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Article in Press

The Amino Acid and Polyamines Profile Modification of Tomato under Saline Stress Using Differential Nitrogen Nutrition.

Naser Ahmadi, Elnaz Akbari

  •  Received: 25 September 2020
  •  Accepted: 26 January 2021
High-quality resources are targeted by the horticultural industry for its success in performance and earnings. Toearnings. To achieve these goals, nitrogen is used, which is an essential nutrient for the growth of plants and quality crops.Nitrogen is the essential nutrient required to achieve these objectives for the quality of product and growth of plants. Investigation has been done on the impacts of the provision of Nitrogen (N) as a sole nitrate (〖NO〗_3^-)NO-3 or to be mixed with ammonium ( N_4^+)NH+4, with high or low salinity (25 or 10 mM NaCl) in tomato fruits (Solanum Lycopersicum). The use of ammonium (N_4^+) iNH+4 in chromatic parameters affected the potential of salinity for a *, b *, and C *. Meanwhile, the levels of chlorophyll a and b dropped and the level of β-carotene rose . The irrigation of fruits of plants by using ammonium 〖(N〗_4^+) NH+4 cause reduction of Cu, Mg, Ca, K, and P concentration. The decrease of Na’s concentration only occurred with ammonium (N_4^+)NH+4. Similarly, although the salinity of the total phenolic concentration also decreased, there was no impact occurring on the overall protein. Moreover, the amino acid profile was changed through the ammonium (N_4^+)NH+4, which decreased the concentration of Phenylalanine and Histidine. In addition, the concentrations of Putrescin and Cadaverin increased by ammonium 〖(N〗_4^+) NH+4 at a high salinity, while Cadaverine was treated by ammonium 〖(N〗_4^+) NH+4 in salinity. The changes observed in the quality of the fruit by the salinity under the conditions of this review should be considered. This considered the effects of the optimistic prediction of Nitrogen (N) N supply from ammonium 〖(N〗_4^+)NH+4.

Keywords: Amino Acid, Polyamines, Saline Stress, Nitrogen Nutrition