paper investigates issues surrounding the perceived inequality of benefits derived from land transactions in forestry, mining, oil and gas projects in the South Pacific country using...

Author(s): Imen I. Papa and Jacob A. Babarinde

Decolonizing land tenure systems in Sub-Saharan Africa: The path to modern land policy reforms

December 2020

Land tenure systems implemented in Africa today find their roots-one way or the other- in the complex colonial history of the continent. By a similar token, most African countries have embarked on land policy reforms to meet their current socio-economic, cultural, environmental and political needs and aspirations. Evidence from different parts of sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) supports this claim. This paper attempts to...

Author(s): Jacques Wilfried Kenfack Kenjio

Comparative analysis of risks and returns on residential property sub-market in Lagos: Case study of 1004 Estate

May 2019

The study appraised the viability of investing in residential real estate submarket in Lagos State, using the apartments in 1004 Estate as case study with a view to providing a guide for investors and portfolio managers on investment decision-making in Lagos. Lagos, a mega city being a point of attraction to real estate investors makes it necessary to undertake real estate investment performance evaluation. To achieve...

Author(s): Okonu Al-Ameen A., Umeh Obinna L., Akinwande Timothy O. and Muraina Oluwaseun A.  

Utilization of valuations for secured lending in Abuja, the federal capital city of Nigeria

March 2019

Utilization of secured lending valuations (SLV) by deposit money banks (DMBs) has not been sufficiently investigated in Abuja, Nigeria. Adequacy of the reports, factors influencing their use and how DMBs utilized them for loans were examined. Primary data collected from Estate Valuation (ESV) firms and DMBs were analyzed. Although the study showed that substantial portions of the report were adequate, crucial aspects...

Author(s): Babatunde Isaiah Olajide and Ajayi Cyril Ayodele

Effects of exchange rate volatility on medium/high income residential real estate investment returns In Nigeria

June 2017

This paper investigated the effects of Naira/Dollar exchange rate volatility on medium and high income residential real estate investment returns in Nigeria using EG ARCH model. It used time series data for an 11 year period between 2000 and 2010. The findings of the study reveal that exchange rate volatility has a significant negative effect on medium income and high income residential real estate investment returns in...

Author(s): Diala AO 

Home ownership determinants of the hausa-fulani ethnic group in Lagos, Nigeria

June 2017

Although many studies have been conducted in I he developed and developing world on the determinants of home ownership, very few attempts have been made to reveal these determinants in Nigeria. This study IK/.V designed to explore the determinants of home ownership among the Hausa-Fulani ethnic group lit Lagos, the most urbanized city in Nigeria, Multinomial Logit Model of three tenure choice alternatives of owning,...

Author(s): Gambo YL, Abayomi JO, Olusola OJ 

Application of Quantitative Risk Assessment Techniques in Property Investment Appraisal in Enugu Urban, Nigeria

June 2017

Property investment projects are frequently subjected to unpredictable future, encompassing uncertainties and various forms of risks which impact the anticipated level of returns that should compensate for risks taken by investors. The level of sophistication in property investment risk assessment is quite elementary compared to other investment media. This state of affairs has led to project failure and loan default by...

Author(s): Nnamani OC

Compliant to automated approach in managing residential income properties of Enugu State Housing Development Corporation (ESHDC)

June 2017

Prior to the emergence of automated management approach to real property administration, manual method of operation has been predominant in running the transactions of real property management in Nigeria, Increase in demand for quality and prompt services due to corresponding growth in housing needs are major issues facing Enugu Stale Housing Development Corporation (ESHDC). The study examined the use of automated...

Author(s): Anih PC

Effective land management as an indispensable tool for improved revenue in Enugu State

June 2017

The collapse of the global oil prices has compelled the various States and Local Governments Of Nigeria to seek alternative sources of revenue to augment the dwindling revenue allocations from the Federal Government. Land has been identified as the alternative source of revenue. Such revenue will come as direct income or tax revenue. The fund-based taxes include among others tenement rates, land use charge, capital gain...

Author(s): Onyike JA

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