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Table of Content: 26 December; 6(32)

December 2011

Analysis of variation for phenotypic traits of key maize inbred lines in China

Based on the pedigree, 66 maize inbred lines, which were mainly bred during the past 30 years were classified into four clusters (Huangzaosi, Mo17, 478 and Dan340). They were planted at three independent ecological locations in 2008 and 2009, and then the data of phenotypic traits (such as growth period, plant height, ear height, plant yield.) were collected. The results showed that leaf number and growth period were...

Author(s): Yinghong Liu, Yongjian Liu, Yubi Huang, Mengliang Tian, Junjie Zhang, Hanmei Liu, Yong Guand Zhaohui Hou

December 2011

Evaluation of greenhouse and field aggressiveness of Fusarium verticillioides from corn in Laguna province, Philippines

Fusarium verticillioides is one of economically important pathogens of corn worldwide. Sixteen isolates of F. verticillioides from Laguna province, Philippines were tested for aggressiveness expressed as total and main lesion length on ‘Super Sweet’ corn IPB variety 1 under field conditions across two trials using the toothpick inoculation method. Furthermore, other aggressiveness traits such...

Author(s): Christian Joseph R. Cumagun, , Ma. Leizel DV. Vargas, and April N. Alviar

December 2011

Using HJ - I satellite remote sensing data to surveying the Saline soil distribution in Yinchuan Plain of China

Soil salinity is a major geological and environmental problem in Yinchuan Plain, and severely restricts the sustainable development of local agricultural, social-economic. Therefore, it is very significant that using remote sensing to survey the saline soil distribution for improving management of wise use the saline soil. In this study, we use China HJ-1B satellite remote sensing data to investigate the saline soil...

Author(s): Zhang Meimei, SuYanping and Wu Ping

December 2011

Soil characteristics at the in-row and inter-row zones after strip-tillage

Changes in soil physical and mechanical characteristics are indicators to evaluate the strip-tillage effect on the soil environment. In this study, soil moisture content, temperature, crumbling rate, bulk density, penetration resistance and shear strength were measured at the in-row and inter-row zones for different depths after using a strip-tillage system (combined chisel-rototilling machine). The results show no...

Author(s): Reza Tabatabaeekoloor

December 2011

Bank erosion as a factor of soil loss and land use changes in the Kolubara River Basin, Serbia

The channel morphology of the Kolubara river was changed during the last century, mostly because of the lignite exploitation. In the research area, bank erosion is widespread and causes processes of soil loss and land use changes. This is an agricultural area and people used to farm their land parcels at the river banks. In the area of the three villages which are situated on the Kolubara River banks, there are 208 land...

Author(s): Mirjana Roksandic, Slavoljub Dragicevic, Nenad Zivkovic, Stanimir Kostadinov, Miodrag Zlatic and Marija Martinovic

December 2011

Improvement of flow velocity formula for nature-like fishways

A dam is a useful structure for human society, but does harm to wildlife such as migratory fish. Thus, in order to conserve fish habitat, fish passage can be constructed. For designing a nature-like fishway, through-flow velocity, which is defined as the average velocity over water flow through rock voids, can be a critical design factor. This study tries to propose a better formula in calculating the through-flow...

Author(s): Zong Woo Geem, Jin-Hong Kim and Kim Jae-Ok

December 2011

Identification of a trypsin gene from Scylla paramamosain and its expression profiling during larval development

The mud crabs, Scylla spp., are economically valuable marine species, which are distributed in many coastal countries. Here, an anionic trypsin (EC gene was isolated from Scylla paramamosain, the most common mud crab in southeast China. The full-length cDNA (GenBank No. FJ917598, denoted as SpTryp) was 881 bp, with a 780-bp open reading frame encoding a polypeptide of 259 amino...

Author(s): Keji Jiang, Fengying Zhang, Dan Zhang, Qichang Tao, Yong Zhang, Yan Pi, Zhenguo Qiao and Lingbo Ma

December 2011

Perception of utilitarian values of agrobiodiversity by rural farmers in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Akwa Ibom State is located in the rainforest belt of Nigeria known for preponderance of agricultural biodiversity. Agricultural biodiversity or agrobiodiversity is succinctly referred to as the diversity of agrogenetic resources used directly for food and agriculture; the diversity of species that support production and the diversity of species that support agroecosystem, as well as diversity agroecosystems themselves....

Author(s): Ben, Camilus Bassey, Eni, Lawrence Ikpi and Eneji, Chris-ValentineOgar

December 2011

Training needs analysis of lecturers for information and communication technology (ICT) skills enhancement in Faculty of Agriculture, University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Despite coming of age with the internet and other technology, many university lecturers lack the information and communication technology (ICT) literacy skills necessary to navigate and use the overabundance of information available today. This paper assesses the ICT skills and the areas of ICT training needs to improve teaching and research of lecturers in the faculty of agriculture, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Data...

Author(s): Akinnagbe O. M. and Baiyeri, K.P.

December 2011

Analysis of effective factors to increase the knowledge of agricultural production cooperative members in Semnan Province, Iran

The main purpose of this study was to analyze the effective factors to increase the knowledge of agricultural cooperative members in Semnan Province. It is an applied research for which a descriptive-correlation method is chosen. The dependant variable was the effectiveness of extension education activities to promote the knowledge of the members in agriculture and production cooperative. Independent variables were...

Author(s): Meysam Solouki, Mohammad Sadegh Allahyariand Marzyeh Bordbar

December 2011

Relations between surface evapotranspiration and water table: A case study base on remote sensing

Estimation of land surface evapotranspiration (ET) is one of the most difficult tasks in the field of hydrology and water resources. In this study, ET in the Golmud Region is estimated using remote sensing techniques, which own the characteristics of high efficiency, precision, large-scale and visualization. The Golmud Region has a specific geographic feature and it is an important mineral production base in China....

Author(s): Aidi Huo, , Hua Li, Ming Hou and Changlu Qiao

December 2011

Comparative study of osmoticum accumulation in wheat under osmotic and ionic stress

Salt-tolerant wheat cultivar ‘Dekang 961’ (Dk 961) and salt-sensitive wheat cultivar ‘Lumai No.15’ (Lu 15) were used as experimental materials. Na+ ionic and osmotic stress could lead to accumulation of free proline and soluble sugar in wheat cultivars with different salt-tolerance. However, the accumulation of free proline and soluble sugar under ionic stress was much more than that under...

Author(s): Yang Hong-Bing

December 2011

Assessment of Ngo SARA activities on sustainable agriculture and poverty reduction in Benty, Guinea

Agriculture is the principal activity of households and primary source of income, the high rate of poverty among farmers in Benty was about 63%. The type of agriculture practiced in Guinea being mainly subsistence farming, the cultivated areas are generally low. Although about 94% of farming households have hand tools (machetes, hoes, rakes and wheelbarrows), just one in ten has animal-drawn or mechanized tools. In...

Author(s): Moussa Camara, Yali Wen, Saoudatou Toure, Sékou Marc Camara and Mamadouba Traore

December 2011

Socio-economic determinants of small-scale farmers’ fruit trees leaf litter utilization for soil fertility management in a sub-tropical environment: The case of Mpumalanga, South Africa

A total of 150 farmers were interviewed using a structured questionnaire to collect information on their socio-economic profiles and how it influenced the utilization of leaf litter biomass from sub-tropical fruit trees for maintaining soil fertility. Descriptive statistics and dichotomous binary logit models were used to analyse data. The results showed that 95% of the farmers use leaf litter for maintaining soil...

Author(s): N.R. Murovhi, S.A. Materechera  and T.S. Mkhabela

December 2011

Interrelationship between grain yield and related traits in rapeseed (Brassica napus L.)

Rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) cultivars Modena, Okapi, Sarigol, Licord, Hyola308, Zarfam, RGS003 andSLM046 were at the research station of the Islamic Azad University of Firoozabad, Iran, in the 2009 and 2010 growing season for evaluation of grain yield and related traits. Weeds were, or were not, controlled. When weeds were controlled, simple correlation coefficients were significantly positive between grain...

Author(s): Mahdi Zare

December 2011

Allelochemical effect of Trianthema portulacastrum L. on Amaranthus viridis L. supports the ecological importance of allelopathy

The effect of allelopathy on many aspects of plant ecology including occurrence, growth, and structure of plant communities, dominance, and diversity has had a check red history among ecologists. Field studies showed the increase of Amaranthus viridis density in an infested area by Trianthema portulacastrum more than uninfested area, while no difference in soil physicochemical characters at both...

Author(s): E. A. Al Sherif and H.R. Gharieb

December 2011

Morphological, anatomic and karyotypic characteristics of Peliosanthes teta Andrew

Peliosanthes teta Andrew, domesticated indigenous vegetable, obtains high potential of commercial production. Huai Hong Khrai Royal Development Study Centre, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai carried out surveys and collections of the plants in the areas of the Upper-North of Thailand. The plants were then grown in the collection plots inside the centre. Samples of 72 accessions were taken for characterization, morphologically...

Author(s): Phichai Chaikla, Chuntana Suwanthada and Chusie Trisonthi

December 2011

Importance of pan evaporation for irrigation scheduling and proper use of crop-pan coefficient (Kcp), crop coefficient (Kc) and pan coefficient (Kp)

The objectives of this study were: (1) to submit comprehensive information about the distinctions among pan coefficient (Kp), crop coefficient (Kc), and crop-pan coefficient (Kcp); (2) to reveal the importance of using pan evaporation for irrigation scheduling. The amount of water allocated for agricultural production has been decreasing due to rapid population growth, industrialization and contamination. Therefore, to...

Author(s): Ahmet ERTEK

December 2011

Effects of gibberellic acid treatment and light conditions on germination of true potato seed

The effects of gibberellic acid treatment and light conditions on the germination of true potato seed were investigated. The treatments included pre-soaking with different concentrations of GA3 for 24 h and the addition of different concentrations of GA3 to the MS medium. Different light conditions were also examined. One set of each treatment was placed in 16 hours of light and 8 hours of dark. The other set...

Author(s): Min-Seok Cha, Soojung Kim and Tae-Ho Park

December 2011

Microbiological air quality in tie-stall dairy barns and some factors that influence it

The aim of this study was to assess the microbiological quality of the air in tie-stall dairy cattle barns and to investigate some factors that influence it. We evaluated 52 dairy cattle barns with tie-stalls, during two years, in the winter period. The number of bacteria and fungi was slightly higher in the evening in comparison to the one in the morning and significantly higher in large barns (P<0.01), with bedding...

Author(s): Silvana Popescu, Cristin Borda and Eva Andrea Diugan

December 2011

Seasonal variations of plasma testosterone levels and testicular volume in Carpathian bucks

The bucks from temperate regions display a marked seasonal variation in reproductive activity. The objective of this study was the characterization of the seasonal variations of testosterone levels and testicular volumes of Carpathian bucks (n=20). Increasing duration of daylight during the transition from winter to spring reduces the reproductive activity of Carpathian bucks. Testosterone levels were lowest from...

Author(s): E. Åžogorescu, S. Zamfirescu, N. RoÅŸoiu, A. H. Anghel and D. Nadolu

December 2011

Survey on tuberculosis goats in two slaughterhouses in Algeria

In Algeria, the absence of means of screening for tuberculosis goats on the living animal, the post-mortem inspection of goats’ carcasses at slaughter is the only way possible, but this is not always the case because of the illegal felling of this species. This study was conducted in two slaughterhouses in Algeria, over a period of two months in order to determine the proportion of goats’...

Author(s): Naima Sahraoui, Samir Zelleg, Nadir Yousfi , Jakob Zinsstag and Djamel Guetarni