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May 2011

The cellular universe: A new cosmological model based on the holographic principle

Human knowledge of the universe is largely incomplete. Rapid progress in the understanding of cosmology is anticipated with the development of new strategies of examination. Among these strategies, holographic modeling may be the next great revolution that awaits cosmology. This comparative review, which is the first of its kind, describes the universe from the perspective of cell biology, focusing on theoretical and...

Author(s): Seyed Hadi Anjamrooz, Douglas J. McConnell and Hassan Azari

May 2011

Probable electrokinetic phenomena in tropical peat: A review

Peat is unconsolidated superficial deposits with high non-crystalline colloid (humus) content, constituting the subsurface of wetland systems. Electrokinetic techniques are innovative ground improvement methods for soft soils. Peats have noticeable qualities to make a suitable environment for utilization of electrokinetic techniques, i.e. (i) the saturated mass is a good environment, (ii) the high charge and high...

Author(s): Afshin Asadi, Hossein Moayedi, Bujang B. K. Huat and Alireza Parsaie

May 2011

Effect of blending time and crumb rubber content on properties of crumb rubber modified asphalt binder

The increasing use of crumb rubber modifier in flexible pavements justifies the necessity for a better understanding of its physical and rheological properties as well as its elasticity behaviour. Basically the performance and properties of rubberised asphalt binder are influenced by the blending conditions and crumb rubber content. In this study, the laboratory investigation was conducted on crumb rubber modified...

Author(s): Nuha S. Mashaan, Asim Hassan Ali, Mohamed Rehan Karim and Mahrez Abdelaziz

May 2011

Stiffness reduction index for detection of damage location: Analytical study

A new damage location index is developed and presented in this paper. The new index is based on the combined mode shape vector and its derivatives to overcome the problem of inaccuracy and insensitivity of existing indices to locate damage in a beam-like structure model. The proposed new index called the stiffness reduction index (SRI) is computed based on the change in eigenvectors and its curvature at each element and...

Author(s): Moatasem Mohammed Fayyadh and Hashim Abdul Razak

May 2011

Flexural behavior of RC beams strengthened with composite beam

This paper presents the results of an experimental and analytical study conducted to assess the strengthening efficiency of a composite beam developed with the goal of simultaneously increasing the flexural stiffness and flexural strength of aging RC structures. A 4-point flexural test was performed on 12 RC beams that were 4.4 m in length. As test variables, the strengthening material (Type-A, B), epoxy type (organic...

Author(s): Ki Nam Hong, Bong Ho Lee, Jong Hoe Kim, Il Young Jang and Sang Hoon Han

May 2011

Study on optimal isolation system and dynamic structural responses in multi-storey buildings

Seismic base isolation systems have been investigated in this study to be acquainted with the optimized insertion in multi-storey buildings. Two extensively exploited isolator types, namely, lead rubber bearing (LRB) and high damping rubber bearing (HDRB) are incorporated to examine their effect for buildings. Both time history and response spectrum based non linear finite element analyses are conducted using SAP 2000...

Author(s): A. B. M. Saiful Islam, Mohammed Jameel and Mohd Zamin Jummat

May 2011

Flexural performance of CFRP strengthened RC beams with different degrees of strengthening schemes

Externally bonded carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite laminates have been successfully applied to reinforced concrete (RC) beams and other structural elements for the purpose of increase load carrying capacity of such elements. This paper presents the experimental results on the flexural strengthening of reinforced concrete beams by CFRP laminates attached to the tensile soffit of the beams by epoxy...

Author(s): Ehsan Ahmed, Habibur Rahman Sobuz and Norsuzailina Mohamed Sutan

May 2011

Comparative study on estimating reference evapotranspiration under limited climate data condition in Malawi

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) missing data procedure was employed in this study to verify its suitability under the climatic environment of Malawi. The performance of the procedure was analysed by regressing ETo estimated from the world wide recommended FAO penman Monteith (FPM) model with full data set versus FPM value computed with limited data. The coefficients of determination (r2), standard errors of...

Author(s): Yu-Min Wang, Willy Namaona, Lennox Alexander Gladden, Seydou Traore andLian-Tsai Deng

May 2011

Effect of neem leaf (Azadirachita indica) extract on the corrosion inhibition of mild steel in dilute acids

The corrosion inhibition performance of Neem leaf (Azadirachita indica) extract on the corrosion of mild steel test specimen immersed in 0.5 M HCl and H2SO4 acids respectively at the ambient temperature of 30°C and elevated temperature of 80°C was investigated. The experimental work was performed by the use of weight loss method and the potential measurement technique. From the weight loss values, corrosion...

Author(s): C. A. Loto, R. T. Loto and A. P. I. Popoola

May 2011

Fabrication of functionally graded Hydroxyapatite-Titanium by applying optimal sintering procedure and powder metallurgy

  This paper demonstrates the functionally graded metal-ceramic composite fabricated via pressure-less sintering. The pure metallic and ceramic components are Titanium (Ti) and Hydroxyapatite (HA), which were located at the ends of a cylindrical specimen. FG samples are prepared with mixing ratios of 100:0, 75:25, 50:50, 25:75, 0:100. The cylindrical samples had a thickness of 6 mm in size and 20 mm radius....

Author(s): A. Shahrjerdi, F. Mustapha, M. Bayat, S. M. Sapuan and D. L. A. Majid

May 2011

A collocation solution on the optimization of straight fin with combined heat and mass transfer

In this paper an analysis was carried out to study the efficiency of straight fins of different configurations when subjected to simultaneous heat and mass transfer mechanisms .The temperature and humidity ratio differences are the driving forces for heat and mass transfer, respectively. Analytical solutions are obtained for temperature distribution over the fin surface when the fin is fully wet. It is demonstrated that...

Author(s): H. Goodarzian, S. A. R. Sahebi, M. Omran Shobi and J. Safaee

May 2011

Inhibition effect of potassium dichromate on the corrosion protection of mild steel reinforcement in concrete

The inhibition of potassium dichromate on the corrosion protection of mild steel embedded in concrete and partially immersed in sulphuric acid and sodium chloride environments was evaluated at ambient temperatures. The experiments were performed using electrochemical potential monitoring method. Varying quantities of the inhibitor was used. In the NaCl test medium, the effectiveness of the inhibitor improved as higher...

Author(s): C. A. Loto, O. A. Omotosho and A. P. I. Popoola

May 2011

Substrate noise coupling in NMOS transistor for RF/analog circuits

Substrate noise issues are important for the smooth integration of analog and digital circuitries on the same die. The substrate coupling mechanism with simulation and measurement in a 0.13 µm common source NMOS is demonstrated. The coupling mechanism is related with resistance of ground interconnects; also the importance of coupling mechanism is demonstrated. The results are showing the variation of resistance...

Author(s): Pawan Kumar Singh and Sanjay Sharma

May 2011

Design and testing of a web-based automatic high precision GPS data processing environment

While GPS (Global Positioning System) has been in daily life in form a navigation tool for nearly three decades, its applications have been matured to provide valuable information for a wide range of areas requiring very high precision such as geophysical and seismological studies, earthquake prediction, deformation monitoring. High-precision GPS data processing requires incorporating elaborate models of numerous...

Author(s): S. Sirri MaraÅŸ, Ismail ÅžanlioÄŸlu and Bahadir AktuÄŸ

May 2011

Istanbul (Bosphorus) immersed tube tunnel and survey works

The railway lines in both sides of Istanbul have been connected to each other by an underwater tunnel passing through the Bosphorus. This type of tunnel is known as immersed tube tunnel. Immersed tube tunnel is a part of MARMARAY project that is continued nowadays. MARMARAY is a rail transport project in Istanbul. It consists of the construction of an undersea rail tunnel under the Bosphorus strait. Suburban rail lines...

Author(s): E. Yavuz

May 2011

A survey on applying different control methods approach in building automation systems to obtain more energy efficiency

In this paper, the implementation of different control methodologies for controlling parameters of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems as a part of building automation systems were investigated. In the past few years, many researches have been done on application, structure and also efficiency of different methods to achieve saving more energy. Different control strategies were considered in terms...

Author(s): Farinaz Behrooz, Abdul Rahman Ramli and Khairulmizam Samsudin

May 2011

Study of MSCs transplantation in therapy of myocardial infarction

To examine the effect of cell transplantation and gene therapy on myocardial infarction. In this project, the mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) exposed to 60Co γ irradiation were transplanted into SD rats. MSCs were divided into two groups: control and irradiation groups. The control group did not receive irradiation. Irradiation group received irradiation. Different irradiation doses can have opposite effects on...

Author(s): Xiaohui Ma, Changqing Gao, Wei Guo, Xiaoping Liu, Libing Li and Jiang Xiong

May 2011

Novel nanometric reversible saturating adder

Reversible logic has found emerging attentions in nanotechnology, optical computing, quantum computing and low power CMOS design. In this paper a reversible saturating adder is presented for the first time. Some of digital signal processing (DSP) applications such as digital filters require that the result of arithmetic operations to be saturated. Saturation will happen when we have addition on two numbers with same...

Author(s): Majid Haghparast and Ali Patiar

May 2011

Comparison of low field electron transport characteristics in Ge and Si semiconductors and effects of neutron energy deposition on their crystal structure

The transport of minority electrons up to 600 K temperature in silicon and germanium have been investigated, using an iterative approach. Theoretical expressions for electron scattering which take into account the ellipsoidal nature of the conduction band valleys have been incorporated into the model. Minority electron mobility calculations compared favorably with experimental results. The low temperature value of...

Author(s): H. Arabshahi,

May 2011

Quasi-radical operation on the submodules in a module

All rings are commutative with identity and all modules are unital. The purpose of this paper is to introduce interesting and useful properties of quasi-radical operation on the submodules in a module.   Key words: Prime submodules, qausi-radical operation.

Author(s): Esra Åžengelen Sevim and Ünsal Tekir