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Biochemistry Research

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  • DOI: 10.5897/AJBR
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Table of Content: March 2009; 3(3)

March 2009

D-3-hydroxybutyrate oxidation in mitochondria by D-3-Hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase in Tetrahymena pyriformis

  Tetrahymena pyriformis a ciliated protozoan, is considered a good indicator of water pollution. However its energy supply is poorly understood. This work was focused on the metabolism of hydroxybutyrate through the study of the membrane bound mitochondrial NAD+-dependent D-3-hydroxybutyrate dehydro-genase (EC. (BDH), a ketone body catalysing enzyme involvedin the interconversion of...

Author(s): Omar Akil, Zakaria El Kebbaj, Norbert Latruffe and M’Hammed Saïd El Kebbaj

March 2009

Selected heavy metals and electrolyte levels in blood of workers and residents of industrial communities

  The study focused on the determination of the levels of lead, cadmium, sodium and potassium in the blood of selected industrial workers (n = 36), residents of the neighboring communities (n = 36) as well as the residents of the communities further away from any industrial setting (which controls) (n = 12). The subjects were recruited from the granite served as the, ceramic and cement industries at Ewekoro,...

Author(s): Babalola O. O and Babajide S. O

March 2009

Utilization of enzymes in the production of liquid sugar from dates

  Date palm fruits Phoenix dactylifera cultivated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were used for the production of high quality date syrup. This syrup is suitable for the manufacture of different food products. Date syrup was prepared from Reziz date (Soft variety) at different ratios of water/date (2:1, 2.5:1 and 3:1). Pectinase and cellulase were used to obtain the maximum date syrup extraction....

Author(s): Gamal A. El-Sharnouby  , Salah  M. Al-Eid  and  Mutlag M. Al – Otaibi 

March 2009

Toxicological effects of chlorpyrifos and methidathion in young chickens

  The objective of this work is assessment of the toxicological effects of the organophosphorus compounds (methidathion and chlorpyrifos) and the usefulness of some parameters as bioindicators. Haematology and serum biochemistry were assayed in 15 cockrels at random age of 4 - 6 weeks. The birds were randomly assigned to 3 oral (by mouth) pulse-dose treatments of 0, 3.5 mg/kg chlorpyrifos, and 7.5 mg/kg...

Author(s): Ojezele, Matthew Obaineh and Abatan, Oluwole Matthew

March 2009

Degradation of pyrimidine ribonucleosides by extracts of Aspergillus terreus

  Cell-free extracts of nitrate-grown mycelia of Aspergillus terreus could catalyze the hydrolytic deamination of cytidine to uridine and ammonia followed by the hydrolytic cleavage of the N-glycosidic bond of the produced uridine to the corresponding base (uracil) and ribose. The same extracts could not catalyze the hydrolytic deamination of cytosine. Addition of inorganic arsenate to the reaction...

Author(s): Osama M. Abdel-Fatah, Maysa A. Elsayed and Ali M. Elshafei

March 2009

Effect of 50 Hz electromagnetic fields on acid phosphatase activity

  The effect of extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic field (EMF) (50 Hz 0.5 mT) on the activity of acid phosphatase (EC was studied. In addition the factors affecting the enzyme activity such as the temperature, pH and substrate concentration were also investigated. The results show that ELF EMF have significant influence on enzyme activity. Upon EMF...

Author(s): K. S. Prashanth, T. R. S. Chouhan and Snehalatha Nadiger

March 2009

Lipid profile of a population of diabetic patients attending Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Clinic, Abuja

  This study was conducted to compare the lipid profile of diabetic patients and healthy controls. The lipid profiles and lipoprotein levels of 50 known diabetic patients and 50 healthy subjects were studied. Total cholesterol (TC), Triacylglycerols (TG), Low density lipoprotein-cholesterol (LDL-C), and high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) levels were assayed for each group using standard biochemical...

Author(s): Ugwu, C. E. , Ezeanyika, L. U. S., Daikwo, M. A. and Amana, R.

March 2009

The effect of allelic variation on forage quality of brown midrib sorghum mutants with reduced caffeic acid O-methyl transferase activity

  Sorghum brown midrib (bmr) mutants have reddish-brown vascular tissues in their leaves and stems as a result of changes in lignin content and subunit composition. Past research at Purdue University has generated a set of bmr sorghum mutants via chemical mutagenesis and established some to be allelic to each other. More recently, we identified additional spontaneous mutants in true breeding lines with...

Author(s):   R. K. Vogler, T. T. Tesso, K. D. Johnson and G. Ejeta