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Table of Content: 11 July, 2013; 8(26)

July 2013

Stability analysis and G × E interaction in Mungbean (Vigna radiate L. Wilczek): A review

Plants generally showed variation in their response to changing environment. Stability analysis has become one of the important tools for plant breeders in predicting the response of various genotypes over changing environments. It is imperative to have stable performing cultivars across environment to realize higher seed yield. The interaction of genotype with the environment has an important bearing in breeding...

Author(s): Anamika Nath, P. N. Harer and Utpal Dey

July 2013

Dimension of household food security in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, India

Household food security has attained significance due to mounting food crisis.  Food, being one of the most basic needs for living, has become one of the most vital concerns for the world, as more and more people are living in poverty and hungry. The present study examines the dynamism of quality food availability, access and affordability by the rural households in two selected districts, that is, Bhandara and...

Author(s): N. V. Kumbhare, B.S.Hansra, L. B. Kalantri, P. K. Jain and R. N. Padaria

July 2013

An implementation of the hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) system in the cage culture of Siniperca scherzei in Zhelin Lake, China

The quality and safety of aquatic products has always been the first priority in food quality control in China. The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is recognized as an effective system designed to improve food safety. To promote the establishment and implementation of the HACCP system in the aquaculture industry in China, the paper analyzed potential hazards in the cage aquaculture of Siniperca...

Author(s): Wei Song, Zhiqiang Wu, Nan Wu, and Lingbo Ma

July 2013

Effect of mung-bean fibre on acidification in culture broths using selected intestinal microflora

The effect of mung-bean dietary fibre on the acidification in culture broths by using six intestinal bacterial strains was investigated. The strains were cultured anaerobically individually in broths containing 2 kinds of mung-bean fibre, mung-bean hull and cellulose at 37°C. The results showed that Bifidobacterium bifidum andBifidobacterium longum in the broths containing each kind of mung-bean fibre...

Author(s): Shu Chen Huang, Tai Che Cheng and Deng Fwu Hwang

July 2013

Pathological effects of Meloidogyne incognita eggs on growth of sugarbeet and nematode reproduction under greenhouse conditions

The impact of three levels of Meloidogyne incognita eggs, that is, 1000, 2000 and 3000 eggs/ plant on plant growth parameters of sugarbeet cv. Nejma and its development and reproduction under greenhouse conditions at 17 ± 5°C was studied. Results indicated that reduction percentage of sugarbeet growth parameters were greatly affected, where the marginal effect was more pronounced on roots than...

Author(s): El-Sherif A. G., A. H, Nour El-Deen and Dina S. S. Ibrahim

July 2013

Immunotoxic potential of sodium fluoride following subacute exposure in Wistar rats

Fluoride pollution in drinking water is an international problem as the fluoride present is often at levels above acceptable limits. This study was done with an objective to determine the immunotoxic potential of sub acute exposure of sodium fluoride in Wistar rats with special reference to the Dinitroflurobenzene contact skin sensitivity test and pathological alterations in splenic histoarchitecture. The rats were...

Author(s): D. K. Giri, R. C. Ghosh, M. Mondal, Govina Dewangan and Deepak Kumar Kashyap

July 2013

State of forest regeneration in Southwest Nigeria

The study investigated the state of forest regeneration in southwest Nigeria forest service. Secondary data were collected from the state forestry departments in South-Western Nigeria. The information was based on the forest regeneration between 1988 and 2004 as stipulated in the national forest policy of 1988. The study revealed that there were a total of 1619.19 ha of forest regeneration between 1988 and 2004 in...

Author(s): O. I. Faleyimu, B. O. Agbeja and O. Akinyemi

July 2013

Growth and economic performance of fingerlings of Oreochromis niloticus fed on different non-conventional feeds in out-door hapas at Akosombo in Ghana

The study was conducted at the Aquaculture Research and Development Centre at Akosombo in Ghana to observe the growth and economic performance of the fingerlings of Oreochromis niloticus fed on diets prepared using different agro-industrial by-products. Four isonitrogenous (30% CP) and isoenergetic (GE 18 MJ/kg) diets were formulated: Wheat bran (WB) (Diet 1); Pito mash (PM) (Diet 2); Rice bran...

Author(s): Emmanuel D. Abarike, Edward A. Obodai and Felix Y. K. Attipoe

July 2013

Impacts of flooding on coastal fishing folks and risk adaptation behaviours in Epe, Lagos State

Climatic changes have made flooding a major environmental hazard in the coastal areas of Nigeria. This study assessed the impacts and households’ adaptation mechanisms in Epe Division of Lagos State. Data obtained from some fishing folks were subjected to descriptive, Probit regression and Tobit regressions analytical methods. The results show that the adverse impacts of flooding reduce with ability to migrate,...

Author(s): A. S. Oyekale, O. I. Oladele and F. Mukela

July 2013

Preservation practices and quality perception of shrimps along the local merchandising chain in Benin

This study, performed through a survey, sought to investigate the quality attributes and the artisanal preservation and processing methods of fresh shrimps along the local merchandising chain in the Ouémé-Plateau and Mono Districts in the South of Benin. The survey was in the form of interviews administrated through a questionnaire and observations of shrimp's processors at work. The information...

Author(s): E. Y. Kpoclou, V. B. Anihouvi, M. L. Scippo and J. D. Hounhouigan

July 2013

Traditional poultry production: The role of women in Kaura-Namoda local government area, Zamfara State, Nigeria

Poultry production has a high priority because poultry meat has better energy and protein conversion ratio than many other animals. Traditional poultry is a well-known livestock enterprise in northern Nigeria and women contribute immensely to agricultural production but still their contribution to the country’s development remains largely not documented. This study therefore, aimed at assessing the role of rural...

Author(s): Garba J., A. Y. Yari, M. Haruna and S. Ibrahim

July 2013

Identification of culturable endophytes in ‘Champaka’ pineapple grown in an organic system

The objective of the study was to characterize culturable diazotrophic endophytic bacteria from ‘Champaka’ pineapple plants during the fruiting period in an organic system. Micropropagated plants were inoculated with the diazotrophic endophytic bacterium, strain AB 219a, during acclimatization phase. In the field, the plants were fertilized with different dosages and sources of organic compost. After 17...

Author(s): Olmar Baller Weber, Sandy Sampaio Videira and Jean Luiz Simões de Araújo

July 2013

Exploration on resource of resistance in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) genotypes to gram pod borer Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) (Lepidoptera)

This study observed resource of resistance in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) genotypes to its principal insect pest gram pod borer Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). For this purpose, the susceptibility or resistance of 26 chickpea genotypes was checked at the farm conditions on the basis of combinations of different selected criteria (pod borer’s population, percentage of pod...

Author(s): Muhammad Sarwar

July 2013

Studies on heterotrophic bacteria with special reference to Azospirillum from rhizosphere and root of different crops

Availability of heterotrophic soil bacteria and an associative micro-aerophilic nitrogen fixing Azospirillum, from the rhizosphere of different crop plants, was studied. Microorganisms were reported from root and rhizospheric soil (from twenty-seven different samples collected from Chhattisgarh, India) of different crop plants. The amount of total heterotrophic bacteria, in different samples, varied...

Author(s): Tripathi J., Singh A. K. and Tiwari P.

July 2013

Variability studies and identification of high yielding plus trees of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) in Tamil Nadu

One hundred and fifty one (151) cocoa trees in the farmers’ field of Tamil Nadu were assessed for their variability and yield performance. Ten year old trees in five different plantations of Tamil Nadu were observed for their morphological, pod, bean and yield characters. Variability among the tree, pod, bean and yield trait characters were also studied for all the trees selected. Plus trees or...

Author(s): Thondaiman Velayutham, K. Rajamani, N. Shoba, A. John Joel and N. Senthil

July 2013

Crop growth response and dynamics of inorganic phosphorus fractions after application of reactive Arad phosphate rock in Oxisol with different land use histories

Adsorbed or precipitated phosphorus can be susceptible to dissolution depending upon environmental conditions. This work evaluated both the partitioning and availability of the inorganic forms of P bound to Al, Fe and Ca in samples of a clayey Dystrophic Red Latosol (Oxisol) (DRL) with different land use history, fertilized with Arad reactive natural phosphate in Goias State, Brazil. The inorganic fractions of...

Author(s): Julian Junio de Jesus Lacerda, Antonio Eduardo Furtini Neto, Alvaro Vilela de Resende, Jose Zilton Lopes dos Santos, Leandro Flavio Carneiro and Cesar Henrique Caputo de Oliveira

July 2013

Influence of canopy management practices on fruit composition of wine grape cultivars grown in semi-arid tropical region of India

Effect of canopy management practices on berry composition of red and white grape cultivars grown in Pune region of India was examined. Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc vines were selected for the study. Both the cultivars exhibited significant variation in fruit composition parameters in response to various canopy management practices. Combination treatment of leaf removal (LR) either with shoot thinning (ST) or...

Author(s): Satisha Jogaiah, Dasharath P. Oulkar, Amruta N. Vijapure, Smita R. Maske, Ajay Kumar Sharma and Ramhari G. Somkuwar

July 2013

Propagating crotons from leaves

The present investigation was conducted in the Department of Horticulture, Agricultural College and Research Institute, Madurai during the period of 2011 to 2012. The croton leaves were placed in water for observation. Within a month, it was observed that, roots appeared from the petiole region of the leaves. The root length varied from 1.5 to 4 cm. Further, secondary roots were also observed from primary roots after...

Author(s): N. Deepa Devi and A. Shanthi

July 2013

Impacts of automobile workshops on heavy metals concentrations of urban soils in Obio/Akpor LGA, Rivers State, Nigeria

This study investigated the impacts of automobile workshops on heavy metals concentrations in urban soils of Obio/Akpor Local Government Area (LGA), Rivers State, Nigeria. Thirty three soil samples were collected each at sites close in proximity to selected automobile workshops (experimental sites) and sites that are far from the workshop without the influence of automobile workshop (control sites). The levels of...

Author(s): Utang P. B., Eludoyin O. S. and Ijekeye C. L.