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Plant Science

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  • ISSN: 1996-0824
  • DOI: 10.5897/AJPS
  • Start Year: 2007
  • Published Articles: 806

Table of Content: May 2014; 8(5)

May 2014

The effect of salinity (NaCl) on germination and early seedling growth of Lathyrus sativus and Pisum sativum var. abyssinicum

High salt level of a germination medium may induce a reduction, delay and even complete inhibition of germination due to osmotic effect and/or ion toxicity. The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of salinity due to NaCl on germination and early seedling growth of two crops, Pisum sativum var. abyssinicum and Lathyrus sativus. Seeds of these two crops were treated with NaCl induced saline germinating...

Author(s): Berhanu Abraha Tsegay and Berhane Gebreslassie

May 2014

Effect of seed-borne fungi on germination and seedling vigour of watermelon (Citrullus lanatus thumb)

The effect of Mucor racemosus and Rhizopus nigricans inoculation (g and 0.1 g L-1 distilled water) and a seed dressing fungicide Seedplus® (1.25 g 0.5 kg-1 seeds) on germination and seedling vigour of watermelon (cv. Chaliston gray) was investigated. The experiment involved a complete randomized design (CRD) with three replicates. It was confirmed that the combined inocula with higher density caused significantly...

Author(s): S. T. Anjorin and M. Mohammed

May 2014

Study on the biochemical effects of barley fiber on the hypercholesterolaemic rats

Chemical compositions and nutritive value of Barley (Hordeum vulgare) samples (barley grain and barley hull) were determined by proximate analysis. The percentage value of moisture, ash, protein, fat, fiber, cellulose, lignin and carbohydrate in barley whole grain and hull is deliberated. Moreover, evaluation of functional properties of barley, anti-hypercholesterolaemic effect of barley hull high fiber diet is studied....

Author(s): Sakhawat Ali, Saima Nazir, Shumaila Usman, Zahida Nasreen, Ume Kalsoom and Tanzeela Inam

May 2014

Noni: A new medicinal plant for the tropics

Noni (Morinda citrifolia L.) is a tropical plant belonging to the family, Rubiaceae. It is a small evergreen tree or shrub growing to a height of 3 to 6 m. Fruits are multiple, oblong, 5 to 7 cm long, soft, watery with a cheesy aroma. Fruits contain more than 150 compounds having nutraceutical properties. The major compounds isolated are scopoletine, octaanoic acid, vitamin C, terpenoids, alkaloids, anthraquinones, beta...

Author(s): Sharma Yashaswini, Venugopal C. K., Hegde R. V. and Mokashi A. N.

May 2014

In vitro and in vivo production of polygalacturonase, polymethylgalacturonase and cellulase enzymes by Alternaria solani at different incubation periods

The production of polygalacturonase (PG), polymethylgalacturonase (PMG) and cellulase (Cx) enzymes have been studied at different incubation period. The fruit rot pathogen of tomato Alternaria solani was cultured at 28°C on semi ripe tomato fruit broth medium for 2, 4, 6,  8, 10 and 12 days. Isolated pathogen A. solani has a capability of producing PG, PMG and Cx enzyme within short incubation period, that is,...

Author(s): Amit Kumar Chaurasia, Shubha Chaurasia, Sushmita Chaurasia and Shridha Chaurasia