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Full Length Research Paper

Yield responses of bush bean varieties to different planting densities and rates of phosphorous fertilizer

Deodatus Stanley Kiriba
  • Deodatus Stanley Kiriba
  • 1Department of Natural Resources Management (NRM), Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI)-Selian Centre, P. O. Box 6024, Arusha, Tanzania.
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John Wilfred Msaky
  • John Wilfred Msaky
  • Department of Crops- Bean Section, Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI)-Selian Centre, P. O. Box 6024, Arusha, Tanzania.
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Nestory Shida Mahenge
  • Nestory Shida Mahenge
  • Department of Crops- Bean Section, Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI)-Selian Centre, P. O. Box 6024, Arusha, Tanzania.
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Samwel Paul
  • Samwel Paul
  • Department of Crops- Bean Section, Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI)-Selian Centre, P. O. Box 6024, Arusha, Tanzania.
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Godfrey Adolph Kessy
  • Godfrey Adolph Kessy
  • Department of Crops- Bean Section, Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI)-Selian Centre, P. O. Box 6024, Arusha, Tanzania.
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Edith Kadeghe
  • Edith Kadeghe
  • Department of Crops- Bean Section, Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI)-Selian Centre, P. O. Box 6024, Arusha, Tanzania.
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Papias Hongera Binagwa
  • Papias Hongera Binagwa
  • Integrative Biosciences PhD Program, Tuskegee University, 1200 West Montgomery Rd, Tuskegee Institute, AL 36088, USA.
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  •  Received: 02 April 2019
  •  Accepted: 17 May 2019
  •  Published: 31 January 2020


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