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Full Length Research Paper

Verb Inflection in Xїmt’äŋa (Awwi)

Eba Teresa Garoma
Department of English Language and Literature, CSSL, Jimma University, Ethiopia
Email: [email protected]

  •  Accepted: 18 July 2013
  •  Published: 31 August 2013



This study was conducted to assess the inflectional forms of verbs in [XÑ—mt’äÅ‹a][i]. It was a descriptive analysis which focused on the specific parts of the structure of verb inflections. The study used theoretical frameworks on verb inflections and qualitative method which were used to gather data from the informants. The central theme of the study was description and discussion of the data gathered concerning inflectional forms of the verbs in the variant language. Accordingly, three types of verbs were identified based on their stems infixing vowels between the first and other radicals, and four types of verbs were clearly indicated based on their radicals. In the discussion, it was revealed that verbs are inflected for person, number and gender. There are past and non-past tenses; perfective and imperfective aspects; and debitive and potential moods in the inflections of the [XÑ—mt’äÅ‹a] verbs. Finally, it gave conclusion concerning the results of the discussion and analysis.


Key words: Verb inflection, XÑ—mt’äÅ‹a, Awwi, inflectional morphology, verb radicals


[i][Awwi] is formerly known by the name “Agaw”. (p.1)