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  • Abbreviation: J. Physiol. Pathophysiol.
  • Language: English
  • ISSN: 2141-260X
  • DOI: 10.5897/JPAP
  • Start Year: 2010

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Antidiabetic Effect of Methanolic extract of Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) And Alkaloid Combination Fraction of Picralima nitida In Alloxan Monohydrate Induced Type -2 Diabetes In Wistar Rats

Article in Press

It has been claimed that Zingiber officinale (ZO) and Picralima nitida (P.nitida) as well as its alkaloid fraction have effects in the lowering of blood glucose level. This study is aimed at evaluating the antidiabetic effects of these plants as it has been claimed. Thirty (30) Wistar rats of either sexes were used in this study. They were fasted for 24 h, weighed and diabetes was induced with 120 mg/kg of alloxan...

Author(s):Ogbodo Chidiebere Angela , Ani Celestine Okafor, Okolo Kenneth Obinna, Onwuka Kelechi Collins, Onimisi John Olayinka

Vasoactive Effect of a sheet sample of Oxytenanthera abyssinica ( Poaceae ) on a model of coronary arteries of pigs

Article in Press

Introduction The costly cost of treatments for cardiovascular diseases, in particular for populations in developing countries such as Senegal, requires an alternative which consists in developing research into new therapeutic approaches with the use of plants from the traditional pharmacopoeia. On the other hand, many of these plants have not been the subject of scientific studies. Goal In our study, we set out to study...


Intentional mismatch in primer design to stabilize discrimination of CFTR and adenovirus targets

Article in Press

The purpose of this study was to apply an intentional mismatch design technique for primer-based detection of gene targets. In this study, wild-type versus mutant cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator alleles as well as two related adenovirus B7 and E4 genomes were used to test discrimination of primers. Lambda viral DNA genome template as well as published primers versus purified human genome template were...

Author(s):Emma L. Bush, Katelyn D. Johnson, Akhil Sekar, Kate Gislason, Caleb W. Furlow, Michael J. Reiterman and Douglas B. Luckieā€ 

Antifertility effects of crude extracts from Acacia nilotica pods and Albizia lebbeck stem bark in female multimammate rats, Mastomys natalensis

Article in Press

The study's main objective was to assess any pathophysiological significance of Acacia nilotica pods aqueous extract and Albizia lebbeck stem bark methanolic extract on the reproductive system of female multimammate rats (M. natalensis). A total of 60 sexually mature female rats were randomized into a 2 x 3 factorial experimental design for treatments (Control, A. nilotica, and A. lebbeck) and treatment duration (7 or 14...

Author(s):Lusekelo M. Mwangengwa, Gaymary G. Bakari, Noel L. Kanuya and Robert A. Max Department of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology. Sokoine University of Agriculture. P. O. Box , Morogoro. Tanzania. [email protected] [email protected], Department of Veterinary Surgery and Theriogenology. Sokoine University of Agriculture. P. O.

Investigating the anti-diabetic phytoconstituent(s) of Rauvolfia Vomitoria leaves by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS)

Article in Press

Rauvolfia vomitoria is a medicinal plant that has been implicated for various medicinal actions including anti-diabetic. But among the various literature on its anti-diabetic action, none has provided information on the phytoconstituents responsible for its anti-diabetic action, the mechanisms of action as well as its effect on plasma insulin and glucagon (the primary regulators on blood glucose). Thus the aim of this...

Author(s):Akpojotor P. and Ebomoyi M. I.

Impact of Heat stress on Blood and Serum Biochemistry Parameters in Rats

Article in Press

Twenty mature albino rats randomly assigned to two groups (n=10) were used for the study. Group A was exposed to the sun while group B was kept under a shade. The study was for 28 days. At the end of the study the effects of heat stress on haematology and serum biochemistry were determined. There was a significant increase (p > 0.05) in the packed cell volume of group A when compared to group B. Red blood cell counts of...

Author(s):Rita I. Odo, Samuel O. Onoja and Cyrus O. Osuagwu

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