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Table of Content: February 2013; 5(2)

February 2013

Expedited management of ulcer, colic and diarrhea in 209 horses: An open-labeled observational study of a potency-enhanced sucralfate-like elm phyto-saccharide

A potency-enhanced polyanionic phyto-saccharide of elm mucilage (PEPPS) was prescribed in 209 horses in an open-labeled field trial. Clients provided informed consent to 32 equine veterinarians to prescribe PEPPS for low grade colic and diarrhea unresponsive to deworming. Most of the horses (n = 175/209) were presumed to have ulcers clinically, while 23/209 were confirmed by gastroscopy to have ulcers and 11/209 horses...

Author(s): Ricky W. McCullough

February 2013

Prevalence of bovine coccidia in Kombolcha district of South Wollo, Ethiopia

A cross sectional study was conducted from November 2011 up to April 2012 in Kombolcha town to determine the prevalence of coccidia infection in calves. Fecal samples were collected from a total of 288 calves with the age of 1 month to 1 year old which were included in the study purposively. After collection, the samples were transported to the laboratory and examined for the presence of Eimeria oocyst by...

Author(s): Alula Alemayehu, Mohammed Nuru and Timketa Belina

February 2013

Gross pathological changes in the reproductive tracts of cows slaughtered at two abattoirs in Southern Ethiopia

Abattoir based study was conducted to assess the type and prevalence of reproductive abnormalities and pregnancy status of cows slaughtered at Hawassa municipality abattoir and Tula slaughter house. Out of the 345 genital tracts examined, one or two gross abnormalities with different degrees of severity were observed in 124 (35.9%) of genital tract. The most common abnormalities encountered were ovariobursal adhesions...

Author(s): Berhanu Mekibib, Techan Desta and Dawit Tesfaye

February 2013

Occurrences and financial significance of bovine cystic echinococcosis in Southern Wollo, Northeastern Ethiopia

The study was carried out in Kombolcha ELFORA Industrial Abattoir to assess the current status and economic importance of bovine hydatidosis. Hyatid cyst count, characterization and economic loss assessment were conducted out of a total of 535 cattles slaughtered in Kombolcha ELFORA Industrial Abattoir. 93 (17.4%) animals were found harboring hydatid cysts. Thorough meat inspection in the abattoir revealed that 101...

Author(s): Alemu Bizuwork, Nigatu Kebede, Tariku Tibat, Getachew Tilahun and Tesfu Kassa

February 2013

Molecular detection of canine parvovirus in Jos, Nigeria

Canine parvovirus (CPV) remains the most significant viral cause of enteritis in puppies over the age of two months. This study was meant to detect the virus by targeting the VP2 gene, a 583 bp gene (nucleotide 4003 to 4585) of the capsid protein. The detection of the virus was carried out by conventional polymerase chain reaction (PCR) on one hundred and nine samples. Seventy five of these were rectal swabs while...

Author(s): S. C. Chollom, E. J. Fyaktu, A. E. J. Okwori, G. O. A. Agada, G. Hashimu, R. Y. Akele, E. I. Voumangai, T. Dashe and D. Z. Egah