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Table of Content: 20 November, 2012; 7(44)

November 2012

Palatability and animal preferences of plants in Tehsil Takht-e-Nasrati, District Karak, Pakistan

  In the present investigation, 161 plant species were judged for palatability purpose in Tehsil Takht-e-Nasrati, District Karak, Khyber Pakhtun Khawa, Pakistan. The study shows that 161 plant species including 22 (13.4%) trees, 23 (14%) shrubs and 116 (72.6%) herbs were grazed among five animals in different seasons. Of the 161 recorded species, 29 species (18.01%) were non palatable, 32 species (19.88%) were...

Author(s):   Musharaf Khan and Farrukh Hussain        

November 2012

Determinants of farmers’ decisions to cultivate crops in the Caprivi region of Namibia: A logistics analysis

  Annually, rural farmers in the Caprivi region are faced with making difficult choices of whether or not to cultivate their crop fields. The choice farmers make is influenced by the presence of wild animals, climate risk factors, and prospects of future food aid-rollouts. This study investigates key identified determinants to rural farmers’ decisions to cultivate their crop fields amidst the three...

Author(s):   J. M. Nyambe and A. Belete        

November 2012

Effects of straw mulch and farmyard manure on runoff, erosion, in-situ water conservation, and yield and yield components of wheat at the highlands of Bale, south eastern Ethiopia

  A field experiment was conducted under natural rainfall conditions to investigate the effects of farmyard manure and straw mulch on runoff, soil loss, in-situ water conservation, and the yield and yield components of an improved bread wheat variety (HAR-1480) grown on vertisol of Sinana area, south eastern Ethiopian highland. The experimental design used was randomized complete block design (RCBD)...

Author(s):   Olkeba Birru, Shoeb Quraishi and Bobe Bedadi        

November 2012

Determination of levels of resistance in Pakistani bread wheat cultivars against stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis) under field conditions

  The bread wheat is an important crop of Pakistan. The average yield of wheat in the country is much behind the potential yield of the improved wheat cultivars. The low yield of wheat is the consequence of many factors including rust diseases that cause yield along with quality losses. Most of breeding programs in the country lack facilities for screening against rust diseases. Usually, selection is done with...

Author(s):   Maqsood Qamar, Syed Dilnawaz Ahmad and M. Asif        

November 2012

Effect of fat-replacement through rice milling by-products on the rheological and baking behaviour of dough

  Baking market is deriving the new technique to produce low fat foods due to high demand from the health conscious individuals. Fat replacement is largely focused on the fat rich food such as biscuit, cookies and cake etc. Rice bran and broken rice are the two major by-products of rice milling industry that contain important chemical properties such as moisture, hardness score, protein, fiber and ash. The...

Author(s):   Seema Ashraf, Syed Muhammad Ghufran Saeed, Syed Asad Sayeed, Rashida Ali, Hasan Saeedand Mubarak Ahmed          

November 2012

Comparison of the suitability of standardized precipitation index (SPI) and aggregated drought index (ADI) in Minab Watershed (Hormozgan Province/South of Iran)

  Drought is a climatic anomaly, characterized by shortage (lack) of rainfall, high evaporation and unsuitable distribution of rainfall. This study investigated and compared the aggregated drought index (ADI) and standardized precipitation index (SPI) for drought monitoring in Minab watershed in Hormozgan province in south of Iran. Precipitation data were used for SPI calculation. Four variables including...

Author(s):   Akbar Norouzi, Ahmad Nohegar and Ardavan Ghorbani        

November 2012

The soybean aphid, Aphis glycines (Hemiptera: Aphididae): Population dynamics on edamame soybeans in Nebraska, USA

  Edamame are soybeans harvested at a physiologically immature (R6) stage as a specialty food item for fresh and processed (frozen) markets. The soybean aphid, Aphis glycines Matsumura, is a newly introduced insect pest of soybeans in North America. This field study was to provide baseline information on the impact of A. glycines on the edamame soybean. This study determined the population...

Author(s):   Bamphitlhi Tiroesele, Thomas E. Hunt, Robert Wright, Erin E. Blankenship and John E. Foster        

November 2012

Tritrofic interactions between Bt cotton plants, the aphid Aphis gossypii Glover, 1827 (Hemiptera: Aphididae), and the predator, Chrysoperla externa (Hagen, 1861) (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae)

  This research examined the effects of the Cry1Ac toxin on the chrysopid predator Chrysoperla externa, fedAshbya gossypii-aphids reared on cotton (Bt) NuOPAL and non-Bt DeltaOPAL (BollgardTM) for two generations. Individual eggs from the predator were placed in glass containers, and hatched. Each treatment consisted of 20 replicates, each containing one insect. Larvae in treatment 1 were...

Author(s):   Thiago Alexandre Mota⊃, Marcos Gino Fernandes, Maria Freire de Souza, Paulo Rogério Beltramin da Fonseca, Jean Carlo de Quadros and Samir Oliveira Kassab        

November 2012

Nematicidal activity of the alkaloids from Macleaya cordata against certain nematodes

  Macleaya cordata R. Br. is a source of bioactive compounds which are used in phytopreparations with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activities. In this study, four isoquinoline alkaloids were isolated from the crude alkaloid extract of the aerial parts of M. cordata, and were identified as sanguinarine, chelerythrine, protopine and allocryptopine. These alkaloids were screened for their...

Author(s):   Kui Wang, Chao Luo, Hao Liu, Jianmei Xu, Weibo Sun and Ligang Zhou        

November 2012

Yield performance of cowpea as influenced by insecticide types and their combinations in the dry savannas of Nigeria

  Insecticide spray offers the most effective control of insect pests where resistant varieties are not available as is the case with the legume pod borer and pod sucking bug complex. Field experiments were conducted in the northern Guinea and Sudan savannas (Samaru and Minjibir, respectively) zones of Nigeria during 2005 to 2007 rainy seasons to evaluate the efficacy of common and new insecticides in the...

Author(s):   Hakeem Ayinde Ajeigbe, Rabiu S. Adamu and Bir. Bahadur Singh,        

November 2012

Factors affecting agricultural land use for vegetables production- a case study of the state of Selangor, Malaysia

  Economic transformation and growth had resulted into increased population and change in taste of the people of Selangor, Malaysia. Evidence shows that the people have graduated from the consumption of highly starchy food to the consumption of more proteinous food, fruits and vegetables. This changing taste will hitherto produce effects on the sizes of agricultural land use for production of different...

Author(s):   Akeem Olawale OLANIYI Ahmad Makmom Abdullah, Mohammad Firuz Ramli and Alias Mohd Sood      

November 2012

Crambe (Crambe abyssinica Hochst) yield as affected by soil physical properties: Linear and spatial correlations

  The growing concern about alternative energy sources enhances the interest for optimizing soil physical conditions to improve biomass production for biofuel. Studies involving linear correlation or geostatistics have been conducted to explain the dependence among soil physical properties and crops yield, however, limited studies have been carried out on oil crops. A field study was carried out on an Oxisol in...

Author(s):   Aracéli Ciotti de Marins, Daniela Trentin Nava, Deonir Secco, Helton Aparecido Rosa, Gustavo Veloso and José Miguel Reichert        

November 2012

Assessment of pearl millet performance to early and late planting opportunities and fertilizer application models in Makurdi, Nigeria

  Assessment of time of planting and fertilizer application models on Pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum) performance was studied at the Teaching and Research Farm of the University of Agriculture Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria. The experiment was made of ten (10) fertilizer models and two (2) planting dates. The study was laid out in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three replicates. Soil properties...

Author(s):   Agber P. I., Ter S. and Ayuba S. A.        

November 2012

Surface and subsurface irrigation systems wetting patterns as affected by irrigation scheduling techniques in an arid region

  This study evaluated the wetting patterns around drip and subsurface irrigation systems (DI and SI), respectively with three irrigation scheduling techniques. The drip and subsurface irrigation systems were used to irrigate a tomato crop. The wetting patterns for each irrigation system and each irrigation scheduling technique was evaluated below the soil surface at different distances and depths from the...

Author(s):   Hussein Mohammed Al-Ghobari and Mohamed Said Abdalla El Marazky        

November 2012

Indigenous goat meat potentialities and the impact of the management mode on herd’s performances in Tunisian arid area

  Data obtained from the survey of 10 local goat herds were analyzed to establish the impact of management mode on local goat performances, with the aim of identifying the possibilities of improving goat production via the handling of flock management. In extensive husbandry on rangelands, the local population registered low performances which are similar to those known for indigenous caprine breeds of marginal...

Author(s):   Sghaier NAJARI and Amor GADDOUR