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Table of Content: August 2013; 7(8)

August 2013

Description and morphometric analysis of a novel species of Ophrys (Orchidaceae) from Hymettus, Greece

  An orchid from Mt. Hymettus in Athens, Greece was isolated and described as new in science. The plant, Ophrys dicipulus (sp. nova), a scolopaxoid orchid, morphologically related to the Ophrys heldreichii group was encountered in three distinct locations within an enclosed and previously uncharacterized area of 259000 m2 on the slopes of Mt. Hymettus. The study to...

Author(s): Michael T. Valahas

August 2013

Test modeling of the growth of self-fertilized embryos of Phaseolus vulgaris L. and Phaseolus coccineus L. genotypes

  Biologists usually rely on modelling tools as well as simulation to try to understand the behaviour of biological phenomena theories. In this research study, we focus on the development and study of mathematical models from environmental problems about genotypes of Phaseolus coccineus L. (NI16 and NI1108) and Phaseolus vulgaris L. (NI637 and X707). Interspecific crosses and...


August 2013

Contribution of plant species in homestead farms, to food security and sustainability in Ebonyi state – South eastern Nigeria.

  A three Agricultural Zone (Abakaliki, Afikpo and Ohoazzara) exploratory survey of useful plant species in three compound farms in 12 communities in Ebonyi State of Nigeria was conducted to develop a plant species inventory study so as to assess the contribution of plant species in homestead farm to food security and stability in the State. A total of 156 different plant species including 63 woody plant...

Author(s): B. A. Essien, J. B. Essien, J. C. Nwite, J. U. Ogbu, S. N. Okereke and M. U. Agunannah

August 2013

The effect of pre-treatments on the germination and early seedlings growth of Acacia auriculiformis Cunn. Ex. Benth

  Acacia auriculiformis Cunn. Ex. Benth is a multipurpose wattle tree with diverse environmental and ecological significance. However, seeds dormancy and low germination percentage are problems for its use in agro-forestry practices. Investigations were carried out on the effect of pre - treatment on the germination and early seedlings growth of A. auriculiformis. Germination were observed in seeds...

Author(s): Olatunji D., Maku J. O. and Odumefun O. P.

August 2013

Shoot growth behaviour of selected trees and shrub species along an altitudinal gradient in Kumaun Himalaya, India

  This paper reports on the shoot diameter and shoot elongation of common 10 trees and 9 shrubs species of 6 natural forests occurring between 350 to 2500 m in Kumaun Himalaya. The findings indicated that over 90% shoot elongation was accomplished prior to the commencement of rainy season in a majority of species. The average values of diameter increment were similar for canopy and subcanopy species...

Author(s): Sanjay Kumar and Lalit M. Tewari

August 2013

Vegetation structure in summer of Tehsil Takht-e-Nasrati plains, district Karak, Pakistan

  Community structure is a key marker of long-term vegetation change in ecosystem. In the present investigation, 11 plant communities were recorded in plains area. The cluster analysis gives rise to 5 groups on the basis of important value and 4 groups on basis of soil. The vegetation changed with change of distance. As a whole in plains, the CZS community was developed. There were 6 tree, 7 shrub and 19 herb...

Author(s): Musharaf Khan and Farrukh Hussain

August 2013

Characterization and selection of upland rice germplasm under low and high soil phosphorous (p) and nitrogen (n) environments

  A total of 389 accessions and a local cultivar Duorado precoce were evaluated in a simple 30 × 13 alpha lattice design with two replications under four experimental environments (N-P-, no N or P application; N-P+, P applied; N+P-, N applied and N+P+, both N and P applied) at the rate of 60 kg P and 90 kg N ha-1. Data was recorded on Days to heading, anthesis and maturity (days), P and N...

Author(s): Kimani J. M., Tongoona P. and Derera J.

August 2013

In vitro anthelminthic activities of four medicinal plants against Haemonchus contortus

  In vitro experiments were conducted to determine the anthelmintic effects of crude aqueous extracts of the leaves of Carissa spinarum and Azadrichta indica, fruits ofPhytolacca dodecandra and stem bark of Acacia tortilis on eggs and adults ofHaemonchus contortus using egg hatch assay and mortality of adult parasite. Extracts of the leaves of C....

Author(s): Abdi Mohammed, Abebe Wossene, Mirutse Giday, Getachew Tilahun and Nigatu Kebede

August 2013

Effect of water deficit on relationship between yield and physiological attributes of banana cultivars and hybrids

  This study examined the relationship between the yield reduction by chlorophyll stability index (CSI), membrane stability index (MSI) and relative water content (RWC). The field experiment was conducted at National Research Centre for banana to screen the banana cultivars and hybrids for water deficit tolerance and to elucidate information on growth attributes mechanism of banana cultivars and hybrids. Water...

Author(s): K. Krishna Surendar, D. Durga Devi, I. Ravi, P. Jeyakumar and K. Velayudham

August 2013

Biosystematic relationships among Psathrostachys, Critesion and Hordelymus in Hordeinae (Poaceae) based on the anatomical characteristics of leaf blades

  The anatomical characteristics of leaf blades of the major species of Psathyrostachys,Critesion and Hordelymus in Hordeinae were examined, their similarities and differences on the leaf blades were summarized, and the taxonomic significance of leaf anatomical features among them also were discussed. Furthermore, according to the evolutionary trends of anatomical characteristics of three...

Author(s): Xu SU, Yu-ping LIU and Ke-long Chen,

August 2013

Determination and isolation of protein from different fractions of defatted groundnut oil cake

  Groundnut is the major oilseed in India. Groundnut has a high amount of protein (26%), and it is a good source of calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and boron. After extracting oil, the cake was only used as cattle feed or livestock, hence in the present study protein was isolated by different fractions of defatted groundnut oil cake because of its higher protein content. Sodium dodecyl sulphate polyacrylamide...

Author(s): Kalpana Devi B., Vidhya R. and Jaganmohan R.

August 2013

Vegetational structure and plant diversity relation in a sub-alpine region of Garhwal Himalaya, Uttarakhnad India

  The present study investigated the community structure of a sub- alpine region of Mandal Valley (2200 to 3000 m) along the altitudinal gradient in Garhwal Himalay abased on analytic and synthetic characters. Poa annua  was dominant and Potentilla fulgence wasco- dominant along the altitudinal gradient, indicating that most...

Author(s): A. S. Bisht and A. B. Bhat