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Table of Content: 18 December 2010; 5(24)

December 2010

Indigenous post-harvest handling and processing of traditional vegetables in Swaziland: A review

The magnitude of post-harvest losses of fruits and vegetables in developing countries like Swaziland can reach up to 50% depending upon the commodity. The diet of rural Swazi folks is made up largely of a variety of seasonally available traditional vegetables whose nutritional and medicinal value is well appreciated. Several traditional vegetables are harvested, handled and processed using local indigenous knowledge...

Author(s): Masarirambi M. T., Mavuso V,  Songwe V. D., Nkambule T. P. and Mhazo, N.        

December 2010

Effects of nitrogen levels, harvesting time and curing on quality of shallot bulb

Optimization of nitrogen (N) fertilization levels, harvesting stages and curing treatments are among the management practices used for onion bulbs. Field and laboratory experiments were carried out to evaluate the effects of four levels of N application, three harvest stages and two curing levels on yield, bulb quality and shelf life of local shallot cultivar. Results of the study showed that increasing in the N...

Author(s): Sebsebe K. Woldetsadik and T. Seyoum Workneh    

December 2010

Measuring the benefits of biological nitrogen fixation of soybean (Glycine max (l.) Merrill) in cassava (Manihot esculenta crantz) and soybean intercrop

The measurement of the benefits of biological nitrogen (N) fixing properties of soybean in cassava and soybean intercrop was conducted at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka between 2000, 2001 and 2002. Changes in soil nutrient concentration were measured at 0 – 30 cm. The effects of N- fertilization on cassava tuber yield and soil-N were monitored for the three seasons using factorial in randomized complete block...

Author(s): Umeh S. I. and Mbah B. N.      

December 2010

Micro-organisms associated with endangered Cordeauxia edulis affect its growth and inhibit pathogens

Cordeauxia edulis is an endangered leguminous shrub native to semi-arid border between Ethiopia and Somalia. To enable its successful cultivation in new environment, we investigated the effect of its microbial residents on establishment and growth. Plant growth-affecting bacteria and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) were the focus of this study. Bacteria were isolated from rhizosphere soil and pre-germinated...

Author(s): Mekonnen B., Yahya A. and Alström S.        

December 2010

Toxic effects of five plant extracts against the larger grain borer, Prostephanus truncatus

Dried leaf powders of Eucalyptus, Guava, Neem, Tephrosia and Water hyacinth were evaluated for their insecticidal activity against Prostephanus truncatus Horn. The powders were tested at 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 0.1, 2.5 and 5 g/100 g of dried cassava chips or flour. Data was collected on larvae and adult mortality, larvae and adult emergence, antifeeding, and repellency. The effects varied with plant species and dose...

Author(s): Mweshi Mukanga, Yakub Deedat and Felix S. Mwangala    

December 2010

Credit constraints and adoption of modern cassava production technologies in rural farming communities of Anambra State, Nigeria

This study was motivated because of low adoption of cassava production technologies in rural areas of Nigeria. The supply of cassava product, which is major staple food in Nigeria has not match up with the demand especially now the government is trying to increase her non-oil export through cassava export. It expected that increase in adoption of modern production technologies will scale-up cassava production and reduce...

Author(s): Benjamin Okpukpara    

December 2010

Effects on the economic performance of farmers of the risks encountered in the production of organic cotton, and risk management strategies: A Turkish case study

This study has importance in terms of determination of risks and risk management strategies that affect the economic performance of farmers who produce organic cotton.  With this aim, Turkey, a major organic cotton producer, was investigated as a case study. In the study, the most important sources of risk affecting economic performance of farmers were determined as variability in yield, high production costs and...

Author(s): Hakan Adanacioglu and  F. Akin Olgun    

December 2010

Global warming has been affecting some morphological characters of Pistachio trees (Pistacia vera L.)

Climate changes have already affected species distribution shifts in many parts of the world. The data, on which this research is based on, were collected and studied in Kerman province. The meteorology data were on four months (December, January, February and March) from 1991 until 2008 and the phenology data were on six pistachio cultivars that were ranked in three groups: early flowering, mid flowering and late...

Author(s): Amanollah Javanshah    

December 2010

Endogenous cytokinin levels during early fruit development of macadamia

Cytokinins play a central role in fruit set and development, with many plants accumulating high concentrations of endogenous cytokinins in developing fruits, and applied cytokinins being used to induce fruit set or parthenocarpic fruit development. Cytokinin application to flowers or immature fruit of macadamia increases initial fruit set and delays fruit abscission, without affecting final fruit set. This study...

Author(s): Stephen J. Trueman    

December 2010

Effects of different arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) species on some bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cultivars grown in salty conditions

This study was carried out to determine the effects of three different Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) species (Glomus mosseae, Glomus intraradices and Glomus fasciculatum) on the growth and nutrient contents of four bean cultivars (Onceler, Seker, Terzibaba and Sehirali) grown under salt stress. The constant amount of NaCl (50 ppm) was added the autoclaved growth medium containing 1:1:1: ratios of soil,...

Author(s): Vahdettin Ciftci, Onder Turkmen, Ceknas Erdinc and Suat Sensoy    

December 2010

The effects of pruning and fertilization applications on yield and some fruit characteristics of pistachio nuts (Pistacia vera L.)

This research was carried out on “Kırmızı” pistachio nut cultivar in order to determine the effects of different pruning and fertilization treatments on yield, and also some nut characteristics in pistachio (Pistacia vera L.). Nitrogen and phosphorus were applied using ammonium sulphate and TSP at the rate of 0 (Control-N0), 800 (N1), 1000 (N2) and 1200 (N3) g tree-1, and 0 (Control-P0), 200...

Author(s): YeÅŸim Okay, Nurdan Tuna GüneÅŸ, A. Ä°lhami Köksal, Mehmet KöroÄŸlu and Reslen Alagöz      

December 2010

The effects of zinc fertilisation on the yield of pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) grown under rainfed conditions

Zinc (Zn2+) deficiency in pistachio is frequently reported. Zn2+ fertilisation can be an effective way of correcting Zn2+ deficiency thus enhance yield of pistachio grown in Zn deficient soils. The aim of this study was to determine the effects of Zn2+ fertilisation on the yield of pistachio grown under rainfed conditions. Four Zn2+ rates (0, 1, 2 and 4 g L-1Zn2+) were applied at 15...

Author(s): Ilhan Kizilgoz, Erdal Sakin and Nevzat Aslan        

December 2010

Ineffectiveness of Nakivubo wetland in filtering out heavy metals from untreated Kampala urban effluent prior to discharge into Lake Victoria, Uganda

The population of the Ugandan capital city of Kampala has dramatically increased since the political turmoil of the 1970s and with it a considerable rise in industrialisation. Few manufacturing plants, however, have pretreatment installations in place for their polluted effluent prior to discharge into the surrounding ecosystems. Kampala’s main drainage system is the Nakivubo channel which empties directly into...

Author(s): Jolocam Mbabazi, J. Kwetegyeka, M. Ntale and J. Wasswa      

December 2010

Determination of ecological environmental conditions for using natural vegetation samples in landscape architecture studies: Case study of Ayas Beli (Ankara)

AyaÅŸ Beli, the selected research area, is about 40 km northwest of Ankara, the capital, and is approximately 10 km².  The aim of the study is to provide for the utilization of compatible, economic and aesthetic samples; that exist in flora of Turkey; in the landscape architecture studies. In the study, in order to identify the suitable plants and their phenologic, geographic and ecologic features, field...

Author(s): Zuhal Dilaver    

December 2010

Problems faced by users with disabilities in access to urban outdoors: Kocaeli sample

Cities are the places that have structural and equipment capabilities for housing, social, cultural, economical and recreational activities for various user groups. Since user groups in cities vary, it increases urban service requirements as well. The aim of this study is to investigate the urban outdoor sites in Kocaeli where disabled users, as a user group in cities, face problems and their expectations, and to...

Author(s): Aysun Çelik  and Nilüfer SeyidoÄŸlu    

December 2010

Hispanic consumer’s perceptions towards organically grown ethnic produce: A logistic analysis

Organic foods sector is one of the fastest growing agricultural markets in the U.S and sales of organic products have increased on average by 20% annually since 1990. The rapid expansion of Hispanic ethnic populations presents significant opportunities for organic and conventional fruit and vegetable producers in the region to take advantage of their close proximity to densely populated areas. The main objective of this...

Author(s): Ramu Govindasamy, Venkata Puduri and James E. Simon      

December 2010

Socio-personal characteristics on the adoption of rice-fish culture system in North of Iran

Rice-fish culture system is not a purely technical decision and different factors may affect it. The identification of these factors can help in distinguishing adopters from non-adopters in an attempt to extend the rice-fish culture. This study sought to identify effective socio-personal characteristics on the adoption of rice-fish culture system by farmers in North of Iran. A survey was conducted using a stratified...

Author(s): Seyyed Ali Noorhossaini Niyaki and Mohammad Sadegh Allahyari      

December 2010

Determination of the relationship among air velocity, cooling efficiency and temperature decrease at a cellulose based evaporative cooling pad

The aim of this study is to determine the relationship between air velocity, cooling efficiency and decrease of the temperature of the air passing the pad, at a cellulose based evaporative cooling pad and to gain handy information for the persons working on this subject. In the study, cellulose based evaporative cooling pad (CELdek R 7060-15) was handled as material. As for the velocity of air passing through the pad...

Author(s): Metin DaÄŸtekin , Cengiz Karaca, Levent Sangün and Yilmaz Yildiz        

December 2010

Application of exogenous ethylene on postharvest quality of dabai (Canarium odontophyllum Miq.) fruit

Dabai (Canarium odontophyllum Miq.) is an indigenous fruit to East Malaysia, Palawan (Philippines) and Sumatra (Indonesia). The fruits are hard, and locals prepare the fruit by seeping it in about 50°C water for 15 to 20 min to soften the flesh and eaten with salt and/or sugar. It is hypothesized; and exogenous ethylene could be used as an alternative method to soften the fruit. Therefore, this study was...

Author(s): Phebe Ding and Yei Kheng Tee          

December 2010

Worldwide patent analysis and mapping of combine harvester innovation

The patent literature contains a wealth of detailed information existing. Patent analysis contributes to marketing and business strategy. While excellent searching tools have existed for many years for identifying patents relating to specific topics, it is only recently that it has been feasible to map the complete archive of patent literature to identify important trends and competition pattern. In this project, the...

Author(s): Xiuhong Wang      

December 2010

Agriculture agency, mass media and farmers: A combination for creating knowledgeable agriculture community

Mass media power in disseminating agriculture information to the farmers is essential, but the main question now, does the Department of Agriculture Malaysia as one of the main agriculture agencies in Malaysia, wisely utilize all the mass media sources to disseminate the valuable agriculture information to the farmers and their officers? Data was gained through three ‘focus group discussions’. The Department...

Author(s): Md. Salleh Hassan, Hayrol Azril Mohamed Shaffril, Muhamad Sham Shahkat Ali and Nor Sabila Ramli