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Agricultural Research

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  • ISSN: 1991-637X
  • DOI: 10.5897/AJAR
  • Start Year: 2006
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Table of Content: 1 December, 2016; 11(48)

December 2016

Operational performance of the mechanized picking of coffee in four soil slope

The coffee mechanized picking is an essential operation in modern coffee crop, however, is still an activity with few studies that emphasize the factors that could interfere in its operational performance. Assuming that the slope of the land can be one of these factors, it aimed to evaluate operational performance of a mechanized set of coffee picking in different terrain slopes. The treatments consisted of coffee...

Author(s): Tiago de Oliveira Tavares, Rouverson Pereira da Silva, Felipe Santinato, Adão Felipe dos Santos, Carla Strini Segatto Paixão and Vantuir de Albuquerque Silva

December 2016

Restricted maximum likelihood/best linear unbiased prediction (REML/BLUP) for analyzing the agronomic performance of corn

Adoption of accurate and simplistic biometric models that estimate variance components, predicting genotypic effects are desired in plant breeding. The aim of this study was to estimate the variance components and predict genotypic values by REML/BLUP for combinations of maize inbred lines derived from two heterotic groups with F1's evaluation in four locations. The crosses originated 25 hybrids that were evaluated...

Author(s): Maicon Nardino, Diego Baretta, Ivan Ricardo Carvalho, Tiago Olivoto, Diego Nicolau Follmann, Vinícius Jardel Szareski, Mauricio Ferrari, Alan Junior de Pelegrin, Valmor Antonio Konflanz and Velci Queiróz de Souza

December 2016

Morphological characteristics and linear body measurements of Doyogena sheep in Doyogena district of SNNPR, Ethiopia

Description of the physical characteristics of livestock breeds is very important for developing a breeding strategy in a particular production system. Doyogena sheep are among the potential breeds of Ethiopia reared in the mixed perennial crop and livestock production system of Southern Ethiopia. This research was conducted to characterise the morphological features of Doyogena sheep in an attempt to develop a breeding...

Author(s): Taye M., Yilma M., Rischkowsky B., Dessie T., Okeyo M., Mekuriaw G. and Haile A.,

December 2016

Spatial distribution of soil chemicals attributes in sugar cane crop area

The aim of this paper was to quantify and evaluate the spatial distribution of soil chemical properties in different grid sampling sizes using descriptive statistics and geostatistics. The study was carried out in Bom Sucesso City, Paraná State, Brazil. Using GPS, a 50 x 50 m grid sampling size was set, comprising four samples per hectare. In each grid point positioned on the field, soil samples at a depth of 00...

Author(s): Anderson Antônio da Silva Gualberto, Marcos Rafael Nanni, Carlos Antonio da Silva Junior, Everson Cezar, Luis Guilherme Teixeira Crusiol, Guilherme Fernando Capristo Silva and Aline de Carvalho Gasparotto

December 2016

Quality of mechanized peanut digging in function of the auto guidance

Within the context of precision agriculture, the use of automatic guidance is without a doubt one of the most popular tools among farmers, however, are few producers of peanuts using this technology, the benefits from this technology can bring significant gains for culture even more when thinking about reducing the indices of losses in the digging. Thus, it objective was to evaluate the variability of quantitative...

Author(s): Santos A. F., Kazama E. H., Ormond A. T. S., Tavares T. O. and Silva R. P.

December 2016

Farmers’ knowledge, attitude and perceptions on the use of locally available plant material to prevent rodent damage to maize crop in Eastern Tanzania

A quantitative study was conducted in the Eastern zone of Tanzania, from May to September 2012 to assess farmers’ knowledge, altitude and practice on the use of locally available plant materials for controlling rodent damage in maize fields and stores. Three villages in three districts were purposively selected with a total of 270 farmers randomly selected for the interview. A semi structured questionnaire was...

Author(s): Mdangi M., , Sibuga P. K., Massawe A. W., Magadula J. J.†  Ngowo V., Mrosso F. P., Mkangwa Z. C., Kilonzo B. S. and Mulungu L. S.

December 2016

Effects of Crambe-based products (Crambe abyssinica) on the control of Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in stored maize

Maize is one of the most consumed cereals in the world, but its consumption is not always immediate. Thus, its storage is an important logistical factor. During the storage period, the grains may be exposed to several pests, including Sitophilus zeamais. The aim of this study was to test different Crambe abyssinica-based products as an alternative control of this pest. The experiment was conducted in the Laboratory of...

Author(s): Ana Paula Morais Mourão Simonetti, Viviane Prata Dall`oglio, Tais Regina Strieder, Hingrit Mazurek Siqueira, Silvia Renata Machado Coelho and Divair Christ

December 2016

Use of additives in combination with UV-C for the conservation of minimally processed ‘Fuji Suprema’ apples

Minimally processed fruits need to be treated with techniques to keep their quality, and lower the incidence of their pulp and rots becoming black. In this context, this work aims to evaluate the efficiency of the use of UV-C radiation and different additives in preventing browning and conserving ‘Fuji Suprema’ apples that are minimally processed. The experimental design was completely randomized with...

Author(s): Caroline Farias Barreto, Marines Batalha Moreno Kirinus, Pricila Santos da Silva, Roseli de Mello Farias, Marcelo Barbosa Malgarim and Carlos Roberto Martins

December 2016

Bioactive compounds, antioxidant activity and minerals of ‘Cajuí’ (Anacardium humile St. Hill) during the ripening

The present study aimed to determine the content of minerals, bioactive compounds and the antioxidant activity of ‘Cajuí’ (Anacardium humille St. Hill) during the ripening. The fruits were collected in three maturity stages. The content of the minerals, total phenolics, proanthocyanidin and carotenoids contents as well as the antioxidant activity, ABTS (2,2-azinobis-3-ethylben-zothiazoline-6-sulphonic...

Author(s): Rayssa Gabriela Costa Lima Porto, Roseane Fett, José Alfredo Gomes Arêas, Amanda de Castro Amorim Serpa Brandão, Marcelo Antônio Morgano, Rosana Aparecida Manólio Soares, Marcos Antônio da Mota Araújo, and Regilda Saraiva dos Reis Moreira-Araújo

December 2016

Agronomic response of arugula to green fertilization with rooster tree during two culture times

The consumption of arugula is low compared to lettuce and coriander. However, it has been increasing, and there is a lack of information on fertilization and culture times. Growth and development characteristics of arugula were assessed. It was fertilized with different amounts of rooster tree biomass, at different times in the soil. It was cultured at two planting times (spring-summer and fall), in the municipality of...

Author(s): Ênio Gomes Flôr Souza, Falkner Michael de Sousa Santana, Bruno Novaes Menezes Martins, Manoel Galdino dos Santos, Euvaldo Pereira de Cerqueira Júnior, Aurélio Paes Barros Júnior, Lindomar Maria da Silveira, Francisco Bezerra Neto, Hamurábi Anizio Lins and José Ricardo Tavares de Albuquerque