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Table of Content: July-September, 2020; 15(3)

July 2020

Thermo-mechanical properties of V-5Cr-5Ti alloy: 3D molecular dynamics simulation

This paper presents the results of the study of 3D molecular dynamics simulation to investigate the thermomechanical properties of the V-5Cr-5Ti ternary alloy. The main purpose of this work is to evaluate the quality of the Finnis-Sinclair potential for V-rich V-Cr-Ti random alloys with a body-centered-cubic (bcc) structure. The results demonstrated that the elastic constants of the V-5Cr-5Ti alloy are close to the...

Author(s): M. M. Aish and S. A. Aljasar  

July 2020

Simulating ionosphere parameters by thermosphere-ionosphere-electrodynamics general circulation model

Ionosphere region is the part of atmosphere layer where radio waves reflect for telecommunication. This is due to its composition in particles. Solar radiation hit particles in ionosphere. This phenomenon causes an ionization of particles in the ionosphere. According to the particles density in this region, radio waves emitted in telecommunication can pass through this region or be reflected. The ionization of...

Author(s): Emmanuel Nanéma, Christian Zoundi, Amadou Ousseini Kotia and Frédéric Ouattara  

July 2020

Application of the alternative variational iteration method to solve delay differential equations

In this paper, alternative variational iteration method (AVIM) is presented to solve linear and nonlinear delay differential equations (DDEs). A general lagrange multiplier is used to construct a correction functional. The proposed series solutions are found to converge to exact solution rapidly. The computation of three test examples of DDEs was presented to confirm the efficacy and validity of AVIM. The results...

Author(s): Ahmad A. H. Mtawal, Saif A. E. Muhammed and Ayiman A. Almabrok

August 2020

Variations in equatorial electrojet current along the 210ºMM chain: A comparison of two approaches

Variations of equatorial electrojet (EEJ) in six Magnetic Data Acquisition System (MAGDAS) stations (four stations within the magnetic equator region and two stations outside the region) on the 210ºMagnetic Meridian (MM) chain were examined. Data of hourly values of horizontal component of magnetic field, H in the year 2007 for Cooktown (CKT), Amami-oh-Shima (AMA), Davao (DAV), Langkawi (LKW), Yap- Island (YAP) and...

Author(s): A. O. Idowu, I. A. Adimula and B. O. Adebesin  

August 2020

Application of integrated geophysical methods in environmental studies: A case study of oil spillage in Thange Area Makueni County, Kenya

This research was conducted with the aim of mapping the extent of soil and ground water hydrocarbon contamination from an oil pipeline leak point within the area. An integrated geophysical survey approach involving horizontal electrical profiling (HEP), vertical electrical sounding (VES) and Gravity Survey was applied. Resistivity and gravity lows were identified as aquifer zones confined within basalts and potential...

Author(s): K’orowe Maurice O., Mwanzia Dorothy K., Obonyo Evance O., Kitavi Stephen M., Masila Karen N. and Machimbo Evans W.