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Reliability of vibratory indications during the follow-up of bearing spalling

July-September, 2021 - Vol 16 Num. 3

In this work, spalling is naturally initiated on the bearing raceway during its operation on the test bench. The experimental procedure used consists of monitoring the deterioration of the ball bearing until its failure with an online acquisition of vibration signals. Vibration analysis is the method used to characterize...

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Reliability of vibratory indications during the follow-up of bearing spalling

July-September, 2021

Omar DJEBILI and Oussama BERBRI

Probability of dry and wet spells over West Africa during the summer monsoon season

July-September, 2021

Jules Basse, Moctar Camara, Ibrahima Diba and Arona Diedhiou

Effect of organic foliar sprays on yield of cluster bean (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L. Taub) cv. Pusa Navbahar

April-June, 2021

Selvarani K., Anushavardhini S., Jose J. J. and Mariselvi V.  

Phenotypic screening of multidrug-resistant E. coli from water and fish collected from different fish farms within Abakaliki metropolis, Nigeria

April-June, 2021

Chibuike K. U., Iroha I. R., Moses I. B., Chukwunwejim C. R., Peter I. U., Edemekong C. I. Ndugo C.M., Ngene O., Egbuna N. R., and Okonkwo-Uzor N. J.  

Analysis of the antimicrobial action of copaiba oil and endodontic substances against anaerobic bacteria

January-March, 2021

Amaro de Mendonça Cavalcante, Joanna Rodrigues da Silva, Lisiane Cristina Lopes Oliveira, Marcos Aurelio Bonfim da Silva, Karlos Antônio Lisboa Ribeiro Junior, and Antônio Euzébio Goulart de Santana,  

19 September 2011

3D electromagnetic study of transformers' flux line distribution and losses determination under harmonic distortion caused by electronic equipments

Mohammad Mirzaie, Mohammad Yazdani-Asrami and Amir Abbas Shayegani Akmal  

25 October 2013

The law of universal attraction with momentum exchange between objects and microparticles

Zifeng Li

February 2008

Nutritional potential of two leafy vegetables: Moringa oleifera and Ipomoea batatas leaves

Ibok Oduro, W. O. Ellis and Deborah Owusu

25 October 2013

Comments on “Frontier experiments: Tough science- Five experiments as hard as finding the Higgs”

Zifeng Li

15 October, 2014

Influence of post-fire successional gradients in Pinus brutia forests on ground beetle community changes

Burcin Yenisey Kaynas

16 August, 2012

Community engagement in landslide risk assessment in Limbe, Southwest Cameroon

M. L. Diko

25 March 2013

Crustal structure of the Northwestern part of the Arabian Shield in Saudi Arabia deduced from gravity data

  Fnais M.S., El-Araby H. M., Kamal Abdel-Rahman, Elawadi I. and Al Soma A.

16 March, 2012

Evaluation on physical, chemical and biological properties of casts of geophagous earthworm, Metaphire tschiliensis tschiliensis

Suk Kuan Teng, Nor Azwady Abd. Aziz, Muskhazli Mustafa, Suraini Abd. Aziz, and Yi Wei Yan

July-September, 2021

Reliability of vibratory indications during the follow-up of bearing spalling

Omar DJEBILI and Oussama BERBRI

18 August 2013

Efficiency of slash bundling in mature coniferous stands

Tadeusz Moskalik, Jarosław Sadowski, Wojciech Sarzyński and Dariusz Zastocki