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Agricultural Research

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Table of Content: 21 April 2016; 11(16)

April 2016

Influence of foliar spray with phenylalanine and nickel on growth, yield quality and chemical composition of genoveser basil plant

Two field experiments were conducted during two successive seasons to study the effect of foliar application with Phenylalanine (zero, 50 and 100 ppm) and /or nickel (zero, 50 and 100 ppm) on growth, yield and essential oil components of genoveser basil plant (Ocimum basilicum L. var. Genoveser). Application of the combined treatment  (100 ppm Phenylalanine + 50 ppm nickel) resulted in the maximum values of all...

Author(s): Reham M. S., Khattab M. E., Ahmed S. S. and Kandil M. A. M.

April 2016

Development evaluation of Lesotho agricultural input subsidy policy based on rural households’ food security and access to inputs: Evidence from Mohale's Hoek District

The prevalence of poverty in Lesotho is a pressing issues raising concern in terms of rural households’ food security and welfare. In that regard, this study attempts to establish or identify the determinants of farmers’ access to inputs via the government. The second part incorporates the use of subsidized inputs and measure the impact of the government input subsidy program on food security. The motive...

Author(s): Thapelo Johannes Molatoli and Li Xiaoyun

April 2016

Farmer participatory varietal selection in pearl millet: Experience across some states of Northern Nigeria

Farmers participation in the process of on-farm research does not only enrich the speed up of information gathering, but also result in large scale adoption of the product of research. A small farmer deals with a variable environment and has multiple production objectives that will affect his or her choice of crops and selection of genotypes. In areas where farmers are unfamiliar with available improved varieties, there...

Author(s): Angarawai I. I., Bukar B., Olabanji O. G., Iro N., Haussmann B. G., Weltzien E. V.,  Gwadi K. W. , Gubio T.  and Yahaya Y.

April 2016

How to control Helicoverpa armigera on soybean in Brazil? What we have learned since its detection

The present study was motivated by a lack of information on how to control Helicoverpa armigera in soybean fields in Brazil. Nine chemical and four biological treatments were tested. Control efficiency was evaluated at 3, 7, 10, and 14 days after spraying. Moreover, the cost benefit ratio by the yield and cost of insecticide application and the economic injury level (EIL) were used to calculate the chemical and...

Author(s): Clérison Régis Perini, Jonas André Arnemann, Adriano Arrué Melo, Maiquel Pizutti Pes, Ivair Valmorbida, Manoela Beche, and Jerson Vanderlei Carús Guedes

April 2016

Agribusiness concerns in large scale processing and marketing of melon in Southeastern Nigeria

The study aimed at determining strategies that could be utilized to reduce the concerns of consumers on the processed agricultural products through technology in order to make technological innovation effective and economically rewarding. Two research questions were developed and answered by the study using cross sectional survey research design. The sample for the study was 317 consisting of 116 registered women melon...

Author(s): Ukonze Juliana Adimonye, Okeke Amaka Ukamaka and Ndubuaku Uche

April 2016

Coping measures required by farmers in managing climate change stress for effective agricultural crop production: Case study of Abia State, Nigeria

This study was carried out to identify coping measures required by farmers in managing climate change stress for effective agricultural production in Abia State, Nigeria. Design of the study was descriptive survey. The study was carried out in Abia State. Two research questions guided the study while two null hypotheses were formulated and tested. Population for the study was 1,009 made up of 768 farmers and 241...

Author(s): Onu F. M., Alaribe M. O. and Ikehi M. E.

April 2016

Effect of seasonality on abundance of African weaver ant Oecophyllalonginoda (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in cashew agro-ecosystems in Tanzania

The effect of seasonality on abundance of the African weaver ant (AWA) was determined in the cashew fields at Bagamoyo and Kibaha districts, Coast Region of Tanzania. Twenty cashew trees colonized by AWA were randomly selected per site and its abundance was monitored during cashew on-seasons and off-seasons in 2011 and 2012. Results showed that abundance of AWA, which was expressed as mean numbers of leaf nests per tree...

Author(s): Moses I. Olotu

April 2016

Productivity of transplanted rice as influenced by weed control methods

Rigorous research efforts are being made by scientists around the world to evolve different strategies for improving rice yield. Most of the improved crop management practices in rice cultivation failed due to poor and improper practices for containing weeds. At present, no single approach, that is, uses of herbicides or manual or mechanical weeding is effective in containing the weed menace.  Hence, the present...

Author(s): T. Parthipan and V. Ravi

April 2016

Assessment of genetic divergence in runner peanut genotypes grown in the Brazilian Northeast environments

Runner cultivars are widely demanded by peanut farmers because of their high oil and grain productions. As those are late cycles, the management is limited in environments with water restriction. For improvement of runner genotypes to these environments is necessary to identify genotypes adapted and the knowledge of genetic divergence is quite relevant to assist the breeding procedures. In this work, ten morphological...

Author(s): Ricardo Alves da Silva, Jean Pierre Cordeiro Ramos, Lucas Nunes da Luz, José Jaime Vasconcelos Cavalcanti, Liziane Maria de Lima, Rosa Maria Mendes Freire, Carliane Rebeca Coelho da Silva and Roseane Cavalcanti dos Santos

April 2016

Effects of cover crops in the dynamics of organic matter and potassium in the soil and performance of common bean in the Brazilian Cerrado of Goiás State

The effects of several cover crops on common bean cv. Pérola productivity cropped at Goiano – Ceres Campus (Brazil) and changes in soil organic matter and potassium were evaluated for one season. The experiment was based on a randomized complete blocks design encompassing four treatments (spontaneous vegetation, Crotalaria spectabilis L., Mucuna aterrima L. and Pennisetum glaucum) and four replications....

Author(s): Cleiton Mateus Sousa, Cleber Luiz de Souza, Marcos Paulo dos Santos and Ana Paula Santos Oliveira