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Review on bovine hydatidosis and its public health and economic importance in Ethiopia

Zinabu Nigus Belay

  •  Received: 30 March 2019
  •  Accepted: 12 September 2019
Hydatidosis is a globally distributed zoonotic parasitic disease, caused by larval stages of Echinococcus granulosus for which large numbers of mammalian species are significant hosts for the occurrence of hydatid cyst in man. Livestock are infected through the ingestion of contaminated pasture with the feces of infected dogs. Dogs usually become infected by ingestion of contaminated meat of cattle and other livestock with hydatid cysts. Humans get infected through ingestion of hydatid cysts or consumption of raw and undercooked infected meat of cattle, and other livestock. Bovine hydatidosis is frequently reported from abattoirs in Ethiopia. This disease is imposing substantial economic loss to the country through affecting the production efficiency of livestock and resulting condemnation of organs and carcasses in abattoirs. Based on abattoir survey hydatidosis was reported with prevalence ranging from 6.51% (Debre-brhan) to 63.7% (Assela).As a consequence of under-reporting of zoonotic diseases resulted in an underestimation of the real public health and economic burden that downgrades their relevance and attention given to controlling the diseases is not satisfactory . Overall, livestock production efficiency can be improved through establishing effective disease control system, particularly zoonotics like hydatidosis. Continuous education and training should be given to farmers and concerned bodies. Integration and collaboration of veterinarians, public health professionals and political leaders is essential to control zoonoses. To show real damage incurred due to hydatidosis, nationwide studies should be conducted on public health and economic impact, transmission, reservoirs, geographic distribution, control and prevention measures of zoonoses and zoonoses control. This review is important for understanding the importance of the disease and creating public awareness on the prevention and control of the disease.

Keywords: Cattle, Dog, Economic loss, Ethiopia, Hydatidosis, Prevalence, Zoonotic