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Agricultural Research

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  • DOI: 10.5897/AJAR
  • Start Year: 2006
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Table of Content: 26 May, 2016; 11(21)

May 2016

Evaluation of physiological quality of lettuce and rocket salad seeds in the presence of purple nuts edget extract

Purple nuts edge (Cyperus rotundus L.) is responsible for great losses in crop production areas. Purple nuts edge tubers possess substances with allelopathic effects on certain crops. The aim of this study was to evaluate the physiological quality of lettuce and rocket salad seeds grown on different substrates in the presence of purple nuts edge extract. A completely randomized experimental design was used with a...

Author(s): Ivana da Silva Gomes, Cleiton da Silva Oliveira, Ana Paula Pelosi, Lara Cristina Pereira da Silva Pacheco, Cleiton Gredson Sabin Benett and Katiane Santiago Silva Benett

May 2016

Performance of SMA-C model on crop evapotranspiration estimation

Many simulation models found in the literature integrates data on climate and crop characteristics to provide great information on the season for different crops. The objectives of this study were: a) to measure soil water balance components of a wheat crop to determine its evapotranspiration (ETc) and crop coefficients (Kc) during the growing season; b) to use experimental data to evaluate the performance of SMA-C in...

Author(s): Bruno Patias Lena, Rogério Teixeira de Faria, Alexandre Barcellos Dalri, Luiz Fabiano Palaretti, and Miquéias Gomes dos Santos

May 2016

A meta-analysis of in situ degradability of corn grains and non-starch energy sources found in Brazil

Owing to the magnitude and importance of the production of citrus fruits pulp, soybeans and corn in Brazil, considerable research has focused on the main feedstuffs, co-products, and/or byproducts of these crops. The present study is aimed at comparing the ruminal degradability parameters of corn and non-starchy energy sources with high pectin content, including soybean hulls and citrus pulp, through meta-analysis. The...

Author(s): Marcos Busanello, João Pedro Velho, Antônio Augusto Cortiana Tambara, Dileta Regina Moro Alessio, Ione Maria Pereira Haygert-Velho and André Thaler Neto

May 2016

Co-inoculation with rhizobacteria in association with humic acid and nitrogen on common bean development

Studies on co-inoculation of strains with high symbiotic potential, as well as the use of humic substances are of great importance for obtaining increases in nodulation, biological nitrogen fixation and yield of the bean crop. Thus, this study aimed to evaluate the effects of the co-inoculation of Rhizobium tropici and Azospirillum brasilense in association with humic acids and nitrogen (N) on the behavior of different...

Author(s): Érica de Oliveira Araújo, Juliana Guimarães Gerola, Juan Ricardo Rocha and Leandro Cecílio Matte

May 2016

Artificial intelligence tools in predicting the volume of trees within a forest stand

The goal of this study was to train, validate, select and evaluate artificial neural networks (ANN) to predict the individual volume of wood in eucalyptus stand, based on the diameter at breast height (DBH) and DBH with the total height (Ht). Data was obtained from a plantation of Eucalyptus urophylla ST Blake of seven years of age, located in the state of Goiás, Brazil. Sixteen plots were randomly set in this...

Author(s): Eder Pereira Miguel, Fabrícia Conceição Menez Mota, Saulo Jorge Téo, Rodrigo Geroni Mendes Nascimento, Fabrício Assis Leal, Reginaldo Sérgio Pereira and Alba Valéria Rezende

May 2016

Effects of water deficit on morphophysiology, productivity and chemical composition of Ocimum africanum Lour (Lamiaceae)

Mechanisms by which plants acclimatize to water deficit conditions can affect development and, especially in aromatic plants, the essential oil synthesis. To evaluate the effects of water deficit on Ocimum africanum, seedlings were exposed to water levels corresponding to 100, 80, 70 and 60% of the substrate field capacity. The different watering regimes corresponded to predawn water potentials of –0.5,...

Author(s): Martielly Santana dos Santos, Lucinéia dos Santos Souza, Carlos Augusto Souza Costa, Fabio Pinto Gomes, Larissa Corrêa do Bomfim Costa, Rosilene Aparecida de Oliveira and Delmira da Costa Silva

May 2016

The management of sowing density on yield and lodging in the main oat biotype grown in Brazil

The sowing density management in the main oat biotype cultivated in Brazil can bring yield gains with reduced lodging. The aim of this study was to sow the density adjustment of early cycle oat cultivars and reduced stature to increase biomass and grain yield with reduced lodging, considering high and low N-residual release succession systems in different years. The study was carried out in 2011, 2012 and 2013 in...

Author(s): Marcos Vinicios Romitti, José Antonio Gonzalez da Silva, Anderson Marolli, Emilio Ghisleni Arenhardt, Ângela Teresinha Woschinski de Mamann, Osmar Bruneslau Scremin, Osório Antonio Lucchese, Cleusa Adriane Menegassi Bianchi Krüger, Lorenzo Ghisleni Arenhardt and Luis Michel Bandeira

May 2016

Hoof trimming for effective health management: What cattle farmers need to know

Cattle is one of the animals raised by animal farmers for income generation from milk and meat. This study was carried out to identify the practices required by farmers in hoof trimming for effective health management of cattle. The objectives of the study were to identify the practises required by farmers in planning for, preventive, curative, and the materials for hoof trimming of cattle. The study adopted descriptive...

Author(s): Ifeanyieze F. O., Ogunbosoye D. O. and Ikehi M. E.

May 2016

Lignification of the plant and related aspects of soaking seeds and soybean pod of RR and conventional cultivars

There has been great speculation about differential responses of transgenic and conventional cultivars of soybean lignin content in its stem, pod and seeds. Each characteristic is associated with the soaking of seeds and pods. Increase of weight of intact soybean seeds and pods at different soaking periods and their relation to the lignin contents in RR and conventional soybean plants was determined. Samples of 20 pods...

Author(s): Cristiane Fortes Gris, Edila Vilela de Resende Von Pinho, Francisco Carlos Krzyzanowski, José Renato Emiliorelli Evangelista, Willian César Freiria and Alexana Baldoni