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Article in Press

Tree growth and fruit quality changes in Midknight Valencia (Citrus sinensis Osbeck) grown on different rootstocks under Punjab conditions

Chahal Tanjeet Singh

  •  Received: 18 May 2015
  •  Accepted: 18 July 2015
Study was conducted at Punjab Agricultural University’s – Fruit Research Station, Jallowal to evaluate the performance of sweet orange cultivar Midknight Valencia on three different rootstocks. Plants on Rubidoux Trifoliate (RTF) were observed to be tallest with height of 3.15m while Rich 16-6 (R 16-6) contributed for maximum dwarfing effect with plant height of 2.27m. Highest level of east-west spread to the tune of 2.64m was observed in plants budded on Rubidoux Trifoliate while north-south diameter of the plants canopy was equal in both Rubidoux Trifoliate and Swingle citrumelo (2.74m), which was more than Rich 16-6. All the rootstocks could not produce any significant effect on the scion circumference of the plants. Maximum stock circumference of 57.00cm was recorded in Midknight Valencia plants budded on Swingle citrumelo. Fruits from plants budded on Rich 16-6 were the heaviest (184g) while those on Rubidoux Trifoliate were lightest (161g). However, all the rootstocks failed to produce any significant effect on fruit weight, and size. Rubidoux Trifoliate contributed for maximum juice level in Midknight Valencia fruits with value of 78.00ml, while Rich 16-6 recorded highest level of peel and rag weight to the tune of 46.00g and 51.47g respectively. Maximum peel thickness of 6.33cm was found in fruits from plans budded on Swingle citrumelo. All the rootstocks failed to produce any significant effect on seed number per fruit of Midknight Valencia. Fruits from plants budded on Rubidoux Trifoliate rootstock recorded maximum TSS level of 9.43%. All the three rootstocks produced non-significant effect on juice acidity. Rich 16-6 registered maximum level of reducing sugars in fruit juice.

Keywords: Midknight Valencia, Rootstock, Rubidoux Trifoliate, Rich 16-6 & Swingle citrumelo