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Microbiology Research

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  • ISSN: 1996-0808
  • DOI: 10.5897/AJMR
  • Start Year: 2007
  • Published Articles: 5233

Table of Content: 5 August, 2015; 9(31)

August 2015

Lactic acid bacteria associated with the digestive tract and skin of Sea bream (Sparus aurata) cultured in Tunisia

Thirty-seven (37) enterococcal isolates were recovered from the skin and intestines of the sea bream (Sparus aurata), the most economically important fish species of the Mediterranean sea from Tunisian fish farming sites, to investigate their antimicrobial potential. All isolates were identified to the species level using genotypic tools. An investigation employing 16S rDNA sequencing in combination with randomly...

Author(s): Ouissal Chahad Bourouni, Jorge Barros-Velàzquez, Pilar Calo-Mata and Monia El Bour

August 2015

Culturable bacterial diversity and hydrolytic enzymes from drass, a cold desert in India

Bacterial diversity of composite soil sample of drass was explored and screened for various hydrolytic enzymes. About 600 bacterial strains were isolated using six different growth media, that is, R2A, nutrient agar, King’s B media, tryptic soy agar, Luria-Bertani agar and minimal media (100 isolates picked randomly from each media). These bacterial isolates were further differentiated on the basis of...

Author(s): Puja Gupta and Jyoti Vakhlu

August 2015

Isolation and optimization of amylase producing bacteria and actinomycetes from soil samples of Maraki and Tewedros campus, University of Gondar, North West Ethiopia

The objective of the present study was to isolate, identify and optimize potential amylase producing bacteria and actinomycetes from soil samples. The soil samples were collected from Maraki and Tewedros campus, University of Gondar. Isolation was done by serial dilution and spread plate method. Primary screening of amylolytic activity of the isolates was performed by starch agar plate method. The submerged state...

Author(s): Gebreselema Gebreyohannes

August 2015

Action of proteases of the nematophagous fungi Pochonia chlamydosporia on Ascaris suum eggs of collared peccary (Pecari tajacu)

Among the parasites of domestic and wild swine, Ascaris suum stands out; a nematode that can lead to growth retardation and reduction in weight gain due to its action, especially in young animals. The objective of this study was to test the ovicidal action of proteases from Pochonia chlamydosporia (VC4) on A. suum eggs in an assay with Petri dishes. The fungus P. chlamydosporia (VC4) was grown in Erlenmeyers flasks with...

Author(s): Filippe Elias de Freitas Soares, José Humberto de Queiroz, Jackson Victor de Araújo, Maria Gorete Ramos Rodrigues, Alexandre de Oliveira Tavela, Anderson Rocha Aguiar, Tracy Lacerda,  Carolina Magri Ferraz, Maria Cristina Valdetaro Rangel,  Thiago Senna, Andreia Luíza Araújo, Tarcízio de Paula Rego, Caio Colodette Sena and Fabio Ribeiro Braga