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Table of Content: November 2008; 2(11)

November 2008

Identification and initial characterization of a copper resistant South African mine isolate

South African mine isolates were screened for resistance to copper, and an isolate showing the highest resistance was identified as Proteus mirabilis, a Gram-negative bacterium, by 16S rDNA gene analysis and Biolog test. A higher minimal inhibitory copper concentration at 150 mg/ml was obtained using Vätäänen-Nine-Salts-Solution as a less complex medium. Studies pertaining to the copper...

Author(s): A. O. Ojo, E. van Heerden and L. A. Piater

November 2008

Incidence of aerobic bacteria and Candida albicans in post-operative wound infections

The aim of the study was to isolate aerobic bacteria and Candida albicans from post-operative wounds, establish the antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of isolated bacterial agents and proffer ways and means for the prevention of post-operative wound infections.  A total of 350 swab specimens from post-operative wounds of consenting patients in Central Hospital, Benin City, were screened for the presence...

Author(s): Jonathan Osariemen Isibor, Ashietu Oseni, Adevbo Eyaufe, RachaelOsagie and Ahmadu Turay

November 2008

Quantitative effect of ‘abafe’ (Piliostigma thionnigii) and ‘agehu’ (Khaya ivorensis) leaves on the microbial load of dry-yam ‘gbodo’

The quantitative effect of ‘abafe’ (Piliostigma thionnigii) and ‘agehu’ (Khaya ivorensis) leaves (fresh or dried; singly or combined) on the microbial load of dry-yam ‘gbodo’ was studied.  The treated samples had lower microbial loads (>10 to 104 cfu/g) (total plate count, fungal count and staphylococcal count) compared to that of an untreated sample...

Author(s): Babajide, J. M., Atanda, O. O, Ibrahim, T. A., Majolagbe, H. O. and   Akinbayode, S. A.

November 2008

Evaluation of Beauveria bassiana isolates for virulence against Spodoptera litura (Fab.) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and their characterization by RAPD-PCR

Beauveria bassiana is a known natural enemy of a number of insect pests of crop plants.  Molecular markers provide a means for constructing the molecular phylogeny, diversity and link to virulent phenotypes in order to screen different isolates of any given entomopathogens. Twenty-seven isolates of B. bassianaisolated from different insect hosts and from different geographical origins were characterized...

Author(s): Gurvinder Kaur and V. Padmaja

November 2008

Microbial solubilization of Ogun rock phosphate in the laboratory and in soil

Biological solubilization of rock phosphate is more environmentally friendly than acidulation. There is a need therefore to develop a microbial process that will make phosphorus available for plant use with minimum pollution to the environment. Solubilization of phosphorus (P) from Ogun rock phosphate (ORP) in a defined growth medium and in soil was carried out to evaluate the potential of a mixed culture of soybean and...

Author(s): L. B. Taiwo and M. Ogundiya

November 2008

Antimicrobial susceptibility and genetic relatedness of Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Mbandaka strains, isolated from a swine finishing farm in Greece

The current study investigated the antimicrobial susceptibility of Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Mbandaka (Salmonella Mbandaka) isolated from finishing swines in Greece. Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) was used to examine the genetic relatedness of the isolates. The study was carried out for 1 year as part of a project focusing on antimicrobial resistance of salmonellae...

Author(s): G. Filioussis, E. Petridou, A. Johansson, G. Christodoulopoulos and S. K. Kritas

November 2008

Genotyping of bovine viral diarrhea virus using multiplex PCR, with and without RNA extraction

Bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) is a very important viral disease, which constitutes a major problem worldwide due to the carrier state and due to its misdiagnosis with other viruses. The goal of the current study was to detect and serotype BVDV through multiplex PCR with and without RNA extraction, due to the fact that extraction of RNA may be laborious. Blood samples were taken from 100 randomly-selected animals,...

Author(s): Kawther S. A. Zaher

November 2008

In vitro solubilization of insoluble fluorides by selected fungi

The ability of three species of Penicillium, isolated from soil, and Fusarium solanito solubilize insoluble fluorides was studied. All three Penicillium species and F.solani were capable of solubilizing calcium fluoride and fluorite. A single species ofPenicillium and F. solani also solubilized a range of insoluble fluoride compounds. The ability...

Author(s): Sulaiman Ali Alharbi