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  • DOI: 10.5897/AJAR
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Table of Content: 10 November, 2016; 11(45)

November 2016

Phenotypic characterization of physic nut populations

This study aimed to identify phenotypic plasticity in populations of Jatropha curcas. The experiment was conducted with a completely randomized design with eleven treatments and four replications. Morphophysiological variables were analyzed in the agricultural year, 2014-2015. Positive correlations were only observed between crown diameter and seed production, and canopy diameter and stomatal density in adaxial...

Author(s): João Paulo de Morais Oliveira, Jéssica Ferreira Silva, Bruna Santos de Oliveira, Priscilla Gomes de Freitas Santos, Patrícia Souza da Silveira and Fábio Santos Matos

November 2016

Methods for breaking seed dormancy of ryegrass during storage periods

The presence of dormant seeds makes it difficult to evaluate physiological quality and requires the use of appropriate methods in order to break seed dormancy. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of different methods to break the dormancy of ryegrass seeds stored under environment conditions in different periods. Ryegrass seeds, BRS Ponteio cultivar, produced in two locations were used and...

Author(s): Andréa Bicca Noguez Martins, Aline Klug Radke, Manoela Andrade Monteiro, Letícia Winke Dias, Lilian Vanusa Madruga de Tunes, Geri Eduardo Meneghelo, Fernanda Da Motta Xavier, André Pich Brunes, Caroline Jácome Costa and Andréa Mittelmann

November 2016

Soil physico-chemical properties and land suitability evaluation for maize (Zea mays), beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) and Irish potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) in tephra soils of the western slopes of mount Kupe (Cameroon)

Soils of the western slopes of Kupe Mountain in Cameroon were characterized to understand their proper land use and sustainable management. Evaluation of land suitability for maize (Zea mays), beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) and Irish potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) were assessed, considering the socio-economic importance of these crops in Cameroon. Three sites, representative of the study area were identified following a...

Author(s): Roger Kogge Enang, Bernard Palmer Kfuban Yerima and Georges Kogge Kome

November 2016

Agronomic performance and path analysis of roundup ready and conventional soybean from two-way crosses in the northwestern of São Paulo, Brazil

The aim of this study was to compare the agronomic performance of RR soybean genotypes with conventional soybean genotypes derived from two-way crosses and evaluate through path analysis the influence of important traits for culture on the grain yield (GY) in the Northwestern of São Paulo, Brazil. It was used the randomized block design with three replications. Among the analyzed RR genotypes, three genotypes has...

Author(s): Wallace de Sousa Leite, Sandra Helena Unêda-Trevisoli, Eder Licieri Groli, Cleber Vinicius Giaretta Azevedo, Bruno Henrique Pedroso Val, Eduardo Henrique Bizari, Fabiana Mota da Silva and Antonio Orlando Di Mauro

November 2016

Effect of phosphorus fertilization on yield and quality of onion bulbs

Obtaining information about the onion responses to different doses of phosphorus can contribute to optimizing the use of fertilizers and consequently make the activity more profitable with less impact on the environment. Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate the effects of different phosphorus doses on yield and quality of onion bulbs. The design of the experiment was in a randomized block design with four...

Author(s): José Novo Júnior, Rayanne Maria Paula Ribeiro, Aridênia Peixoto Chaves, Valdívia de Fátima Lima Sousa, Leilson Costa Grangeiro, Maria Zuleide de Negreiros, Saulo de Tárcio Pereira Marrocos and Gardênia Silvana Oliveira Rodrigues

November 2016

Fremont mandarin: Fruit with a long shelf life for the fresh fruit market

The goals of the present study were to identify resistant mandarin varieties with potential for the fresh fruit market that could enable an extension of the harvesting season and to develop appropriate methods to maintain fruit quality for longer storage periods. Fremont mandarin fruits were harvested at optimum maturity and stored with and without wax coating under different storage conditions: ambient (21 ±...

Author(s): Camilla de Andrade Pacheco, Evandro Henrique Schinor, Mariângela Cristofani-Yaly, Marcos Antônio Machado and Fernando Alves de Azevedo

November 2016

Evaluation and selection of promising sunflower germplasm under early winter planting conditions

Agronomic potential of traditional sunflower spring varieties is low because their flowering and grain filling are often exposed to mid and end-season drought. To overcome this, new breeding strategy consisted of selecting varieties tolerant to winter cold in order to shift to autumn or early winter planting. Nowadays, ‘Ichraq’ is the only registered autumn variety in Morocco. The objective of this research...

Author(s): Karim Houmanat, Mohamed EL Fechtali, Hamid Mazouz and Abdelghani Nabloussi

November 2016

Periodicity of crop coefficient and soil water depletion fraction in a climatological water balance

In comparison to a measured field water balance (FWB), we aimed to evaluate the impact of using different functions to daily estimate the crop coefficient (Kc) and soil water depletion fraction (p) in a climatological water balance (CWB), and verify that the grouping of output variables provides improved results. The FWB was conducted in Telêmaco Borba, Southern Brazil. The data were collected at weekly intervals...

Author(s): Bruno César Gurski, Jorge Luiz Moretti de Souza, Daniela Jerszurki, Robson André Armindo and Adão Wagner Pêgo Evangelista

November 2016

Technical efficiency among irrigated and non-irrigated olive orchards in Tunisia

Tunisia olive production fluctuates yearly because it is highly dependent on annual precipitation, and growers need to enhance productivity and efficiency by introducing irrigation. Investigating how irrigation affects the technical efficiency of olive production may contribute to improvement in productivity. This study employs the Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and Stochastic Frontier Analysis (SFA) methods to...

Author(s): Hajime Kamiyama, Kenichi Kashiwagi and Mohamed Kefi

November 2016

Reproduction of Meloidogyne javanica in crambe plant and influence on crop yield and oil content

The crambe is an oilseed plant of the Brassicaceae family, which has the potential to grow in the winter, in succession to soybean crop, and whose seeds have been used for extraction of oil for biofuel production. However, in areas with nematode infestation, special care is needed in the selection of the species to be used in crop succession. Thus, the present study aimed to assess the susceptibility of crambe to...

Author(s): Carolina Amaral Tavares-Silva, Claudia Regina Dias-Arieira, Luiz Antônio Baccarin, Tiago Roque Benetoli da Silva and Thais Santo Dadazio

November 2016

Urban crop production in southeast Nigeria: Potentials and constraints

Urban farming (UF) offers potential benefits to urban areas and has captured the attention of residents. Based on a survey and interview of 210 urban farmers, this article explores the potential benefits, and constraints to urban farming, in southeast Nigeria. The farmers indicated that the potential benefits included: food source, income source and efficient utilization of space among others. Major food produced were...

Author(s): Anthonia Asadu, Innocent Enwelu, Philip Ifejika and Edwin Igbokwe

November 2016

Effects of chemical and bio-fertilizers on yield, yield components and grain quality of maize (Zea mays L.)

A field experiment was conducted in two consecutive seasons (2009 and 2010) to assess the effect of two microbial fertilizers, chicken manure, urea and their possible combinations on the performance of a maize variety (Hudeiba 45). The bio fertilizers used were Azospirillum brasilense (A), Azotobacter sp (B) and chicken manure (CM) at a rate of 7t/ha). Urea (46% N) was applied at rates of 120kg/ha (N) and 40kg/ha (T)....

Author(s): Hashim A. Fadlalla, Hatim A. A. Abukhlaif and Somaya S. Mohamed

November 2016

Dynamics of biomass of pearl millet and Paiaguas palisadegrass in different forage systems and sowing periods in yield of soybean

There is increasing global concern with environmental food production and sustainability to maintain high carbon stocks in soil biomass. The biomass produced in crop-livestock integration system increases soil organic matter, acts in nutrient cycling, improves the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of soil and increases grain production. Moreover, this soil management system mitigates greenhouse effect...

Author(s): Raoni Ribeiro Guedes Fonseca Costa, Kátia Aparecida de Pinho Costa, Renato Lara de Assis, Charles Barbosa Santos, Eduardo da Costa Severiano, Ana Flávia de Souza Rocha, Itamar Pereira de Oliveira, Pedro Henrique Campos Pinho Costa, Wender Ferreira de Souza and Millena de Moura Aquino

November 2016

Abundance and distribution of Striga (Striga hermonthica (Del.) Benth.) infestation in selected sorghum (Sorghum bicolour L. Moench) growing areas of Tigray Region, Ethiopia

A survey was conducted in 2014 to determine the abundance and distribution of Striga hermonthica in selected woredas of Tigray. S. hermonthica was commonly distributed across all study sites, its prevalence varied among sites (Kebelies). The highest levels of Striga infestation was observed at Hadinet (400), Dabano (390), Nebar Hadinet (351), Giera (299), Hadas Lemlem (278), Selam (267), and Zuriya Dansha (261)....

Author(s): Atsbha Gebreslasie, Taye Tessema, Ibrahim Hamza and Demeke Nigussie

November 2016

Kinetics drying of Spirulina platensis

Spirulina platensis is a blue-green multicellular photosynthetic cyanobacterium and it is used in many countries as human and animal feed. The aim of this work is to determine and set kinetics drying for S. platensis at different temperatures (30, 40, 50 and 60°C). A completely randomized design was adopted and the treatments were the drying temperatures. S. platensis was furnished by the company, Brasil Vital,...

Author(s): Pâmella de Carvalho Melo, Ivano Alessandro Devilla, Cristiane Fernandes Lisboa, Mateus Morais Santos and Pedro Henrique Tolentino Duarte

November 2016

Morphophysiological changes in young plants of Jatropha curcas L. (Euphorbiaceae) subjected to water stress and recovery

To investigate drought-induced changes in morphophysiological characteristics, seedlings of two genotypes of Jatropha curcas (CNPAE 183 and CNPAE 191) were grown under two watering regimes: irrigated (-33.1 to 13.5 to kPa) and water deficit (-409.5 to 49.5 to kPa) for 55 days, followed by six days of rehydration (DAR). Withholding water led to a significant reduction (p<0.05) of leaf water potential (ΨW) and an...

Author(s): Priscila Souza de Oliveira, Leandro Dias da Silva, Tessio Araújo de Santana, Bruno Galvêas Laviola, Arlicélio Queiroz Paiva, Marcelo Schramm Mielke and Fábio Pinto Gomes