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  • Abbreviation: Afr. J. Agric. Res.
  • Language: English
  • ISSN: 1991-637X
  • DOI: 10.5897/AJAR
  • Start Year: 2006

AJAR Articles in press

What Factors Influence the Dominance of X-Jigna Cultivar under Smallholder Rice Production in Fogera Plain, Northwest Ethiopia?

Article in Press

The goal of this study is to learn more about the status and factors that influence the up taking of improved rice varieties in Fogera plain, which is a well-known rice farming area in Ethiopia. A total of 155 rice-producing households were chosen through a systematic random sampling method. Simple descriptive statistics like mean, frequency, percentage, and standard deviation were used to characterize the sample...

Author(s):Adane Melak Beyene, Ayele Tesfahun Gashu, Misganaw Anteneh Tegegne

Impacts of Rust Resistant Wheat Varieties adoption on Productivity and Commercialization; Empirical evidence from Arsi and West Arsi Zones, Ethiopia

Article in Press

This paper aims to investigate the determinants of smallholder farmers’ rust resistant wheat adoption and impact on productivity and commercialization level. Based on the double hurdle model to identify the determinants of adoption of rust resistant wheat varieties, the study obtained sex of household head, active family size, farming experience, market (output) distance and location variable were important variables in...

Author(s):Tesfaye Solomon, Daniel Kasa

Determinants of Rural Households’ Livelihood Diversification Decision: The Case of Didessa and Bedelle District, Bunno Bedelle Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

Article in Press

: Beside its greatest contribution to Ethiopian economy, agricultural sector has been highly affected by climate change. Consequently, masses of people have been left food insecure every year. As an option, rural households have been participating in diversifying their livelihood sources. The present study aims to identify the major factors affecting rural household’s participation in livelihood diversification activities...

Author(s):Jemal Aman Washo, Shibeshi Fikadu Tolosa, Jiregna Kenea Debesu

Principles of Management and Agricultural Activities” - study with specific reference Paddy crop in Southern part of Karnataka.

Article in Press

The whole world has concluded in this chaotic and confusing world that doing any activity with the wisdom of achieving great heights is only possible through following a systematic approach, i.e. management principles. In the recent past, management principles are gaining a lot of importance for obvious reasons. In the VUCA world, the job of decision-makers is more trivial than before irrespective of any field. With this...

Author(s):Prakash HS and Kavitha GC

Effect of Terminal Drought Stress on Agronomic Traits in Recombinant Inbred Line Population in Comparison with a Reference Set

Article in Press

Sorghum has innate tolerance for drought, yet when it encounters terminal drought stress owing to reduction in soil moisture, at time of booting, causes reduction in yield and associated traits. The current study was conducted to evaluate two populations (recombinant inbred line and a reference set population) in treatment plots by inducing stress at booting stage and withholding irrigation against control plots. The...

Author(s):Vinutha K Somegowda, Jalaja Naravula, Anilkumar Vemula, Abhishek Rathore, Rajeev Guptaa, Santosh P Deshpande

Traditional processing and quality attributes of Dambou, a steamed coarse Semolina

Article in Press

Dambou is a traditional cereal-based food consumed in northern Benin. The traditional production method, marketing and consumption of Dambou were evaluated through a field investigation. A semi-structured questionnaire composed of socio-cultural profile of the stakeholders, nature of raw materials and processing methods used in Dambou production, quality attributes and consumption forms of Dambou was administrated to...

Author(s):Janvier Mêlégnonfan Kindossi, Ogouyôm Herbert Iko Afé, Carole N. A. Vihotogbe-Sossa, Véronique Blandine Codé, Paulin Azokpota

Effect of green manures and mining waste composts on the growth and yield of Abelmoschus esculentus L. and Corchorius olitorius L. from Togo

Article in Press

In West Africa Agriculture faces many problems including soil degradation. In this study, the effects of four composts on okra and soybean have been evaluated. The plants were sown using a Fisher block design with 5 treatments and 4 replicates/treatment. The green manure of three selected fertilizer species was also evaluated on the growth and yield of okra and of jute mallow in order to identify the best organic...

Author(s):Outéndé Toundou, Vidédji Naéssé Adjahossou, Gbénonchi Mawussi, Oudjaniyobi Simalou, Koffi Tozo

Prospects and constraints faced by Smallholder Farmers in the cultivation of GM crops: a case study from Northern Ghana

Article in Press

As Ghana prepares to commence commercialization of Genetically Modified (GM) crops, this paper reports findings of a survey that sought the views of smallholder farmers in northern Ghana on the likely prospects and constraints of GM crops cultivation. Multi-stage sampling techniques were employed to sample 360 smallholder farmers across (ten) 10 districts in northern Ghana with interviews, guided by semi-structured...

Author(s):Zakaria H, Obeng FK, Quainoo AK

Analysis of the Determinants of Adoption of Bio-Herbicide Technology for Sustainable Food Production in the North-Eastern Region of Nigeria

Article in Press

There is a growing concern in many developing countries of sub-Saharan Africa on the harmful effects of synthetic herbicide usage on the agro-ecology as well as food crop production. Therefore, this study focused on analysing the factors that influence the adoption of Bio-herbicide Technology as an alternative to the chemical herbicides used by rural farmers in the North-Eastern region of Nigeria. Multi-stage random...

Author(s):Adewuyi, K. A. , Offar, G.

Genetic and phenotypic correlations of age at first calving and early growth traits of Holstein Friesian x Boran crossbred dairy cattle at Holetta, central highland of Ethiopia

Article in Press

The objective of this study was to estimate the genetic and phenotypic correlation between age at first calving and early growth traits for Holstein Frisian x Ethiopian Boran crossbred cattle in central highland of Ethiopia. The data used for this study was sourced from records of Holetta Agricultural Research Center (HARC) dairy cattle herds’ farm collected from 2000 to 2019. The genetic and phenotypic correlation values...

Author(s):Fikadu Wodajo Tirfie

Knowledge of Vegetable Pests, Diseases and Control Measures in Morogoro and Iringa Regions in Tanzania: A Call for Integrated Pest Management

Article in Press

This study investigates vegetable growers’ knowledge about insect pests, diseases and control methods. The study adopted cross-sectional research design, employing survey method and involving 400 randomly selected vegetable growers. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) was used to summarize raw data. Colored cards of important pests coupled with field visits were used for pest identification. The results...

Author(s):Kabote, SJ, Mamiro DP, Maerere AP, Sibuga KP, Mtui HD, Mgembe ER, Erbaugh M, Cardina J

Analysis of yam value chain in Kwara State,

Article in Press

The development of dynamic agricultural value chains has been acknowledged to offer considerable scope in improving the livelihood of the value chain players. This study analyzed the profitability and marketing margins obtained by actors at various nodes of the yam value chain; and examined the organizations of the value chain, linkages among the key actors as well as the challenges faced by actors in the value chain in...

Author(s):Yusuf,T. M, Moshood, H. B

Livestock production interventions to manage livestock poverty and deaths in Southern Zimbabwe. A case of Mwenezi District

Article in Press

Livestock Production in Mwenezi District has become more susceptible to the devastating effects of climatic variability and change which are undermining expected developmental gains from the livestock value chain. Climate change and its associated impacts are increasing the intensity of livestock poverty and deaths across all forms of livestock. The study examined livestock production interventions implemented to reduce...

Author(s):Rameck Defe, Mark Matsa

An investigation into the multipurpose tree species in Bauchi state, Nigeria

Article in Press

Ethnobotanical studies provides a meaningful step in bioprospecting and conservation of plant resources. The aim of the present study is to identify the multipurpose tree species in use by local people. Stratified random sampling technique was employed in the study and information was collected using semi-structured interviews and group discussion, analyzed and compared by quantitative ethnobotanical indices such as...

Author(s):Wakili, A., Biri, H.B, Abdullahi, M. B

Dry matter intake, dry matter digestibility and growth performance in goats fed grass-based diet (Brachiaria or Cenchrus) compared with a concentrate-based diet

Article in Press

Dry matter digestibility (DMD), dry matter intake (DMI) and growth performance of concentrate- and forage-based diets were investigated using 24 growing Blended goats (12 males, 12 females) weighing 16.5±1.2kg (mean±sd). Goats were blocked by sex and assigned randomly to three dietary treatments that were fed for 10 weeks, after two weeks of adaptation. Dietary treatments were MRG (40% maize bran, 40% rice bran, 20%...

Author(s):Peter Rogers Ruvuga, , Ewa Wredle, George Ferdinand Fupi, Christopher Augustino Mtwange, Boniface Richard Kasiba, Ismail Saidi Selemani, Cecilia Kronqvist

Robustness of food security and policy trust on smallholder participation in Ghana’s Planting for Food and Jobs programme.

Article in Press

The Planting for Food and Jobs programme was initiated in 2017 as a strategy to create jobs, promote food production and enhance food security in Ghana, especially among smallholder farmers. This research applies mixed research approach to explore the robustness of policy trust and food security risk on smallholder participation in the programme. Using multistage sampling, a total of 164 respondents were selected for the...

Author(s):Nakuja Tekuni, Godwin H. Kyere, Samuel Afotey Anang ,Nicholas Oppong Mensah

Co-addition of potassium humate and vinasse enhances growth and yield in "Wonderful" pomegranate under sandy soil

Article in Press

Although "Wonderful" pomegranate has recently been cultivated in large areas of sandy soil in Egypt, it produces a low yield and quality. Soil applications of potassium humate and vinasse could effectively be used in sandy soil to enhance soil nutrient status as well as to enhance crops growth and productivity. "Wonderful" pomegranate trees at the Experimental Research Station of National Research Centre, Nubaria, El...

Author(s):Hassan A. M. Ali, E. Abd El-Razek , M.M.M. Abd El-Migeed , Fatma El-Zahraa M. Gouda

Status of Maintenance/Repair Servitization in the Agricultural Machinery Sector

Article in Press

Servitization means the adding of value to a product offering through service, and it has become an attractive strategy through which manufacturers can increase revenues without proportionally increasing costs. This paper reviews the status of the practice with reference to the agricultural machinery sector. It describes the benefits that could accrue to equipment manufactures and/or dealerships on the one hand, and...

Author(s):F.K.A Nyarko, Samuel M. Sackey

Green Tea Consumption and its Determinants in Taraba State of Nigeria

Article in Press

This study examined the determinants of green tea consumption in Taraba State, Nigeria. Multistage sampling technique was used in the selection of respondents. Three villages were randomly selected; they are Mayo-kusuku, Kakara and Kasalasah. Information was obtained from the respondents using well-structured questionnaire. Information was collected from 128 respondents. Analysis was done using descriptive statistics,...

Author(s):Oladokun Yetunde O.M and Oluyole Kayode A.

Effect of shocks on diversification of climate smart agriculture in Nyando, South Western Kenya.

Article in Press

Africa’s socio-economic progress has been negatively influenced by climate change. The impact has largely been experienced in the agricultural sector mainly by smallholder farmers who have not only experienced food insecurity, but also economic constraints. The smallholder farmers are ignorant of agricultural and weather early warning systems. They rely on congenital techniques to cope with climatic and weather-related...

Author(s):Victor Kimutai Rutto, Kamau Gathiaka

Utilisation of Zai Pits and Soil Fertility Management Options for Improved Crop Production in the Dry Ecosystem of Kitui, Eastern Kenya

Article in Press

This study sought to address challenges faced by smallholder farmers in the drylands of Eastern Kenya including soil fertility decline and low profitability resulting from poor soil and water conservation measures. An experiment was set up at Kabati, Kitui County, Kenya in the year 2018/2019 seasons to evaluate the effects of the interaction of zai pits, cattle manure and fertilizer inputs on soil nutrients, sorghum yield...

Author(s):Ednah Kerubo Getare, Monicah Mucheru-Muna, Felista Muriu-Ng’ang’a, Charles Kimani Ndung’u

Evaluation of the residual effect of bioslurry effluent on biological yield and nutritional content of swiss chard (beta vulgaris l)

Article in Press

An experiment was conducted to evaluate the residual effect of inorganic fertilizer and bioslurry application on biological yield and nutrient content of Swiss chard. The study was conducted at Döhne Agricultural Development Institute (DADI) (32°31’ 34.077” S; 27°27’ 37.473” E) in Stutterheim, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Following planting and harvesting of two Swiss chard cultivars (Fordhook giant and Star 1801) in soil...

Author(s):Azile Dumani, Tembakazi T Silwana, Babalwa Mpambani, Retief P Celliers, Mongezi M Mbangcolo

Sustainable Grazing Land Management and Impediments of the Local Knowledge: the Case of Borana Pastoral Communities, Southern Ethiopia

Article in Press

Target of the study was to examine the socioeconomic factors and natural causes influencing the sustainable rangeland management practices of Borana. It used a quantitative approach based on a questionnaire administered to a representative sample. The researcher purposively draw three study sites grounded on the potential livestock population and access to communal rangeland holding. The research contacted 251...

Author(s):Benti Tafesse

Socio-economic factors affecting the adoption of wheat variety (Triticum aestivum) in Mesela Woreda, West Harerghe Zone.

Article in Press

Wheat is beneficial to man long before the dawn of recorded history and it is one of the most important cereals to Africa. Ethiopia is one of the most important wheat producers in sub-Saharan African next to South Africa. This paper was the study result of the socio-economic factors that affect the adoption of wheat in the Mesela district of West Harerghe Zone. To this effect, I used a combination of quantitative and...

Author(s):Shuker Fuad M

Assessment of water yam (Dioscorea alata L.) landrace varieties for resistance to anthracnose disease

Article in Press

Yam anthracnose disease (YAD), caused by the fungus Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Penz., is the most damaging fungal disease of Dioscorea alata yam worldwide. Local yam varieties, which sustain Côte d'Ivoire’s farmers and other end-users livelihoods, are highly susceptible to this pathogen. Thus, there is a need for developing new yam cultivars to sustain yam production in Côte d'Ivoire. To achieve such objective,...

Author(s):Lassana Bakayoko, Désiré N’Da Pokou, Brice Sidoine Essis, Amani Michel Kouakou, Konan Evrard Brice Dibi, Abou Bakari Kouassi, Boni N’zue, Tchymon Timothée Koutouan, Goli Pierre Zohouri, Assanvo Simon Pierre N’Guetta, Paterne Agre, Jean Mubalama Mondo, Patrick Adebola

Challenges and Opportunities of Soybean Production Technologies in Kondala District Oromia Western Ethiopia

Article in Press

Soybean is an important legume crop which has high contents of protein, vitamins and minerals. The productivity of the soybean crop at national and particularly at study area was very low. To improve such low productivity, adoption of high yielding varieties with appropriate fertilizer application was very important. This study was tried to investigate the challenges of adoption status make variation among farmers on...

Author(s):Mulu Kaba

Evaluating the Yield Performance of Highland Maize Varieties under Farmers Fields in Selected Districts of ArsiZone,Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

Article in Press

The aim of this study was to evaluate the yield performance of improved highland maize varieties at five selected districts of Arsi Zone,Oromia regional state, Ethiopia. Along with their management practices under farmers fields to enhance farmers knowledge and skill on highland maize production performance and technologies . Demonstration of highland maize varieties was conducted to highly monocropping system of wheat...

Author(s):Sintayehu Abebe, Marta Gichamo, Abiy Balcha, Shemelis Tesfaye

Genetic variability and Heritability of medium maturity group’s Soybean (Glycine max (L.)) Genotypes

Article in Press

Field experiment was conducted to assess the extent of genetic variability and heritability in soybean genotypes for yield and its related traits. A total of thirty six soybean genotypes were evaluated using simple lattice design at Fadis eastern Ethiopia during 2018 cropping season. Data were recorded for major quantitative traits and analyzed using appropriate statistical software. Analysis of variance revealed that the...

Author(s):Habte Berhanu, Dagnachew Lule, Bulti Tesso

Assessment of Adoption Rate of Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in Kishi, Oyo State, Nigeria

Article in Press

The level of Adoption of introduced climate change adaptation strategies in Kishi, Oyo State, Nigeria was assessed in this study. The study also investigated the factors influencing the adoption rate of the technologies with a view to identify the constraints vis-a-vis suggesting solutions for improving adoption. In an attempt to carry out the said objective, data were obtained through a structured questionnaire...

Author(s):Adetayo, Adewale. O.

Inter Row Spacing And Np Fertilizer Application Rates Effect On Economics, Growth, Yield And Yield Component Of Mung Bean (Vigna Radiata L) Cultivation At Mirab Abaya, Southern Ethiopia.

Article in Press

: Mung bean, the most important and short duration pulse crop, grown for grain from tropical to sub-tropical climates is low in productivity and lacks recommended inter-row spacing and NP fertilizer rate for various agro-ecologies. A study was conducted to determine inter-row spacing and NP fertilizer rates for yield and yield components of Mung bean at Mirab Abaya. The experiment consisted of three inter-row spacing (15 ×...

Author(s):Sisay Samuel Gella and Zenebe Mekonnen Adare

Integrated management of fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda JE Smith Lepidoptera: Nocutidae) on maize at Melkassa, Ethiopia

Article in Press

The experiment was designed in a split plot design with three replications where the two maize varieties (Melkassa 2 and Melkasa 4) were main plot treatments, while treatment control options were sub-plot treatments, which included T1 (Sole maize), T2 (Neem), T3 (Indoxacarb 150 SC), T4 (intercropping with haricot bean), T5 (Neem + intercropping with haricot bean), T6 (Indoxacarb 150 SC + intercropping with haricot bean),...

Author(s):Besufkad Degife, Emana Getu

Assessment of varietal susceptibility of maize to lepidopterous stem borer

Article in Press

Lepidopterous stem borer attack is a major biotic constraint to maize (Zea mays L.) production in Nigeria and by far the most injurious. Continuous investigation of field pests of maize is necessary and screening on the field of various maize varieties available becomes imperative for detail determination of its pests so as to formulate adequate control strategies. This study was conducted to evaluate the relative...

Author(s):Akintibu S.T, Alao F.J, Matanmi B. A.

Effect of Conservation Agriculture on Maize-legume Cropping Systems in Fafen Zone of Somali Region in Ethiopia

Article in Press

The eastern Ethiopian lowlands are characterized as semi-arid and has low and erratic precipitation, soil erosion and poor soil fertility are the major constrainning factors responsible for limited crop production in the area. An on farm Conservation Agriculture (CA) trial was conducted in two districts (Jigjiga and Gursum) for three consecutive years (2013–2015) with the aim of evaluating various cropping systems under CA...

Author(s):Yohannes Seyoum, Abdikedir Haybe, Abebaw Shimelis

Evaluation of Chickpea Varieties Growing on Residual Moisture of Vertisols in Southern Ethiopia

Article in Press

Vertisols are suited to dry-land crop production in semi-arid environments since the residual moisture in the soil can support crop growth after the end of the rainy season. However, traditional cropping systems seldom utilize residual moisture of Vertisols for crop production. Farmers need suitable crop species to sustain and enhance their production under such soil and climatic conditions. Chickpea is the strategic crop...

Author(s):Bayou Bunkura Allito, Galfato Gabiso Geda

Cherry tomato production with different doses of organic compost

Article in Press

: Cherry tomato cultivation in protected environments ensures production in the off-season, reaching yields up to 100 t ha-1 with 150 days of cultivation. Fertilization with organic composts can influence the production components of cherry tomato. From this perspective, this study aimed to evaluate different doses and organic composts, based on their nitrogen contents, on the production components of cherry tomato. The...

Author(s):Oziel Furquin Pinto, Edmilson Evangelista Silva

Bibliographic survey of articles on the importance of school vegetable gardens in basic education

Article in Press

The implementation of the use of educational vegetable gardens in primary schools, belongs basics agricultural educational sciences and their interdisciplinarities. Have great advantages in the didactic-pedagogic area, but also major problems related to the construction, development and maintenance. Thus, in view of the low amount of scientific production in the area, and the positivities that the use of vegetable gardens...

Author(s):LOPES, Alan Kardec, RISSATE, Guilherme

Assessment of Climate Change and Variability and its Impact on Crop Production in Ethiopia: A Review.

Article in Press

This review assessed climate change and variability and its impact on crop production in Ethiopia. Comprehensive review of available secondary data from internet (Google Scholar and Scinapse) was used to access the impact of climate change on crop production. The result showed that now a day’s climate change and variability is a real phenomenon and affecting agricultural productivity, especially crop production (the most...

Author(s):Baykedagn Taye, Solomon Tekalign, Emawayish Gebrie

Feed Resources, Feed Quality and Feeding Practices of Dairy Cattle in Kedida Gamela Woreda, Southern Ethiopia

Article in Press

The study was carried out in Kedida Gamela Woreda of Kambata Tambaro Zone, Southern Ethiopia with the objectives of assessing the major dairy cattle feed resources, the feed quality and the feeding systems of dairy cattle in relation to agro-ecologies and seasons in the study area. A total of 160 respondents were included for the formal cross sectional study. Feed samples were analyzed in duplicates for dry matter (DM),...

Author(s):Fiseha Tadele, Yiseha Kechero

Livelihood Diversification strategies and Livelihood Outcomes of Rural Household in Ethiopia: A Review

Article in Press

This review is focused on rural households engaged in livelihood diversification strategies and pursuing livelihood outcomes in Ethiopia. The target is specifically to review the effect of income diversification on livelihood outcomes situation, to review determinants of participation and level of income generated from off/non-farm activities in Ethiopia. In this article review, both published and unpublished materials...

Author(s):Fami Abdurezak Sherifa

Comparison of the infestation of three rubber tree clones by Phragmantera capitata (Sprengel) S. Balle (Loranthaceae) in the South-west region of Cameroon

Article in Press

Rubber tree clones are used for their high latex production, resistance to the diseases and to the climatic conditions. The aim of this study was to characterize the parasitism of Phragmanthera capitata on three rubber clones. The study was carried out in the rubber plantations of the Cameroon Development Corporation located in 4 villages around Muyuka and Tiko, two locality of the Fako Department, South-West Region of...

Author(s):Jacques Bruno Ngotta Biyon, Patrice Brice Mvogo Ottou, Rosette Christelle Ndjib, Joseph Marie Ondoua, Victor Désiré Taffouo

Effects of Fertilizer application on yield and yield related parameters of low yielding Potato varieties In Uganda

Article in Press

The study was carried out in the first season and second seasons of 2015 and the first season of 2016 at Kachwekano and Kalengyere stations of Kachwekano Zonal Agricultural Research and Development Institute in Rubanda county, Kabale district.. A Completely Randomised Block Design was adopted with three replications and 4 treatments. The treatments composed of T1: Control, T2: 100Kg/ha N:P:K, T: 150Kg/ha N:P:K, andT4: ...

Author(s):Uzatunga Innocent, Rose Mwesige, Joseph Etiang, Prossy Namugga and Alex Barekye

Evaluation of the vibration levels issued by agricultural tractors

Article in Press

Vibration is one of the most relevant aspects, when dealing with the subject of ergonomics in agricultural tractors, although there are still few studies developed to evaluate this parameter and its implications for occupational health. This work aimed to evaluate the levels of vibration emitted by agricultural tractors with different powers, comparing the results with the norm in force in Brazil, in addition to evaluating...

Author(s):Ricardo Gonçalves Rosa, Murilo Mesquita Baesso, Alcir José Modolo, Luís Fernando Soares Zuin

Determinants of Milk Marketing among smallholder milk producers, the Case of East Gojjam Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Article in Press

The study was carried out to analyze determinants of producer's participation decision and level of participation in milk marketing in East Gojjam Zone. Survey was employed to get primary data using questionnaire as a main tool from 204 respondents from Dejen and Machakel Woredas'. Besides descriptive and inferential statistics, Heckman two step selection econometric model was employed for data analysis. Sex of a household...

Author(s):Yeshihareg Kindie, Zeneb Merid

Isolation and Assessment of the Symbiotic Efficiency of Faba bean (Vicia faba L.)Nodulating Rhizobial Isolates from Eastern Hararghe highlands of Ethiopia

Article in Press

This study was devoted to isolate and assess the symbiotic efficiency of faba bean (Vicia faba L.)-nodulating rhizobia isolate at few faba bean growing areas of the eastern Hararghe highlands of Ethiopia. A total of 50 isolates were obtained from soil samples of three Woredas (districts) of the eastern Hararghe highlands using the host trap method. Out of these 50 isolates, 40 of them were presumptively identified as...

Author(s):Mulugeta Mekonnen, Ameha Kebede

Genotype x environment interaction and Yield Stability for Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L) in Raya Valley, Tigray, Ethiopia

Article in Press

Nine common bean genotypes were evaluated at two different environments in Raya valley of southern Tigray, Ethiopia for three consecutive years 2016-2018 main cropping seasons. The aim of the study was to determine the effect of G X E interaction and to identify the best adaptable varieties for selection environments and yield stability. The study was conducted using a randomized complete block design with 3 replications....

Author(s):Lemma Diriba, Teame Gereziher, Betselot Molla

The determinants and Impact of Cooperative Loan on Agricultural Productivity of Cassava-based Nigerian Farmers: Evidence from Oyo State, Nigeria

Article in Press

Credit is a major constraint to agricultural production in Nigeria. This study therefore analyzed the impact of cooperative loan on cassava-based farmers’ production in Oyo State Nigeria. A random sampling technique was used to select 1120 respondents in the study area and structured questionnaire was administered to collect relevant data. Descriptive statistics and propensity score matching (PSM) for the study. The result...

Author(s):Olagunju Funke Iyabo Kirbir, Kayode Salman, Wale Ayojimi

Response of maize (Zea mays L.) to foliar and soil applied fertilizers in the Semi-deciduous forest zone of Ghana

Article in Press

This experiment was conducted in 2019 major cropping season in the Semi-deciduous forest Agro-ecological zone of Ghana to solve low maize yield and improve maize productivity and enhance farmer’s income using foliar and soil applied fertilizers as nutrient sources. Eight treatments (T) were used; T1= {N, P2O5, K2O (90-60-60) kg/ha} at 2 & 6 Weeks After Sowing (WAS); T2= {Poultry manure (4 t/ha)} at 2 Weeks Before Sowing...

Author(s):Daniel Kwasi Atsu Nyagorme, Alice Afrakomah Amoah, Thomas Adjei-Gyapong

Population dynamics and determination of sample parameters for the major insect-pests of safflower

Article in Press

In this study, sample unit size and number of samples for major insect-pests of Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) were estimated during 2015-2016. The experiments were laid out in randomized complete block design with three replications in which the experimental area measuring 2000 m2 was divided into 45 subplots. Four samples of different unit sizes were taken as one plant in an area of 0.12m2, two plants in an area of...

Author(s):Ali Akbar Keyhanian, Mohammad Reza Abbasi Mojdehi

Unlocking economic value downstream Tugwi Mukosi Dam: a case of wards around the dam in Chivi and Masvingo districts of Zimbabwe

Article in Press

Dams spur economic development especially in drought-prone regions in sub-Saharan Africa. In Zimbabwe, Chiredzi District in the south eastern lowveld, sugar plantations and citrus estates have benefited from dams like Mutirikwi, Tugwi Mukosi, Manjerenje and others. Communal areas around and downstream the dams have not realised any significant direct economic benefit from these water bodies as the water was regarded as...

Author(s):Muromo Francis, Tendai Madhanzi, Forward Dewa, Matunhu J

Zoning and agro-climatic characterization of hotspots in the Tana-Beles Sub-Basin – Ethiopia

Article in Press

Agro-climatic zonation is very important for planning crop patterns and to bring out the agricultural potential of a region. It must be done based on a specific development objective and on a rational basis. The objective of the present study was to classify the Tana Beles sub-basins (TBSB) into homogenous agro-climatic patterns and assessing suitability for crops that could be growing in each Agro-climatic zone. The...

Author(s):Tesfay Mekonnen Weldegerima, Belay Simane Birhanu, Tadesse Terefe Zeleke

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