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Table of Content: 22 April, 2012; 6(15)

April 2012

EC50 of adrenaline-atenolol: Functional agonist assay using Langendorff isolated rabbit heart tethered to powerLab data acquisition system

The purpose of this study was to determine the mean EC50 of adrenaline on heart rate and force of contraction of isolated New Zealand white rabbit hearts and to determine the concentration of atenolol that completely blocks the effect of adrenaline using one of modern physiological acquisition system, PowerLab, AD instrumnets. Twelve Isolated hearts from New Zealand white rabbits were perfused through aorta in a...

Author(s): Abdullah S. Shatoor, Fahaid AL-Hashem, Abbas Elkarib, Hussein Sakr and Mahmoud Alkhateeb

April 2012

Systemic taurine prevents brain from lipopolysaccharide-induced lipid peroxidation in rats

Lipopolysaccharide (LPS), the major component of the outer membran of Gram-negative bacteria, can reproduce neuroinflammation and leads to oxidative stress in brain. Becausetaurine exhibits antioxidative properties, in this study, we aimed to evaluate the protective effects of taurine at the subtoxic dose of lipopolysaccharide-induced lipid peroxidation and oxidative stress. We measured malondialdehyde (MDA),...

Author(s): Ferihan Cetin, Sibel Dincer, Ramazan Ay and Sevin Guney

April 2012

Effect of Teucrium polium flower extract on the activities of nucleoside diphosphate kinase and acetyl-CoA carboxylase in normal and diabetic rats

Teucrium polium L. (TP) has been used for the treatment of diabetes, gastric inflammation and convulsion in traditional medicine. The aim of this study was to assess in vivo effects ofaqueous and ethanolic extracts of TP flower on activities of acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACC), nucleoside diphosphate kinase (NDPK), insulin and serum glucose levels in normal and diabetic rats. The experimental...

Author(s): Soleiman Mahjoub, Saied Davari, Zoleika Moazezi and Durdi Qujeq

April 2012

Effect of erythropoietin (EPO) on plasticity of nervous synapse in CA1 region of hippocampal of vascular dementia (VaD) rats

The effects of erythropoietin (EPO) on plasticity of nervous synapse in CA1 region of hippocampal of vascular dementia (VaD) rats were studied. The Wistar rats reaching standard were randomly divided into three groups: Sham control group, VaD group, VaD + EPO injection treatment (E) group. The bilateral common carotid arteries of rats were permanently ligated to establish VaD model. Special study and memory were...

Author(s): Shuqi Huang, Fei Zhao, Zhengqing Zhao and Xuewei Xie

April 2012

A pharmaco-epidemiological survey of commonly used veterinary drugs in Southern Nigeria

A pharmaco-epidemiological survey was carried out on the commonly used veterinary drugs in Nigeria. This study was necessitated by the dearth of information regarding the side effects of the commonly used veterinary drugs in Nigeria. It has been noticed that most of the drugs used in the country were imported from developed countries. Though the drugs have been tested for side effects, it has not taken into cognizance...

Author(s): Arowolo, R. O. A., Odia, O. F. and Soetan, K. O.

April 2012

Improving the physicomechanical properties of psyllium husk and evaluation its ret+arding properties on a water-soluble model drug

Psyllium is a natural polysaccharide which is administered as bulk laxative. This study wasundertaken to investigate psyllium's physicomechanical properties and also evaluation of its retardant properties. Several formulations containing variable amounts of psyllium and excipients examined to achieve optimized formulations. Then flowability, friability and hardness of prepared formulations were studied. Ultimately...

Author(s): Farzaneh Rafie, Behzad Jafari and Yousef Javadzadeh

April 2012

Postprandial hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic effects of Allium hertifolium and Sesamum indicum on hypercholesterolemic rabbits

Oxidative stress associated with postprandial hyperlipidemia contributes to endothelial dysfunction, which shifts hemostasis to a more thrombogenic state. The present study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of Allium hertifolium and Sesamum indicum on postprandial lipemic, glycemic profile and endothelial markers in hypercholesterolemic rabbits. A total of 32 male rabbits were randomized...

Author(s): Sedigheh Asgari, Mahbubeh Setorki, Mahmoud Rafieian-kopaei, Esfandiar Heidarian, Najmeh Shahinfard, Roya Ansari and Zahra Forouzandeh

April 2012

Roles of toll-like receptor 4 and immunomodulatory hormones in bovine endometritis

The aim of the study is to explore the role of Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) and immunomodulatory hormones in bovine endometritis. The bovine endometrial epithelial cell model (BenEpC) was used in the study. After contamination by Escherichia coli, BenEpCs were randomly divided into several groups according to the different concentration of 17-β estradiol (E2) treatment and the different stimulation,...

Author(s): Shan Liu, Zhigang Zuo, Zhengtao Yang, Bo Liu and Naisheng Zhang

April 2012

In-vitro pharmacological study and preliminary phytochemical profile of Viola canescens Wall. Ex Roxb

The crude ethanolic extract of Viola canescens whole plant was evaluated for their analgesic, gastrointestinal motility and preliminary phytochemical profile. The analgesic effect was assessed in mice, using acetic acid induced writhing test at a dose of 50, 100 and 200 mg/kg; the effect on GIT motility was tested in mice using activated charcoal as marker, as due to its black color the distance traveled in...

Author(s): Barkatullah, Muhammd Ibrar, Niaz Ali, Naveed Muhammad and Maryam Ehsan

April 2012

Attitude and opinion of Nigerian community pharmacists to self medication practices

This study evaluated the attitude and opinion of Nigerian community pharmacists on self medication practices with respect to the definition, advantages and disadvantages of self medication, ailments for which self medication should be allowed, as well as measures that may be instituted to ensure appropriate self medication practices. Pretested structured questionnaires were administered to licensed community pharmacists...

Author(s): T. O. Fakeye, R. Adisa and S. J. S Showande

April 2012

Efficacy of different herbal preparations of Azadarachta indica Juss. on a 4-day schizontocidal test on Plasmodium Berghei

A four-day 4 suppressive schizontocidal test for anti malarial activity against Swiss albino mice infected with chloroquine sensitive strain (NK-65) of Plasmodium berghei was used to monitorin vivo response to different modes of preparing herbal remedies using the stem and bark ofAzadarachta indica Juss. Four recognized modes of preparing anti malarial remedies from A. indica were tested...

Author(s): J. K. EBIGWAI, E. A. EDU, M. E. ILLONDU, A. NTA, U. Udensi and E. E. OKU

April 2012

Influence of preparation methods on the yield, components and antioxidant activities of polysaccharides from Palmaria palmata

The aim of this study was to clarify the influences of extraction methods and ethanolconcentrations of precipitation on the extraction ratios, components and antioxidant activities ofpolysaccharides from Palmaria palmate. Based on the DPPH/hydroxyl radicals scavenging tests, the order of antioxidant activities of extracts was A75 (microwave-assisted extraction (MAE) with 75% ethanol...

Author(s): Zhong-rui Li, Bin Wang, Qi-hong Zhang, Jia-hui Ma and Li Li

April 2012

Cytotoxic and renoprotective flavonoid glycosides from Horwoodia dicksoniae

Three flavonoid glycosides and one aglycone were isolated from the ethanol extract (EE) ofHorwoodia dicksoniae (Brassicaceae), for the first time, and their structures were established from negative ESI-MS, 1H-, 13C-NMR and DEPT as luteolin 7-O-β-D-glucopyranoside (1), luteolin 6-C-β-D-galactopyranoside (2), apigenin 6-C-β-D-galactopyranoside (3) and luteolin (4). The SRB cytotoxicity assay...

Author(s): Ghada Ahmed Fawzy, Areej Mohammed Al-Taweel, Nayira Ahmed Abdel Baky, and Mohamed Sobhy Marzouk  

April 2012

Baicalin inhibited nuclear factor κB (NF-κB) activation and attenuated sodium taurocholate of induced experimental pancreatitis in rats

Nuclear factor κB (NF-κB) plays a critical role in development of acute pancreatitis. Baicalin, a root extract of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi, had protective effects in a rat model of severe acute pancreatitis (SAP). This study investigated the influence of baicalin on pancreatitis and the mechanism of anti-inflammatory effects associated with NF-κB activation. Sixty rats were assigned to...

Author(s): Shu-guang Zhao, Hui-yan Li, Zhen-xiong Liu, Jing-jie Wang, Xv-xia Wang, Ming Qin,Bao-min Zhao, Hua Tang and Qin-sheng Wen

April 2012

Quantitative determination of diosgenin in Dioscorea zingiberensis cell cultures by microplate-spectrophotometry and high-performance liquid chromatography

Quantitative determination of diosgenin was carried out by multi-well microplate-spectrophotometry and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) in this study. Diosgenin detection by microplate-spectrophotometry depended on the formed yellow substance developed by perchloric acid, and measured at 410 nm. The calibration graph was linear over the range of 2 to 10 μg diosgenin in each well with correlation...

Author(s): Peiqin Li, Yan Mou, Shiqiong Lu, Weibo Sun, Jingfeng Lou, Chunhui Yin and Ligang Zhou

April 2012

Determination of mineral and toxic heavy elements in different brands of black tea of Pakistan

Camellia sinensis (Tea) has attracted attention of consumers and food manufacturers for its health benefits and physiological effects. Evidences are found that heavy metals are present in tea. Both metallic and non metallic elements are essential for human growth and development within certain permissible limits; harm to humans is expected due to change in this allowable limit. Twelve black tea samples (open and...

Author(s): Shabir Ahmad, Jameel Ahmed Khader, Syeda Sarah Gilani, Samia Khan, Shumaila Noor, Riaz Ullah, Iqbal Hussain, Farina Kanwal , Hussain Ullah and Ziarat Shah