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Table of Content: 16 August, 2012; 6(31)

August 2012

Global status of rice root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne graminicola

In the recent past, rice root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne graminicola has attained wide importance due to its potential to cause major damage in rice-wheat cropping system. It has become an emerging problem in the nurseries and upland rice along with its widespread occurrence in the deepwater and irrigated rice in the different countries of Southeast Asia. Second stage juveniles (J2s) penetrate the roots...

Author(s): Tushar K. Dutta, Ajoy K. Ganguly and Hari S. Gaur

August 2012

Escherichia coli pathotypes among human immunodeficiency virus infected patients in the Limpopo Province

In the present study, Escherichia coli strains isolated from clinical samples including stool, sputum and urine from HIV and AIDS patients as well as the isolates from water samples were tested for the presence of putative virulence genes in association with biofilm production, antibiotic resistance and beta lactamase production. From a total of 139 E. coli isolates, Entero aggregative E....

Author(s): Samie A., Nkgau T. F., Bessong P. O., Obi C. L., Dillingham R. and Guerrant R. L.

August 2012

Detection, isolation and molecular characterisation of Shigatoxigenic O157 and non-O157 Escherichia coli in raw and fermented camel milk

Prevalence and distribution of Escherichia coli O157 and non-O157 Shiga toxin-producingEscherichia coli (STEC) in samples collected along raw and fermented camel milk marketing chain was assessed. A combination of culture media and immunomagnetic separation followed by typing for associated virulence factors and serotypes was performed. Thirty six percent (36%) of the isolates haboured either single or...

Author(s): P. M. K. Njage, C. Jans, J. Wangoh, C. Lacroix and L. Meile

August 2012

Isolation, characterisation and antifungal susceptibility pattern of Candida albicans and non albicans Candida from Integrated counseling and testing centre (ICTC) patients

The present study was designed to isolate, characterize and perform the antifungal susceptibility pattern for Candida albicans and non albicans Candida among the patients who visited the Integrated Counseling and Testing Centre (ICTC) at Sendamangalam Primary Health Centre, Namakkal. Vaginal swabs were obtained from 125 women in the age group of 16 to 49 years and a detailed clinical history was...

Author(s): Arul Sheeba Malar S., Viswanathan T., Malarvizhi A., Lavanya V. and Moorthy K.

August 2012

Investigating the effects of humic acid and acetic acid foliar application on yield and leaves nutrient content of grape (Vitis vinifera)

In order to study the effects different concentration of humic acid and acetic acid foliar application on yield and leaves nutrient content of grape (Vitis vinifera), a field experimental in randomized complete block design with three replications was conducted in 2010. Foliar application treatments were T1: Control, T2: Acetic acid (1000 mg kg-1), T3: Humic acid (300 mg kg-1), T4: Acetic acid (1000 mg kg-1) + Humic...

Author(s): Ahmad Asgharzade and Mahdi Babaeian

August 2012

Screening of Lactobacillus rhamnosus strains mutated by microwave irradiation for increased lactic acid production

The present study focused on using microwave radiation to produce mutant strains ofLactobacillus rhamnosus with increased lactic acid production. At microwave radiation frequency 2450-MHz and irradiation time 3 min, an L (+)-lactic acid high-yield mutant, W4-3-9, was obtained. With glucose as the sole carbon source, production of lactic acid and L-(+)-lactic acid by the W4-3-9 strain was 1.5-fold greater than that...

Author(s): Hailong Lin,, Xianming Chen, Lijie Yu, Wei Xu, Peng Wang, Xing Zhang, Weiguang Li, Caihua Li and Nanqi Ren

August 2012

Pilot study of constructed wetlands for tertiary wastewater treatment using duckweed and immobilized microalgae

Duckweed-microalgae constructed wetland (DM-CW) was a continuous flow pilot wetland used in wastewater phytoremediation assays. This study investigated the microbial and chemical wastewater quality before and after treatment in order to evaluate the DM-CW efficiency. Results indicated that with 3 days as hydraulic residence time, the hydraulic efficiency was high and allowed significant removal for chemical and...

Author(s): Moez Bouali, Ines Zrafi, Feki Mouna and Amina Bakhrouf

August 2012

Purification and characterization of a novel cold-adapted lipase from Burkholderia anthina NT15

A cold-adapted lipase (LIP-BA) of Burkholderia anthina NT15 was purified by using PEG1000/potassium phosphate based aqueous two-phase systems, chromatography separation on a DEAE-cellulose-32 column and a Sephadex G100 column. Molecular weight of LIP-BA was determined to be approximately 44.5 kDa by SDS-PAGE. The optimum temperature for the activity of Lipase-BA was found to be 30°C. The optimum pH for the...

Author(s): Dayong Jin, Zhaohui Wang, Jun Cao and Lijuan Yu

August 2012

Study the prevalence of torque teno (TT) virus infection in patients with hematological malignancies

Torque Teno (TT) virus infection may increase the risk of different types of leukemia. In this study the infective markers of TT virus, hepatitis B virus (HBV), and hepatitis C virus (HCV) were evaluated in patients with different types of leukemia in comparison with controls. In this cross sectional study Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA)-treated blood samples were collected from 163 patients with leukemia...

Author(s): Kambiz Bagheri, Ramin Yaghobi, Mohammad Hossein Karimi, Behnam Mohammadi and Mani Ramzi

August 2012

Serological survey of cattle brucellosis in Eldein, eastern Darfur, Sudan

The study was carried out to determine the prevalence of the brucellosis in cattle in Eldein area, Eastern Darfur state, Western Sudan. Rose Bengal Plate Test (RBPT), Serum Agglutination Test (SAT) and Competitive Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay (cELISA) were used for the diagnosis of the disease.  RBPT showed 21 (8.4%) positive results, SAT showed 50(20%) positive sample and cELISA showed 5(2%) positive...

Author(s): Mahmoud Abdalla Senein and Atif Elamin Abdelgadir

August 2012

Soil carbon, nitrogen and microbial biomass dynamics of subalpine Abies fabri forest in Gongga Mountain, Southwest Chin

Soil organic carbon (SOC), soil microbial biomass C, soil total nitrogen (N), NH4+-N and NO3--N dynamics were measured in subalpine Abies fabri forest at different growth phases which include the mature forest (MF, 3100 m a.s.l.), the middle age forest (MAF, 2998 m a.s.l.) and the succession forest of mixed Abies fabri and Populus purdomii Rehd(SF, 2947 m a.s.l.) of Gongga Mountain, Southwest...

Author(s): Feipeng Xiao, and Weijun Huang

August 2012

Change in physiological cellular state of halophilic Bacillus sp. under long marine stress starvation conditions

The aim of this study is to give insight about the effect of long marine stress starvation conditions in the physiological responses of three potential halophilic probiotic Bacillusisolates isolated from Artemia culture. Bacteria were cultured in sterilized seawater and incubated at ambient temperature for one year. The obtained results showed that the isolates viability was maintained...

Author(s): Abdelkarim Mahdhi#, Rihab Ben Slama#, Nadia Leban and Amina Bakhrouf

August 2012

A strategy to discover potential nematicidal fumigants based on toxic volatiles from nematicidal bacteria

An efficient strategy of discovering potential nematicidal compounds based on bacterial volatiles was reported and demonstrated. Three thousand and eight hundred bacterial strains isolated from 187 agricultural soil samples were taken as a pool to screen the antagonists of nematodes producing toxic volatiles, which resulted in 438 strains with nematicidal activity toward two target nematodes Panagrellus...

Author(s): Ma Li#, Fu Wen, #, Huang Ying, Mo Ming He, XI Jia Qin, Duan Yan Qing, Fang Dun Huang and Yang Shu Hui