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Table of Content: 4 December, 2012; 6(46)

December 2012

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and plant root exudates bio-communications in the rhizosphere

The pre-symbiosis of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) is induced by the production of specific plant root exudates. Mycorrhizal fungi symbiotic relationships have many benefits to the plants. These benefits include, improved plant growth and developments, and enhanced plant tolerance to several diseases. Over the pre-symbiotic phase, the root releases essential metabolites necessary for fungal growth and root...

Author(s): Monther Mohumad Tahat and Kamaruzaman Sijam

December 2012

Effects of Fe, Zn, Mg and manure on seed germination characters of barley (Hordeum vulgare)

In order to study the effect of interaction of micro and macro elements on soil chemical properties, grain yield and yield components in barley, an experiment was conducted as split plot design on randomized complete block design with three replications in research field of Zabol University, 2008. Different proportions of manure and chemical fertilizer treatment were composed of: 100% manure (F1), 100% chemical...

Author(s): Mahdi Babaeian, Abolfazl Tavassoli, Yasser Essmaeilian and Mehdi Javaheri

December 2012

Evaluation of the synergistic haemolytic activity of phospholipase D produced by Corynebacteruim pseudotuberculosis

Phospholipase D (PLD) is the major virulence factor in Corynebacteruim pseudotuberculosis that exhibit synergistic haemolysis (SH) of sheep blood cells in the presence of products from Rhodococcus equi. To evaluate the correlation between SH activity and the actual concentration of PLD involved in culture supernatants of C. pseudotuberculosis obtained from sheep with Caseous Lymphadenitis (CLA)...

Author(s): Selim S. A., Mousa W. M., Mohamed Kh F. Ashgan M. H., , Al-Arafaj A. A. and Moussa I. M.

December 2012

Mycological quality of commercially prepared and self compounded poultry feeds in Sokoto Metropolis, Sokoto, Nigeria

Evidences arising from epidemiological studies as well as from detailed experimental investigations have indicated that there is strong relationship between certain feed ingredients and incidence of fungal infections. Over a 12 month period, a total of two hundred and thirty nine poultry feed samples comprising of two hundred and four commercially prepared and thirty five self compounded feeds were collected from...

Author(s): Aliyu, R. M, Abubakar, M. B, Adamu, A. Y and Egwu, E. O

December 2012

Molecular characterization of polygalacturonase producing Klebsiella and Staphylococcus species by 16S rRNA sequencing collected from rotten fruits and vegetables

Pectinases are of commercial importance due to their application in manufacturing fruit juices (apple/ citrus), paper, textile and jute retting for its up gradation. The main thrust idea of the present study was concerned with the isolation of bacteria from different habitats for the production of the enzyme polygalacturonase. 16 bacterial colonies selected from preliminary screening by well plate method were subjected...

Author(s): Zakia Latif and Muhammad Sohail 

December 2012

Rhodotorula mucilaginosa as a new biocatalyst for asymmetric reduction of acetophenone

The biocatalysts for asymmetric reduction of aromatic ketones were successfully screened from soil samples polluted by substituted acetophenones. 12 strains could asymmetrically reduce acetophenone into phenethanol, while only strain YS62 possessed the best performance of reducing acetophenone into (S)-1-phenethanol. It was identified as Rhodotorula mucilaginosa based on phenotypic and genetics characteristics...

Author(s): Jia Bi-Hong, Li Ke, Xing Ya-Ge, Li Ming-Yuan, Ma Li, Che Zhen-Ming and Xiang Wen-Liang,

December 2012

First report on the nematode-trapping fungus, Arthrobotrys javanica, from the Soil of Ulleung Island, Korea

Arthrobotrys javanica captures nematodes in adhesive networks. This fungus was isolated from the soil around the root of Dystaenia takeshimana in Ulleung Island, South Korea. It produces 1-septate conidia with a size of 31.1 × 12.0 µm on a candelabrum-like apical branch. This feature distinguishes A. javanica from other species of Arthrobotrys. Chlamydospores...

Author(s): Hai-Yan Wu, Dong-Geun Kim and Xun-Bo Zhou

December 2012

Mucoid impaction of bronchi with Aspergillus (A case mimicking lung cancer)

Thirty two year-old male, immunocompetent patient was admitted to the hospital with complaints of cough, dyspnea, nocturnal fever and anorexia. The chest radiography and computerized tomography revealed a mass lesion with adjacent parenchymal infiltrations suggesting lung cancer of the right lower lobe, initially. Bronchoscopy demonstrated the presence of an intraluminal mucoid mass in superior segmental...

Author(s): Hilal Ermis, MD, Muhammet Reha Celik, MD, Gazi Gulbas, MD, Deniz Tavli, MD, Zeynep Ayfer Aytemur, MD and  N. Engin Aydın, MD