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Agricultural Research

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  • DOI: 10.5897/AJAR
  • Start Year: 2006
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Table of Content: 22 December, 2016; 11(51)

December 2016

Different soil tillage systems influence accumulation of soil organic matter in organic agriculture

As a sustainable method of agriculture, organic agriculture aims to increase the soil organic matter through the use of crop rotation, legume cover crop, animal green manure, and organic compost. These practices add organic residues with high organic Carbon (C) which results in a higher soil organic matter content over time primarily due to the no-tillage practices. However, different soil tillage systems, such as...

Author(s): Ademir Sergio Ferreira de Araújo, Luiz Fernando Carvalho Leite, Ana Roberta Lima Miranda, Luis Alfredo Pinheiro Leal Nunes, Ricardo Silva de Sousa, Fabio Fernando de Araújo and Wanderley José de Melo

December 2016

Irrigation depth and harvest date in sweet potato for conversion to biofuels

This study aimed to evaluate the effect of different irrigation depths and harvest dates in sweet potato for conversion to biofuels. Irrigation treatments were 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, and 1.0 of crop evapotranspiration rates and a control treatment (without irrigation). Harvest dates were: 90, 120, 150, 180, and 210 days after planting (DAP). The sweet potato cultivar BRS Cuia (RNC-27.315) was utilized. The experimental...

Author(s): Cicero Urbanetto Nogueira, Helena Maria Camilo de Moraes Nogueira, Richard Alberto Rodríguez Padrón, Sérgio Luiz Jahn and Marcio Antonio Mazutti

December 2016

Effect of crop type and cultivar surface area on rates of decomposition in soils

Sustaining the productive capacity of soils has raised interest in the maintenance of soil organic matter through management practices and use of crop residues. While the impact of management practices has been studied, little is done to understand how the charateristics of the residue itself impact the decomposition at the soil surface. This study relates the chemical composition and the surface area of the aboveground...

Author(s): M. Diack and Diane E. Stott

December 2016

Quality of seedless watermelon cultivated under different doses and phosphorus application forms

Effects of doses and phosphorus application forms were studied on the postharvest quality in seedless watermelon hybrid 'Style'. For this, an experiment was conducted in Upanema/RN, Brazil, during the period of September to December 2013, in a randomized block at factorial scheme 5×2 constituting of five phosphorus doses applied in foundation (0, 76, 168, 275 and 397 kg ha-1 of P2O5) and foundation +...

Author(s): Nícolas Oliveira de Araújo, Edna Maria Mendes Aroucha, Sérgio Weine Paulino Chaves, JoséFrancismar de Medeiros, Cristiane Alves de Paiva, Ana Cláudia da Sílva, Antônio RobertoAlves Junior, Natanael Santiago Pereira, Luan Vitor Nascimento and José Carlos Aroucha Filho

December 2016

Crambe performance depending on the potassium doses and cultivation in red latosol

Nowadays, the society is seeking renewable energy sources that will replace in a sustainable way, fossil fuels. A source of energy that has stood out with great energetic potential showing itself to be promising in the world is biodiesel. Among several alternatives, the crop, Crambe (Crambe abyssinica Hochst) stands out as an oilseed species plant that belongs to the Brassicaceae family. This culture as a source of...

Author(s): Cristiane Belmonte,  Jéssica Caroline Coppo, Eloi Corvetto de Andrade, Alfredo Richart, Leandro Rampim, Rafaela Goularte Amaral, Danimar Dall Rosa, Eloisa Lorenzetti, Alfredo Alves Neto, Anderson Zimermman, Samara Brandão Queiroz and Jussara Carla Conti Friiedrich

December 2016

Technical efficiency of beef cattle production technologies in Nigeria: A stochastic frontier analysis

The paper investigated the determinants of beef cattle production and technical efficiency of beef cattle farmers using stochastic frontier production function which incorporates a model of inefficiency effects. A multi-stage random sampling procedure was employed for the selection of 360 respondents comprising 97 nomads, 208 agro-pastoralists and 55 ranchers across the 6 major producing states in Nigeria. The...

Author(s): Cecilia Nwigwe, Victor Okoruwa, Kemisola Adenegan and Adeola Olajide